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Motion Graphics: Create Liquid Motion Effects in After Effects

Video Course Center, Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics: Create Liquid Motion Effects in After Effects

Video Course Center, Motion Graphics

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3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Motion Graphics: Liquid Motion in After Effects

    • 2. Motion Graphics: Liquid Motion in After Effects Part 1

    • 3. Motion Graphics: Liquid Motion in After Effects Part 2

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About This Class

Do you like to learn how to create amazing Liquid Motion Effects & Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects from scratch?

IF So, Enroll Now:

Liquid Motion Graphics Effects in After Effects are trending everywhere. So I am here to show you the exact way how to create it. Follow a few simple steps, and make your own liquid motion graphics effect for your logo intros.

In this video tutorial, I am covering, How to make liquid logo intro, how to make liquid animations in After Effects, liquid shape animations, 2D flat liquid logo intro, and much more!

In less than 30 minutes you'll learn lots of great tips and tricks to create professional Liquid Motion Graphics effects in adobe after effects cc very fast and simple, so you can create a fantastic liquid logo, liquid intro, liquid texts, and titles and much more.

You Learn By Doing:

In this class, you can immediately DOWNLOAD project file, so you can learn by doing and you'll follow along and work on your own project while learning. In this course, we'll create our 2d flat liquid motion graphics effect and as you know this is a popular style of animation you can see in television, movies, video presentations, commercials, ... and after effects motion graphics.

What will you learn:

  • How to create liquid effects step-by-step. (No previous experience required)
  • How to animate particles using the Particular Plugin to create amazing effects.
  • How to create final liquid logo intro
  • How to render the final project in After Effects

Who this course is for:

This class is designed to teach you Liquid Motion Graphics effect STEP-BY-STEP,  so even if you've never opened After Effects before, you can follow along with the class and you will see how easy it is to use After effects to create awesome Motion Graphics quickly. 

And after you enroll in this course you will learn all the essential tips and techniques you need to animate simple and even complex liquid motion effects in Adobe After Effects CC to create incredible Motion Graphics.

I encourage you to watch all the lectures and then start creating your awesome Liquid Motion Graphics and post them here, so all of us will enjoy your cool liquid motion effect animations.


  • No Prior Knowledge of After Effects CC Required
  • A working copy of Adobe After Effects CC
  • Particular Plugin for Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe After Effects project file is available to download


By watching this class, you don't need any other resources to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects, but if you have any questions we'll be with you in every step you need help, So you can send us a message and we'll be glad to help you quickly!

We want to make this After Effects Motion Graphics course the best resource on learning Adobe After Effects for beginners. So please watch all lectures and send us your feedback, this will help us to improve this course for future students and you will get updates for free.

This course is appropriate for all Adobe After Effects users. So after you enroll in this course you will learn all essential tips and techniques you need to design and animate simple to complex liquid effects in Adobe After Effects.

This course is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to create awesome liquid motion effects in Adobe After Effects and create amazing liquid animations and awesome Motion Graphics all in less than 30 minutes!


After watching all videos in this class, go ahead and use a text, title or shape and use all the techniques you have learned in this course to create eye-catching Motion Graphics and Liquid Effect animations.

If you want to show us your great works don’t hesitate to post it here and let me and other students enjoy your great liquid motion graphics.

I can’t wait to see your animations, We’ll be really happy to see your videos, So ... what are you waiting for?! start creating your awesome liquid animations and motion graphics in Afte Effects right away!

If you find this course useful we appreciate you taking the time to Rate it, and also recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and classmates. Thanks in advance.


