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Moving Your Wordpress. com Blog to Your Own Home on the Web

teacher avatar Mac Fife, You got this!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons ()
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Pricing Domain Names and Backups

    • 3. Chosing a Host

    • 4. Moving Your Content

    • 5. The Biggest New Thing? Plugins!

    • 6. Closing Up Shop

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About This Class

If you're a new blogger that's ready to pave your own trail, this class is for you!  I'll show you how easy it is to set up shop on your own web space!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mac Fife

You got this!


Mac Fife is a mom, blogger, and freelancer in Cleveland, Ohio.

She believes in Pinterest, life hacks, and empowering other women to make their voices heard online! You can get in touch with her at

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1. Welcome to the Course!: Hi, guys. My name is Mack Bite. I am a mom and a blogger and a Web designer in Cleveland, Ohio. And today I'm gonna teach you how to take that big first step moving your wordpress dot com blog's over to your very own home on the Web. If you have been blogging on wordpress dot com for a while that you've been just really interested in maybe experimenting, trying some ads, maybe trying some sponsored content or trying something else that wordpress dot com won't let you dio right out of the gate. This is for you. We're gonna cover three things. First, we're gonna talk about what sort of expenses are gonna be involved in this movie. Secondly, we're going to talk about the actual transfer of information from your old blogged to your brand new blood. How that gets done, making sure the links all still work. Making sure that your regular visitors to your old block can make it to your news site as you transfer. And then finally, you'll have just slightly new interface. When you move over, don't be scared. It's not that hard. And if I can do this, anybody can do it. I can't wait to see when the course let's get started. 2. Pricing Domain Names and Backups: All right, guys. The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about three things that you need to budget for when you make this move from your old wordpress dot com blogged to your new self hosted blogged. All right, um, first thing you're gonna think of, like, right off the bat is you're gonna want your own dot com. You're gonna want your own domain name. Now, if you already have a domain name through wordpress dot com that maybe you purchased earlier. Um, I'll include a link in the notes for how to go about, um, getting that transferred to your new address. But a lot of us, you know, if we're just starting out, we don't even have our own domain name yet. Now here's go, Daddy. They say now, just 99 cents a year. That sounds like a pretty good deal. But I just wanted to When you see these really low prices, I just kind of wanted to give you a heads up when you actually go. Like I said, I like added Mac Fife, now dot com to my cart, and it really turns out to be 15 98 for two years. You gotta watch all those asterisks and things like that that show up. That's still not a terrible price. But just now, you know, OK, it's not really gonna be a dollar for your domain name like that. That's okay, though. Let's kind of clear that out. Let's look over here. Google domains is kind of for me. I kind of look at Google domains as sort of be a nice baseline for when I'm pricing out a domain name 12 bucks a year. That's not too bad. Okay, guys, at this point, I wanted to stop the screen cast just for a moment and have a little heart to heart about backing up your website. You never had to do that before. On wordpress dot com. It just doesn't go. They just take care of all that stuff. You don't even have to think about it. But when you move over, you've worked so so very hard on your block. I do not want to see you lose all your hard work. I mean, I know it takes time, and there's nothing more heartbreaking than having an issue with a plug in or download, and I'll explain to you what? These might be later, but losing your entire website, it can very, very happy. It can very happen. It can really happen in a big way. Don't let it happen to you. There are plenty of paid options. I use backup, Buddy. It's $80 for a blogger, which is kind of pricey. In my opinion, I I feel like I can use it because I use it as a Web designer, Um, for my clients. But if you, um I just really want you to have a plan, I'm gonna add a link in the notes here with some resource is for some less expensive and some free options the manual options. But I just really want you to have a plan for how you're going to keep your website backed up. Before you start this, there are free options, but just make sure you know how you're going to do it, how you're going to keep it in line with your plans here. Do not neglect this. I would choose paying for backups over paying for premium themes over paying for premium plug ins. Anything style wise, we tend to get really spending on. But get your website backed up first. It's that important. Okay, let's carry on 3. Chosing a Host: So we've talked about your domain