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Motivation for Men: Find Your Life Purpose

Michael Todd, No Nonsense Life Coach

Motivation for Men: Find Your Life Purpose

Michael Todd, No Nonsense Life Coach

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14 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Promotional Video

    • 2. Introduction and How to Use This Course

    • 3. How to Find Your Life Purpose - The Upward Spiral

    • 4. How Long do You Stick With Your Life Purpose?

    • 5. How to Build Your Life Purpose in 3 Steps

    • 6. How to Start Each Day of Purpose

    • 7. The One Skill That MUST Accompany Your Life Purpose

    • 8. How to Stay Alive Whilst Becoming a Master

    • 9. Dealing With the Haters

    • 10. Mournful Monday Beat the New Week Blues

    • 11. Touchy Tuesday The Second Day is Always the Hardest

    • 12. Wicked Wednesday Stomp Out Mid week Laziness

    • 13. Thundering Thursday Keep up the Momentum

    • 14. Freedom Friday So Close Yet so Far

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About This Class

Finding your life purpose is the universally accepted route towards personal fulfilment and happiness. Without a life purpose, scientists estimate that chances of being happy drop by around 80%. 

This course takes you from zero life purpose to putting you firmly on track to feeling fulfilled and happy in life.

Some highlights:

  • Find your life purpose 
  • How to build your purpose in 3 steps
  • How to start each day of purpose
  • How to support yourself financially
  • How to deal with your haters
  • Much more!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Todd

No Nonsense Life Coach


A fanatic life coach, I have walked with more than 3,000 clients set on achieving their dreams.

I say 'walked' because your life is a journey, not an event. I want to help and that means I must walk with you, providing guidance during both high and low times.

With a background in science I apply only what is proven to work. You won't hear any mumbo jumbo "believe your spirituality" type rubbish from me. Every recommendation I give is steeped in scientific research giving you actionable steps to take.

My only goal is for you to find and achieve a purpose suited uniquely to you!

