Move from Graphic Design to UI/UX | Design a Mobile App From Scratch

Sepideh Sabour, Product Designer

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10 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Understanding Design Roles

    • 3. Big Benefits for Graphic Designers Moving to UI/UX Design

    • 4. Why Should You Switch to UI/UX Design?

    • 5. Roadmap for Graphic Designers Becoming UI/UX Designers

    • 6. Research; User Interviews, Surveys and Competitor Analysis

    • 7. Analysis; Personas, Storyboards and User Flows

    • 8. Explore; Sketch, Wireframe and Prototype

    • 9. Create, UI Elements, Icons, Fonts and Colors

    • 10. Closing

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About This Class

UI/UX Design is the best job in the world... and this class will teach you how to transition from Graphic design to this innovative, adventurous design field.

In this 60-minute class, I will share my design process and experiences of making a switch from graphic design to UI/UX design. You will learn about similarities and differences between these two fields, digital design roles meanings, relevant tools you need to learn, and the path you take to become a UI/UX designer.

Covering research, analysis, prototype, and iteration, I will teach you how to design a mobile app from scratch. You'll learn how to use Figma by designing the interface for a simple split sharing app. Figma is a great, collaborative tool for getting your ideas out of your head, onto the screen beautifully.

This class is perfect for graphic designers, web designers, and anyone who's been wanting to try mobile app design, but doesn't know where to start.  Lessons include:

  • Digital design roles meanings and responsibilities
  • Similarities and differences of graphic design and UI/UX design
  • The roadmap you take, skills and tools you need to learn, what you should prepare before applying for a UI/UX design position
  • How to conduct a stakeholder interview to get more information about the project
  • Mapping user journey in a dinner context
  • How to take user interviews and surveys
  • Exploring the market and doing a competitive analysis
  • Creating personas, storyboard and user’s flow
  • Sketching ideas, creating wireframes and transforming them into low-fi, clickable prototypes
  • Learning about Android and iOS differences and guidelines
  • How to choose the proper color palette, fonts, and icon sets for designing web or mobile app user interface
  • Designing a split sharing mobile app UI with Figma
  • Making hi-fi prototypes with Figma

Get ready to sharpen your skills and make a life-changing switch in your design career.