Mountain Reflection using acrylic medium | Mohini Sinha | Skillshare

Mountain Reflection using acrylic medium

Mohini Sinha, Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist

Mountain Reflection using acrylic medium

Mohini Sinha, Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist

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10 Lessons (1h 16m)
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About This Class

Hello Friend , hope you are doing good. I have created new class on mountain reflection.Materials which we will be using are:

-Acrylic Canvas Sheet

-AcrylicColors(Brustro,Liuitex, winsorand Newton)

-Titanium White

-Dioxize Purple

_cadmium yellow


-Raw Umber

-Cerulean Blue

-Prussian Blue

Brushes Used;

-Flat (size 3and 8)

-Rigor Brush(1size)

-Blender Brush

Masking Tape

-Liquitex Varnish

Hope you would like the class .Will loveto see your paintings.

Thank You


Meet Your Teacher

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Mohini Sinha

Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist


I'm an IT Engineer by qualification and Artist at heart. After a few years of corporate life, I've moved on to my true life calling which is art, specifically to paint. Painting was my first love, ever since my childhood I used to paint with my grandfather which fascinated and gave me joy.
I resumed painting in mid-2019. Initially, I started learning by watching other artists on social media platforms and started painting in my drawing book. In no time graduated to a larger canvas. My primary genres are acrylic painting and watercolor floral painting. Under acrylic, I love painting landscapes. I look forward to learning each day for the rest of my life and share my experiences by coaching others and help them learn different techniques and styles of acrylic and other art forms. I be... See full profile

