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Motion Graphics: Create Professional Lighting Logo Animation in After Effects CC

Video Course Center, Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics: Create Professional Lighting Logo Animation in After Effects CC

Video Course Center, Motion Graphics

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6 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Course Content

    • 2. Creating Lighting Logo Effects - Part 1

    • 3. Creating Lighting Logo Effects - Part 2

    • 4. Animating The Logo - Part 1

    • 5. Animating The Logo - Part 2

    • 6. Render

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About This Class

Motion Graphics: Create Professional Lighting Logo Animation in After Effects CC

Do you want to create a cool Lighting Logo Animations like the one in the promo video?

If so, you're in the right place:

By the end of "Motion Graphics: Create Professional Lighting Logo Animation in After Effects CC" class you will be able to create awesome and amazing professional lighting logo animation effects, and you can create a stunning logo reveal Motion Graphics in After Effects in less than 1 hour from scratch

Even if you are a new Adobe After Effects CC user, don't worry you'll learn everything you need from the basics and this is a great course for you.

You Learn By Doing:

In this class, you can immediately DOWNLOAD project file, so you can learn by doing and you'll follow along and work on your own project while learning. In this course we'll create our lighting logo reveal animation and as you know this is a popular style of animation you can see in television, movies, video presentations, commercials, ... and after effects motion graphics.

What Will You Learn:

  • How to create professional lighting logo animation step-by-step. (No previous experience required)
  • How to add special effects to your scene in After Effects CC.
  • How to create an awesome environment for your scene using professional techniques.
  • How to create professional camera animation to your logo animations in After Effects
  • How to render your final logo animation in After  Effects
  • And lots of tips and techniques in Adobe After Effects

Who This Class Is For?

Everyone who wants to:

  • How to create professional lighting logo animations
  • How to create a logo reveal Motion Graphics
  • How to create professional camera animations
  • How to add special effects to the scene and enhance logo animations
  • How to render animations in Adobe After Effects quickly


  • No Prior Knowledge of After Effects CC or Motion Graphics Required
  • A working copy of Adobe After Effects CC
  • After Effects Project file is available to download

If you like to learn how to create professional logo animation & Motion Graphics in after effects this class is for you!

In this logo animation course, I have used a free plugin called SABER, and it is available in a downloadable ZIP project file. You can download and install it on your computer, restart your After Effects and you're ready to follow along with the course.

What Makes Me Qualified to Teach You?

I'm a professional motion graphics artist. And you can find my other Motion Graphics video courses on our website ( or here on our portfolio on skillshare with lots of satisfied students from all around the world.


By watching "Motion Graphics: Create Professional Lighting Logo Animation in After Effects CC" you don't need any other resources to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects, but if you have any questions we'll be with you in every step you need help, So you can send us a message and we'll be glad to help you quickly!

We want to make this After Effects Logo Animation Motion Graphics class the best resource on learning Adobe After Effects for beginners. So please watch all lectures and send us your feedback, this will help us to improve this class for future students and you will get updates for free.

This class is appropriate for all Adobe After Effects users. So after you enroll in this class you will learn all essential tips and techniques you need to design and animate simple to complex logo reveal animation in Adobe After Effects.


After watching all videos in this class, go ahead and use all the techniques you have learned in this course to create eye-catching Motion Graphics and professional logo reveal animations.

If you want to show us your great works don’t hesitate to post it here and let me and other students enjoy your great logo animation motion graphics.

I can’t wait to see your logo animations, We’ll be really happy to see your videos, So ...start creating your awesome animations and motion graphics right away!

If you find this class useful we appreciate you taking the time to Rate it, and also recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and classmates. Thanks in advance.


Just CLICK THE ENROLL button now (, and I'll see you in LESSON 1 ;)

We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed making it for you!


If you wanna learn, Join and Enjoy:



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1. Course Content: every bond. Welcome to another video tutorial problem Video course center in this widow of regular created this awesome like literally admission together in ever be after tax form a scratch . You don't hit any prior knowledge off after effects to create this local every project on. By the end of this course, you will be able to create any type of lighting liberal big projects with complex can run emissions. Also, you will learn how to act special effects to your scenes, how to break awesome environments for locals have to create smooth and missions, and finally, you will be able to render your final projects to share on the Internet. If you are a new aftereffects user, you learn lots of great techniques inevitably aftereffects in just one hour. So you related to use all the techniques to create amazing logo animations on your own. So if you are ready to our fun and if you are eager to learn how to create professional, literally real admissions and roll now and I will see you in doesn't want thanks for watching and see you in the next video 2. Creating Lighting Logo Effects - Part 1: Hey, everyone. And welcome to another video tutorial from video course center dot com. And thanks for your enrolling in this lighting. Local reveal animation in It'll be after Thanks. If you like to learn all the techniques you need to create this type of luxury, will animation. I highly recommend you to watch all videos carefully, so you really are lots of great techniques in after effects that will help you to create amazing logo animations. OK, I hope you really enjoy watching visited Rochester area. So without missing time, let's start working on our lighting local rebel animation in It'll be after Frank's In this video tutorial, we need to have a pill again called Sabre. You can find this amazing plugging in project file in download section. I have provided Windows and Macintosh version in Savoy, so extract and install it on your computer and restart your aftereffects. Okay, first of all, that's import our logo. So DoubleClick in Project Window or right click and choose import file, then select an import your local fine. Okay, now let's create in your composition for competition name, Enter logo for with enter 38 40 pick songs for height answer to anyone. 60 pixels for pixel aspect. For us, you will select a score pick songs set for every to 23.976 frames per seconds for derision , enter 200 frames and finally, for background colors like black or enter this coat. Okay, Now let's drag this logo into local composition. As you can see here, ma logo is bigger than my composition. So select logo and press s key to load a scale property and decrease their scale value. Another way to match the local sized your composition from many or choose layer transform fit to come Height or press control. All chief on G. Okay, Now let's organize our project. So creating new folder and rename it two picks on Move the local file into this folder. Okay, Now we're ready to create our main global composition. So Kilic and create a new composition button down here on for name Enter logo FX. All the settings are the same as local competition. With is 38 40 pixels. Height should be 2160 pixels on. Nothing needs to be changed. Everything is just perfect the way it is. So it's OK, button now the global competition into logo F X competition toe Add saber effect to this composition. We need to trace this logo composition, so selected on from many will choose layer or to trace. You can use my settings as a reference. For example, said channel to Luminant. For tolerance, enter five for a threshold and from 15. And make sure this apply to new layer. Option is on. You can use different numbers to have more or less points on your masks. For example, if you enter smaller numbers for tolerance, you will have more points on your messed on. If you enter a smaller values for threshold, you will have less details for your masks. Okay, in this case, I think five and 15 are good enough. It's OK, butter, but can Here we have our masks nice and clean. If you can see these masked lines and points, maybe your tuggle mass button is off. So click on the struggle, mask and shape path Visibility bottom. Okay, Selectively Slayer. He threw chunky and renamed this Layer two lights. We need to change the color for this layer. So from menu, choose layer sided settings on here. Change the color to black. Okay, now I want to change the mode. So click on this. Toggle switches modes bottom toe access to this mode color or to compress. Afford to make this column visible or invisible now for mass layers like a screen mode and turn off the struggle mass part in tow. Hide these masks for now. Okay, now, also like this. Lights layer and press Anke to load all masks. Here, you can see several masks with the key frame on frame. Zero. We don't need these key friends. So select and to get them. OK, now it's time to add magic to our logo. I mean, that magic cyber fact. So selected lights layer on goto FX and preset pennant. If you can see this panel simply from many rituals window FX and presets or Paris control five. Now type saber. Yes. There you are, my friend. This wonderful effect help us to create an amazing local reveal. Okay, Now double click on it, or simply drag it over your lights layer. Okay. Now, as you can see, we have it in effect controls Panda. As you have seen in preview video, I have created several saber effects. And for each one of you is different presets. So for the first cyber effect, I want to use a portal percent. Let me find it. Yes, there you are. And now, as you can see, that a threat line changed too with this amazing shaky line. Okay, let me ever name this effect to Saber Porter. Now, let's change the color for these saber. I like to internal this coat the 96 b 00 But you can choose whatever color you