Motion Graphics: Create Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation in After Effects | Shahriar Hosseini | Skillshare

Motion Graphics: Create Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation in After Effects

Shahriar Hosseini, Motion Graphics & Animations

Motion Graphics: Create Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation in After Effects

Shahriar Hosseini, Motion Graphics & Animations

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4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Course Content

    • 2. Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation - Part 1

    • 3. Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation - Part 2

    • 4. Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation - Part 3

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About This Class

Do you like to learn how to create amazing, stylish, and stunning Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation & Motion Graphics in After Effects from scratch?

IF So, Enroll Now:

By the end of "Motion Graphics: Create Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation in After Effects" class you will be able to create awesome and amazing fake 3d logo animations and you can create stunning Motion Graphics in After Effects in less than 30 minutes from scratch

You Learn By Doing:

In this class, you can immediately DOWNLOAD project file, So you can learn by doing and you'll follow along and work on your own project while learning. In this course we'll create our fake 3d logo reveal animation and as you know this is a popular style of animation you can see in television, movies, video presentations, commercials, ... and after effects motion graphics.

What will you learn:

  • How to create fake 3d texts in After Effects step-by-step. (No previous experience required)
  • How to animate your fake 3d texts in After Effects CC.
  • How to animate different elements in an object using different techniques.
  • How to add some special effects to your fake3d text animations in After Effects
  • And lots of tips and techniques in Adobe After Effects

Who this class is for:

This class is designed to teach you Motion Graphics STEP-BY-STEP,  so even if you've never opened After Effects before you can follow me up and you will see how easy is it to use this program to design fake 3d logo reveals and create awesome logo animations and Motion Graphics in After Effects quickly. 

And after you enroll in this class you will learn all the essential tips and techniques you need to design and animate simple and even complex text animations in Adobe After Effects CC to create incredible Motion Graphics.

I encourage you to watch all the lectures and then start creating your awesome fake 3d logo reveal Motion Graphics and post them here, So all of us will enjoy your cool motion graphics in after effects.


  • No Prior Knowledge of After Effects CC or Motion Graphics Required
  • A working copy of Adobe After Effects CC
  • After Effects Project file is available to download

If you want to learn more about After Effects CC and Motion Graphics, I highly recommend you to watch our other class “After Effects CC: Master Motion Graphics 2d Flat Animation” to get familiar with the basics of Adobe After Effects CC program. And by the end of this class, you learn many useful techniques and you will be able to create stunning Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects.

Enroll & Enjoy Now:


By watching "Motion Graphics: Create Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation in After Effects" you don't need any other resources to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects, but if you have any questions we'll be with you in every step you need help, So you can send us a message and we'll be glad to help you quickly!

We want to make this After Effects Motion Graphics class the best resource on learning Adobe After Effects for beginners. So please watch all lectures and send us your feedback, this will help us to improve this class for future students and you will get updates for free.

This class is appropriate for all Adobe After Effects users. So after you enroll in this class you will learn all essential tips and techniques you need to design and animate simple to complex fake 3d logo reveal and fake 3d text animations in Adobe After Effects.


After watching all videos in this class, go ahead and use all the techniques you have learned in this course to create eye-catching Motion Graphics and fake 3d logo reveal animations.

If you want to show us your great works don’t hesitate to post it here and let me and other students enjoy your great 3d text motion graphics.

I can’t wait to see your animations, We’ll be really happy to see your videos, So ...start creating your awesome animations and motion graphics right away!

If you’re ready to have fun & create professional motion graphics and fake 3d text animations, enroll now and I will see you in lesson ONE!

If you find this class useful we appreciate you taking the time to Rate it, and also recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and classmates. Thanks in advance.


Just CLICK THE ENROLL button now (, and I'll see you in LESSON 1 ;)

We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed making it for you!



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Motion Graphics: Create Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation in After Effects


Meet Your Teacher

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Shahriar Hosseini

Motion Graphics & Animations


High-Quality Training: Motion Graphics & Animations



I'm here to create online video classes to teach you how to create awesome Motion Graphics, how to use After Effects to create Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Visual Effects, Slideshows, Openers,... and other interesting video effects in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and so on...