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1. Introduction: humans have always been fascinated with mountains, admiring the beauty from afar and from the summits attempting to reach the top off even the tallest and most stretches mountains, even a legacy. Heroes and gods live among the mountains. We are fascinated with the stories and quotes about the mountains, keeping thes and mind. I morning from India thought off, painting it with acrylic. Here we learn how to paint the mountains, detailing some blending techniques and how to warn ish your painting so that it looks last long. 2. Lesson 1: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So will be discussing photo materials here. I'm using the acrylic sheet, which is already blamed on. This is the masking tape, which I'll be using for the borders. Then comes Steve Brushes, which will be It will be using the's offer brushes which are abusing, forced as the rigger brush for lining. Then, of these two off flat brushes, one is off, three and others off eight size, and the butter is the blender. Thes for brushes will be using Onda Wanna sponge, which will be using for punishing the ballot on last water on Outcomes T colors, which will be using Mr Black Thistles. Precious blue cadmium yellow to turn you white. It's really it's really in blue. And so all of different different brands. Some awfully critics. Some moments in Newton, some off Postrel. That's thank you 3. Lesson2: I start painting this guy. So this is the sheet are painting this guy and this older I have already thrown so sketch you can find in the attachment. So now I musings Reagan fluent Italian white for making this guy. Let's stop. You're I'm using size three brush taking cerulean blue and a little bit off white Just a little bit of wine and mixing it with so little Dakhil and they're playing on the upper part and little lighter color on the dumb but way This is the first court which I'm applying. Acrylic dries really far. So you need to put Lord off liquid Just blocking the areas ritual sky so as you go down will use much like color. - I think I think I'm almost done with the blocking but on make sure that this thing tries because if we apply another layer of paint on it, start separating, the color will come. Um, so it was really paid for it to try, and then we'll apply the next court on it. So I think it does try No. So now we'll apply next wonders. Take a little bit off liquid on same color. So the upper bod would be dark on the lower part with light. Make sure you look all the way, Theo Way so, like the color deported so you can see the lights just appearing lighter shade and the doctor shaved blended. Probably start. I think I start my planter brush blending. Make sure it's try completely so very lightly. You have to pressure on. If it does try, you can use. Try office plans properly. Gives a light weight diction thing the way you need blending and list. So I think section. 4. Lesson3: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we'll be doing Mountain amusing. Your Jackson Booth. Same Syrian, Clean nicely and gives a nice mix. It probably something first through the same brush scythe just because she just see. Thanks thing. Can this be way to take it off just the same? Make sure and apply on the bottom part off the mountain. Teoh. So that it comes light. It's not. But Theo, Same thing with way I think one has done. 5. Lesson4: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So no real drink ideals leak. So you be using Bush just doing the Lord Just talk as real Corp so that the color, like, ends up. I'm just area just left. - So as makes a stream Oh , here. I know about brushing up about. Get tried. So? So you can easily So I guess booking is done, so let's begin. 6. Lesson5: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we have applied first chord on it so well, playing the second code, your I'm using the sames. Really? Um, you look it's Lord door. Lots off liquid toward. And I just apply a rosary. Liam, open the top off Theis guy. So you need to take lots of water. I just a little bit off Italian white to lighten the color. Apply on the lower part of it. So I'm just trying to blend board the colors, give it a nice blend. So now we'll do same thing with the mountains, so we'll apply another coat to it. Same color. I'm playing a little bit off white on just quoting the area to give it a nice blend. So most dance, the same thing will be doing little butt. So now I will be doing the lake. So suppression Lubitz apply on the lower part of the area. Just playing portion blew it off right next to it. India. Both. So, as we go above the color will lighting up so above a mixed cerulean blue to it. Make sure that all the areas covered up properly, - so we'll play the same colon Papa does Bill on mixing Graham, but do it applying on the lower part. So same thing, we'll do one d up apart as well. So take, Remember and mix it with a little blue. Apply on the top off it. So I'm just making same. Make sure off blue, white and bone number to give a little greenish touch toward applying same color The lower part off. - Do you? Yeah. Give it off White to the edges off the hill. So let's 7. Lesson6: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we'll covering the lower part of failure. So here I'm using black toe paint the lower A off the mountain. So just for using my rigger brush outline the whole area. So using but off liquid and just highlighting the whole area, and then we'll block a holding area of black color. Since acrylic dries very fast, you need to put a lot off liquid to it so that it becomes a little more easy to blend the colors. - So just block in the whole Lord area but black. - So it's almost done. I've covered the whole area with black alo, so now we'll be creating the snow on the top off the mountain so your I'll be using to turn in white to greet the snow on just little bit off. Dogs in purple added to it. So I'm doing the same rigger brush and just you doing small, smaller daughter in creating some little snows to it. - So I think it's almost 10. So now I'll just throw a proper outline off the mountain, using the black color with my same rigger brush just taken black color, and I'm just outlining the whole mountain area. - Oh , yeah, I have just outlined the whole mountain area. So now I'll be drawing clouds. I'm just creating a rap skate shop it Not sure you able to see or not. So I think I'll try using my white color so that you can see it properly. So I'm just making a rough sketch off the cloud, which will appear over the mountains on using the same white and a little bit off blue mixture and brown. Make sure I'm taking very little girl rough for a while, and I'll just fill those area so it's better