name. We've talked about the importance of making backups and having a backup system in mind whether it's paid or free next up, hosting. I mean, this is really not next up. You kind of have to do this. You can't You can't really move your WordPress site over unless you have a web host to host your new site on. Um And if you're unfamiliar, you know, hosting is basically thes air. The people that are going to store all that data that you're putting on the web when I Google WordPress hosting, I'm just kind of showing you there are about 100 options here. We got WP engine blew hose, toast, Gator. Oh, my goodness. Who else would go Daddy does hosting even, um, yos. Didn't you know they don't do hosting but a to hosting green geek site ground. It could be really, really overwhelming. That's just on the first page. And then there's pages full of lists of potential hosts. It's really competitive out there. Ah, worried about this. It could be a really kind of controversial subject if you, you know, just go on a forum online somewhere and say, Who's the best Web host? You are going to get some some really crazy stories because a lot of people have been really burned by certain Web hosts and are very vocal about it. It's almost a political topic, Um, so kind of be aware, be a little careful about that. I will say It's kind of like when you choose a bank. Ah, larger bank might, um, have more free perks, more bells and whistles and neat things like that than a smaller bank will. But it's not gonna have customer service quite up to the level of a small, you know, like a small credit union. So I kind of think about it in that way. Hosting is very much like that. The bigger guys don't have to work. It's hard for your competition, but they might have some features that make them, you know, in some cases more convenient. Or maybe you can Google and forums a little easier because lots of people are on, say, blue host. That's one of the biggest ones, just kind of be aware that that's if you get a host that you don't like. You can always move later but for me and for the for the purposes of simplicity And for, um, you know, if you're doing this for the first time and it feels sort of intimidating, I'm gonna go straight to the horse's mouth right here. The wordpress dot org's the people who are actually building the platform that you're going to use and see who they recommend. See, they've got their own WordPress minimum requirements and those air important to take into account when you're choosing a host. Um, but they have four very nice hosting companies that they recommend a right on their website . So you know what? Just for the sake of not being avoiding paralysis by analysis, let's just compare these four. Okay, so we've got Blue Host. This is one of the biggest Web hosting companies. Pains to 95 a month comes with a free Novick domain names. So that's pretty. That's pretty cool. I will say some of these, um, we'll let you pay monthly. Most of these less expensive ones want you to pay for a Europe front, which is fine. Um, 24 7 support free site dealers will. You don't really need a free site builder cause you're gonna be using WordPress. And here I've highlighted this one click WordPress install every single one of the hosts that I'm showing you today has that feature. And that's one especially for a beginner. I would just go with a host that offers that. All right, over here, we've got dream host, which is another one that WordPress recommends it, um, shared hosting here, that's they're less expensive. Plan is shared hosting. That tells me right off the bat that they're kind of more aimed at Web developers. On what designers, Um, automatic WordPress installation, though they do have that for new users and low traffic sites, Um supports multiple WordPress sites and domains. You know, if you're the sort of person that's really addicted to blogging, and it's like, Well, oh, I just thought of this idea for a blogger. I thought of that idea for a blawg. Then you're probably it may be looking at something like this might be for you. I'd look into It starts at just 7 95 per month, and when it's a little more extensive, sometimes they let you pay monthly, which, you know, if you're a little tight on cash right now might be might be helpful. Now, flywheel is a little more expensive, but they really have amazing customer service. From what I've heard. Oops. What did I do? Push the wrong button Now they want to show us a demo. Well, we're not gonna do a dumb out here. We're just gonna look over kind at their prices. You can see tiny 5000 monthly visits, five gigabytes of space, $15 month. That's pretty pricey. So you're gonna wanna look and see. You know, lots of support included things like that. Um, they have kind of like a styling platform, but you can see right here. It's mainly for designers and agencies. As a small blogger, I don't know if I would worry too much about using a more expensive service like this, but as you grow and as you kind of get more comfortable, you might come back and look at it later. If you decide to switch things up, who might have some features that will really help you. Okay, next one. We've got site ground here, and this is the one for me right now. Um, and I'm not affiliated with these