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1. Course Content : everyone. And welcome to another video tutorial from video course center dot com in the scores were gonna learn amazing motion graphics techniques, and we will create these awesome through the fake art on tax and emission together in adobe aftereffects from a scratch. You can also use these techniques to reveal your logo's after your to detects animations. I'm gonna teach you a letter fun tricks on a lot off keyboard shortcuts in adobe aftereffects. So if you have never opened after fix before, I'll show you powerful and simplistic techniques that will help you to create amazing through defect. Carson luxury will inevitably aftereffects. Okay, if you are ready to have fun and create amazing through the tax on capital, local reveal and right now and I will see you in lesson one. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video. 2. Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation - Part 1: Hey, everyone, and welcome to another video tutorial from video course entered that camp. And thanks for your enrolling in this motion graphics and three D fake cartoon logo animation course. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create a nice animation for your text, but you can apply this type of motion graphics to animate and reveal your logos as well. If you like to learn all the techniques you need to design and animate this type of motion graphics, I highly recommend you to watch the video carefully. And I hope you enjoy this video tutorial. So without wasting time, let's start designing our fantastic motion graphics inevitably after freaks. Okay, let's great and your competition for composition name and to remain for with Enter 38 46 songs for height. Enter to win 1 60 pick songs for pixel aspect ratio. Select escorts exalts set frame rate to 30 frames per seconds. For duration. Enter 200 frames on. Finally, for background color, enter this coat for the 536 b or you can use your preferred color coat. Okay, great. Now let's create our text so select I tool on. Enter your text. For example, motion increase font size to, for example, 350. Andi I said, just to use the phone called vanilla extract. Yes, this is a great fun for this project. You can find Donald Link for this Phones in download section. Okay, now I think it's better to change spaces bed from characters. Here we have two automatic caring option matrix, which is the default option. Metrics is gonna try to add a space between your letters based on the with off. Each character on optical curling is going to try to add space between your letters based on how close they are to each other. OK, optical canning is a quick and easy rated, said the Overall Corning for your text. So said the curling option to optical toe have even the spaces between your characters an increase tracking option to 50. In some cases, you need to add just turning manually. Let's add a little bit of space between O anti manually, so click between them now holds all key Empress, right Iraqi two times. Now click within T and I pulled Alky Empress right Iraqi two times increases space between I and O as well. Also, let's increase space between O and N on. Finally, let's add a little bit of space between em. Andi! Oh, okay. Now I think we have better spaces between these characters. Okay, Now I want to set anchor points off this text on this bottom point. So select plan behind tool. As you can see now we can move this anchor point freely. Hold control key to a snap anchor point to the bottom off the motion text. Okay. Now operas wiki to activate selection to now I want to place these text layer on the center of the competition. So from many you choose window a line and while your text layer is this is selected Gilligan, align horizontally and then align vertically. OK, now close Align panel. We don't need it anymore. Okay. To start animating our tax, we need to convert it to a shape there. I will tell you soon why we have to do it. Okay, so right click and select. Create create shapes front text. As you can see after fix hides of these text layer, we don't need it anymore. So let's Luckett activate these shy option and click on this height Shy layers, sewage bottom to hide it from our timeline on now, select this layer hit return key and change layer Name to motion. Okay, now let's change color for this shape Layer Gilligan Field Color box and select the color for it. For example, let's enter E B E B E B color coat on for s truck. Enter this E B E b e be color coded, Gone toe. Have the same color for both of them. On finally, let's increase struck size. For example 32 6 Okay, cool. Now I want to create an exclusion for this layer. So selective this shape layer and hit concerti. Too complicated. Drag it under motion layer and rename it to motion extrusion. Okay, let's change the color for this excursion layer. So change feel color to something like this. Coat one D one F two or three. A copy of this got into memory by person control. See now open a stroke color and pays this code here and finally change struck size to, for example for later on, you will see that we can add a beautiful highlights effect to our extrusion By using this freely and as throat properties. OK, let's change labour color for