to use running flat brush. We'll be using flat brush size eight to make the clouds. I'm just dabbing my brush in using very little off white and lots off liquid so that light shade off white comes appears on the top off it so new. You need to use very little white and lots off liquid on flat brush and just need to strap it off on the door, both at 80. So I'm just using the top tip off that brush to give it to shape, so I'm adding a bit off cerulean blue. Just let tend offered not much to give it a hazy look over the mountains. - So now I'll use my rig a brush to put more highlights over the clothe on with my flat brush. I'll just mix it well, just from blending colors so that it appears very hazy. I'm just applying the white color or it I'll just blending it with my flat brush. Same technique am doing here as well. Blang. Same color over all over the mountain. You can see I'm using very little mount off White. Very little. I'm just doing it with the tip off that flat brush, uh, the same little brown color and makes it I'm just feeling that area because it seems little light. I'm just filling that gap, just blending the color that while it just taking a little bit white on rahmbo, Make sure applying on the lower part off a cloud area supposed to give a nines hazy Look off the clothe, just applying, or what? The lower part of the cloud area to give a misty look to the clouds with same remember on and just a little bit of weight just blending over top off. It creates a very nice misty look for gay look. D c. Office off the clothe? No, with my rigger brush. I'm just highlighting a little bit. The tops. No area. Yeah. Just creating 19 this small. It's more dots on. Same white color. Apply. Outlined the outer area off the mountain. So far. Stay applied black outline and then on the top off the ground playing white outline should be ready. Think more off snow So I think done so let's start with the next. 8. Lesson7: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So no will be doing the detail ing off the lake. So let's start. So you're I'm using white And to make the outer lane off the lower area off the mountain, just creating a straight line. So So let's start with the detailing part. Yeah, I'm using white. I'm just creating a little bit off highlights, or it I am using very little amount off white lots off liquid. Do it and I'll just blend it with the blender so it gives a hazy local clouds were the bottom all cell to supply little bit off. Wait. And just London de blender. Same. Technically, was in the middle. Just blend it a blender way. So neither you was a little bit off rhombus playing the top off the mountain. Uh, give it quality. My light. Using little lighter tone, Lorie, years now I use my rigger brush to create in small, small lines. I'm just meeting little bit off three in blue and white, but I'm creating small, small lines below it. Oh, do so I think that the line should be more doctor blade limit more white. Don't do it way. Gain a little Florence create small, smaller lines and covered the whole blue area, which is near the mountainside, just creating reflection. So now I'll be using my flat brush just size three, creating the lower lines, which is little. Take abusing. Same color shading, which is in between using a very little amount off color and lots off liquid so that it blends nicely. Have taken a bit off. Cadmium yellow on added white, little yellowish color to the clouds as well as to the lake, some adding little yellow through the clouds. Yes, it's better. Used the flat brush. UNC. I'm just using a very little moment off. Cadmium you. Same thing. Outdoor bottom part. Also just blending. Brush number 10 the center. So let's give a nice Here's a look off the like on a nice shadow. Do it with the same flat brush, creating small lines on the bottom offered. So these are big lanes as compared to the aboard one. I'm just using the tip off the brush to create doors lines add a little bit off. I had a little bit off Christian girl as well, since the upper part of the mountain is more why it's Hello. Use more off white toe, take white color on the bottom. So I think the lower body is done, so anything but offside is left. So give some hazy look. Do it because just creating a small line. So I'm just starting blue and white to it and just, um, creating a hazy look. Just blending over the bottom media off the mountain You can be more white to clothe. Oh, Clyde's done So now I'll take my rigger brush on. But Daniel whitens really improved and I can create with board. Dark align deported most E Mountain. So I think it's little light. No, it's clearly visible, just blending the lower part off it. - So now I think we'll be needing my rigger brush toe outline those back area off the mountain. I'm just giving an outlying to it. I think I need to add more lines to the upper part off that leg. Just add white and cerulean blue. Great, more small, small lines on the top off, like I think it's fun was done. Let's see next class 9. Lesson8: difference. Welcome back. So, alas, part of painting is making leaves Sawyer. I'm using black color and my rigger brush and lots off liquid to create the leaves. So I've taken lots off color and my brush and just creating random dots and you can see just try to create the Dotson's at Humana at it appears averages as if it is falling like a tree drunk, and the leaves are attached to it. So just the random drops, - yeah , are having any issues and creating random drops. You can create a small tree trunk and you can drop off the leaves so, like your I'll show you have just drawn the tree branches and you can create random leaf patterns. - So I think we almost done so see you in my next class. 10. Lesson9: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is the final part off this painting on now the painting is completely try. We can warn Ish it. So here I'm using liquid ticks. Eight ounce warn ish paint. High gloss. So I have just taken out you go ballot now Use the sponge brush. Andi, apply it horizontally. Make sure that you apply this painting on the whole surface area. It gives a nice shining fix. I hope you can see that it has started shining, so I have just applied it in a horizontal pattern. You can also use it vertically, whichever wish you like. I think it's almost done. I hope you can see now the shining reflection which is coming out. So just animals est ape you can see after removing the staple gives nice border so that painting. So it's nice if you use this masking tape in your painting Conceit. Effect are just coming. It's giving a nice border to the whole painting. Wait so you can see shining effects, which is coming after blamed awareness. I hope you like my class. Thank you for watching the glass. Have a nice day