guys. at all. Uh, I would choose this as your best budget option. Now, these prices change. It might be totally different by the time we watch this. Take this course or watch the screen cast, but check it out. Um, you here for a start up if you're brand new to blogging and you just want to take your blawg and self hosted and try it out and get comfortable with it 3 95 a month for the first year? That's pretty cool. Um, 10 gigabytes of space, 10,000 visits a month. That's more than the site ground one. And it comes with a free domain free WordPress install. And then the big thing here. If you look down about 5th 1 down on the left here, I can't like point at it. It won't let me point to you point for you. I'm pointing at the screen, but you can't see that, um, free daily backup a little over 50 bucks a year. I think that's pretty much the same for Blue Host. If you come up with your own free um, freeway of backing up your site, I just really want you to have a way to back your side up. That's just so important. All right. Next screen, Ted. Cast. We're gonna talk about actually making the move happen. You're coming right along. 4. Moving Your Content: All right, guys, I got to tell you, I'm impressed. You want had you picked out a host for your new WordPress install? You pushed that button, that 11 click install button or whatever your particular hosting provider had. I will provide a link for you in the notes here in case you ended up choosing a more advanced situation that caused you to have to do your own wordpress install. That's pretty easy to, but I'm not gonna cover that in the scope of this course since most hosting providers nowadays will install WordPress for you. Um, so anyway, you've got it installed, so let's go back to your old now. You know, it might look a little different. Here's my fresh wordpress install. You know, there's nothing here yet. Um, there the whole admin bar looks a little different. Looks maybe a little bit similar. Two over here. Oops. WP admin on my wordpress dot com site. I mean, I can see a few similarities will go over the differences in a minute, but right now we just need to worry about getting all my content over because I've been working. I've been blogging for some years and I don't wanna let go all this stuff and yeah, I do a home making blogged. That's that's my thing. I like to do that sort of stuff. Um, but how do I get all this content over to my new site? Well, it's not that hard. Let's go back over here where it said WP admin and all the way down here on the bottom left hand corner, you'll see tools, and you can just click this handy dandy button right here. That says export. Oh, yeah. And, um guided transfer. Holy moly. $129. Oh, lucky for us. I don't know why it's looking all funny, guys. Sorry about that. Lucky for us, we don't have to do that because I'm walking you through it. I just saved you $129. Thank you very much. I will take a tip. Um, but anyway, but we're gonna do this free version. Go ahead over here and click. Start export. Now, what this is creating is an XML file and we're going to tell it what we want in here. We want the posts. That includes all the block posts in our blogged. We want the pages. That's Oh, wait. We want all content that we want to click this one at the top. And that's gonna include your posts, your pages, your feedback. That's like all your comments, um, and Ping backs and things like that. And your media, um, which is gonna include all your, um, you know, your photos and videos. And maybe if you had an audio clip for two in there, you want all that to go over. So we're just gonna like all content and say download export file. But it is kind of nice here that say, You know, I am starting a new blawg, but it's on Lee going to be about sewing, and I've been blogging about all sorts of different things. I could go in here and click Onley, sewing Onley, things that I put in the sewing category to move over. I have 100 categories here because I did not set it up well when I was a novice. But don't worry about that. Just hit all content download export file, but under the new export is being product processed. The download link will be sent to my email when the export has finished. Fabulous. So then you're just going to go into your email and we're gonna through the magic of video editing. I'll bring that file up in just a second. Alright, guys. So your emails gonna look pretty much just like this, although it will have, you know, your own website on there. And so you just click this link says you've got seven days to click this link and get your file, Bush. I love how it does that. Two straight into my downloads folder. Not a very big file, which kind of makes me borderline offended since, you know, I worked hard on that block for many years. But that's all right. Next we're gonna in the next screen cast, we're gonna upload that puppy to your new WordPress install. It's not gonna be blank any more exciting times. All right, so now we're over on our new site. It's all plain and blank. Um, and we need Teoh import that file that we just exported over here in our wordpress dot com site. All right, so right over here, we're gonna find our dashboard, and it's kind of gonna be in the same place as it was on wordpress dot