So, If you're eager to know how to create amazing liquid motion graphics effect in adobe after effects, Just CLICK THE ENROLL button now (, and we'll see you in LESSON 1 ;)

We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

If you wanna learn, Join and Enjoy:

For more video tutorials visit our website:



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1. Motion Graphics: Liquid Motion in After Effects: everyone. And welcome to another video tutorial from video course Center that car in this with over gonna create this amazing liquid motion effect together in adobe after effects from scratch . And you will learn how to replace your text with the shape, logo or any other elements you like. You don't need any prior knowledge off aftereffects to create this liquid motion effect on By the end of this course, you will be able to create any type of liquid effect admissions in after fax. And finally, you will be able to render the final project to share on the Internet. If you are a new aftereffects user, you really are lots of great techniques and enter the aftereffects in destined one ever. So you will be able to use all the techniques to create amazing liquid logo animations on your out. So if you're ready to have fun, and if you are eager to learn heart, create amazing professional liquid motion effects on liquid the animations and roll now and I will see you in a someone. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video 2. Motion Graphics: Liquid Motion in After Effects Part 1: Hey, everyone! And welcome to another video tutorial from video course center that come in this video. We're gonna create an amazing liquid motion effect in adobe after effects. You can apply this process to create liquid motion effect for characters worth shapes and any other elements you like. In fact, you can simply replace your source layer with anything you want. OK, if you like to learn more about, it'll be aftereffects. I highly recommend you to visit our website Video Course Center that come and I'm sure we will find lots of great video tutorials that will help you to enhance your skills in. It'll be after Frank's okay without basing town. Let's get back to work. At first, let's create a four K composition, So for name, enter source set with two or 38 40 pixels for height. Enter 2160 pixels. Set friend Ray toe 25 frames per second for duration. Enter 20 seconds. OK, now it's time to add our source, Tex, but you can use shapes, logo's or any other elements you like. So let's type a character here. For example, a increase the phone size. Okay, change the font family to, for example, vanilla extract. Yes, it's great phones and put it in the middle of the screen. Okay, great. Always try to organize your project. So creating new folder and rename it to compositions and, like the source composition into it. OK, now let's start creating our liquid motion effects. So creating new competition and rename it to fractal now creating new solid layer. Rename it to a fractal as well. Prince may come size bottom on. Finally for color, Select white. Okay, now, from effects and present on l find fractal effect. If you can see these panels simply from the menu Jews, window effects and presets or press Conference five and finally dragged over the solid layer. Okay, now we have this effect in effect controls panel. If you can see this panel, you must select fractal solid layer and from the menu choose effect effect controls or press F three. Okay, now here for fractal type. Choose Max. This is the best option for the effect we are looking for. Now let's change some properties here. Increase the contrast. For example, to 300 change brightness to 30. Okay, here changed complexity to 1.5 to have a simpler fractal effect. Okay, in Transform section, increase the scale to, for example, 250. Okay, now let's add a little bit motion toe this fractal effect by adding a script to offset turbulence property. So hold the alky and click on the stopwatch here in a script. Aerial. It's at this coat Time times 100 on negative 200. If I scrub in timeline, you can see that are fractal. Effect will move from the bottom left to the top. Right direction. Okay, now let's add another script to evolution property to animate the fractal pattern. So all the alky and click on the stopwatch on at this code here. Time Times 100. Let's move work area and handled to 2nd 5 on from the menu. Choose Window Purview Operas control three on principally bottom here. Oregon's like a short card for ramp review. I prefer to use non pat zero key. So personal, Pat zero and let's see the preview. Okay, great. Now the aven eyes moving. Fractal pattern. OK, now I'm going to create a composition from my two first compositions, so drag these source composition over the spot in to create a new composition. As you can see, here we have source composition inside it renamed this new composition to mix one now drag fractal composition here over the source composition. Okay, Now I want to use fractal composition as a matter for source composition. So click on the struggle searches modes, bottom toe, open track Matte column. Or you can press F four on for source Lier in track. Matte column. Choose Loom amat. Okay. Now, as you can see, we have a nice fractal effect inside our source layer. Okay, Now, let's add some nice effects to our project. So that makes one over this create in new composition button, and then for name it to layer one. Now let's create and you adjustment layer or press control also. Why? And name