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1. Promotional Video: meet Jim. Jim wanders through life, working a job, having a family and taking his dog for walks. By most accounts, Jim is doing pretty well. He has a mortgage on his dream house, a nice car and many friends. But Jim feels something is missing. He tries to figure it out, but can't quite get there. He asks his friends, but they're in the same places. Him so have little advice to give. Jim wonders if he might just be depressed. Maybe you could start taking medication. The strange feeling might disappear, however. Medicine seems a little drastic at this point, so we carries on as normal. Yet three months later, he still can't shake that nagging feeling soon enough. Jim Stumpel's on an Internet course, all about finding your life purpose. He thinks he already has a life Purvis, so he almost doesn't watch it. But curiosity gets the better of him. The course shows Jim that most people go about their life purpose in the wrong way, yet have no idea they get frustrated when things don't work out. How they pictured course goes on to give Jim concrete steps on how to find his life purpose build it and realize his dreams. Jim appreciates courses, lack off mumbo jumbo. There is no laws of attraction rubbish here, just plain logic with actionable steps. All lectures are focused at the heart of what makes a man feel for filled in. After just one month following the course, Jim is far happier than he's ever been. It was hard work, but he's now had his first success and feels more invigorating than he can remember. Join Jim in this course, begin to feel fulfilled and start discovering your life purpose. 2. Introduction and How to Use This Course: this course assumes you know nothing about your life purpose. It walks you through from the very beginning where you will receive specific instruction on finding a purpose unique to you. From there, it gives you concrete steps to take in order to build on that purpose. Once your purposes set later lectures address specific questions such as. How long do you have to stick with it? Three specific steps you need to build your life purpose and how to start each day with purpose. You will also discover the one skill you must have that allows you to be successful in this endeavor. Without it, they reason no point in even starting will cover financial support options available to you whilst you pursue your purpose. I give you two options for income generation. During this time. The second option especially, is my favorite. It will allow you to follow your purpose whilst making money. Passively, i e. You will even make money in your sleep, not thousands per day, but enough to provide the basics of life. Putting your life purpose out there is also going to attract the haters. These are people who will bad mouth everything you do they'll say? That's too hard. Your ideas are rubbish, etcetera, etcetera. You'll learn how to identify these bad influences and also how to shrink them into insignificance. Finally, because building a purpose is difficult, I give you five motivational messages. You may use these whenever you're will. Toe work is low. They're designed to fire you up. Give you instant motivation to go find your life purpose and live your dreams. Let's begin. 3. How to Find Your Life Purpose - The Upward Spiral: you saying Bolt? George Clooney, Eric Clapton? I bet you're thinking, What men? They really know their life purpose? Well, sure they do, But do you think they always knew it? You think they didn't have tough times when they didn't feel like running, playing guitar or rehearsing lines? Of course they did. But when those tough times appeared, they didn't go running to Mommy for reassurance. They stuck it out and hung in there. They went to practice regardless off their precious feelings. And that is why they're at the top off their mountains. They've implemented the only thing that makes a man successful in life commitment. They chose something and ran with it. They were not dilettantes. A dilettante is someone who tries everything under the sun yet sticks with nothing. Jack of all trades master off. None ever sat next to a jack of all trades who knows something about everything. They're incredibly annoying. Constantly seeking attention and validation. Contrast that toe, a master of one skill. People will flock to him without the master having to say a word that said, I do realize that all men need to have a period off self discovery. They must try new things and see what naturally sticks. But after that period, a man must commit to one thing. Sticking toe. One thing enables a man to achieve mastery. Mastery is man's only life purpose. Mastery doesn't care what subject it falls under. In fact, you could master Spear throwing Rubik's cube solving or chicken raising. It really doesn't matter. Mastery is man's only life purpose. If you're one of the lucky ones, then you might already know what your chosen mastery topic is. But if, like millions, you don't know what it is, then how do you find it? You'll be comforted to know that current masters struggled with this question. You saying Bolt, for example, played football, cricket and many other sports on top off sprinting, and he was plain lazy by his own admission for most of it. So how did he end up so successful? Well, small sprint victories along the way motivated him bit by bit. That motivation fed into better training, which fed into more victories. Those fed back into motivation. Now he's at the top. That process is what we will use to find your life purpose. I call it the upward spiral off life. Start small, get a victory train more, get a larger victory train more and so on. Let's start a process to find your life purpose Grab a pen and paper or open up and note taking app. Write a list off the following. What activities do I do? Or have I done that? I like or I'm naturally good at. Please pause the video now whilst you Right Which off those activities will someone eventually pay money for in some form, please pause the video now whilst you right which off? The remaining activities makes me feel good. When I get a small victory, please pause the