com. It's gonna be under tools, and this time we're gonna click import and they'll see WordPress is what we want. But you can see there's lots of options. If you needed to import from Blogger, we're live journal or tumbler. There's options for that, too. And even if you don't have it for the for the platform that you need, you can search the plug in directory and see if there's one for a different platform, which is pretty fun. I'll explain what the plug in directory is in a different screen cast. Okay, so let's go ahead. Um, you know, you might have to install the imported. It's just one click in installs and then you click, uh, import, no big deal. So we're gonna choose the file that we need right here in downloads. Of course, I already have it here. It's gonna be named, like after the name of your blawg like this. There's gonna be this whole file here, and then I wonder if I probably can't choose both of these at once, but I always want to try. No, I'm just gonna do wanna time It created two files. Probably cause I've been blogging for a long time. So let's upload that 1st 1 and import 001 We're gonna keep this author, Uh, this is download and import file attachments. Yes. I just wanted if you wanted to change your author name not be a good time to do it Or if you wanted to, you know, I could do it like this, Actually, you know, why don't I just do it to an existing user? That's probably gonna be less messy in the down. Uh, down the down the run, Down the way. All right, so now we're importing. It's taking a minute to wonder what that's about. Here. What did it work? Let's go over here to oppose. See if it worked. Ah, there we go. So we've got all sorts of posts here. Date. We still have the hello world Post. That was already there when we started. That's pretty cool. Now, let me, um go ahead and import that second XML file. It probably broke up my XML and to do different files because the maximum size here you can see is 32 megabytes. So let's go over here. Do the 00 to, um, file here, choose that one upload file and import, and we'll see Gonna go ahead and select myself. Um, so just cause it's gonna be a lot Tidier that way. Download and import file attachments. Yes. Import it. Now, I'm gonna go right back over here to posts and oh, yes, there. There's more hosts here that weren't there before. Now let me go look at my main page and see if I, um, see anything. Wow. Looks familiar. This looks familiar, but I think I feel like I'm missing. Ah, indeed. I was missing some. As you can see, it took it actually took. I went ahead and edited it out, but it actually took about five minutes to load all my posts in. I probably have large images in here that I, um, need to size down and things like that that slowed down the process. But now you can see my first post is up here on my new block. Let's look at the old one. Yep. There it is about the hand sanitizer cozies. Last last post I posted. So yea, we've got all the content over. Plus this new filler Hello. World Post is up here. We're gonna want to delete that. Replace it with something different. But I feel like if you've been blogging for a while, you can handle that yourself. When we come back, we're gonna talk about links and how to take care of that. And yeah, I know. I'm gonna get my laptop. Don't Don't judge. You've all been there. 5. The Biggest New Thing? Plugins!: Oh, my goodness. This is absolutely fabulous. Because you are almost done, my friend. We just have a few loose ends to tie up. I mean, you're probably gonna want to change the way things look, you might want to install a premium theme or just toy around. This is the 2016 theme that I've got here. And you'd be amazed at how much you can customize even within those built in themes. Um, but we just I'm going to show you what we're gonna do to fix this problem. Now here I've I've done some internal linking, um, to some of my older posts within this post. And let's see what happens when I click this link. Come on, now, Clickety click. Oh, lookie here. It takes me back to my old wordpress dot com site. That is not what I want. Oh, my goodness. Well, I've gotta figure out how I'm gonna fix this this link situation. That's kind of like the final step here. And while I do it, I'm going to show you one of the key differences between your old wordpress dot com site and your new wordpress dot work. Um, install. So let's go over here to the dashboard. And, you know, one thing we're gonna want to go do is we're gonna want to go to our settings and just kind of click through these. Your there's gonna be lots of little options you want to change, but they're all pretty self explanatory, but it will remove little, you know, little things. Like just another wordpress site. You're gonna want a different tagline. You might want your own little logo up here that's gonna help you fix some of those things to just go in settings. But we're clicking on plug ins here. Plug ins. As you can see, it's there's nothing like that on wordpress dot com. That's something that's totally for your self hosted WordPress install here. What is a plug in? Well, a plug in is basically the WordPress importer that you just used was actually a type of plug in that you used to bring your old WordPress site over on. And you you