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    • 1. Introduction to Move Every Day

    • 2. Movements for Life

    • 3. Let's Warm Up!

    • 4. Let's Get Stronger!

    • 5. Stretch and Relax.


About This Class

This is the second class in the Common Sense Health and Fitness series. First class covered motivation and reasons to exercise. This class is about exrcising for beginners and inspiration to move every day.

Esay to follow workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. It can be modified to make it easier or more intense. 

Attachments include a Safety Checklist to help you start the right way and with confidence, a 30 day calendar to track your progress and results. And a recap page to appreciate and celebrate every win and step in the right direction. 

So let's get started on your journey to a healthier, fitter you!


1. Introduction to Move Every Day: Hello and welcome to my class. This class will focus on exercise and how to make movement a part of your daily life. My name is a geek adore. I am a 35 personal trainer, a corrective and senior exercise specialists. Ah, holistic lifestyle coat on a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. I am here to inspire you to move every day. It doesn't matter how old you are, which she or physical condition you are in. There's always something you can do to improve your fitness, your health and your lifestyle. I will teach you how to get started, how to keep going, how to motivate yourself and what type of exercises to do. I prepared the class for you that you can follow. Retrieve it does. One is a warm up in a little bit of a cardio exercise. One is a string training and tuning movements, and the last one is stretching and relaxation. All you need is your body right attitude and a chair. So let's get started learning all the safety tips and everything you need to get started and move every day 2. Movements for Life: Let's get started and learn more about exercise and fitness so you can more move every day and stay state. Are you a gym rat or are you a gym math? Maybe you are a little scared to go to the gym or to start exercising. Maybe you get intimidated and don't think you can do it. Maybe you are a do mouse. It doesn't matter. You can always do something to improve your fitness, your house and your life. Please make sure. Can you consult your doctor before your store disk or any other exercise program and follow any modifications they recommend? If you have any questions about that and how to modify this class, please leave me a comment in the in the class or email me and I will be happy to help you again. My name is Aggie Kadare. I am a 35 personal trainer, corrective exercise and senior exercise specialists. A holistic lifestyle coach on a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, working with clients individually and in small and large groups. I am also the published author of two books are you a gym mouse and a common sense fitness journal. They are both available on Amazon and can be a helpful tool on your fitness journey. So let's review what we've learned in the first class when we talked about mastering your motivation. Remember your focus. Your why why should you do this? What are the things you want to do in the future? Have more confidence and energy? Maybe hiking with your family? Would you like to move better and do more? Maybe go on a trip and walk all they without getting exhausted? Well flavored your grandchildren on this war and get it by yourself. How about looking younger and living longer? These are all reachable goals. Believing your stuff and start moving. Next step is to control what goes on in your mind so you can master your confidence. There's never a perfect time to start exercising, so make it a priority and do it now. Don't wait even a gym mask and do it. Are you scared of exercising? Imagine if you don't do it. What will it cost you? Well, you need help getting off the toilet. Wouldn't that be scarier? So let's change your mindset. Find your personal reasons. Do it even if you scared. Take the next step and let's find something you enjoy. So let's evil to need to get started. I have attached a movement checklist that you can print out. Or just look at it and check if you have everything. The first thing is your attitude. Do it because you love your body, not because you hate it. Moving isn't important until you can't think about that for a second. So let's see what you need. You want to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the temperature. You need appropriate shoes, preferably sneakers that fit you well and don't fall off so you don't trip in them the day the right side. If you are comfortable without shoes and your floor is fine, not slippery doesn't have anything that you can trip on. You can do these exercises barefoot or in separate socks on because they are low impact. But make sure you already for that. Make sure you have enough room to move around. You're gonna have your environment safe. BVL hide, read it and have a water bottle ready in case you needed while you're exercising, especially if the temperature is a little bit warmer. Have a snack. What a meal at