it to roughen here in effects and presentable. Find Ruffin AIDS effect on yes, dragged over the adjustment layer. Okay, now, let's change scared property off this rough and edge effect. Set it to, for example, 300 now ascribing timeline. Yes. Nice effect is indeed. Okay. Now go to 2nd 10 on Gilligan's this snapshot button to say this frame into memory soon. I really tell you why I asked you to take this a snapshot. Okay, let's go back to mix one composition on, find the Gaussian blur effect on apply to source competition. Americans like the source layer and from the menu choose effect Baylor and Sharp Ingrassia . Blair. Okay. Now increase the blurriness to 50. And let me show you the difference between these two versions. So open they're wrong. Composition again. Click on this show. Last snapshot, Botton. And now you can compare before and after this Gaussian blur effect. In fact, we have removed these sharp words from our source text. Okay, Now again, Open mixed one composition and select source layer in effect. Controls panel Select Gaussian Blur effect on from the menu. Choose edit Copy. Now select the fractal layer and Jews edit paste and change the blurriness to 40. This will add bitterness to our fractal pattern as well. If I click on this show Last snapshot bottom to compare the current frame to our first snapshot as against CR fractal pattern Inside, the character has been blurred as well. In effects and presets panel find simple choker and apply to the adjustment layer. And Jane chalk Matt to 10. This effect helps us to cut outlines off the source text a little bit more. Let's turn the simple choker effect on and off to see the difference. Yes, great. Okay, now let's add more dynamic motion to our animation. So in layer one composition, if you want to add offset to a rough in effect, you can change. These offset turbulent effect. We can change X and Y properties separately, but let's at this creep to control it by time. So hold the alky Anglican offset a stopwatch on at least coat time, Times zero and negative 100. In fact, I don't want to add offset in X direction. Instead, I want to have offset with negative 100 units in via direction. If you want to have more speed and more dynamic liquid motion for your text, you can simply increase this negative 100 number, for example, has changed it to negative 500. Okay, okay. Now, to have a traditional animation look as though just to change the frame rate for layer one competition. So in competitions that things window change frame rate to 12. Let's see you prove you Yes, great effect. Okay, now let's add more detail through our animation. For example, let's add some holes to our fractal texture. So open fractal composition. Let's change the composition background color to almost dark gray. Okay, now create and you solid layer Rename it to particular. In this part of the project, I'm going to use particular plugging so fine particle, a plug in effects and pre settlement and apply to particular layer. Let's solo particular layer for a second to see what's happening here. Okay, first of all, has changed particle size in the particle section. Increase it a little bit. For example. 32 15 now in a meter section. Let's change emitter type two bucks on, then change emitter size two X y z individual Increase emitter size X 24 thousands And finally, bring these particles down by increasing Y position. For example, 32 to thousands. Now let's go to physics and open air section on. Let's change rent X to 200 and change greens wide to negative 1000. Let's see a purview. Okay, as a Cancino are particles go in this direction. Great. Okay, now in air section open, turbulent field and increase Africa position to 200. This will add a little bit off random position to the particles and creates more dynamic movements. You can turn on this visualized feel to see what's happening to your particles. This escort property affects particles movement as well. Let's change it to 100 wash the result. Yes, very shaky and fast movements. Nice effect, but let's change it to five for now, OK, change evolution. Speak to 100. This will add a little with legal and creates more dynamic movements for our particles. Okay, great. Now in an intersection with decrees particles per second to 20 and in particle section, open size over love property and from presets. Drop down. Select this preset Activate brush bottom ankle like somebody like here to create a point on , then dragged the first point to the bottom. By doing this, particle size changed from 0 to 100 then gradually decreases again. 20 Now in particle section, let's change life to 10 seconds. Then increase the size to 80 and change sides random to 30 persons. Okay, Now in particle section, let's change the particle color to black. Okay, Now turn off the solar button and see the result here. Grades. Okay, Now let's open their one composition to see the final results. Okay, As you can see here, these circles are the particles that we have created recently. Okay, also. 3. Motion Graphics: Liquid Motion in After Effects Part 2: Okay, Now let's add more details. Toe these circles so open fractal composition, select particular layer and in effects and present, and I'll find echo effect on apply to particular layer. Now for eco time. Enter negative 0.6 seconds, said number of echoes to three and change decay to 0.8 now openly around competition. Okay, here you can see that. In fact, we have added a tail toe are circles, and obviously it's better than having perfect circle