motion, layer to green on, then change label color for motion extrusion layer to, for example, orange. This will help us to find and select layers quickly. Okay, now I want to add a simple color control system to be able to change the field on Esther colors quickly, we just a few clicks. Soon we will separate characters off this shape clear. So if you want to change colors manually, it will be too time consuming. So using a color control system will help us to change the colors very fast. So let's create in your composition every name it to color such things. All the other settings are OK and only let's change background color to black. Now let's add an object. So from menu, choose layer new. No object. Okay, now, right click on this null object and select reveal Really layer source in project. Okay, here it is. It's Return key and Renee me to color control. OK, now let's add some color counselors to a personal objects, so select color control in timeline and from menu, choose effect at the controls or press F three click of the Struggle of You or lock button toe. Hold this panel open select color console in term land and from many, which is effect. Expression controls color control. Rename it to motion stroke its control. Detailed applicator Andhra Name it to motion feel again his consulte and rename it to motion extrusion a stroke on. Finally, they replicate again and rename it to motion extrusion field. Now select motion a stroke on motion. Feel and change the color to E B E B E B color coat and then select these two controllers and change the color too. Dark gray, for example, entered one the one F 23 color coat. Now for these two. Shep, there's I want to connect stroke and feel color options to these color controllers. So if I open motion on the contents, you can see that we have separated of these. Shape their into its character. As you can see, each character has. One is through color option on one full color option. So if you want, we can even change color for each character separately. Okay, select motion there and hit Yuki two times to open all properties. Now I want to connect these extra color from this shape there to motion stroke consoler. So pulls all key and click And this stopwatch icon Now click on the speakership icon and drag it over. These motion is throw controller. Now we can use that These motions throw controller to change throw color off this M character. As you can see, aftereffects created script for this connection. So selective s coat, right? Click and choose Copy Our second character is oh so fine Destroyed property and again hold bulky Kilic on color stopwatch On this time, Instead of dragging this speak, Lippi can over motion a stroke controller. Let's press control V to paste that code we have copied into memory. Okay, Now follow the same procedure to paste and connect all a stroke properties off the motion layer to motion a stroke controller and finally connect his throat property off this and character. Okay, Now I want to connect, feel color property off these characters to motion, feel consoler so you can feel color property off the M character and drag picked up. I can over motion feel controller. Copy this code into memory now find field color property of the old character and paste it here and follow the same procedure to connect off the food properties of the characters to the motion field counselor. Okay, cool. Now let's connect a stroke and feel colors off the motion extrusion characters to the motion extrusion. A stroke on motion extrusion field counselors. So select motion extrusion layer and heat. Yuki two times to open all properties posed rt and click on the circle one color stopwatch and then dragged these people I can over motion extrusion is throw consular. Copy this code into memory, find their throat color property for the next character and paste this code here and follow the same procedure to connect all these throat properties. Okay, Now, let's kind of feel color properties to motion extrusion feel consular. So silicon food color property off the M character and drag picked up. I can over motion extrusion field consular. Copy this code into memory and follow the same procedure to connect all the field properties. Okay, Now, let's check to see if this color control system works properly or not. For example, change motions. Throw color to red. It's OK. Change motion field color to red. It's okay as well. Okay, let's hide motion there for a second change. Motion exclusion is through. Color works properly on Finally, let's check motion extrusion feel. Okay? It works properly as well. So or color console system works. Great. Now, whenever you want, you can change all the feel and throw colors easily with just one click in these color settings. Composition. Okay, Now I want to parent extrusion there to motion there. So if I move Bush earlier than the exclusion, there should move as well. So right, click on this narrow area and juice columns. Parents and think on drag this peak icon from motion extrusion layer over motion there or from this drop down menu, select motion layer. Now you can see that if I move this motion layer, our motion extrusion layer is going to move with it. Okay, Now I want to add repeater to the motion extrusion layer to create effect through