like to change the line intensity. You can change course size. The higher the number, the more light you will have for this line. I want to have lower light. So let's enter. For example, 0.14 Increase the glow intensity. For example, let's Inter 175%. Now let's change glow spread. If I use lower numbers, we will have a shaky line. If I zoom a little bit, you can see these shaky line clearly. Okay, for this portal effect, let's enter 0.14 for Galois Spread. Okay. Here in customized core section, we have an important guy called core type. Set this option to layer masks. And yes, Now we have this portal effect over all the mask lights to have a better view. Let's hide local composition. Yes, Here we have a set. Perfect for Allah. Go Great! Currently are composition has a black background and it's not transparent. Yes, check it really can't be spot on. Yes, If you can see a white and great check port, it means your background is not transparent. Okay. I want to have our savior effects on a transparent layer to be able to see our logo that is under this lights layer. So here, in render setting section, we have two important options composite settings. Option is black. So we have a black background for lights layer. So we have to change it. Too transparent and said ultimo to mask Coach here we have another great option. If you choose Disable, we will have more brightness for our saber effect. Okay, for now, I choose mass core option. Okay, Now I want to create animation for these saber fact. I'm gonna add some key frames to start size start off set on end. Offset. These options give more dynamic style to our cyber facts. So go to frame zero and set a different for start size at Value zero. Select the layer it you Katie, load on key frames. Now let's go to frame, for example. 15 and change. Start size to, for example, to hundreds. Yes, go to a few frames forward to 45 Anglican, this small diamond button to create another key frame for start size. At current value, I mean 200. Now let's go to frame 16 and change its value to zero. Okay, so what So far, the next effect I'm gonna add some key friends to that is a start offset. So go to from zero and set a key frame at Value A 100. And then let's go to frame 60 and changing to zero. Okay, let's see the results. Great. Okay, The next effect is and size simply change it to zero on. Finally, let's at some key friends to this guy and offset. So let's go to frame 30. Answer the key frame at Value 100 and then go to frame 60 and change a 20 Great. Okay, lets see a preview move work area and handle to a few frames after the last key frame. Select lights layer and press Yuki two times to load our key frames. Okay, Press number zero or space bar to see the preview. It's great. Okay, let me change. Alpha Moto disabled to have more lights for the server. Okay, Now we can add offset to the saber effect. To do this, we have to use a mask. Evolution property. As you can see, By changing this effect, I can decide where my several forget starts. In fact, we can shift this effect over our masks. Okay, let's city to for example, 60. Now, as against cr saber, effectively start from this point. If I change it to zero r, effect will start from this point so we can shift the saber by mask evolution property. Let's change it to 60 again. Okay? What? Maybe we can set it to negative 60 this time. Our say verbally south from here. Yes. Great. Okay, Now let's change another effect. Here we have liquor. Increase Flickr intensity to 15 and 10 of these masked random ization property. This will help us to have a physical effect for this saber. As you know, our lights have a little bit of noise and flicker so But with this, we will have a natural light. Okay. As I told you before, to have more brightness, you can increase course eyes on to have shaky lines. You can decrease close spread to change a property with a small and precise values. You can hold console key and drag over the value feel. OK, let's change it to 0.1 for again. Okay. Great. We have finished this portal saber effect. 3. Creating Lighting Logo Effects - Part 2: Hello and welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed the score so far. Okay. Now I want to create the second saber effect. Instead of doing our visa steps, I prefer to duplicate this portal saber and only change some values to have a different cyber side. So So, like, these cyber portal effect on press council D or from many, which is edit. Replicate? Yes. Disable these saber portal effect for a few seconds. Now for this new saber, let's choose a new percent. Where are you? More friends? Yes, Wavelet. I was looking for this guy. So let's rename it to saber wave lit. Great. Okay, Now I want to change the color to something like this. Coat one cc seven f f But you can choose whatever color you like. I like this one to have more lights, you can increase core size, but I think 1.8 is good enough. Andi, I think other default values are great. You can change glow, intensity toe, have more or less glow effect. And you can change your spread Anglo bias if you'd like to. But I prefer to leave them at their current's values. OK, now let's change mask evolution to shift their start point. So set it to zero. Okay, on here we have an important property that we should change it. I mean, this composite settings, we should change it to add instead of transparent and for all for mode. Make sure this disable option is selected. Maybe you ask why I have to choose ad for composite settings yet a neighbor say reports all for a few seconds. Now, if I choose transparent option for compasses, Settings for sabre rave lit. As you can see, we can see our first saber portal effect anymore. So what is the wise decision? Yes, Well done. Make sure to choose at option. Let's disabled Cyberport all again. Okay, Now let's work on key frames. I want to have same key frames for this effort as well. If you are a little bit lazy, like me, instead of creating all key frames again, I think it's better to shift them a few frames to the right toe at officer to the key frames. Another wise decision. Maybe so. Select lights layer and hit you King close of these saber portal effect Announce Elect off these saber bravely key friends on. Let's shift them to frame, for example. 