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Motivation 101: Boost Your Motivation - 20'Guide

teacher avatar Alain Wolf, Social Skills Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Welcome + What You Will Learn

    • 2. What Is Motivation & The 3 Main Factors To Boost Your Motivation

    • 3. How To Activate Motivation On Command (1/3)

    • 4. How To Activate Motivation On Command (2/3)

    • 5. How To Activate Motivation On Command (3/3)

    • 6. Motivation Hack 1

    • 7. Motivation Hack 2

    • 8. Motivation Hack 3

    • 9. Confidence Live Your Life Like A Movie

    • 10. Success hacks be aligned with your boost of energy

    • 11. Congrats!

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About This Class

Would you like to learn the best motivation hacks so you will never lack motivation again during your day?

Motivation is something that can be learnt and activated when you understand how it works. I've decided to create this 20' course so people can understand the basics of motivation and have practical tools they can apply right away to boost their own motivation and energy in their personal and professional life!

In this sort and intense course, I reveal the most effective ways to unleash your motivation on command. You'll learn how to be motivated when you wake up even if you don't feel like it, how to take action if you don't feel motivated, how to unleash your motivation, the most effective motivation hacks, and so much more.

What you will learn:

  • What is motivation and how to boost it

  • 3 powerful ways to boost your motivation

  • MotivationĀ hacks to feel more motivated and more alive during the day

  • Motivation Tips

This course is for:

  • People who want to have more motivation in their life

  • People who want to understand how motivation can be activated

  • People who want to have more energy

You should take this course if you want to boost your motivation with this 20-minute guide. If you want to kill procrastination, if you want to feel more alive and have more energy.

Go ahead, enroll in this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alain Wolf