the extrusion. This was the main reason I converted the text layer to a shape earlier. So select motion extraordinaire, Let's go. These character properties sections now let's at a repeater effect to it. With this repeater effect, we can simulate through the extrusion. OK, open repeater one on increased copies. Property, as you can see with this cup is option. We can control harmony copies we want to create for these shape layer. Now, for changing the direction off this extrusion, we have to use position property. If I change X position and why position? Then we will change the distance between each copy in X and y directions. For example, If I said copies to nine on position to 10 and 10 then we have known copies returned units the stands in X and Y direction between each copy. Okay, so for now, let's set copies to 20 and said the exposition to five on Dwight. Position to four now, as you can see, if you have a nice extrusion for this motion layer. 3. Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation - Part 2: Okay, now let's start animating our shape players. So select activity the bottom for these two layers. Now I want to add a little bit of rotation to our motion. Layers so selected and hit are key to load rotation, property now go to from zero and set a key frame for X and y rotation. Then go to frame. For example 40 and change. Exhortation to negative 30 and then change a wide petition to, for example, I think twenties. Okay, Let's see what we have now. Okay, Now I want to reject it back a little bit at the end off the animation. So go to frame. For example, 70 on do Chris. Exhortation to negative 50 and change of white British in two. Valuable five. Okay, let's see the results. So go to a few frames after the last key frame and press Anke to move the work area and handle. Tow this frame to make a shorter ramp review and then press space bar or number zero on your keyboard to see the round prevue. Okay, great. Okay. I think we have to animate repeater property as well to have a better results. So opened repeater property off motion extrusion layer. Go to frame zero and change copies to zero and set a key frame. Then let's go to frame 40 and change its value to 35 and finally go to frame, for example 70 and change its value to 10. Okay, I think we need to change direction for the X surgeon layer. I think we have to much value in X direction. So hold console key and wreck this number to the left holding console key. Help us to change numbers with smaller values on. If you hold shift key, the numbers will change faster. OK, let's change exposition to three. Okay, let's see the result now. Okay, good. But it looks a little bit awkward. It seems it's creating a shadow rather than extruding. That's because our text itself is a moving. But only the exclusion is going down in X and y axis. I want this white text goes up on this excursion s stays underground, so select motion layer. He's peaky to load position, property on Go to frame zero. Okay, let's great a guideline for current position off this T character. So from many which was view show rulers or press council are drag a vertical and then horizontal guideline over these t character as a reference we want to hold last excursion copy over this intersection point and so or right lier. I mean, motion layer should goes up and left to simulate extrusion effect in from zero create a key frame for position property voted for and 40. And now I have to change X and y position until these last extrusion copies, it's over the current E position. By doing this, it looks Behold the extrusion on the ground and this is the motion earlier that goes up. Okay, Now go to from 70 and again Change position property until these t character off the extrusion layer sits over this intersection point. And so these two motion path should have overlapped to move this layer in a parallel path. Okay, let's see the results. Okay, good. OK, now it's time to convert key frames. Too easy is more toe. Have a smooth animation. So we select our layers hit Yuki to load all key friends. So, like all these key frames, right, click and choose keep from Assistant Eazy e's operas F nine open graph Editor window. Be sure you are in at it s peak Graph mode On. Also, activate a snap button down here. Select off the first key frames on drag these handles to the right. Until you see 55% events like the second key frames. Drag left hander to the left until you see 70%. Now drag right. Handle to the right until you see 70%. And finally select all the last key frames and drag left handed to the left until you see 65 persons. Okay, let's see the results. Looks great. Okay, Now let me show an amazing effect. We can have with feel and s talk for our motion extrusion layer Open effort Council's panel for color settings. Null object. Now if I change motion Exclusion field, color, toe white. We will have an amazing highlight for our excursion. Let's change resolution more to full on. Here you are. We have a realistic extrusion effect. Isn't it great? You can render your funnel animation with this amazing effect. But if you want to have a single color extrusion, you can simply set motion extrusion feel color the same as motion extrusion Estrich color. Okay, Now I want to make this animation more interesting, so