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Motivation Hacks: How To Get Motivation Daily

teacher avatar Alain Wolf, Social Skills Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. What You Will Learn In This Course

    • 2. What Is Motivation?

    • 3. Morning Motivation: How To Be Motivated Everyday Even If You Don't Feel Like It

    • 4. How To be Motivated To Take Any Action During The Day

    • 5. Motivation Secrets:Master Your State, Master Your Posture, Master Your Self-talk

    • 6. Your Motivation Colour

    • 7. Motivation Hacks For More Motivation

    • 8. Evening Power Questions To Unleash Your Motivation

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About This Class

Would you like to learn the best motivation hacks so you will never lack motivation again during your day?

In this sort and intense course, I reveal the most effective ways to be motivated on command.

- You'll learn how to be motivated when you wake up even if you don't feel like it

- How to take any action during the day even if you don't feel motivation

- I'll show you how motivation works and how you can activate motivation during your day

- Unleash your motivation at night

- Discover the best motivation hacks

- Master your self-talk to unleash your motivation

- Discover your motivation color

- And so much more motivation tips!

You should take this course if you want to discover daily hacks to boost your motivation. If you want to kill procrastination, if you want to feel more alive and have more energy.

Go ahead, enroll in this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alain Wolf

Social Skills Consultant



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1. What You Will Learn In This Course: in this program, you will learn how to be motivated through the day to achieve all of your goals. Motivation plays a huge part in your ability to take action, because when you are not much evaded, nothing happens. I would show you the best tools and techniques toe unless you motivation anywhere, any time. I highly value your time. That's why I will be sharing with you the most effective tools and strategies toe initial motivation. In about one hour, there will be no fluff on Lee. What you need to know to get the best results in the fastest amount of time, Disowning training contains the most effective techniques. Toe. Unless you motivation, I'm sharing with you what works. And as you will see, it's the most practical training on motivation that you can find on the market. A few apply even a small fraction of the content that I share in the schools. You will be 99% ahead off the population. Most people never apply anything. And as I want you to succeed, I'd like you to commit in applying. What I teach you would have access to the best contents, but it won't help you unless you do something with it. So always ask yourself this question. How can I apply this in my own life? If you say Alan, I already know. Did. My question is, are you applying it? Maybe the zoning training could be a good opportunity to apply what you know. Some people may say, Alan, you're techniques are too simple, and I tell them the techniques don't have to be complicated toe work. I've been able to get results faster than anyone I know because I simplify difficult process is to give you truly what is essential in a leasing your motivation. The fact that the techniques are simple is what makes them easy to remember and use when you truly need them. So now my question is, are you ready to unleash your motivation? 2. What Is Motivation?: before starting. Let's talk about what motivation really is. Motivation is a driving force that helps you take action despite of the fear. So it means that if you have to work and you have a task that you procrastinate, motivation will help you take action. Or if you want to go to the gym. But you find millions off excuses, motivation will help you to be in shape. In other words, motivation is what we d view the drive to do. Something motivation would give you the drive to do something. So my question is, are you ready to start the zoning training? 3. Morning Motivation: How To Be Motivated Everyday Even If You Don't Feel Like It: the first moment that you can start unleashing, your motivation is in the morning. That's why I want to share with you the morning power questions that you can use to have more dr excitement and motivation when you wake up in the morning. So what are the three questions to boost today? The 1st 1 is, what am I excited about today? The goal is to control your focus the moment you open your eyes in the morning so you can experience more motivation, drive and excitement. Would you like to wake up energized and so motivated that you look forward to your day? Most people focus on negative things, such as everything that don't want to do that day. Do you wake up constantly full off energy and motivation to start today? If not, it's because you are putting your attention on things that don't give you energy and don't give you motivation. If when you wake up, you focus on all the task that you don't want to do during the day. Do you think that you will be much evaded off course not, but that's how most people start the day and then they don't understand Why the lack motivation? Instead, you should be asking yourself what am I excited about today to find something that will delight you every day? What you put your attention on in the morning is 100% in your control. You can think about what you're excited about, that they are. Think about everyone. You hate the task that you hate and old the poor burns that may arise that day which one you think will