didn't even realize you already just installed applying in. Look at you. You're amazing. But let's look at this Plug in. This one's called. Hello, Dolly. Um, and it basically this is the silliest thing ever this plug in? It's just a snippet of code that, when it's activated, will display a line from the musical. Hello, Dolly. Um, in the background any time you're in your admin, uh, pages on your website. So every time a refresh here, you're going to see a new line from Hello, Dolly. It's kind of my Matt Mullen wig wrote this to kind of help us understand what a plug in is . Let's go ahead and click on edit here and Oh, no. Holy cow. What have we done now? We're getting into code. Um oh, my goodness. I don't know about you. I'm no developer. Let's get out of here, quick. But let me tell you something. You might surprise yourself because once you kind of start looking at this stuff, you you're gonna learn pretty quick that you can do some pretty magical things if you learn a little CSS or a little PHP. So, you know, just know that that's their don't touch it. There's right and wrong ways to mess without stuff. But this was a big entry point for me to kind of get into some of some of that computer science stuff and you might get interested in in as well. Now you might also let's see if you've done like a one click install, you might also have a plug in that says something like Mo Jo Marketplace or something like that, those sort of plug ins that you're not gonna use. I want you to go ahead and deactivate thumb because, like Moto marketplace like that was basically to help you install. And it's sort of like your I don't use it. You're not going to use it. Um, deactivate it and then delete it. It's not good to have a bunch of inactive plug ins running on your site. It is good. Well, I'll tell you in a minute how to kind of choose the right plug ins for your site. So let's delete. Hello, Dolly. We don't really need it. It's cute and everything, but it's not life changing. Unless you really love that that musical, then you might want to keep it, asking that I'm going to keep this. This is kind of outside the scope of this particular course, but that's something you're gonna want to use, um, to keep Stam comments off of your new blawg. So go ahead and keep that. You're gonna want to activate that and mess with that later. But right now we're looking for a plug in, and we're just gonna We're just gonna search. We're gonna come up here to add new, and what we want is some sort of plug in that will fix these links. For us, it was just, I don't know, keyword links, link picker, link monitor, broken links status. What kind of how would we search toe? Find something that would maybe reset the links from our wordpress dot com. No reset links. That's not really it Link checker. That's not really it. Let's see a change we wanted. Maybe change the links. You can even get really specific. And, like change links from wordpress dot com. See if we get something. They're here. WordPress cross pose to your wordpress dot com sites. Well, we don't really want that happen would see here. And sometimes if you can't find it in the repository, that's what this is called The Plug in Repository. You can actually go to Google. Um, and you might actually find, um, one that fits your needs easier by googling it. So I'm gonna do that not to be right back. As I found it, we're gonna use this Velvet Blues update Urals And this kind of can show you You can download this as a file to your computer and then upload it from your computer to your WordPress install or let me go back over here Velvet Blues. If you can find it right in the repository, that's kind of the safest way to download a plug in. Now, when you're choosing a plug in, there's a couple things you want to look for. You want to look for the rating, but that only tells you so much. You want to look for something that actually has a good rating but also has lots of active installs. So, for example, like here's one that has only 200 installs, it's got, you know, perfect rating. But 200 installs is not very much, and this one has 200,000 installs, and the final thing you want to look at is when was it last updated? It could be it could have like, a perfect rating. But if it hasn't been updated in like two years, am I want to keep looking. You want one that's gonna be updated and compatible with your current version of WordPress . So let's go ahead. We're right here in this is called the WordPress repository, and we're going to just install it right there. It's gonna install directly from the source. Click here to activate it. And, uh, right. So Velvet Blues update your l. And then a lot of times when you download a plug in, you'll see that it'll either put something in your admin bar or, um, there's gonna be some place. Let's see settings, tools up it, hit it in tools update. Urals You're just gonna have to start a search when you upload a plug in to find where it put the option to do the thing you wanted to do. All right. So our old Ural address is going to be, um that's the http, the Happy Home stir dot wordpress dot com and our new one is actually going to be Let me see here. Oh, boy. Here we go. All right. So let's just start with girls in page content. And I think we could