Social Skills Consultant



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1. Welcome + What You Will Learn: Hi and welcome to designing training and design training. I want to show you how you can be more motivated in your day-to-day life. And it's going to be a half an hour on a training because I want to make it super intense, super practical. And really like you watch the training and then you get away like the points that are really important, like the thing that you can do today to have my motivation in your life. So let's jump right in. 2. What Is Motivation & The 3 Main Factors To Boost Your Motivation: I would like to start by explaining what motivation is and how you can have more of it. So if you think what is motivation? It's the fact that you want to do something. And if you, if you think about that, that times that you are highly motivated and there are times that let's say that you are less motivated. Why does it happen? And I would like to explain three things that impact your motivation. The first thing, it's about the pain of what could happen. Let's say that there are two doors behind door number 1, there is Vladimir. If you open this door, he will hit you. And behind door number two, there is nothing. Do you want to open door number number one? And which Vladimir or do you want to open door number number 2? Most people and if you are normal, you will say, I want to open door number two. What happened in your mind? Your mind analyzed which option, which action will lead to less pain? They okay. Flooding you will hit me. Nothing will happen. Okay. I'm going to do with nothing will happen. So you can see here that pain, the pain that you think will lead if you take the paint that you think will happen, if you take action will impact your ability to act or not. And it's not a, What's really interesting is that it doesn't mean that what you are going to do will lead to pain, but it's what you think in your brain will lead to pain. So we'll see later how you can use pain at your advantage. Because in some cases, pain is against you because you wanted to transform yourself. You want to stop smoking. You wanted to do something that you are not really motivated and you see the paint had in doing that action. But we are going to move everything around and you will see how we'll do it so that you can become motivated. But I just wanted to show you here that pain is a motivator that impacts how you motivate yourself. Number 2, It's the benefits. Door number 1 has a $5 bill. And behind door number two, there is $100. Do you want to open door number one or door number 2? Most people is, hey, I want to open door number two because there is $100 bill. What happening in your mind? You said, okay. These are the both did as the DAD options. And you thought about the benefits and you say, Oh, the benefits of the one hundred one hundred, one hundred one hundred dollar bill is bigger than the other one. And that's it. That's how you made your decision. So we can see here that the benefits, the pleasure from taking an action will also dictate deck which action you take in life. And I will show you later how we can use that at your advantage. And the third thing that will really impact your motivation is it, is it really aligned with what you want? It's alignment back the action that you want to take it is it's something that you truly want. Is it something that will fuel you? Is it something that will make you more energized, more alive? Is it something that you truly want? And we can see that if there are actions that you truly want and you think are aligned with your life purpose. It will become easier, you'll be fueled, you will have like an energy that will flow through you. And this is easier like it. If the energy is there, then you just have to play with Spain and pleasure to take massive action. But most of the time, it's not the case, is it's not truly aligned in something that we have to do. Our boss tells us to do. We have to do it for the kids, for the husband or the wife? And we are not that motivated. Maybe it's 33 AM and you have to go to the supermarket is to take something like and how to do it is not something that flow through me. It's like I have to do it. So I want to show you here how you can do it. Like, how can you motivate yourself using these principles? Here? 3. How To Activate Motivation On Command (1/3): The first question that you should ask yourself when you want to motivate yourself to take an action, is, why do I want to do that action? Because what do most people too, there is something that they have to do. They have to write that report. What do they do or I don't want to do it. Oh, my god. Why is it me that have to write that report or I'm unlucky. And if you say things like that, It's not going to motivate you. So if you ask yourself the question, why do you want to do it? And if, even if it's not true, we want like you don't want to do it. We want to frame it so that your brain can start finding reasons about why you want to do it. Because our brain is more motivated to do things if there are reasons. It's as if I tell you, okay, could you go to the supermarket? How motivated are you to go there? Not that, not that much. But if I say quickly go to the supermarket so that you can buy, that, you can buy milk. So you can buy that. You have a reason about why you have to go there and your brain understands better why you have to take that action. So when there is a task and an action that you want to take, always ask yourself this question here. Why do I want to take that action? And you can see it's framed positively. Why do I want to take that action? And then you come up with some reasons. Okay. Why do I want to write that report? Why do I want to clean the house? Why do I want to do it? Okay. Why don't you clean the house? Because then I can be proud of myself. Then I can then my friends that will be coming over tonight, that will be like the place. And you make a list about the reasons about why you truly want to do that action, even if it's something that doesn't motivate you. But you are going to trick your brain to take action. 