Multicamera Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro | Reg Jacklin | Skillshare

Multicamera Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Reg Jacklin, Certified Professional Videographer

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Organizing Your Material

    • 3. Synchronizing Clips

    • 4. Creating a Multicamera Sequence

    • 5. Matching Cameras

    • 6. Editing a Multicamera Sequence

    • 7. Gotchas


About This Class


If you have experience editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, there's an excellent chance that you'll find yourself editing multicamera shoots - if not now, in the near future.

The multicamera tools in Premiere continue to improve, so I recommend working with a version of Adobe Premiere Pro no earlier than 2018 cc, preferably 2019 or later.

I'll assume that you already have your own workflow for ingesting and rendering, so this course doesn't cover those topics.


As cameras become more affordable, more people are starting to shoot with more than one camera, as well as smartphones, tablets, GoPros and other devices. So if you have video editing experience with Adobe Premiere Pro, the likelihood that you'll be asked to edit a multicamera shoot in the near future is very high.

There are a few nice features in Adobe Premiere Pro that make it much easier to edit those multicamera shoots, but it's not obvious how to get full value from many of them.


In this course, I share what I have learned about techniques for using Premiere's built-in tools for organizing, color matching, synchronizing, and editing multicamera shoots, as well as letting you learn from our mistakes by dealing with some of the "gotchas" we've run into and what to do about them.