we must have our characters in separated layers, and then we should add offset to them. So select Moshe Layer. Click on this aero and open contents, as you have seen before. We have six characters here. I want to separate them. So pressed it. The button under keyboard toe. Have time down window in full disk. Remote press council D five times toe have six motion layers. Now let's rename each layer to the corresponding character. The first layer should be m. The second layer should be. Oh, now hold council key Empress up arrow on your cable to select the next layer, Rename it to T against like the next layer and rename it toe I press console and up pro and Renee. Me, too. Oh, and find a living in the last year to end. Follow the same procedure for extrusion Lear replicated five times on renamed the Layers to Em. Oh t I Oh, on end. Okay, now let's delete all additional characters from each layer, so we must open each layer, select all the characters using the shift key, then hold the console key to de select the character that has the same name as the layer on ventilate. The rest characters follow the same procedure for all orange and green layers. Okay, to see that we have correct character for each layer, let me show you a quick tip. Holds all key and click on this box under solo column every time you holds all key and click and solar button off each layer really, really solo that layer. So you must see a shape that has the same name as the layer name. Let's check each layer quickly. Yes, great. Everything is okay. OK, now it's time to parent the layers. In fact, we have two parents, each extrusion layer to the corresponding whites layer. For example, exclusion M layer should be parented toe white M layer extrusion or layer should be parented to white, old layer and so on. So show parent and the in column. As you can see now, all these extrusion layers are parented toe white Emilia. We must fix this problem. So for each X, usually drag it, speak like I can over the corresponding white layer. For example, parent extrusion, M toe white M and parent exclusion Oto, right? Oh, and so on. Okay. Not to have more amazing animation. It's better to add officer to the layers, but before adding offsets, let's at a visual representation to the layers for our key frames. So go to frame zero. Select our layers by using shifty or prince Council A from many, which is layer markers at market or process Stocky on your nom bat. Okay, press Yuki to find very have key friends. It's frame 40. So goto this frame and press Stuckey to add a marker for each layer. Here. Onda, I think we should add another market to each layer on frame 70 Very soon we will add more key frames to each layer. So these markers show us Where are the main key frames? Okay, now I want to add offset. So voil under layers honestly selected hold control key and the select extrusion M and M layers go to frame to and write all layers toe this frame toe, add officer to them Now hold control key and the select extrusion or on all there's this time to add officer toe these layers holds alky and press page down key two times the select extrusion T and T layers go to from six. On this time, press left open bracket key on your keyboard to shift these layers to frame six. So here you learn three ways for having officer Go ahead and at officer to other layers as well. Now let's see the results. Okay, good. The only problem we have here is that we should extend the beginning of these layers to frame zero to have all the layers visible at the beginning of the animation. So solid are layers. Go to frame zero hold alky and press left square. Bracket key. Okay, Now let's see the results. Okay, Now we have another problem. As you can see, we have overlapped for some layers. For example, here on the frame 39 we have this problem x urgent. I overlaps on the or character on infra and 44 extrusion. M overlaps under white or character To solve this problem. If you have to add some key frames to the position property off each layer. So it's not from the left to the right. The first overlap is here under white. Oh, so select old layer press pt load position, property find a frame that we have overlapped problem. For example, Here on friend 42 whole Council key and drag over this Z position property to the left to change it with a small values. Okay, Solved here on friend 51 we have another overlap, so decrease Z position to solve the problem again again unframed 54. Let's decrease LZ position again. Okay, Now a scrap in timeline and find the overlap frames and try to decrease azi position to solve all overlap problems. Okay, Now let's see where we have overlap again. I think we have overlapped in second white old layer on friend 38. So open position, property. Let's see where we have overlapped. Yes, in front 30. So hold Kentucky and decrease Z position. Okay, great. It's into here on from 28 we have overlapped for white I layer so the Chris Z position for the white I layer a little bit. Okay, Hopes here unframed 47. We have another overlap for Dwight earlier. So the Chris Z position again. Okay, again Here around frame 27. Let's solve it as well. So decrease Z position. Ok, so go ahead. Find over love frames and decreases the position to solve all the overlap problems. It might be a