10. By doing this, the force of these sub perfect to start 10 frames after port on effect. So let's in a bit of these saber portal again on describing timeline. Yes, we have a nice offset. Great. Okay, let me add some key friends to another property for portal effect. Over. Ari, my friend. Uh, these close settings on, Yes, I want to animate the skill low intensity multiplayer. So let's go to frame. For example, 45 on such a key frame here. Now, let's increase of this value a little bit. I think 150 is great to have more glow here in this frame. That's great. Okay, now let's go to frame for example 60 and change it to, for example, 10. Okay, as you can see here, we have more light in frame 45 on as we go line the scalable decrease significantly. Maybe for several ports. All we can change Alfa more to mask Oregon to have a better look. Yes, it's great. Now, so don't forget to change mass score in an FA mode. Drop down option for Sabre portal. Okay, Let's turn off Cyberport elegant to concentrate on cyber. Revel it. Okay, Now let's change this physical fact. 10 off. Mask random ization and change Flickr intensity to 20 on for glass sittings. Make sure it's 65. Okay, I think this saber rebel it is completed. Enable portal effect on. Let's see a preview. Okay, great. Nice effects. Okay. Now let's create our third magic saber fact. So high portal on bravely, it effects the applicator wavelet and turn it on for presets. Let me see. Yes, you're this select art reactor. So rename this effect to savor reactor as well on for color. We can use this coat. 0066 f f Okay. Make sure in renders the things we have Ad for compass. It's settings on disabled for alpha moat. Okay. I want to offset the key frames we have for these animated properties. So select. Let's layer and press Yuki to load all key frames. Close portal on wavelet to concentrate on art reactive key frames. So, like all these key frames And let's move to frame, let me see to frame, for example, of 30 on Yes, this is arc reactor effect. Another great saber effect. I love it. Okay. On for this saber, I think we can turn on mask random ization in flicker section. Okay, now let's see a preview of it. All these three saber facts. Great. Awesome. Okay, As you can see, our arc reactor effect start exactly from where our wavelet saber starts so we can shift it a little bit. So let's change mask evolution for our director. So now, instead of this point, arc reactor will start from this point, for example, Ginger 2 50 Okay. Now, as you can see, rebel, it starts from here on. Our tractor starts from this mate with a little bit distance between them. Great. I'm satisfied with the result. Okay, Now let's add the next saber effect, so turn off all effects again. Replicate Arc reactor on four percents. Let me see. I select this haze effect. Yes. So let's rename it to saber hace Andi, Turn it on. Okay, Our default Hayes effect is this nice effect. But I want to modify some properties to have a different look. Okay, so let's change the color. Kowtow B 17317 Something like a dark orange car Let's decrease the practice. So readies course eyes a little bit. Set it to 0.75 Let's change low intensity to, for example, 33%. Let's decrease glow spread. So hold control key and drag over this number to have a shaky line. For example, City 20.65 OK, and chance girl abayas to 0.7 Okay, check composite settings and alpha mode again. We should have add and disable options. Great. Okay, Now again, I want to offset our key friends. So select lots layer and Prince Yuki two times kilos of these three saber facts. Okay. Select all his key frames and shift them to frame. For example Let me see. Yes, friend. 70 is okay on. Let me check. Flicker effect. Yes, it's OK to now. Go to a few frames before the first hasty frame and press speaking to move work area Start handle. Tow this frame and then go to a few friends after the last difference on press anti. Now let's see the haze effect. Okay, Great. Awesome effect. If you like to have more lights, simply increased course eyes. And if you like to have shaky line, you can decrease glow spread property. OK, now it's time to add the last saber effect. So w get Saber Hayes. Select electric percent for this new duplicated effect, and so rename it to saber electric. Let's change the color to F F B C three C a bright orange color. Okay, change course size to, for example, 0.4 increase color intensity, for example, to 90% whole console key and decrease close spread to 0.2 Also, let's decrease glow bias, for example, set it to 0.5 Let's change mask evolution to zero. This helps us to shift their starting point for this effect. OK, now it's time to add officer to our key frames. So Selig, lights layer and Prince Yuki two times close other effects here on finally select and move these key frames to to friend. For example, 95. Okay, let's make a shorter run prevue and press non fat zero or a space bar. Okay, great. Nice effect. Okay, Now I think it's time to see all the saber flecks together. So turned them on. Great. Okay, on now I think we can make our logo visible again. So selected at Christie key to load capacity property go to frame. For example. 40 on said the key frame at value zero on Let's go to a frame. For example. 