give you my motivation. There are people who will tell me, Alan. I focus on my problems in the morning so I can find solutions. I tell them. Do tend to serve you problems better when you are not motivated or when you are in a state of passion, motivation and energy. And that's why you control your attention and you put it on the things that will excite you . That they and that would increase your motivation and energy. And then, if you want from that place, you can then deal with your problems and you will come up with bad a solution that if you were in a lousy state, so ask yourself the question. What am I excited about today? and find at least 123 answers and feel the excitement. If you can't find the answer, I would like you to force yourself to come up with the answers. Think about people you love. You work your passions. What are you excited to do today? That's the first question that you should ask yourself in the morning when you wake up. When I started doing this, I would wake up in the morning and I asked myself the question, What am I excited about today? And I would answer nothing. I just want to go back to bed. But I forced myself to give good answers. I conditioned myself for success. So today I woke up and I told myself, Oh, I'm excited about recording my motivation program because it will transform thousands of lives. I'm excited that I will be working out, and I'm excited that I would see my friends tonight. I would like you to give yourself permission to feel the excitement that come with you. Answers. Don't just say I'm excited about starting my company today, sated with emotion. I'm excited about starting my own company today as I want you to get the results fast. I'd like you to answer the question. What am I excited about today? Take a piece of paper right now and write down three answers. So if you're watching that in the morning, you can answer for the same day. And if it's the evening, I'd like you to be excited about the next day. So go and answer the question now. So don't forget I'm watching you and I can see you if you do the exercise or not. If you really want to become successful, I really encourage you right now. Toe apply and to start doing the exercises that encourage you to do, because that's how you will become successful. Remember, 99% of people don't take action. And if you are watching the zoning training and you should truly want to transform your life and become a motivated if you do the exercise, it will really fast track your success. So go ahead and do it now. And don't forget, when you answer the question, I would like you to give yourself permission to feel this excitement. The second question that you should ask yourself in the morning is what are three things that I am grateful for. You want to experience the emotion off gratitude daily so your fears and doubts disappear. You cannot be grateful and fearful at the same time. Gratitude will put you in a great state where motivation will naturally flow through you. If you want to have more motivation when you wake up, you can't focus on the fears that paralyzes you and expect to be motivated to take action whatever you put your focus on growth. So if you focus on your darkest fears in the morning, you will be paralyzed and unable to take action by being grateful you tap into unlimited motivation and fears will stop making night. Being grateful means appreciating and thinking what you already have in your life. No matter where you live, on a matter what your situation is, you can find things to be grateful for. Think about your past, your present or even the opportunities in the future. Most people focus on what the lack instead off are they already have. When you realize that you already have a lot of great things around you, your way off seeing life changes, you become a grateful, positive and motivated to take action to be grateful. When you wake up, ask yourself what are three things that I'm grateful for while putting your hands physically on your heart? Give yourself the gift toe really feel the emotion off? Gratitude. When you answer that question, the more you feel these answers, the more impact it will have on you. Think about how grateful you are because you have people who love you in your life. The fact that you are alive, the fact that you can take action toward your dreams. The more you do it, the easier it will be to come up with things that you're grateful for. You can also be grateful for little things. I encourage you right now to post his view and close your eyes. Put your hands on your heart and enter the question. What are three things I am grateful for? And really, please do this exercise as you will see your start experiencing a new state in yourself, and you would know that it's possible toe. Feel positive emotions and gratitude in your body on comment. So duties right now, close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and enter the question. What are three things that I'm grateful for? The third question is, what do I truly want in my life? Painting a clear picture in your mind about what you truly desire in your life will unleash your driving force to accomplish anything. When you think about something that you truly want, do you feel a boost in energy in your body and an increasing energy? If that's something that you truly want, the answer is yes. The idea is to focus on what you truly want in your life and start taking action towards it so you can tap into that motivation. Most people lack motivation in life because they don't know what they want or because they are pursuing something that they don't really want. Let's illustrate that with an example, they