little bit time consuming, but finally you will have a perfect animation. So I think it's worth a try. Okay, let's see. To find the result. Great. I think everything is perfect. No more over that problem. Okay, Now we need to convert all these layers to approve composition. So select all layers, Brad. Click and Jews per compose for name. Enter motion. And this is our motion per composition. At the end of the time round, we should have all the characters visible so straight all the years. Pulls all K Empress right square bracket key to extend all the layers to the end of the term line. Now close motion. Prick. Come on. Here we have the results in Maine composition. Okay. Now, I want to add some effects to this competition to create more amazing motion graphics and animation. So change labour color to green for this layer. Let's remember these compositions. Rename main 201 main color settings to zero to color settings and rename motion to 03 Motion 4. Fake 3D Cartoon Logo Animation - Part 3: Okay. Now I want to add a highlight toe this motion composition. So select Moshe. Leah. It's canceled the and rename it to motion Highlight change its labor color to yellow. Now let's add some effects through this layer. So from many which is affect color, correction, brightness, contrast Change brightness to 75 turn on use legacy check box. So, like this effect in effort controls panel and hits console D to duplicated again and change brightness for this new effect to 50. Okay, cool. Now I want to add a masto. This highlight layer. So while this layer is this is selected, activate rectangle tool and draw a rectangle here. Okay, Now select the mask. Activate selection to click on the motion competition to select it and then click on the top edge off the mask. In fact, But you in this evils like both top points off this mask. Now press left Erkki five times. Also, you can hold shift key to move this edge faster. Now we have this amazing shape for our mask. Now go to from zero double click on this mask toe. Move it to the right a little bit now for must path. Property secret, a key frame in frame. Zero. Let's go to frame, for example, 55 and again. Double click on the mask to select it and move it to the right side of the motion text. Okay, let's see the results. Okay, I think it's better to shift the first key frame to frame, for example. 17. Okay, let's see the results. Yes, good. Now let's change the mask shape a little bit in left side. I want to have a thick shape and in right side. I want to have a thing shape. So in four and 55 Salik, right edge off the mask and move it a little bit to the left. Let's see the result. Okay, great. Now let's create a smoother animation. So select the last key frame. Right? Click and choose. Keep from Assistant Eazy E's again, right click on the last key frame. Choose keep from velocity on incoming velocity section. Enter 60% for influence. Option. Let's see the results. Great. Nice and smooth. Okay, Now we can add some more effects to this highlight layer. So selective this layer from many, which was effect Baylor and shopping. Ghazi Ambler. Let's zoom in a little bit. To see this affect. Better change. Blurriness to 25 and turn on repeat X pixels. Check box. Okay, now let's add a little bit below. So in effects and preset panel, find glow effect on double click on it to added to this layer, increase glow radius to, for example, 60. And now let's at composite Original two on top. Okay, let's see what we have here. Great. Okay, now let's add another effect. So replicate motion there again. Drag it on top of highlight area, rename it to motion effects and change the labour color to, for example, blue. Okay, Now, instead of creating a new mask for this layer, let's copy mask from highlight layer to motion effects layer. So select highlight layer Press Yankee to load all masks created for this layer. In this case, we have only one mask. Select mask Juan and press control CE or common C two. Copied into memory, select motion effects layer and press cultural V to paste the mask arcana. If I press m key, you can see this mask created for motion affects layer with all key frames. Okay, now let's add a new effect. So in effects and presentable, find transform effect on directly. Can it apply to this layer on? Move the second key frame to, for example, from 78 to add a little bit of delay. Yes, OK, now click on escaped a stopwatch to create a key frame for transform effect in front 22. Then go to frame for example 38 change escape to 120. Now go to from 78 on change. Escape to 100 again. Press Yuki two times to look all key friends. Okay, let's see the results. Great. Select the first and the last key frames and press F nine to convert them to Eazy E's hold concert key and click on the second Transform key Framed converted to auto Busier. Now process space far or number zero to see a preview. Okay on for the last key frame Incoming velocity section change influence option to 60% less It results. Okay. Huh? If you like, you can add color to this effect as well. For example, from many inches effect color correction He was saturation. Turn on colorized check box change colorized hue to for example, 60 change saturation to 75 and finally decrease lightness to negative 45. Okay, let's see the results. Okay. We