70 Yes, and increase it to 100. Okay, now select both key frames. Right. Click and choose K from assistant Eazy E's operas F nine on Finally select Alaska frame right. Click and choose. Keep from velocity on for influence of incoming velocity and 75 persons or vile. Your Lasky frame is this is like it Open graph. Editor, make sure you are in added SP graph mode. And also this is not buttons should be activated. Click on this fits all graphs to view button and select the key frame handle and drag it to the left until you see 75 persons. Okay, let's find the last Kifri. Yes, they are here, for example. Frame around 160. Empress Anke here. Okay, now let's see the preview off. All effects we have created so far. Okay, Great. I'm really satisfied with the results. Okay, Now we have finished our logo effects here. I'm gonna show you a quick and simple logo animation. But if you like to create a professional looking logo animation, I highly recommend you to watch the next video. So select logo F X composition and drag it over these a small crate in your composition bottom. Rename it to animation. Now we can animate of this lower fix layer, so make this layer three D press p hold Shifty Empress are to look position and rotation properties now go to frame, for example. 50 and said the keeper in for position on Vira Titian at current values. Let's go back to frame zero and decrease Z position. Hold, shift key And, like over this number to change the value of faster Andi, let's set it to negative 4000 and five hundreds and change wire addition Tonegative 75. Okay, let's see the result. Okay. Nice and simple animation. Okay, So, like, these last key frames press F nine to make them easy is and in graph editor Iraqi from handles to left until you see 75 persons. Okay, Now let's see. Okay, go to frame 160 press n key. Okay, let's see the round purview. Okay. Nice and awesome. any mission. If you like, you can enable motion blur here and also 10 on motion blur for composition. So here we have a nice result and simple animation. But if you like to have a professional camera animation, amazing environment, nice reflection on the ground. And if you want to learn how to create a professional luxury real animation, I highly recommend you to watch the next video. So don't miss the next widow. I hope you have enjoyed watching the scores. Thanks for the time and attention. Let's create a professional level animation together. So see you in the next video have, you know, stay on by. 4. Animating The Logo - Part 1: Hello and welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed watching this course so far in this with over gonna add a camera, create a nice reflection and change environment to make a professional locally real animation. So without wasting time, let's dive into it. First of all, let's create a composition. Rename it to find out all the settings are the same as previous compositions. So just press OK, button. Okay, now the like, low graphics into final competition. Let's take a look at it. Okay, great. Make this layer treaty. Now. We need the camera. So from many which was layer new camera for camera percent. You can select 50 millimeter or 20 millimeter. I pick this 20 millimeter percent. Okay, Great. To find the center off the screen Lets a neighbor this title action safe option this plus and shows the center point off the screen. Now select logo fix and it's likely raise it up. Okay. And I think I have to decrease the scale for this layer. So Pre's s key and change scale value to, for example, 70 persons. Okay, Now I want to create a reflection for our low. So the applicant this the wife Ex layer renamed the bottom layer to logo Ethics Reflection No operas Arche and change Extradition to 180. I'm just lightly bring it to bottom. Okay, Now let's the Chris Why scale a little bit. So turn off this uniform a scale button and change it to, for example, 40 and change the position again. Okay, on. Finally, I want to make it a child for low graphics layer. So right click on this narrow area and Jews columns, parents and link on drugs. The speak trip. I can overlook graphics layer. Okay, now, if I move low graphics layer as you can see, a reflection layer will move as well. Okay, Now let's create a floor under armour logo. So select pics folder and important Florida J pic file. Okay, now, like this floor file into final composition under our layers, enabled to redo button for this layer. Then right click and converted to upper composition. Rename it to full or camp and enable move All attributes option now again enabled through the option for these flu camp on change. Exhortation to negative 90. Then bring it down a little bit in Z axis. Okay? for example, here. Yes. Okay. As you can see, our floor layer can't cover the section off the composition so we can open for Lord camp. Select Florida Jay peak layer and activate both access more button. And now moving towards the bottom a little bit. Now open. Final composition on. Now we need to activate these collapse bottom. Okay. As you can see, the flow earlier would cover the section off the screen. Okay. I think it's better to extend this left and right part off the floor layer to cover the entire screen. So open floor camp and in FX and preset panel, let's find motion tile effect. Apply to floor layer and here changed out with with to 300 and then change upward height, toe 150. Also enable mirror eggs. Check box. Okay. Now, in final composition, as you can see, the full earlier covers the left and right section off the screen. Let's reposition logo fixed layer. Okay. Great. And bring the floor come towards up a little bit. Anti. It covers the reflection layer. Okay. We don't need to see floor come anymore, so let's hide it. Okay. Now to have a nice affliction vineyard and adjustment layer, so add an adjustment layer to this composition. Rename it to reflection adjustment. Okay and drag it above the logo affects reflection layer. Okay, now let's add a bill affect to eat so from menu. Choose Effect Bel Air and sharpen Compound Blair for blender eruption. Choose floor camp. Okay, great now to see this effort clearly less. Press ck several times to see this camera. I