4. How To Activate Motivation On Command (2/3): The second question that you can ask yourself is, what are the benefits of taking that action? We have seen earlier that pleasure will help you take action. So if you add pleasure to an action, it will help you take that action because your brain will say, oh, if I take massive action is if I take that action, I'm going to get that pleasure. So it's important that you ask yourself this question. What is the pleasure that I'm going to get from that action? And it can be a pleasure for yourself, for your family, for the word, for other people. The more items you can list, the easier it will be to motivate yourself. So you have that report. What's the benefits of writing that report? Or maybe I can get a raise and you can get a promotion that then it's good for my family. And, and you make a make the list. And you're adding all the benefits. So for any action that you want to take, you ask yourself this question here. You tie the action with benefits so that it becomes easier to act. So we have added benefits. 5. How To Activate Motivation On Command (3/3): And now we're going to add some pain. It's not that we are going to add some pain, but we don't want to focus on the pain that the action will will give you because that wouldn't help you take action. We are going to focus instead on the pain that not taking that action would give you if you don't clean your home, if you don't write that report, if you don't do it, what what's going to happen if you don't write that report? Oh, maybe you can get a warning, maybe your boss can fire you. Maybe you can make a list. And as you can see here in our brain, what we have done so far, we have given reasons about why we want to do that action, even if it's not true, we have given reasons about why our brain should commence that action, because we have reasoned about why we should do it. We have associated massive pleasure with taking action. And we have also shown your brain that by not taking certain actions, you are going to feel some pain. And we are using the principles that are there to really motivate you to take action. So how should you apply that? Like, should you just make a list? You could, should you just say the things in your head? Could. What really matters is that you feel the emotions because they coming up with the reasons is important. But then feeling the pleasure that you will get an feeling the pain that you will get is more powerful because humans are made to feel emotions. And it's when we feel emotions that we are motivated to take action so you can write them down. You can do whatever you want. Josh is really important is that you just feel the emotions. I personally, I started writing them down. I had a journal and I would have it with me and say, Okay, I have to do deduction. I don't want to do it. I'm not motivated. So what I did is I took the journal and then I started writing. Okay. Why do I want to do it? Okay. I feel it. What are the benefits of taking action? Okay. I feel it the benefits for myself or others, for my relationship, for my work. Okay. What is it? Okay. And what is the pain if I don't act and I made a list. And then he was highly motivated. And if it's not a bonus step, something that works really, really well is start taking action. Because we'll see later that movement, just starting the thing will make it easier to motivate yourself. So when you have answered these three questions, you had just going to take the first step. The first step, when I was writing my book, my first step was just to lock myself in the room and just type one word on the computer. Just do it. If you want to run for half an hour, your goal is just to go out, like to put on your running shoes and to go out of the room of the house and just run for 10 seconds. And then we see that when it starts running for 10 seconds is you will, you will say, why not One half an hour? Let's go. Because you have already started. The most difficult part is about starting. And if you want to motivate yourself, you must understand that instead of telling brain that you are going to accomplish this whole thing, you just say, Hey, I just want to accomplish that small step and then you create the momentum to move forward. So this is also really, really great. Another example, let's say that you wanted to motivate yourself to read a book a day or ten minutes a day. Don't tell yourself. Oh, I'm going to read ten minutes a day. Just say, oh, I'm going to read one page. My goal is to read one page a day. And when you start reading one page like Hey, I want to see what's on the next page. And that's how you motivate yourself. So this is really powerful you, the question that I have given you. 6. Motivation Hack 1: So now let's talk about the motivation hacks. The first one is move more often. When you are on the couch, when you are laying down on your bed, how motivated are you to do something not that motivated? Why is that? Because you are not moving, you are not in motion. And if you think about that, When is the time when you're not moving? It can be like when you're sleeping. And it can be also when you're dead. And we can see that the more you move, the more motivated you are and the more alive you will be. Because movements will give you aliveness and it will also give you motivation. If you look at people who are highly motivated, the move more often. They may be exercise each day. They go for a walk in the morning. They stand up often every 40 minutes or one hour. They go out, they went they call someone, they don't sit down. They just tend to up and then the call someone like they're always trying to move. And it's the same thing we with me when I record the videos here, when I start them in the morning and it's really early, I'm dead. I'm not motivated to do it really. I just woke up and I am not motivated. But I start moving. I go out to go for a walk, then I take a shower, then I move, then I do some stretching like I put myself in a great mood just by moving a little bit more. So if you want more motivation, your life in general, ask yourself this question here. How can you move more often? And I know that most people will hear this advice and say, I don't know if it's going to work, but try it. Just try to move a little