video. Now whilst you right, all activities have boring periods typically 2 to 7 years in which off the remaining activities could I envisage sticking to even during those periods? Please pause the video Now, whilst you right now that you have a short list, stop the course here and sleep on it. Your decision might change by morning and that's fine. If, however your decision changes every day for the next 30 days, then you might have a problem. You could be a dilettante in disguise. The whole point off this section is to squash that in decision. Remember that a man feels fulfilled, only winning masters something. And it doesn't matter what that something is. So for your own benefit and for the love of God, make a decision. Only continue this course. Once you have made that decision, if it means closing your browser and coming back in 30 days, then do that. 4. How Long do You Stick With Your Life Purpose?: How long should you stick with your life purpose? The answer is in the question. Your life. After all, it wouldn't be a life purpose if you only committed four weeks. However, I do have a problem with the words life commitment. It sounds a lot like a jail sentence. To me, telling anyone they have to do something for life is a surefire way to make sure they lose all motivation and never actually do it. So you're going to turn the script on its head instead, off thinking that this purpose thing will take a very long time to complete. You'll instead start asking the question. How long until I see the first small victories off my life purpose? Finding those specific small victories is no mean feat. It's difficult to sniff out what we could possibly win when we haven't even started yet. Therefore, most people take completely the wrong path in this respect. I'll show you what I mean by example. Meet Joe the Guitar Player. Joe's life purpose is to play the guitar, but there's a problem. Joe is shy about showing people his life purpose. He thought he wasn't good enough and doesn't want to be judged. So Joe spends 10 years perfecting his playing prowess. Almost no one hears him play during that period, but at last he is ready to release his masterpiece on the World. Bang, It's out and guess what? No one buys it and no one cares for it. Joe experiences the severe let down that accompanies such events. He spent 10 years, and for what? Nothing. Joe becomes completely depressed and Demotivated throws out his guitar and works. His local coffee shop job until he retires. Doesn't sound like a life purpose success story, does it? What if Joe had done it differently? Let's say he had started slowly. Instead of aiming for a big reveal after 10 years, he puts himself out there almost immediately. After one or two months of practice, he performs at small shows of a few people in his coffee shop. No one really pays attention, but that's okay. Joe knows he's no Jimi Hendrix. But after a year or two, people start popping in for coffee. Just because Joe happens to be playing that day. A few people mention they really like a certain piece that Joe plays, and Joe takes note he works on that piece to make it even better and keeps putting it out there soon enough. People that don't even drink coffee start coming toe, watch him play a few make requests that Joe tries out. Some work. Some don't. But Joe knows which ones are hits because his live audience tells him each week Joe then starts a YouTube channel to play on a world stage. By this point, he knows what people like and what they don't. Eventually, a big record producer discovers Joe and offers him a deal. Which job rejects. Joe realizes that he doesn't need anyone's help. It all. The thousands he earns per week from his YouTube channel and MP three sales are completely in his control. And he doesn't want to share that with anyone, especially not a greedy record label. Joe goes on to launch his own tour and becomes a complete success. Now compare that with Joe, Version one, who hid himself away to make a masterpiece that flopped. I know which one I'd prefer by a long shot, so you're not going to do what Joe Version one did, hiding yourself away and coming up with a big reveal after 10 years is the best way to ensure you flop. Those flops happen because you isolate yourself from your audience. If you really think about it, isolating yourself from the people you want to influence is not a very smart move. How will you ever know what they like now? Coming back to the main question of this lecture? How long do you have to wait for life purpose success? Well, barely any time at all. If your Joe Version two you're going to start reaching for those small victories almost immediately, just like Joe did when he first started playing at the coffee shop. Let's run through a process to help you figure out what your first small victory could be. Grab an empty piece of paper and write your life purpose at the top of it. Now open up Google and search for your life purpose, along with one of the words events, groups or competitions. You may feel a little anxious about doing this, but that's OK. It's simply because you're taking the first steps to put yourself out there. When you do that, there's a risk you might be judged by other people. Don't worry. We deal with the haters later on in this course to write down one of the future events, group meetings or competitions where you will attend, participate, or show what you know or can do any time frame from 4 to 16 weeks from now is acceptable. Three. Pin that piece of paper somewhere prominent like your fridge door or outside your bedroom. I say outside your bedroom because a bedroom is for relaxing and performing intimate activities. It's not for constantly reminding you about what you need to do the next day. Finally, tell someone that you're going to this event that will give you accountability. So it's not so easy to chicken out at the last minute with those four steps. That's it. You are now going to stick with your life purpose for the next 4 to 16 weeks. No nasty phrases like life commitment anymore. It's simply 1 to 4 months at the end of which you will have your very first public performance or appearance. Hopefully, you will get your first victory, however small, at that appearance, it could be as little as having a five minute conversation with someone in the same boat as you. It could be as grand as making an audience give a standing ovation. There is no right or wrong answer here. Simply do what feels a little bit out of your comfort zone. Being uncomfortable forces you to grow, and growth is the key to achieving your life purpose. 