said you are, you are driving and there is fog. Are you motivated to continue driving? Most likely, no. Most people live with fog in their lives because they don't know what they truly want. If you have to drive to place, you don't really care about, are you motivated to go there? Not treaty? Why? Because it's not somewhere you truly want to go to increase your energy and your motivation , you should think about what you truly moment and make it as real as possible so your brain can start taking action to achieve it. The more you think about what you truly want in your life, the more motivated you would be to take action. Even if right now, if you have a life situation which is not the best, find what you truly want, focus on it and start taking small actions towards it. Any motivation will magically go through the roof. So the question you should be asking yourself is, What do I truly want in my life? And then you visualize what you truly want in your life. This will fuel your actions with passion and motivation. So what you want to new relationships, health, wealth, carrier friends and so on captured his vision by writing or by finding pictures online that remind you off your vision? Look at it every morning. When you answer the question, why do I truly want to an issue? Motivation Even faster, drawn some your vision into something your brain can see day, for example, you want to have your dream body look for features that remind you off. That and prince them. Look at them daily. When you ask, you still have the question. Why do I truly want in my life? You can also put the pictures at a computer off phone wallpaper so you will focus on it constantly, and every time that you check your computer, your phone, you will find your vision there, and that will boost your maturation. 4. How To be Motivated To Take Any Action During The Day: boost your motivation to take action. I'd like to talk about the three questions to have unlimited motivation. We like to have unlimited motivation during your day. This section is about unleashing your motivation to take any actions during your date. When you lack motivation, Answer the three questions as quickly as possible. Toe on issue. Motivation to take action. The first question is, why do I want to take action? Human beings need a reason to do something. Do you like to know why you're doing something? Most likely, the answer is yes. Let's say that you want to go to the bakery. Would you be motivated to go there? Not very much. Evaded? A. Yes. Now what if I tell you why you should go there? I give you a reason. With that increasing motivation. Most likely, yes. So if you want to increase your motivation, you must tie a reason toe each action. When you lack motivation to take any action, you can ask yourself, why do I want to take action? The question is framed in a way that motivates you to take action. And that will give you a reason why you want to take that action, for example, at work, you like motivation to complete a boring task. You ask yourself the question, Why do I want to take action? And you may answer, because if I complete this kind of test well over and over again, I make it a raise. The idea is to find as many reason that's possible. Submarine knows why you should take action. The stronger the reasons and the more you find, the more motivated you will be to take action. So if you come up with reasons about why you want to do something, you will naturally be more motivated to act, even if you don't want to do something. The question is framed as Why do I want to take action so it forces you to find your reasons about why you want to do something and not why you are forced to do something. The second question is, what will it cost me if I don't a action? Human beings are highly motivated. Tow, avoid pain and negative consequences. Let's illustrate that behind door number one there is Vladimir, who will a hit you. And behind door number two, there is a piggy bank where you must put $1. If you must open a door, which door would you choose? I guess Door number two How did you come up with the answer? You analyze which one would be less painful and you took action based on that criteria. Do you remember last time you procrastinated And at one moment you told yourself I must with otherwise it will be painful. That's what I call negative motivation. For example, you had to write a report or create a presentation. Then you waited until the last moment. And then finally you did it. What happened in your line? You may be told yourself if I don't write the report or prepare the presentation by tomorrow I may be fired. In other words, you waited until it was too painful and you took action. The idea is to associate pain and negative consequences. If you don't take action right now, if you do that, it will motivate you to take action immediately. The pain and negative consequences can be real. For example, if I put my hand in the open, I will get burnt or just a perception. If I don't act, I may get fight when you lack motivation, I encourage you to ask yourself, What will it cost me if I don't ask and come up with answers? And I would like you to feel the answers, and I guarantee that you will be motivated to take action even if there are no direct consequences. If you don't take action, think about what it will cost you in the future emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually. If you don't take action right now, the third question is, what are the benefits off taking action? Human beings are also motivated to take action if they think that it will lead to pleasure . Let's say you have two boxes. Box number one contains $5 box