shapes. Okay, now just stop getting expand. Composition in Project Window selected on Press Council D or from the menu, choose edit. Replicate open mics to composition. Select the fractal layer on the in effects and present panel. Foreign transform effect on Democratic toe. Apply to fracture layer left decrease X and Y positions to shift the fractal to the left and top. Okay, now let's stop to get there. One in the project window to create layer to competition openly of two composition. Here I want to replace mixed one with mixed to so so it makes more layer. Hold the off key and click and drag mix to from project window over mixed one layer Okay, Now let's create in your empty composition for name type, finer on for friend rates, like 12 frames per second on the other. Settings are okay now, directly or wrong and layer to compositions inside final competition. Currently, they have the same color, and you can see them separately. So let's change the color for one of these layers. So select layer to and from the menu choose effect, generate feel. And here you can change this color to whatever color you like. Okay, Now, I'm gonna add a little bit more details by adding a few particles coming out off our text so openly of one composition. Create a new solid layer and rename it two picks. Paris may come size bottom on. Make sure the color is white. Okay. In FX and presets panel find particular and apply to the picks layer Solo picks layer for a moment. Okay. For emitter type. Select layer any layer an intersection for layer option Select mixed one. We see this warning message because mixed one there is not a three d layer. So turnaround history. The bottom here for mixed one announced, like mix one for layer a meter at first, let's change particle size to 15 to be more visible on the screen on for layer RGB usage, Select lightness velocity increase velocity for example City to 100 now in physics section open air and change vin X 2 250 on Gwen. Try to negative 250. Okay, Now in size over life section from presets. Drop down. Select the second shape and you this brush button to change the care of shape, create a new point here and write the 1st 1 to the bottom. He has changed particle size to 50. Also increase sphere feather, for example city to 70. If you need more particles, you can increase particles per second for example, city to 200. Okay, now the lack of these picks later under roughen adjustment layer. Also, you can duplicate these pics, layer several times and offset them in time line on. Now, here you can see more particles on the screen coming out of your tax character or even your shape. Okay, I think we need to do this process for Layer two competition as well. So let's copy one of these picks layers open layer to composition and press edit Paste Leggat under often adjustment layer. Make mix to a three D layer by pressing this treaty butter Select picks layer and press a three to load effort. Controls panel in their amateur section for layer. Choose mix, too. Okay, if you like, you can duplicate these pics layer, offset it and make some changes. For example, let's change particles per second toe 100 velocity to 50 said random. See 2 1000 and then change Particle size to 75. Open physics air, turbulent field and change affects size to 50 on Africa. Position to 200. Let's see the result here. Okay, great. Now open Final completion on Let's see the final results here. Awesome. Great. Okay, if you like to add tells to these particles open fractal composition. Select particular layer, then select echo effect and copied into memory by pressing control. See now open layer to competition and select a picks layer and press council V to paste. If you like, you can change echo time to negative 0.75 said number off echoes to free said starting intensity to 0.75 on change decayed to 0.7. Okay. If you want, you can add these eco efecto other picks layers in layer two and their one compositions so copied into memory and pasted over all big slayers. Okay, now let's add a little bit diversity to our particles position. So select each big slayer and in an intersection, change particles per second, random seed on velocity. Also, you can change particle size and some other properties to create more diverse results. Okay, now let's open final composition, okay. And great. We have created a pretty nice liquid motion effect together. Well done. Okay. Now you can change your text to a word shape or any other elements you like. Let me show you how to do it. Open source composition. And here you can change it to a word. If you need, you can change the phone size on allowing it to the center off the competition and now open the funnel composition and personal, but zero. Okay. Also, you can use the shape instead of a text. For example, let's hide these texts. Select star tool on for full color options like non on Dinkas throat with 2 70 hold the shift key and click and drag to create a star shape under screen. Let's rename it to a star. Now open contents. Police star Police. Our path one said in a radius to 250 and set out of radius to 600 open the funnel composition. And now let's see the review. Okay, great. Awesome. So you can add anything you like in source composition. And as you can see, you will have amazing Requip motion of in final composition. Okay, We have successfully created a great liquid motion effect together. I hope you enjoy these scores. And also, I hope you learn new skills in and to be aftereffects. Okay, Thanks for watching and see you soon.