5. How to Build Your Life Purpose in 3 Steps: Now that you have a firm commitment to put yourself out there in 4 to 16 weeks, what can you do during that time to build your life purpose? Most people would perform the headless chicken dance run around like mad, doing everything they think might be of benefit. Sounds like a terrible plan to me. In fact, there is no plan. Rial men do not throw themselves into anything without a plan. Let me put it another way. What if General Pattern said to you, Run over that there, he'll with your rifle and kill the other Army? You might be a little worried that running into a heavily armed squadron would not lead to victory, and you'd probably be right doing what pattern requests would in fact lead to your death. The same applies to building a life purpose. Run around without a plan, and at best, your life purpose never gets off the ground. At worst, you never achieve anything that feels significant. You feel like an utter failure, becoming one of those empty zombie shells that occupies office cubicles these days. Let's ensure that never happens to you by planning accordingly. You're going to be using a system that I've assembled over the years whilst reading, learning and experimenting with productivity. The basic premise off this system is to get maximum return for minimal time investment. Step one. Do not reinvent the wheel. You want to achieve something, something that's probably being done before. So why begin from scratch? Why not just copy an already successful person? They're clearly doing something right or you wouldn't know who they are. So grab your iPad, get onto the Web and start searching for successful people in your life purpose category. Get a piece of paper with your life purpose written on it and answer the following questions about those people you found a What are their strength as you perceive them be? What do their fans like about them and see what are their weaknesses, which, if improved, could lead them to even mawr Success. Pause the video now to complete your list. Step two. Beat the professionals. I can almost guarantee that the life purpose idols you looked at in part one had a system in place for learning the skills you want to emulate. This section is where we figure out that system and adapt it for your use. No matter their success level, you can one up it. A pick the three greatest strengths displayed by your life Purpose Idol Selected in Part one. Be now list three practice drills. For each of those strengths, these drills can be skill, repetition or learning based. You decide what's best for your specialist area. For example, If I was learning the guitar and I want to get more dexterity in my fingers, I would play a sequence of chords over and over again. The only rule for drills or practices is this. They must provide maximum return on time investment, so really research and think about them deeply. Pause the video now to complete your list. Step three. Implement for the next 4 to 16 weeks. You will perform these drills every day. You can have one day off, which is typically Sunday for most people. But as you get closer to the event you're aiming for, daily implementation will become easier and easier. Soon you may have to force yourself to stop practicing. Yes, that sounds unbelievable at first, but it will happen. All other activities must take a back seat to your daily drills that includes TV and video games. Remember, you have committed yourself. Distractions lead to laziness, and lazy men feel incomplete. 6. How to Start Each Day of Purpose: how to start each day off purpose. Each new day brings with it a fresh and clear mind, which is a problem. All the focus you acquired the day before dissipates overnight, meaning you have to rebuild it. The absolutely sure fire way to do this is toe. Have a morning routine that funnels you into the day. Discover what works best for you. For me, it's the following. Wake up and get out of bed immediately. Boil the castle Gopi. Make a cup of coffee tackle the first drill on my list. Your routine doesn't have to look like this. It can be whatever suits you, but you definitely need to come up with one. It won't take long for the routine to become habit and habits require no thinking power, which you're going to use to your advantage. When you set up a habit, the length of your particular drill or task list becomes irrelevant. That's because it's extremely easy to continue a list once started. Simply starting the list is where the life purpose war is won or lost. So every day, routine, routine routine. I even perform my routine on Sundays. Even if I don't do any work after it. It helps keep the habit ingrained. Some days it will be difficult to start your routine and those of the days you'll use the ace in your deck. When you start feeling lethargic first thing in the morning, grab your list of drills, put it down on a table and back away a few steps. Do not take your eyes off the list. As you do say to yourself, that list represents the key to mastering my life. Purpose masters in this world feel invigorated and invincible. They feel like the captain off a ship with a full spread of canvas, possessing the ability to sail anywhere on the planet. Right now, however, your brain is fighting that mastery. Tell your brain to shut up, then walk up to the table, grab the list and begin controlling your fate. 7. The One Skill That MUST Accompany Your Life Purpose: the one skill that must accompany your life purpose. Whatever life purpose you master, whatever skills you eventually possess, there is one skill that must be added to your arsenal. Marketing marketing is the only link between you and the outside world. It performs the vital function off connecting you to other people who might care about