number two contains $100. Which would you want to open? Most likely Box number two. How did you come up with the answer? You analyze which box had the most benefits? Would you be motivated to take action if I give you $1000? Most like yes, yes, it still depends on the action, but if it's a simple action and I give you $1000 you will be highly motivated to take action because I've added the benefits in that action. The idea is to add many benefits to the action you want to take, so it becomes highly appealing. The question that you should ask yourself is, What are the benefits off taking action? You make a list and you feel your answers, the more the better. Let's illustrate how you can use three questions with an example. You want to go to the gym, but you lack motivation. The first question that you should ask yourself is, Why do I want to take action? Because I want to have that dream body because I want to be healthier because I want to be more confidence because I want to look good and you just come up with a reason. The second question is, what would it cost me if I don't act? You made an answer. I would struggle with myself. Confidence. I will be out of shape. I won't achieve my goal. Um, I have higher chances off suffering off a disease, and you go on with all the bad things that could happen. And you must really feel this emotion off pain. If you don't take action, the more you feel this negative emotions, the more you will be motivated, tow, avoid this pain. And the third question is, what are the benefits off taking action? You may say I'll be proud because I took action. I will be one step closer to my dream body. I would feel fantastic. The more you feel his answers, the more motivated you will be. And you can use these three questions to motivate you to take any action in your life. 5. Motivation Secrets:Master Your State, Master Your Posture, Master Your Self-talk: Let's now discuss how you can master your state so you can master you. Motivation. First I want to show you why your state is really important. If you want to be more motivated, the more you experience a good state and a confident state, the more motivated you will be to take action. Let me ask you a question. Ah, human. Motivated to take action when you are feeling positive and confident or negative and low confident. The answer is positive and confident. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes states off. Frustration will push you to take action. But you don't want to experience it on a day to day basis. The best way is to learn how to put yourself in a confident and positive state on command. What if there was a way to become confident and positive instantly? What if there was a way would like to run it? Would you be more motivated if you were more positive and more confident? That's what you will learn in the section. Let me talk about the confident posture and how you can trigger a low and high confidence state instantly when you know how to use it. The right way. Let me ask you a question. How do you picture someone who is low confidence and not motivated? You? Could you describe this person to me? Do they have their shoulders down? Do they have the chest closed? Do they look down? Is there breathing shallow? Do they have a depressed look on the face? Did you answer yes to most of these questions? How do we have the same answers? Because low, confident and not motivated people adopt a specific posture. You have just learned how to be low, confident on command. Congratulations. I don't want you to believe me. I want you to try to can become low, confident. So I would like to invite you to become low, confident and not motivated right now. And really, if you do this exercise, I guarantee that you will be not much evaded. You will be low, confident. So I would like to you to destroy yourself confidence right now at new motivation. And I know it's the training about motivation. So let's destroy the motivation right now that you can really, really be not motivated. So So here is the recipe to become low, confident and not motivated. You put your shoulders down. You put your head down. You close your chest. You try to breathe shallow and you have a depressed look on your face. Okay? I'm guessing you're trying this exercise. I'm alright. If not, you should really try. And with this posture, how much debated are you to take action? Do you feel depressed and not motivated? Congratulations. You did it. You discovered the posture that destroys your motivation and confidence. When people are not confident and not motivated is the posture that they adopt. Imagine someone sitting other desk with this posture. How motivated are they? How confident are they? Isn't that posture that most people adopt when they were at work? When they are working in front of a computer and then they wonder why they are not motivated? Wait. Does mean that if you do the opposite, you can become instantly confident and motivated. Yes, you are absolutely right. I was. Should you. Exactly how? On the next life. So we like to invite you now to become highly confident and motivated. So please stand up again and adopt dis posture. You open your shoulders, you put your head up. You open your chest. You breathe deeply and you have a confident look on your face. How do you feel right now? If you truly do this exercise right now with me, you stand up and you adopt the posture. You open your shoulders, you put your head up your open your chest, breathe deeply and you have a confident look on your face. How do you feel with this posture? How much evaded? A. You take action. Do you feel confident and motivated? Congratulations. You did it. You'll