Motion Graphics with Kurzgesagt – Part 1

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell, Motion Graphics Videos

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16 Videos (43m)
    • Promo

    • Intro and Overview

    • Setting up your Project

    • Loop Expression and Keyframe Velocity

    • Time Reverse Keyframes

    • Opacity and Time Remapping

    • Rotation Animation

    • Track Matte

    • Inverted Track Matte

    • Region of Interest and Replacing Layers

    • Position Animation

    • Create Shapes from Vector Layer and Trim Path

    • Path Animation and Null Objects

    • Finalisation

    • Render Settings

    • Outro

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About This Class

In the first class we are covering all the basics: Setting up your After Effects project, introducing our workflow and working with expressions using a typical Kurzgesagt Scene.

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by David Kong

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Very complex and requires plenty of patience, I learned a lot and the workflow advice are great fundamentals! Sometimes it turns tedious and things don't work as they should, or it goes overwhelmingly fast, and there's no one to answer your questions, I ended skipping a couple of the end steps because of this, as other people did, it seems. Still a really good class, I think!
Very nice little tricks to speed up your workflow!
It's a nice refresher for people who somewhat knew the basics of AE. It could get confusing for a beginner. I'm actually excited for this because it takes me bts of Kurzgesagt's production. I'm a fan of their work, and made a beeline for this class as soon as I signed up for Skillshare. I'm amazed at the level of detail and animation that they put in. I wonder though if there are support personnel to take care of this course even after all these years. While its a very helpful class, I'm finding it frustrating that this one seems to be "watch and learn, and go your own way if you find speedbumps." After effects is so frustrating to learn, which made me buy a skillshare membership. I get that Sonja and the team at Kurzgesagt won't be around to take questions, but skillshare could at least assign a tech person to support pressing matters.
Maryanne Palag

Learn all the things!





Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Motion Graphics Videos

Kurzgesagt (German for ,,in a nutshell") is a Munich based youtube channel and design studio with a distinctive perspective on design, color and story telling.


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