your particular life purpose. And why would you want to connect to these people? Recognition from external sources makes you feel needed, which is the best driver off a life purpose. External recognition is a colossal Victorian steam engine. Once it gets going, very little can stop it. So how do you go about marketing yourself? You can't just tell everyone over and over again what you do, because repetition agitates people and knowing the very people you want attention from will be counterproductive to your goals. You need to inform them in a subtle and classy manner. I understand that all men struggle with subtle and classy. I did and still do. Sometimes I'd much rather fix something with a hammer than a delicate drill. But we cannot market ourselves effectively like that. Think about when a salesman last got pushy with you no good, right? The car salesman who doesn't make a splash but does have a winning personality, probably gets your cash instead. Subtle and classy. Luckily for you, we don't have to run through some big, long, complicated program to upgrade your subtlety or classiness. There's actually a very effective short cut that tells you everything you need to know about good marketing in a single line. Provide value to people without expecting reward or recognition. When you do that, you come off as unaffected by what people think. And how is that good? Well, people are always trying to get attention when they meet someone like you who doesn't care of people give you attention or not. They assume that you must get your attention fix elsewhere. Their brain connects the dots and says, Hey, this guy must be valuable to other people because he gets attention from them. Therefore, I should also pay attention because I might get something valuable to Yes, the brain actually does work backwards like that. Blame evolution. Blame mother nature. Blame whatever. But it's true. Here are some concrete steps to begin marketing yourself in a subtle and classy manner. Step one find a local gathering or event, preferably charitable, that needs support off the type provided by your life purpose to offered to help them out or perform there. This offer must be related to your life purpose. If they ask you to do other things, then I'd advise you to politely decline. Don't get bogged down with extra responsibilities so early on your life. Purpose must rule your free time ruthlessly, at least for now. Three. Facebook, Post Tweet and instagram The event. Whilst making a casual reference to your contribution, however, make sure to focus on the overall event theme. Remember, don't push your life purpose on other people, especially not on social media, because everyone does that by staying classy, you separate yourself from the hordes of attention seekers. Full social media buzz does die down after an event ends. Therefore, you need a more permanent place to keep a log or track record of events you helped with. Ideally, you want to record these in block posts on your own website. Websites these days serve as virtual CVS, allowing prospective customers to browse before they hire you or your life purpose skills. Five. Write about your own experiences in learning your life purpose on your website, right? Honestly, because people respect you for that, those five steps start to build a buzz around what you do. They also attract people with the same mindset as you, which builds an audience. Soon you'll have 10,000 people on speed dial who will promote you for free and without you even asking what you do with that attention is far beyond the scope off this course. But every marketing and sales book will tell you that getting an audience is the first crucial step in any marketing plan. To enable communication between you and your audience. You will need a website. I recommend using WordPress for your site. I've used it for years and for all manner of projects. It's never let me down. Site ground dot com does WordPress hosting, and they are my current provider. They are my provider because they have the best service out of 20 or so hosts I've tried over the years. They're also cheap and fast on top of that, giving you full control over your website. I have a special discount code for site ground that allows you to get your own domain name , such as life purpose dot com and a whole year off hosting for 60% off site ground normally charges $10 per month, but using the following code gets it for under $4 each month. Go to H T. T. P s colon forward slash forward slash www dot sight ground dot com. Forward slash go forward slash purpose, and you will receive your special offer. If you do use this code, then I get a small commission for referring you. In return for your kindness, I will offer you free help in setting up WordPress. Simply drop me a message with your site, ground, user name and password, and I'll do all the hard set up work for you. I'll install WordPress along with a nice clean theme as well as some essential plug ins to help Google find your site more easily. 8. How to Stay Alive Whilst Becoming a Master: how to stay alive whilst becoming a master. So far, you've made a solid plan that edges you towards mastering your life. Purpose. Great, but there's a slight hitch. You've got to have food, water and shelter whilst you train to become that master. Those needs can only be provided in exchange for money, which means you need an income source. In this section, I will outline two paths for generating income. The first is traditional and some might say boring approach. One. Cut your expenses, work a minimum time commitment job and spend as much free time as possible. Mastering your life purpose Once your mastery is evident to all around you, then start to transition away from the job into teaching others how to achieve mastery in your chosen topic. I'm not a big fan off this first approach as it results in low income and sacrifice off your free time. However, it may suit you, so that's why I've included it. The second approach is very risky, but like most risky things, it comes with great reward. This approach is my favorite for reasons that will soon become apparent approach to begin selling valuable items related to