discover the posture to boost your motivation and confidence. When you feel down and not motivated. Adopt this posture and your confidence and motivation will go through the roof. Let's not talk about how you can have an encouraging self Tokto pose to motivation through the day. How did you talk to yourself? Do you motivate yourself to take action? Do you encourage and congratulate yourself? If you listen to your inner talk, what do you tell yourself every day? The first time I listen to myself talk. It was a long time ago. I noticed that I was destroying myself with what I was saying. I would put me down automatically And then I started encouraging myself and my whole life transform, mastering the communication that you have with yourself, which transform your life faster that you can imagine. Let me ask you two questions. Would you like to have a personality leader who encouraged you and motivates you to take action? Why not becoming that cheerleader? Some people around you, we try to put you down. Don't help them by putting yourself down before they try to do it. Instead, be your own cheerleader. Become the best coach who can become. When you talk to yourself every second we communicate to ourselves. If you learn to master this communication, you can unleash your motivation. So how can you do it? Listen to yourself. Coke and take notes is what he said, empowering you are disempowering you. If it's not helping you, why wouldn't you replace it with a more encouraging self talk? I was not aware that a long time ago I had a negative self toe. The moment I noticed, I had this negative self talk. I wrote everything down and I replaced it with an empowering talk. My life changed instantly, so if you change what happens inside you your in award Your afterward will change instantly . You are 100% in control Off how you talk to yourself. So if you master how you talk to yourself, you will be highly motivated to come care life. 6. Your Motivation Colour: Let's not talk about the motivation call. I'd like to guide you through a visualization exercise to find what they call your motivation column. So if you're watching these and you can't stand up, I would encourage you to oppose this video and come back later. When you're in a quiet environment. This exercise will really help you toe. Activate your motivation on comment. So let's assume that you can stand up. Could you please stand up? So shake your body it to be Come on, just do it. Shake your body at it a bit And now please close your eyes And I would like you to remember a time when you felt really motivated. You were unstoppable anywhere. 100% motivated. Can you find that moment? Remember that moment when you felt highly motivated? If you can't find one, please post this video until you find what So look for these moment where you were highly motivated, where you were unstoppable. It can be a few years ago, 10 years ago, six months ago. It doesn't really matter. You must just find a moment in your life and access the memory why you felt highly motivated so if you find if you found one, I would like you to relieve that specific moment. I'd like you to imagine that you are the actor. So you're not watching a screen. You are in the screen. What was around you? Where there, people. Were you inside the house? Where you inside? Where you're outside. What is around you? Other tables. Chairs. Can you visualize what is around you? So the goal here, remember, is to relieve the moment, Brooke, for what is around you. Can you make the colors brighter and more powerful? Whether and he sounds around you people talking people laughing Or was it quiet? How was it? Did you have a taste on your tongue at that mind? What was it? And can you start feeling the emotion off motivation as you are relieving that memory, Can you feel the emotion of moderation? Even if it's just a little bit? Can you feel the emotion off motivation if now give you the permission to feel this emotion in your body. So if you still cannot feel this emotion off motivation of like you to pose this video and just work on your visualization and try to make it as real as possible until you find until you feel these emotions off motivation. And if you can feel it in your body, I would like to ask you the question. Where is in your body? The emotion off motivation? Could you place your hands on your body and you try to locate this emotion? Is it in your heart? Stomach hands? Is it on your belly? Try to find where this emotion is located in your body. If it's in the head of like you just to imagine that this emotion is going down and look forward. Event. Put your hands on the part of the body where you experienced this emotion of motivation. And now my next question is, if you had to find a koro for this emotion, what would it be? Blue, green, red, orange, yellow, white or any other coral? Which Caro is it when you have found your cargo? Could we imagine that it goes through your body into your arms? Your legs? You barely your head behind the eyes. It goes in your toes. Imagine that this color is in your hole Body. Give yourself permission to let this car ago for you whole party. I would like you to amplify it on a scale between 1 to 10. How much are you experiencing this car in your body? Could you amplify it a little bit? And now a little bit more. I want you to get close toe 89 10. So take the time to do it. Day the time toe. Feel the emotion off motivation to located in your body and then to find the core for that emotion. And how do you do that? You put your hands where it's located in your body, you find the coral and then you imagine that his collar goes through your whole body and, um, pre