bit more. Try to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Tried to stand up every hour, tried to go for a walk in the morning, try just move a little bit more. And the more you move, the easier it's going to be to take the actions that you want. Because remember in the last section I said that you just have to start and it's easier to start doing something if you're already in motion rather than Dan on your couch. Okay. So this one works really, really well. 7. Motivation Hack 2: The second hack I would like to share with you, it's about the posture. And this one here is one of the most powerful hack because it can transform your motivation level almost instantly. If you picture someone that is not motivated, how do you picture the posture of that person? Maybe you will say, Oh, this person has the shoulders down, the chest is closed, the dispersion looks down. This person is not energetic. And this is the person that this is me unmotivated. Like literally I just want to stop this video here. Like I'm not motivated anymore. How is it possible that I just change my posture to someone who is unmotivated and I lose my motivation. How it's because the posture is linked with a certain emotional state. Because when you are confident and motivated, what do you do? Do you have a posture like that? No. You put your chest? Yeah. You open your chest, you put your shoulders back. You imagine that you are Superman and that you have a cape. You imagine that you have a string pulling you to the sky. You have more energy when you talk, you're more passionate. You use hand gesture. And right now, I want to continue the video because I'm motivated. But can I be unmotivated right now? It takes a few seconds. But I'm going they're like, I'm losing my motivation. Okay? Open the chest and I'm getting my motivation back. How can I be motivated and an unmotivated in a few seconds by using the posture, what I call the Superman posture. So next time that you're unmotivated, you just open the chest. You imagine that you have the cape. You just imagine that you have a string pulling your head to the sky and you're gesturing, make big gestures and it will motivate you. And then if, if you do that and on top of that, you take action, you move off and you are going to be highly motivated. Because confident people, they have this posture here of someone who is like, who has the chest, open, the shoulders, back. And if you adopt the posture of a confident person, you are going to feel the emotions because the emotions are linked with your posture. So it's really powerful. And even studies have shown that if you adopt a posture, that I would say is high confidence, like the one here with opening your chest. In 20 seconds, you are going to decrease your stress level and increase your confidence. And if, if you do that, you will be able to take action easily. Because the more confident you are, the more confidence you have is your ability to take massive action and to motivate yourself to take action. So you can use the Superman posture. 8. Motivation Hack 3: Another hack that works really well is about hydration and food. What Alan, what I'm talking about. Let me illustrate that. Let's say that we like you have to walk six miles. Would you be motivated to do that if you are not hydrated? Know you're not going to be motivated. You could because your body doesn't have the fuel that's needed to take action. So I don't want to tell you like how much water you should drink. I just want to tell you that if you're already thirsty, it's a little bit too late. Tried to drink as much water as you can as you think your body deserves. And if you do that, the more you hydrate your body, the more actually will be able to take and the more motivation will be able to take. And studies have shown that the more hydrated you are, the more motivated you are. And now let's talk about food. I don't want to tell you what you should eat. That that's not my role here, but I want to give you awareness on the foods that you eat and the impact it has on your emotions. Let's say that you eat a big plate of pasta at lunch. How motivated are you in the afternoon to do something like, let's take massive action. Not that motivated because you will be sleeping. So I would like you to challenge you and to think about the food that you eat. And after that you have eaten this food. You ask yourself this question. On a scale between 0 to ten. How motivated am I after eating that? And you will see that there are certain foods and certain quantities of that food that don't give you motivation. And there are certain foods and certain quantities of certain foods that will give you a high level of motivation. So for example, I know that if I have to record in the afternoon, I have like a really like a huge conference or something like that. I'm not going to eat something heavy. I'm going to, it's something that gives me energy. So I know I can eat chicken, I can indeed vegetables I can eat rise like there are some things that I can eat that will give me energy. And if I want the pizza burger has something else, maybe I will, I will try to read that at night, even if that's not that great. But I prefer to be more motivated to have more energy during the day rather than than at night. You know? So don't get me wrong. Like it's better if you eat well all the time, but we know how it is. Sometimes we want that burger, that pizza, and that's how it is. So try to see which food give you motivation and try to see you so the quantity of the food, because maybe you like, you like eating pasta at lunch. Maybe eating a large plate of pasta won't give you motivation because you will be sleeping. But maybe if you eat half of that plate and you get a salad with it, maybe you can have motivation. So it's about finding the combination in your day-to-day life of foods and quantities that can give you a great motivation level and great energy. It's about uncovering the combinations of food that, that works. And this is really, really important. Let's say that you get, you drink alcohol during one night and then you have to wake up the next day and it's really early, usually to feel sleepy and not that great, not that motivated. Rather