your life purpose. This is best demonstrated by example. My own life purpose is to teach. When I first started out, I was an amateur app developer. It paid the bills but wasn't very fulfilling to me. Over the years, I discovered that I actually really love teaching people. I especially liked showing them how to improve themselves. So I decided, Why not put the two together? I got to feel fulfilled and I was helping others build their own app dreams. It wasn't plain sailing by any means. There were hiccups along the way as well as bad reviews. Most of these bad reviews came from haters, the kind of people who simply cannot spread any joy. But I carried on. Anyway. I uploaded my courses on to select websites and price them at 10 to $19 each. Almost unbelievably, After three months, I was on track to earn $40,000 That first year. I'm not special by any means. My story is a minuscule success in the Internet world. No one blogged about me and called me amazing. However, I now had enough money to live on Wells chasing my life purpose of teaching, selling something related to your life. Purpose forces two things from you. One. There is immense pressure to learn very quickly to you. Learn how to market what you produce. Obviously, these are fantastic upsides. External forces pressure you to learn, adapt and grow far faster than self generated forces. The major down side of this approach is you could get overwhelmed. That carries the very real danger off you experiencing burnout. Clearly, if you burn out, you'll start to resent your life purpose. So you may need to make a slight compromise here if you feel that approaching. That said, let's outline a simple approach for creating something of value. One. Open up Google and search for your life purpose and the word by within the results. Try and identify a list of products that people are actively buying the best types of product off virtual I e. Digital ones because you don't need a production line to make them, you simply copy the file over to a new customer when they purchase it to narrow down that product list in tow items that are needed by people. We want items that are needed because they never go out of fashion unlike items that are wanted that ensures that you will keep selling a product even during a recession. After all, people still buy bread and milk drink economic downturns, don't they? Three. Create a digital product such as an e book, audio book or video course, just like this one. What you put in the course is completely up to you. You know your own life purpose better than I ever could. It doesn't have to be a comprehensive product. It just needs to provide value. This course, for example, is only an hour long, but it's providing value to you. That's why you bought it and why you're watching it now. Full list your digital product for sale on eBay, Amazon, you, to me and any other website you can possibly think off. This step is not hard. In fact, it's pretty easy to get onto those sites. They do not charge for listings. Generally, you only pay when you sell an item. Five. Also link to your digital products listing from your own website, or even better, put it on your own website with a buy it. Now button PayPal allows you to make such buttons relatively easily those five steps are the basic ideas you will need to get out there in order to make money from your life purpose. Do not listen to ultra complicated how to market your $1,000,000 idea drivel. Stick to the two basic points off, create a product people need, then list it where they can find it. 9. Dealing With the Haters: dealing with the haters. This one speaks right to my heart. The number of haters I've come across is incredible. We all know the kind of person that qualifies as a hater. They seem to have a problem with everything that everyone else does. As you're putting yourself out there, you will come across them. No doubt about it. I came across them as reviewers off my courses. I'd have 10 5 star reviews one day. Then the next day a hater would market as one star with a spiteful comment. You have to ask, How can people perceive the same course as so different? Part of the reason is people naturally have different world views. What one thinks is an excellent product, another thinks is not so great. However, a more obvious reason is that some people go through life simply hating everything that includes even themselves. Maybe you've encountered these people already. They're easy to spot because they usually complain endlessly. This tea is too hot. That man is too short. The weather is too cold. They never stop. I'll be honest with you because I'm asking you to take a risk by telling you to put yourself out there and publicly find your life purpose. You will come across hordes off haters. They will side swipe you without any warning whatsoever bringing a downer to your day. At first it will suck. To be told You're bad at something is plain awful But I want you to realize the truth. Haters hate everything and you just happen to be in their path today. It probably has very little to do with you or your product. I'll even prove it to you. I once got one of my AP courses reviewed as one star with and I'm not kidding here. 500 words off explanation, little punctuation and no paragraphs. It took me long enough just to read it. The review. His name was quite unique, so I googled it. Turns out he was a professional complainer on many websites, especially newspaper ones. He wants even complained about an app losing a little information that was easily replaced . The app was free, but he thought he had a right to bend the world to his vision. Back in those early days, people like this affected me, but they do not anymore. I'll show you a little technique. I came up with a toe, fade them into insignificance When a bad review or conversation rears its ugly head, close your eyes and picture the following one. The horrible person in question sitting on a sandy beach to slowly, they start to shrink, getting smaller and smaller until they are the size of a grain of sand. Three. You blink your eyes once, and they are immediately lost amongst the 1,000,000,000 grains of sand and poof. Just like