fight, you amplified until you reach 89 or 10 on a scale between 1 to 10. Awesome. Now open your eyes. How do you feel? I'm assuming that you feel highly motivated. You have now learned which Caro is your emotion off motivation. Do you know what's amazing? If during your life you need more motivation? Just imagine that your body is a light bulb off that coral. In other words, you imagine this corner energy in your whole body and it will trigger motivation. It's amazing, isn't it? So, for example, in my case, I also did that with the confidence color. So it means that I remember a time when I felt confident and, for example, for me, the confidence Cora is light blue. So it means that if I go to a place and I'm not confident, I immediately will just imagine a light blue energy inside me. And in a few seconds, I can feel highly confident because I know which Cora will trigger confidence in me. So right now it's really amazing because if you did the exercise and you got the result, you got the coral that is associated with your motivation. You know that you can just think about this, Cora, and imagine that is in your body when you like motivation and instantly you will become motivated 7. Motivation Hacks For More Motivation: Let's not talk about the motivation hacks. So in this section, I would like to share with you three motivation hags so that you can add more motivation to your life. The 1st 1 is better food. How do you feel when you eat a lot Ready, motivated and willing to take massive action. Sad enough. Remember last time that you had a huge dinner with your family or your friends? How did you feel when you ate a lot when you were eating? You are maybe enjoying it. But what happened after? Did you have a lot off energy while you motivated to take action? Maybe the only action you wanted to take west to take a nap food will impact you Energy and motivation level. If you eat food that will make you feel sleepy, you won't be able to create the quality off life you desire to increase your motivation. You must be a way off which food combination and quantity maximizes your energy, motivation and pleasure. Let me explain. There isn't food that will make you sleepy and unmotivated. For example, a large plate off faster. If you eat a lot of pastor, he will fit sleepy because your body has to digest it. If it's a small plate of pastor, it will give you more energy and motivation. If you get past that lunch, it will give you energy for the day. And your body can use these to fuel today. If you it's past at night and go to sleep right after you won't sleep really well. And the next day you will be tired. I'm not here to tell you to eat on the salad and drink only water. I'm here to tell you to be aware of the effect off what you it has on your body. I don't believe in diets because they don't work. I believe in finding which foods work for you. When you eat a large pizza at lunch, how do you feel? Why not eating it at night or eating half of it? Listen to your body. How does it affect you? Energy and motivation. I'd like you to start listening to your body because it will tell you how food affects it when you eat only fish with salad at lunch. How do you feel? Do you have more energy and motivation? The key is to listen to your body. When you eat certain kind of food, it will tell you if it gives you more motivation and an energy, it's then up to you to decide what to eat. What did you eat today? How did you feel today? How could you have improved the quantity or quality of the food? It's a process that takes time, but it's worth it because you are building lasting motivation. So I highly encourage you just to think about food and how it impacts your energy level. You can also have a notebook, and every time that you eat something a few hours later, you dress. Right now. How do you feel? Do you feel that you have more energy or do you feel tired and then you will find certain food or combination of food, A quantity of food that you can use and that you can eat that will give you a lot of energy and motivation is something that this time, but it's really worth it. It's something I did, and I have so much energy during the day. It's incredible just because they found my food, the quantity and when I should eat it the next motivation hag is to move often. Are you more motivated when you lay in bed all day or when you go for a walk? The walk? Why? Because you moved your body. There is a direct link between motivation and moving offer. The more you move your body during the day, the more motivation you would have, what most people do. They stay at the desk for long hours, and then they experienced drop off maturation. When I advised CEOs, I tell them to move every 30 40 minutes, no matter where they out, walk, jump or run. That's why they can endure long days. The key is to move every 30 40 minutes. Crab a glass off water stretch, jump in the air, go for walk, run for a few minutes, do something that enrages that engages your body. I know that most people would still work long hours without moving, because they may be thing that they can be more productive. The truth is about that. By moving often, we can work more because you are more energized and motivated. So I know that some people will say Yeah, and I get it. But that's not for me. You know, I don't want to move off on and I can't just do it. You will see, tried to dry just for one day, even if it's on the weekends. Tried just to move more often, and you will see how motivated and you would have more energy at first. You say, Yeah, you know, like this Adam guy, he says, Yeah, you must move often, but no, just try and do it. It's about changing