than issue. It's something lights, I would say at night and then you have to wake up in the morning. So it's not about you finding your level of motivation with the food that you eat. The more healthy you eat, the more motivation you will have. But what's the balance that you want in your life? 9. Confidence Live Your Life Like A Movie: One of the greatest hacks, if you want to become more confident and boost your self-esteem, is to think that you are living your life like a movie. Leaves your life like a movie. You imagine that your life is a movie. You can imagine that the producer will contact you and say, Hey, I want to make a movie about your life. And you can imagine that you have a crew that is following you around with cameras and they are capturing everything. And then at the end of your life, you're going to watch that movie. So you can ask yourself this question here. Do you want this move it to be amazing and to be proud of yourself and say, Oh my God, Jesus and amazing movie, I would like to say are, you know, like it's an okay movie, movies, a boring movie. I actually like everything that I haven't done. Like, what kind of movie do you want to create? Doomed to be the hero? Or do you want to be the person that is just their living, his or her life. And it's not like doing many, not doing much according to what the truly want. When I heard this, this idea here of living your life like a movie. I was inspired because every time that I want to be more confident, I have to be onstage, have to talk with someone. I say, Oh, I just imagine that there are cameras that are capturing what I'm going to do. And we want the cameras to capture the moment where I'm like, oh my God, it's not going to happen and me not acting or do I want the cameras to say, Oh, this person was afraid, but he did it anyway. And then the capture that help, imagining that you have cameras that are following around everyday will help you live a better life because you will think that you have to be on top, that you have to be confident and dare to do the things that you truly want because you want. Move it to the great. And some people will say, yeah, Ireland and my move is not great right now. It doesn't matter. Because if you think they're heroes in the movies, they start there and then they go there. It's through time, through challenges that they grow. And right now, I would challenge you right now, the movie starts. What are you going to do today? Tomorrow, next week? Think about how you can live your life like a movie. And that would be really interested to know the title of the movie. So if you movie, if you live, that is a movie had a title. What would it be? An ratchet down in the comments below. 10. Success hacks be aligned with your boost of energy: One of the greatest success hacks is to be aligned with the boost of energy. What do I mean by that? Is that when you wake up in the morning and then you start thinking about your life, thinking about your goals. There are things that will energize you. You will feel a rush of energy in your body. If you think about your goals, if you think about a relationship, you're going to feel some excitement. You're going to feel a rush of energy. And I encourage you to listen and to be more aware of when you get this rush of energy. Because when you get this rush of energy, it means that what you want to do is aligned with your life purpose. It's aligned with your life, it's aligned with your motivation. And the more you do, the more things that you do that are aligned with this rush of energy. The battery life you will have. Because it will be aligned with who you want to become, with what you want to do. And the more you do of that, the more you take action in that direction, the more you're going to become successful. And it's something that I, I've, I've, I've talked with that. So many successful millionaires, entrepreneurs, they all said amino acids. I had this feeling in my body that was telling me to do it. I had this intuition. I I went to that meeting and I knew I had to say yes, I didn't know why, but I knew I followed my gut, I followed the energy I got. So I would like to encourage you when you think about your goal or something that you have, think about. Do you have this rush of energy in your body on a scale between 0 to ten, how excited are you? Is? It's super IU, super-excited on up. If you're not super excited, it's because maybe the goal is not right for you. Maybe or maybe tried to do slight, slight changes on the goal and see if it reunites you and give you the motivation. But you know what? When you get that motivation, this rush of energy, it doesn't really go away. So it's there to show you in which direction you should move. And this is the biggest secret here. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust this rush of energy, this excitement when you think about something. And if you do that, you will know that you are moving in the right direction. 11. Congrats!: And as you can see here with these short and intense on a training, I wanted to show you that motivation is a choice. It's not something that happens to you if you know how to ask yourself the right questions, why do I want to do it? Why? What are the benefits of taking action and what are the paints that I'm going to get if I don't take that action and then starting and moving and being hydrated and using the Superman posture. You're going to become a big success because these are the keys to motivation and you don't need anything else, you just apply it. And now I need to apply that. That's a question that I would like to ask you because that's great. Thank You. Got this information. But are you really going to apply that right now? I would challenge you just to use one technique right now or during the day, you're going to apply one technique and see how it impacts your motivation. And if it works, and I'm sure that it will have a high success on your part. You can use another, another strategy. And if use all of them, you're going to become unstoppable. So that's what's here by online training on how you can become more motivated if you have any questions, don't forget to post in the comments below. See you next time.