probably go. We could probably try these other things later. But let's just start with this for now. Since this is a new plug in that we've never tried before And look right here, it says we recommend that you back up your website before doing this. Now you know. So we kind of we not really changed anything on this website yet, but just remember, backups are important. Back up. Back up, back up. Okay, let's click. Let's smash the button and see what happens. Here we go. Oh, man, This is where it gets exciting. Okay? It says that it happened. It said that it works, so Oh, this is I'm see, I've never used this plug in before, so this could be really interesting. Guys were just kind of figuring it out As we go, Let me mash. Here's the link that we were looking at earlier. Let me click it and see Ha ha, Looky there it takes takes me to that exact Web page, although it could use a little tidying up, but that exact Web page. But it's right here on my local server on my local host that I set up not in the not on my wordpress dot com site. Let's Let's try a different one here. Oh, this is a different then. This isn't This really is an external website. That's fine. Oh, let's see Here. Here's a pick that it takes you to my instagram. Well, so we saw one internal link and it worked. Yeah, I confined some others if I'm really dedicated to it. But for now, let's just trust that it worked. Um, and you've learned a little bit about how plug ins work. And then you can get plug ins that are kind of silly that maybe like put snow on your screen Christmas time. Or you could put get plug ins that, like change the fonds gives you more font options one of my favorite plug ins, because when I type, I put double spaces between every sentence, and I know a lot of people hate that. It makes your typography look kind of kind of awful sometimes. So I've got a plug in. It's not installed on this website, but it's installed on other websites. I do that just takes care of that for me because I cannot seem to break the habit as hard as I try. It removed double space plug in. So you confined little plug ins to do all sorts of things. And it's super fun, especially if you've got a little bit of a techie itch to scratch. You do amazing things with plug ins, and I guys, you're doing a great job. 6. Closing Up Shop: Okay, So one more quick note before we totally close up shop here. What do you want to do with your old blawg now that you've moved everything over to this new place? You know, if you've got duplicate content in two different places online, that bodes poorly for you, Um, in terms of search engine optimization. So if you don't have a lot of followers, if you're not getting a lot of traffic like me, I'm really not getting tons of traffic. I think I've got, like, nine of viewers in an hour. I don't know. I'm kind of the metal. Maybe I'd want to keep that sort of a search engine mojo going. I'm not sure, But if I'm like, Well, that's okay, I'll start over. It's not a big deal. I can just go over here in settings on my wordpress dot com site. In settings, click on reading and down here where it says site visibility. You just want to click on. I would like my site to be private. You could also, if you went over here too. I think tools You could delete the site. I discourage you from doing that. Just just hang on to it because you might want to go back. It might be that you decide. You don't want to block for profit. Um, and you might want to just go back and blood for fun, and this is kind of an easy, convenient place to do it, so I wouldn't delete it. I just kind of hang on to it, but just make it private so that it's not gonna be, You know, it will only be visible to you and everybody. You'll see it at your new site. The other thing is, though, if you've got, like, lots of visitors weigh more than my nine that I got today, um, you might want to keep that that rolling. So what you can actually do is you can go over here to the store and this is gonna add to your costs, but it's up to you. It might be worth it. Let's see. Is it in my domains? Yes. You can, um, do a site. Redirect. And I actually had this at one time. I don't anymore. Um, but what you would do is you would do a a redirect service from wordpress dot com, and I think I think it costs. I'm trying to think of what it costs. No purchases. Billing, history store trying to figure out. I think it's about $15 a year, and what they'll do is they'll just be like, OK is. Well, she moved over here and they'll map your old site to your new one for a nominal feet so that when search engines go, um, Goto look it, look for your old stuff. Um, it'll send them to your to your new home on the Web. So there's just one thing to think about, um, that you can dio otherwise you're doing great. Just set it to private and keep plugging away on your on your new home. I think we're pretty much done here other than just making it pretty making tweaks. And I'll leave that to you. I am really impressed. Um, let me know how your final project goes, which is just for you to take a selfie with your new website and a thumbs up and let me know that you did it. Let me know how you made the move. And if you have any questions, ask me in the comments. You've done it. Guys, I am super proud of you.