a reasonable time before your exercise. So you don't get lightheaded and you have enough energy. But the most important thing of all. Listen to your body. Take a break when you get tired or feel uncomfortable at all, and please track with your doctor if you are experiencing any health related problems, so we're going to get started with the exercise. We always start with warm up, gentle movements with dynamic stretching just to move slowly and smoothly focused on waking up your body and giving it the love and care it deserves. Slowly increasing range of motion, speed of movement and intensity. And just relax and enjoy and focused on why you are doing this. Then we'll start more workouts. Flowing movements with gentle resistance. Just get started with as much exercise as you can handle. Move slowly and smoothly. Focus on your muscles and creating your own resistance. Slowly increase your cat time and intensity. Listen to your body and bed rest when you need it. You can gradually add more time and movement to your routine. Just enjoy the movement and brief be proud of yourself that you are students, something to make yourself better. So let's were cat. The only equipment you need is your body. You can also have a chair by your side to hold onto or sit down. If you need it, make sure the chair is dirty and it's not going to slide away if you hold onto it so you can use it for support. And when you get tired, you can sit and relax for a minute. Or just do some of the exercises seed it. Soon you'll be feeling a lot of benefits, and you will be ready for more. You're gonna be a stronger and you'll be able to work out longer and harder. So enjoy the movement and be put out of yourself. Be grateful you can move. Please share your experience in the comment to inspire and help others. How are you feeling after your first were capped? How will you celebrate your commitment? You can share your wise if you'd like to. Or just anything you feel comfortable sharing with others. There is also a calendar you can print out to keep track. It also has some fitness tips that you might feel might find you store. You can start a 30 day journal to track your progress. You can use my journal or even just get the notebook and write down your your thoughts and your experience in there. If you have any questions, you can email me at Aggie as healthy balance that's comes on you. If you want more information, visit my Web sized out balance dot com and envisioned your healthy and confident self. And remember, though no one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. So let's get started and have fun. 3. Let's Warm Up!: Hello and welcome to my living room. Bearcat. I want to show you that anybody can move every day and that you can do it anywhere. Any time you do it in your living. You wanted him tiny small space and maybe a chair with your offense. You can do it outside of the medical. Just move. So let's do it. Let's warm up. Just walking, please. Well, you know, horns in your legs. I'm going to show you modification. So don't worry if you have any physical limitations, injuries with anything, or you are out of shape a little bit because you have attacked in a while. You can still do this. Just listen to your body and start with what you can do. Gets it into tier. Will be your legs and arms, just like walking. This will get you warmed up and just will get your heart rate going. But if you can stay in working police, the arms dialects, his job wet, your own pace can speed it up a little bit. You can slow it down in Texas. Just move your choice faster or slower. Just move it Well, like from the arms. It's mild Okay, so I decide. How about we take two steps? If you have the dome, make sure safe. If you don't have the room, just saying one spot. Go side to side. Let's go back to walking. Watching it doesn't need a little bit. Your body is starting to warm up a little bit. Get your heart rate up. All right, let's do the back. Beth. Warning of every part of our bodies. His job. Okay, let's go up to the front again. Lift the lights back to the back. Best in the arms. Looking good. Much fun. Knees up. But that kicks your heart rate. Going up a little bit makes you taking the breads. Are you brought? Keep reading back to front and much just this fast. You comfortable of it? If you feel comfortable, you can speed it up a little bit. I don't like little one, but if you want to stay here, that's fine. When you went to lower down to attack whenever you need a break. So now a little bit and just breathe. Come back when you're ready, Doc. You go. Guy decides if you can't leave the needs a little bit to the side. Maybe across need to elbow. It's You must David the march, going the job modification just march Or seeing the seat. Some of you looks Jeff, back to the march. Okay, I'm gonna do some jumping jacks. Don't get scared. You can modify their jumping jacks. Or like that. You can do that. You built If you need to. Mahdi Friday on one side and then the other side or alternate just a little Tap out. Lift your arms up. You're gonna get your heart rate up. What? You can sit. Move on. Let what if it's you must do one at a time tonight. So you're gonna