that, they become irrelevant. At this moment, you realize that a hater is one voice amongst billions. He has no importance whatsoever. And now you have removed his insignificant opinion from your vision. If the hater is standing in front of you, simply smirk whilst picturing him shrinking away. Haters are extremely insecure, and that unsettles them whilst allowing you to save face. Did you also realize that having haters can be a very good thing? Everyone that happens to over here the hater will realize exactly what they are and immediately side with you that polarizes your supporters, who then become diehard fans defending your life purpose vehemently. So remember, smirk away as you shrink that hater into an insignificant speck. You're a man on a mission. You haven't got time for haters 10. Mournful Monday Beat the New Week Blues: mon. Full Monday. Beat the New Week blues. The alarm goes off. Your body feels heavy and lifeless. Another week of work is on the cards, and you want to throw in your hand. Already, your brain is telling you to stay still. But what does it? No. All it knows is that lying in a dark room signals sleep. In this case, your brain is stupid. It hasn't yet realised that you must get up to conquer your life purpose. It's time to get your brain on board using an ultra secret reset switch. Thing is, this is no ordinary switch. You can't physically touch it. Only one thing can flip it. Light light is the ultimate signal for body systems to start revving up and activate the waking up process. Not even an ultra intelligent brain can ignore it. Open your curtains or flick on a bright light and absorb it. Feel each system start toe wake ready for action. You are captain of this ship, and right now it's going to set sail on a week full of adventure a week that brings you closer to your dreams. So wake up, get up and get going 11. Touchy Tuesday The Second Day is Always the Hardest: you've completed one day of extreme difficulty. Monday was an uphill struggle. You went to sleep last night with a granite resolve to make Tuesday. Even better, however, you now wake only to find that granite resolve has dissolved a good night's sleep. Does that clears your mind? Resets your brain. You're now a steam engine at rest, your boilers a cold and your cold trunk is empty. Get out of bed and brew along coffee as you drink it. Picture coal being shoveled onto your cold truck picture water pumping into your storage tanks. The engineer arrives and lights a small fire. It grows slowly as coal is shoveled onto it, eventually turning it into a roaring furnace. Flames engulf the boiler, injecting an overwhelming heat. The water has no choice but to transform into steam, building pressure in the pipes that now pulsate with raw energy. Steam forces itself into the pistons, driving the wheels with an ungodly force. Wheels are jolted from their slumber as they slip and slide on the cold metal track. The barrage of steam is unrelenting. Its sole purpose is to shift 500 tons of locomotive. It will not stop until the entire machine bends to its will, eventually building unstoppable momentum. Today, you are a 500 ton steam engine. Light your fires, build momentum and begin bending reality to your will. 12. Wicked Wednesday Stomp Out Mid week Laziness: Monday and Tuesday were full of action. You achieved so much. So it's time for a little break. Are you kidding me? You can have a break when you're done with attacking the day right now that little have a break voice is like a barnacle stuck on the whole of your ship. It's creating drag and slowing you down slow people get nowhere in life calmly walk over to your ship store, grab a sledge hammer and whack those barnacles off your ship. Feel that smooth whole glide effortlessly over the water, Walk to the stern and gaze at all the other life purpose ships floundering behind you. Maybe they should have cleaned their barnacles off to No matter you're on your way, perhaps they'll see what you've done and do the same. Now you're not only cruising towards your life purpose. You're also serving as inspiration to other ships earlier on in the same journey, so spread more sales and charter course into the bust unknown off your life purpose 13. Thundering Thursday Keep up the Momentum: after Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Your rolling Now, after all, you have done more in three days than most people do in 20. You're ahead of the game. By a long way, you could take a three day break right now. Even after those six days, you'd still be far ahead of everyone else. However, somewhere deep inside of you, there's a little voice. If you listen carefully, it's telling you something. It's warning you that a little break here might turn into an extended one. Extended breaks have a nasty habit off relegating work to the back seat. Contrary to what some think, the life purpose devil isn't all flames and hellfire. He's a nice guy. Why not come in from that hard work you've been doing? I've got a nice fire going just for you to take a load off rial. Tempting right? Thing is, stop now and you'll lose all your momentum. Momentum takes time to build, but after only three days, you're thinking about letting it dissipate. Right now, Look that devil in the eyes rest your grip on the hilt of your sword and say, Tempt me as much as you like. You won't get your hands on my mo mentum. Now get out there and keep building mo mentum 14. Freedom Friday So Close Yet so Far: Friday is a walk down memory lane. Remember when you worked a job you didn't care about? You turn up on a Friday and think this will be a walk in the park. I just got to survive the nosy boss for one more day than two days of freedom chasing your life. Purpose means your boss has changed identity. The boss is now you and he's the West boss you've ever known. He knows what you're doing every moment off every day. Slacking really, really annoys him. This new boss also doesn't pay you in money. He pays you in future mastery. The harder you work now, the sooner that mastery will come. So right now you have a choice down your tools, walk away and have a rest or keep rolling and make the last day the best day off the whole week