have other color to our layer. Nice effect, isn't it? Okay, now let's add a new effect Fund Venetian blinds in FX and preset panel and applied to this layer. Okay, change direction through 45 degrees. Increase transition. Completion to 20. An increase with 2 25 OK, Okay. Great results. Now I will show you how to add another shape layer on the we learn how to create a simple and nice transition between two compositions. As you can see, I have added a new composition called Studio. If you open this composition, you will see that it is exactly like the motion composition. This is created with the same techniques I have shown you before. Also I have added for new consoler toe are color console null object in color settings competition to consult their stroke on three colors for a studio composition. Here you can change color for a study off will color and also you can change color for a stroke or in fact, extrusion color. Okay, now I want to add a studio composition toe, this main competition with the simple transition. First of all, let's add a mask to motion composition. This mask works as a transition, but in motion and studio compositions, so select motion competition. Activate rectangle tool and create a big mask around motion text. Okay, now parents Vicky to load selection to select motion composition again, Click of this top edge off the mask on hold, shifty and press lift. Erica wants to change the mask shaped to something like this. Okay, let's go to frame, for example. 35 on. Create a key frame for mass path property. Then go to frame 75 on double Click on the Mask to activate the Transform handers for this mask and then move it to the right until motion tax completely. Heights now select the last key frame and make it easy is and again right, Greek on for influence and through 60 persons. Let's see the result. Okay, great. Now let's add studio animation to this competition, so drag it into main competition over the motion effects layer because I want to have the same transition as emotionally Air Force to do composition. So I have to copy the mask from motion layer and pasted over is to decomposition. So select Moshe Lair and press M key to load its mask. Copy mask, one into memory. Go to frame that we have the first key frame. I mean friend 35 Select studio layer and change its labor color to purple and finally place the mask by pressing cultural and V case. As you can see now we have the same mask and key frames for this layer as well. Okay, to have a correct transition that in motion and estudio layers, I have to change mask mode from add to subtract. Okay, great. Okay, Now let's add some effects to a studio composition as well. So replicate a studio layer on Rename it to Studio Highlight. Instead of creating all FX again, let's select motion highlight layer. And like all these FX on from many, which is at it copy Now it's like a studio highlight layer and press council V to paste. We need to copy motion Highlights mask to a studio highlight layer as well. So select motion highlight layer Hit em and copy this mask. One into memory. Go to frame 17 which our first key frame is created. Here and now, select on pace of this mask. Over. STD. Highlight. Hit em. Key to load all masks. Okay, let's see the results. Okay. To have the correct results, we need to drag the second mask over the first mask, and we need to move K frames off the second mask to the right a little bit. Also, I think it's better to make this mask comes into the scene from right to left. So select both key frames, right? Click and Jews K from assistant time. We're ski frames now, As you can see, our mask comes into the scene from the right to the left. Okay, lets see a review. Okay, good. Now let's change label color for this layer. Okay? Now I want to show you how to Adam asked to instill earlier to create an effect like a thing cut. So select studio highlight. Empress Ehmke, Select mask to and press control. See? Now, select a studio layer and press control V move mask to key frames to the left. Okay, Now let me change. Mask mo to subtract. OK, good. Now let me change. Masks size on the Lasky frame. Make it a little bit finger on vanities over the first key frame. Make it a little bit figure. Okay, let's see the results. Okay, great. Okay. This was just to show you how you can add effects, transitions and masked your layers. So go ahead and believe me, these key frames at new effects to these layers and try to make interesting animations with all the techniques you have learned in this video tutorial. Ok, I hope you have enjoyed watching three scores. If you want to learn more about every after facts and other programs, you can visit our website Video course center that come. I'm sure the refined lots of great video courses and you will learn creative ways to improve your skills and your business. Ok, thank you so much for being with me until the end of the scores. If you enjoyed watching this video tutorial, don't forget to write it and please write a few sentences about what you think about the scores for other students to see. We hope you find it a five star rating course. This will help us to create more video courses for you. Okay, I hope to see you in other courses from video course center of dot com having US life and good luck.