get your heart rate up and we're gonna get a week. Okay, lets see if you can withdraw through 10. Modify your sin. Picked up much. WhatsApp. If you need a little rest, if you feed them, breathe B Brett, just listen to your body. Start you can. And every time to do this, you can do more. You can do it longer. Don't forget to modify. Okay. Now we're gonna do a full body extension, which is kind of like a jump. Have news changer might come down. Understood are just like you wanna jump but you change your mind. So you just kind of extend your body your arms up. Good. Keep going. If you have to do it in to see can do it here too. Be careful not hitting your arms. Your chair. Okay, You can modify if you have to slow down if you have to. Good job after the march you need rest Capsule If you can stay, Be too much so that heart from big you great Three brats Whenever you need to slow down and rest and go back Do it again the next day And you can do more What? Every day? 10 minutes. Great little word cats gonna get a couple minutes ago sizes job two steps only if you have to do it When you see every job that decide to set Let's do a little tap. Great for balance coordination. Get back to those modified jumping Jeffs. One side. Good food site. Good job. Much. Okay, I'm gonna do order leaving site if you can job doing jumping jacks. Great. If you want back to the market. All right. Just about 10 minutes. Would cap here. Have you no slowing down a little bit, you know? Why did they are a little bit for you doing great. Yes, it was gonna slowly stop. Don't just stop, cause if you have your heart feed up So we did a little bit. Just keep moving. Is it up? Even if you're gonna go into a strong creating faster, you didn't just, like, just a little bit slower down. Good job. Just one likes slow down a bit, right? So we did a little bit of court would cast to see Anybody can do it any time anyway. Here you get. Maybe this if you're gonna make it 20 minutes just working up to it, you know, sort of a few minutes of it. And as you get shoulder with the whole thing, I'm gonna do it again. See you in our strength training video. 4. Let's Get Stronger!: Welcome back to my living work. At this time, we are going to do some strength training. I am going to show you again that anybody can do it anywhere any time. All you need is your body, the right attitude and a chair. Make sure the chairs thirties that can hold onto it and you can sit on it and do some of the exercises. So I will show you modifications and just listen to your body. So let's move a little bit. Let's get the body warmed up. If you didn't do the cardio segment, If you did 10 minutes cardio before, that's great, then you all warmed up. Ready to go in doing? Please warm up a couple minutes before you get into the string person. Okay, move your body. Let's just again just increase the range of motion in our joint. So you want to start a little bit slower and then just move them up. These are called dynamic stretches. You don't hold the strikes, you just increased range emotions. You can do them front, back. You can do them. Cross your body for your order. Good and just breathe. Makes you don't want your breath or through the workout. Just take normal. Comfortable in natural breath. It's good. The likes again, A little bit. Have you started their life? You started a quadriceps the front of your size. When you marching and you left in your life, you still get the momentum, so it's not using your muscles as much. So now what we gonna do? We gonna slow it down and make sure that use the muscles more. Okay, You can hold on to your chairs to make sure that chair is the every you needed. You can hold on to it, or you can just be he having their guest you needed. If you are going to work out in the chair when you're gonna do the like next this way okay for me to alternative or we gonna do have one leg at a time. But I think you'll find you still gonna work myself. So lets you want alternating legs first. Nice instill lifted up, and that's weak side acid. Make sure major course to stay enough ST or ST up street in just slowly squeezing enough of those muscles in front of your legs. Working good can have you hands on your hips. We'll just have them anywhere. Or hold on good through a couple more. Then just we go. Any time it's you much a slowdown. Just keep moving a little bit deep rats and come back when you're ready. Just listen to your body. Now we're gonna do a little bit harder. One leg in time Gonna do 10 12 repetitions of everything. But you can stop any time you have. You know, pay so lifted up. One engaged accord makes you leg. You don't live the ni nice itself. Me good. It's about six, seven, nine and 10. It's good you set it up again. Take a deep breath, but makes you don't hold your breath. Keep reading. Okay. As the other life. Well, then, if you need Teoh and lifted up once to three, four, six, seven. Okay, nine and 10. Great job. Loosen it up. Good. Now in a do the back of your legs, the hem streams. Okay, so going to do hamstring curls again? Hold on. Make sure Dad me is not Lock your barking. You need all the way street app things Stop me using your muscles. Hold for to