come for your mouth or you can click on this camera bottom up here now dragging composition window to move your camera around to zoom in and zoom out. You can right click and drag your mouse onto pan. Press your middle mouse button. Okay, now you can see this nice Billy reflection effect on your floor layer. Let's increase marks. Marbler option to have a better result. For example, City to 50. Nice effect, isn't it? I love this type of reflection effects. Okay, now select low graphics reflection competition and from menu, choose Effect Blair and sharpen Fast Box Miller Change Miller radios to, for example, 20 and also change color dimensions to vertical press Seiki and move the camera to see the results okay. It's more natural reflection effect. Now, if you want to change the reflection Clarity Open floor camp select. Follow layer and from many, which is effect color correction curbs. Okay, Now let's add another viewer. So from miniatures, view new of your while. These floor camp is a still open killing contests. Lock button toe. Hold open this view for this composition. Now open final composition. Let's expand these viewer and you tell me to have more space here. Okay? Now for fruit, come. Oops. It seems I forgot to like this river. So open for competition again and lock this viewer for it. Okay? Now, in Florida, I'm gonna change curves effect. And so please pay attention to this reflection to see how a chance, as you can see, underwrite your our floor color changes. And so, in the left, your reflection will change as well. Okay, let's play with this curve to find the best results. Great. Okay, I'm satisfied with the result. Now let's move the camera to a better angle. Okay? Maybe it's better to release curves effect a little bit. Okay? It's Mr Now. Okay, Knuckles the floor viewer. Okay. Go back to funnel competition to see the final results. Okay, use middle on spotting to pan in your reposition camera again. Okay? Okay. If you like, you can change a school property for for your layer. Let's change the scale. As you can see, our reflection changes as well. For example, let's change it to 75. Okay, great result. Nice effect. As you can see now, our background is transparent. So yes, at a black solid to the background press may come size but in tow have the same size to the final competition and change color to black. This black background always helps when you're blending layers over the layers now like, obviously under our layers and finally turn off this struggle. Transparency. Great bottom. Okay, now let's change camera zoom. So decrease Zoom property, for example. City 2 1000 and now, luckily consuming, this will help us to have a wide angle camera. Let's change local position a little bit. Said my position to 900 aun said dizzy position to for example, 100. Okay, great again. I want to create an environment for this logo over two sided layers. So created sided layer rename it to color one on for color. Let me enter this coat. 521195 Change the opacity to 60 persons and let's select elites shape and create a mask here on top of this layer while this mass player is This is like that press F g to load feather property and increase it to for example, one thousands. OK, no, that's great. On second side layer, Rename it to color too. On for color. Until this Court 261 a 54 That our culture to layer under color one layer. Now let's create a mask for this layer, Azman. So you're a rectangle shape on drag a bigger tangle mask here in the middle of the competition. Okay, You can even selection tool and move mass points to modify mask shape and it'll be it. Okay, I know. Press f key and increase feather to again. One thousands. Okay, Not like these two sided layers. And for mode option choose String on. In fact, we have to drag them on top of reflection adjustment layer. Okay. Okay. Let's check our reflection. Mm. Okay. I think everything is OK. Yes. Great. He gets to position the camera again. Okay, this is our simple and nice environment. Now it's time to animate the camera. So select the camera, press a key to load point of interest on, then hold shifty and press P to load position, property as well. Let at just point of interest first. So go to from zero and for X enter 1920 for Why enter 900 finally, for that enter zero. Now let's go to a frame, for example, 75 increase expedition to 1975. Decrease Y position to, for example, 900 and changed the position to, for example, negative. 650 said the key frame for position. Property at current values Now go to frame zero and let's the Chris Exposition. So unlike this viewer for a few seconds, let me add another viewer to have a better angle like this, your for final composition on for the right of your let's change view to custom view one. I like it on this view. Okay, in front zero, let's decrease exposition to, for example, 500. Change my position to move the camera from top to the bottom. So the Christie, 20 on Finally, let's change the position to, for example, negative five hundreds. Okay. Now watch the right to go over to see how the camera moves. Okay, Great. The camera comes from the top to the bottom on it. It stops in front, off the level. Okay. Great. Now you selection tool and try to move these key from handers to modify the camera path. This helps us to have a better camera animation. Okay, Press Seiki and rotate around the logo to see these handles better. Okay. Includes. Okay. No press Vicky and move the handles. And let's see it from the top angle. Okay, Move them until you get a good angle for the camera animation. Great. Okay, Now, let's like the Lasky friend, right? Click and choose. Keep from Assistant Eazy e's and again, right? Click and choose. Keep from velocity and then for influence off incoming velocity. Enter 75 persons. Now go to frame for example 85 press in key press number zero to see the ramp review. Okay. Nice and smooth. Okay, Now I think