the quality of your life and being more motivated and by moving often and by pushing through the first the first time that you that you do it and say, Oh, no, that's not something great for me. I shouldn't do with that. Just do it just pulled through and you will see the new body will get used to move often, and then you will be more motivated. The third motivation hark, is hydration. Imagine that we will go for a five hour walk without drinking anything. How much evaded you would you be to continue walking? Your motivation will be very low. Most people do exactly that every day, the move or the stay at their desks for long hours and don't give fuel to their bodies. Hydration with water is the best fuel to your body. The more you hydrate, the more motivated you would be. I'm not saying that you must drink 10 liters off water per day, but aimed to at least two liters of water per day trying not to drink everything at once. If you drink too much water at once, your body won't have time to absorb it. And it will go directly into your urine. General rule of thumb. Drink a super father every 20 minutes. So my question to you is how are you going to remind yourself to drink water every day and drink more water? Are you going to have about off water on your desk? What are you going to do? 8. Evening Power Questions To Unleash Your Motivation: The next section is about the evening power routine. In other words, it's how you can boost your motivation for the next following days at night, I would like you to ask yourself to power questions. The 1st 1 is what did I do? Well, every night. Ask yourself the question. Why did I do well today? To boost your confidence and motivation, most people will ask All that is empowering questions The child What is my life so terrible . Instead used the evening toe Build your confidence every night. You will reinforce the fact that you are an action taker who takes action and do them well . Guess what? You will be even more motivated to take action the next day because of that, for example, tonight I would say What did I do? Well, today I recorded my owning training. I went to the gym. I ate Well, I approach someone new and so on, and you will be developing rock solid confidence in your ability to take action if you do that consistently at night. So at first that you would ask yourself this question. You may not come up with the answers and Eric your toe focus also on the small things that you did that day. If you just approach someone or you said something during a meeting, that was great, you can congratulate yourself and say, Wow, I said that and this inaction that I did well that they even if the really small action, it doesn't really matter, because your brain cannot see the difference between a big action in a small action. If you want to be more confidence, you just have to reinforce any action positively. And he doesn't matter if it's a small action or a big action. The next question is, what can I improve next time every night? Ask yourself the question. What can I improve next time to get feedback about today and boost your confidence? I would highly encourage you to build this new habit. The second question here is friend positively and that's fights powerful. I didn't ask why did I do wrong today? That would destroy my self confidence. When you frame the question positively, you get valuable feedback and confidence skyrockets. The idea is to learn from your day and used this feedback to do better the next day. The more you answer this question, the more you would become confident and motivated to take action because he would be improving. So the two questions why did well and what can I do better next day? I encourage you to write them down on a piece of paper and you just pay them, paste them next to your bed. So it is not in training here, as you can see was really practical. And I really wanted to that because I want to give you the best tools and techniques that you can apply right away. You just take the questions, and immediately you can start taking action. So what I created is a summary off the big questions off the big points. It means that you can just don't know the shit, and then you can taste it anywhere. So as I really want to make it practical, I created a summary off the questions so you can don't note the's piece of paper and then you can have it with you, and you can taste it in your room or at work. So every time that you lack motivation, you just have to read the piece of paper and go through the points again, and it can unleash a motivation. Instantly I go with that was to really give you the tools to become motivated to act in life because I truly believe that everyone deserves to have an amazing quality off. Life and motivation is something that most people lack. And by giving you designing training, I just gave you the motivation tools that you need. And now, if you just apply them, you will become a motivated. You will take more action, and you will totally transform your life. So go ahead. You can don't note these. Pdf, that is, I think just on the right or the left are in on this video here. Um, can just look for it around. I don't know. My team will post the link around here, and you can start taking action right now and transforming your life. So again, I was really honored to have you here because most people don't take action there. There even not motivated toe watch a non in training like that. So the fact that you are listening and watching the zoning training means a lot for me, and I really hope that you will get the success that you deserve in your life because you are an amazing person. Thank you and enjoy your day.