hang on So the other leg curl it up like this crazy New Hampshire stuff. This is too horrid. Modification would be just sliding your life on the floor. You can also do get seeded just like you would like into kind of under the chair. Okay. Gonna just lied your leg and squeeze the ham streets. We sit up straight in your job, then let's Friday. You can do the Hampsten curls. Fill it up. What? To the ready? Four five. That is Okay. No. In 10 and legal. I feel that, like, working to you within your body. Weight on that. So it's gonna want a little bit too. Attack gay. Stretching legs to the other leg. What? To three strong force? Warsaw. Me. But okay, seven nine in tang. Great job. Who set it up? Just breathe. Okay, let's do some upper body for you to do a chest breast. What you gonna do is pretend pushing something away. Accidents grease the chest and inhale as you come back. It s taken bread first and push it away in Xia. What do you think about creating a chest using the head out of your loves? Good shoulders down very nice. You two more good. Jake it after he has been on the shoulder job. All right, now we're gonna do roll. This is great for shoulders for your back and your posture. So you bring your arms that pretend that you're grabbing something I'm pulling back, Clegg. Gonna squeeze your back, being just shoulders down, Keeping the elbows by your side does that. This is really, really good pasture, you know? Keep going. Five more. One to make sure you stroll to stay down the three, four, five. He said five more. Right. Good. All right, she get up free. All right, let's do some shoulders. Now we're gonna pretend gonna press something up without hat. If you have any problems in hurting hurting you the waterway up going a little bit go healthy and also do indeed it. OK, make sure you engage your core. You don't want to arch your back as you pushing up. All right? So let's do that. Seated or standing breast up. What? To three. Nice and slow. Four. Five again. Don't let your knees six seven eight in 10. Good job. She left. She could at very nice already back to the legs. Okay, so we got start on a little bit. You can always alter need open in the body again. Well, not if you need Teoh. We'll just have to chair there in case it was your balance. Always receive, given your side like lips. So you understand someone like soft me. The other knee will be a little bit bend and you lift it up and begin them If you can try not to touch the floor. But if you need to Police tapping their samadi. Fine. Okay. If you are in the seat, you can just like your leg out and that really backing. Slide it out and bring back. So let's do this. So if me, many here and lift it up to slowly and just go as far as comfortable as highest comfortable high It is not necessarily better if you're kicking it up when you use your muscles lifting it and you probably feel the other leg grabbing the floor using your inner thighs in life that's just spending on, does it? Three more. One to and three. Great job. All right. She died, remember? Still needed just young bender needed to lifting once to. They re really good job breed. Very nice, strong core music. Or always I just have it for more. One to I would agree job feel that I like working there. Let me not to send it up. All right, back to the upper body again. Because I understand you do some biceps arms after the side again. Strong court. Don't arch your back. You can put one foot forward. You can stand with both feet next to each other. Soft knees. Just get a good good opposition that you feel comfortable in your own way up in Canada. This one should try spies. This is too much for you. Then keep going if you can, or come down here and do it here. Okay, Just a little bit easier. You can always advance to this tweet. More free job shaking All right. Back of the or try steps. You know that legally part, you know, we goes here, you can do it again. There's three positions. You can do it. You can keep your arms here and push it back and easier on your shoulders. It's kind of like pushing something away in squeezing your arms. You can do it. You had dropping the elbow in the hand and then push it up in against. He's kind of like throwing a ball and you change your mind. One of hardest one is right here, often armed satellites to the floor, and you just it out and come back. You sure there's no we'll from the boy? Three. Position The deposition that you can do Please tristesse. They always work that muscle and always advance to the heart of the fishing that it just down using to try the job to train more. Very nice. Okay, now everybody's got tested because you do, and either side were cab. That's actually better than you. Sit a little bit forward in the chair. Just make sure save, and you have to start being your one like add squeezing bath. Looks delighted back that's actually use your ties. Bulletin. Good and use your core. I mean, I These are your doctors Good. Three more good. Shake it out. Is he the other legs you'd ask? It's a little bit different than before. Before, when you were sitting, when did leg lifts, it would be pushing out. You lift up your are like to come out and squeeze it in using a