it's better to change the camera of you a little bit in frame 75. So press Seiki on. Use the camera tool to move camera position here. Okay, Now I'm satisfied with this result. I think we can add officer to low graphics key frames to force it to start a little bit later. So in low graphics compositions like both layers and press Yuki now press still a button on your keyboard to see the timeline in full screen mode. Okay, Now select all these key frames and move them to frame, for example, frame 15. In fact, we are adding 15 frames. Officer toe these local effects. Now go back to a final composition on. Let's see what we have here. Now let's see the results. Okay, nice animation. Okay. I think it's better to change the camera, zoom in a little bit, so opens on property and change it to, for example, 600. Now let's go to frame 75 increased deposition, for example, let's city toe negative 500. Maybe that 600 value is a little bit high for some property. It makes a very wide view for the camera and we have a distorted view. So let me change. Zoom to 750 Onda, let's change the position to a negative. 650. Okay, great 5. Animating The Logo - Part 2: Okay. Now I want to add depth are filled to the camera. So in camera options sections there on dips are freed property. Now let's go to frames a 15. And so the key for him for a partial property and change its value to 750. And now let's go to frame here on from 40 and change aperture to 10. Okay, convert the second key frame to Eazy e's. And in graph D, don't make sure you are in evidence with graft. Mort Onda snap button should be activated. Now drag this handle to the left until you see 75 persons. Okay, Now let's see the results. Maybe it's better to move the second key frame to to friend 55. So we have these steps offering effect for a longer time. Okay, great. But it's not a bad idea to move lower ethics key frames to frame 10 instead of friend 15. As you can see, I have shifted all key frames. Five frames to the left. Okay, Go back to funnel composition and let's see what we have now. Okay, Great. Okay. I think it's better to move this reflection layer a little bit to have a better result. So in floor comp, let's move this layer and in the same time, take a look at the reflection on the left. Your let's see it in full screen mode. Yes, it's better now. Okay, maybe it's not a bad idea to a scale. This floor layer and a little bit. For example, let's test different numbers for scale on Let's move it a little bit. Let me see. Yes. Okay, I think it's better now. Okay, nice results. And also we can update the curves of fact a little bit. Yes, it's OK. Awesome. Okay, Now I want to add glow effect under our logo. This makes the lower animation more amazing and more professional. Let's create on adjustment layer. Rename it to Gilo F X. I don't want to add this Colotto all elements in the scene. Instead, I want to add the glow effect only to saturated areas like these lights on this logo and maybe a little bit of reflection effect on the ground. So let's add an effect from Menu Effect Channel said channels. And now for the set, all for the source. Instead of using Alpha Channel, let's elect saturation channel option. In fact, we want to get rid of everything that doesn't have a lot off saturation on. As you can see, our background is transparent now, because these effect reveals only those parts off the scene that are affected by state channels. Effect on hides the rest again. Now, let's well this transparent background. So from many, which is effect channel solid, composite Okay, and said the color to black. Okay, now we can add a glow on top of this. So from many, which is effect, its allies go for this glorious decrease. Gloat social to, for example 20. Now, let's increase glow radios. Okay, If I do a little bit, you can see what's going on here. Okay, Now hold console key and decrease glow intensity. Let's set it to, For example, 0.1. Okay, Now replicate these skill effect. Leave threshold on 20 persons increased radius, for example to 200 set intensity to 0.25 Okay, Again, duplicate this color fact. Let's increase this radius to, for example, 400 check intensity to 0.53 Killer fix usually looks pretty good. Okay. Now, to see the final results off these FX applied to getafix layer. Let's change layer more to act on. There you are. This is the final result with nice glow effect. Let's see before an afterglow effects. Okay. Nice glow effect, isn't it? Okay, As you can see, these effects are applied toe only our logo and not to all this scene elements. Okay, great. If you like, you can decrease the opacity for this color fixed layer. So let's set it to, for example, 75 persons. Okay, maybe want to color correct the glow so we can add a curves effect. On top of that, let's modify this curve a little bit to find the best results. Okay. To see the final impact, change the opacity to 100% again. Okay, as you can see, here, we can color collect the glow effect, OK? And finally changed capacity to 75% again. Okay, let's see what you have now. Okay. If I turned off on on these Gilo facts, you can compare the results. Great. As you can see, graphics have impact only on these bright and saturated areas and not on other parts off the scene. Okay? one thing that I want to do is create a little bit of light here on the ground. So select this logo. If X and applicator did rename it to logo FX glow one, press arche and change exhortation to 90 degrees. He was a real case. And bring it down near the floor layer. Okay, Now let's at a fast box. Miller effect increase Blur radius, for example, City to 30. I think we need to change the scale value of for this layers soon. Okay, Now, let's make another duplicate on drag it under glow one increase, Believe radius to 60. Create another duplicate. Drag it under glow, too. On increased blair radios to, for example, 100. Okay, now it's like these three