Motion Typography in Photoshop: create a bouncing letters effects

Azeez Abri, Graphic Designer & Animator

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6 Videos (29m)
    • See what you will create in this course

    • Add Physics: Understanding the concept

    • Animate the letter N

    • Animate the first O letter

    • Animate the second O letter

    • Animate the letter M and add the final touchs


About This Class

In this part you will learn how to Add physics effects (like bouncing and flying) to your animation

Please chick out the previous parts


You will be amazed when you see how many options that Adobe Photoshop give you to do an animation, you can even replace Adobe After Effects as I did.    

Create an amazing kinetic typography and make words come to life.
In this course you will:

Learn the fundamentals and advanced basics of motion typography using Adobe Photoshop

You can enroll in the "animation in Photoshop"  classes series from here :

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Great course! Amazing what you can do in Photoshop now.
Duncan Rogoff

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

very nice, straight to the point, no fluff instructions.





Azeez Abri

Graphic Designer & Animator

I am in love with creativity and seeing students succeed and become a professional designers

Do you want to learn and become a better designer, Then I'm the right person

I have more than 20,000 students in udemy and a lot of 5 stars reviews.

My name is Azeez and I'm from a city called Oman. I love designing, and over three years I developed my skills and discovered the easiest way to work with Photoshop as a pro. Then i decided to teach what i know so far .. . so here I am.