keener tithe board. Elex nice 1/4 of the court engaged. Good job she could have. See, every time you engage your for you are strengthening your four, even if you have back problems that you cannot do crunches richer five. Not the best for you, because they'll engage in court and work it. Always remember that when you're standing in the grocery store in Danger court, Centre Street, use that muscle get so let's do that's try So seated crunches that pretty much most people can do if you feel it in your back, that means you're not using your acts. Okay, so make sure stop and kind of regroup and try it again. But I want you to try it. Sort of it. Valley killed? Yes. Now this for food and squeezing your app in case you have to really, really even even close your eyes and think about your abs. Freezing in reasoning makes you don't watch your back. So you only going back to like a natural positions, freezing and coming back, please. And that proportion. But what abs? Really Well, because you're coming from the bottom Freeze it, Andres Frieze Release. Good. Your body is your back. Like you said, you stop. Don't hurt your stuff. We listen to your body and ask a doctor to do any other modifications. You can also you nanny only, man. No, Levi. Um, comment and I run into you would ask to get model five. You need to the job, Sunita. All right, get job, everybody. So we get a little bit off strength training without any equipment. You can also do this together, take a couple of exercises, do a few more sex repetitions, and we're gonna be doing really, really great. Just always engage your core. Always listen to your body and your breathing. Great job. See in the next 5. Stretch and Relax.: Welcome back to my living number cats. This time we are going to stretch. It's always good to stretch after your workout to restore the length of your muscles to stay flexible. And it really, really feels so. Let's just sit in your chair and relax. I'm sick of now. Used the threat. So when you're on sat all the way up, take a deep breath. Uh, Xia Good. You do it again, and as you come off it, you're in here. Just stretch off a little more stretch from your rib cage. Don't pull on your shoulders from your rib cage up like read something. I'm beginning on a next year. Good. One more time in he having the arms oc Keep those arms up there. Keep taking deep breaths and that water regions stretching on each side. Just kind of like you gonna reach up but again, stretch from your rib cage. Not from the shorter's. Feels weak. We need you on Xia now Let's all our shoulders with them for But first of all, the shorter's all the way forward. Nice circles again. And one more time Now we're gonna roll them back that all the shoulders back and three times that's in them back. Open up your chest. Your hands behind you if you can. Comfortably through this could have the chair behind you for a little bit. Give you a more of a stretch in the front and squeezing back. Keep taking breaths. Nice. Come back and relax. Very nice being what I'm across your body. Proficient elbows and push it gently towards your chest, Stretching the upper back. Get down. Three. John other side bringing down. She's the arms. Now begin arms after, decide during your palms facing back and push back a little bit too it back again just as far as you feel comfortable. Should feel the stretch older. Maybe on your arm. Breathe and hola And then because I'm shaking now being both arms up draft one hand and pushy elbow best. This is your triceps. The back of the arm switch. Lawrence grabbed the other hand. Am Koshiba your arms down? Just listen at the shoulder. Deep breath and Xia. Let's stretch your life putting one for that. Flex your foot a little bit, but the more like your your knees. Okay, lean forward, stretching the back of your legs your hamstrings. If you feel more comfortable doing the stretch, you can't stand up. Undo it. Standing. You lean on one arm in the threat which ever makes you feel better and more comfortable and switch lives. That's the other back in the seat. No, bring one close to your chest and lets you set up the foot so close to the outside. Three. What? Someone Now to the insect one. Me four and five being the other leg off. Squeeze it up and circle after one to three. One in five and in one to I agree and five down and send it up a little bit. Okay, now in your hands up here, let's grease a fist. This stretch out your fingers to three, four and five. Good shape the math, but your arms Just rest your arms right on your knees hanging your hands hanging down and just lifted up. And them, but to 32 more. Four and five. Good. Now just turn him over. It's on back down. Keep going. Five. Screen for your wrist, mama. Good. Okay, sit up straight. Young makes your shoulders up down and relax. You're just towards your shoulders. You get a nice stretching. Make sure to show that doesn't come up and down back in the mix beside Just Gentry's You Can Do Back in the Middle Looked right backing Good job. So let's take a nice press again, Uh, and Xia one more time and X so you should be proud of yourself sitting what is were cats and come back and do it again, maybe knows you in the next.