layers on from more column, choose at Okay. Yes. Changed capacities. So city to 20. Okay, I think we should change a scale. Formula one. Unlike the uniform of scale on decrease. Why escape? Okay, change school property for glow to anglo three as well. Mm. Okay, great. Let's see it. Review now. Okay, great. Okay. Now let's drag these glow affects under the low graphics layer. Also, we comparing them to look graphics in parents on being color. Okay, I think we can add a little bit. Amputation toe this logo to create more dynamic logo animation. For example, let's go to frame 60. Answer the different for virus station at value zero. Now let's go to from zero and change wide. Petition to Negative 45. Convert the Lasky friend to Eazy E's On for influence off Incoming velocity. Enter 75 persons. Let's see. Review. Okay, this change into negative 180 to have more rotation and so more dynamic animation uncovered . The first key frame too easy is as well again. Let's see the results. Okay, I love this version. I think we have a better logo and mission now. Okay, We can decrease the opacity off this reflection layers. So select logo FX reflection and decrease it a little bit. For example, city to 50 persons. Let's change a scale of these girl ears as well. 20 35 on for the last layer 50. Okay, now, also changed capacity for these layers, for example, set them to 15%. Okay, I think it's better to comfort the first key friend to linear Oregon by doing this our logo really rotates a little bit sooner. Okay? It's not a bad idea to move Lower fix key frames to friend 15 again. Now, let's see the results. Okay, great. Okay, let's do some modifications to the scene to have better results. So for color one layer double click on the mask to activate transformation handles. Hold a special and click and drag to pan on the composition on now a skeleton. A little bit. Okay. I think it's better now. Don't forget to select our layers and activate motion blur for them on. Also, tend on this motion below button up here. Maybe it's better to change camera zoom a little bit. For example. Let's change it to 900. Okay, Now our logo is closer to the camera. Okay, Great. This is the final results. Okay. We have successfully finished our lighting local real animation project. I hope you have enjoyed and their new tips, tricks and techniques in this course here you learned how to create this type of camera animation, but maybe you like to create simple animations for your local reveals. It's up to you. So go ahead and create different camera animations using all the techniques you learned in this course, use your creativity and try to create amazing logo animations. Okay, if you like to learn how to render this awesome lighting local rival animation in after effects, I highly recommend you to watch the next video. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video. Have you stay on by? 6. Render: Hello and welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed watching this score so far in this with overground. Render our lighting logo reveal animation. But before that, let's add motion. Blur toe are layers and compositions. So select all ears using council a shortcut keys. And here activate all motion blur options and turn on this motion. Blur bottom as well. Also, you can see, like these competitions in project window on data collect Opened them up and for all the years, activate motion blur options on because we have activated motion blur bottom for the final competition. So this motion bellybutton is activated for all competitions as well. Okay, great. Okay. Now let me show you how to render your find a logo animation, Select final competition and from menu, choose composition at to render queue. Here we have three important sections. Prender settings are put modules on output to click on best settings. And here said the quality toe best said resolution toe food. He takes a long time to render. So if you like, you can use half option, but never use other options like third or quarter, because aftereffects built in compass of real decreased equality too much. So you these options only when you want to have a quick render. And if the quality is not important for you in this face, Okay for a friend rate select use camp frame rate option that in fact, it is 23.976 That equals two. Your final composition frame rate. Okay, now click and last less. Here in format section, you can choose a V I port accounts like quick time open format options window here in video Codec. We have lots of video, Codex. You can select animation that creates a high quality and, of course, a large file size for you. So let's elect animation kadek on press OK button. And now in our food section, you can select destination for your final render fight. Give it a name here on Prince save button. Okay, great before person vendor, but and make sure in front of competition we have said work area is start handle on frame zero on their work area and handle should be at the end of our animation somewhere like on frame, for example, to hundreds on finally open render queue tab and press in their butter Yes. Now you must wait until after fix Renders You're awesome and professional. Local reveal animation. So make a cup of coffee and wait for the final results. Great. This ease our final result. I hope you love it. Okay. I hope you have enjoyed watching this course on. Don't forget to post your final videos here. So we were really happy to see you. Are are some local real animations on Also, if you like the scores, don't forget to rate it on right? A positive review of for future cities to see I hope to have you in our other video tutorials from video course center dot com So please visit our website now And I'm sure we will find interesting video tutorials in our website and here in our port for you. Thanks for being with me until the end off this course having us day on Goodbye