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Motion Graphics: Create Amazing Handwriting Liquid Text Effect in After Effects

teacher avatar F. Alamadi, Motion Graphics & Animations

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects

    • 2. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects - Part 1

    • 3. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects - Part 2

    • 4. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects - Part 3

    • 5. Render

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About This Class

Motion Graphics: Create Amazing Handwriting Liquid Text Effect in After Effects

In this video, we’re gonna create an amazing handwriting Liquid Text Effect together in Adobe After Effects from scratch.

You don't need any prior knowledge of After Effects to create this Liquid Text Effect and by the end of this class you will be able to create any type of liquid text effect animations in after effects and finally, you will be able to render your final projects to share on the internet.


If you are a new After Effects user, you will learn lots of great techniques in Adobe After Effects, So you will be able to use all the techniques to create amazing liquid text animations on your own.


I encourage you to watch all the lectures and then start creating your fantastic liquid text animations and post them here, So I and other students will enjoy your cool videos.


I hope you enjoy watching this course as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.


So If you are ready to have fun & and if you are eager to learn how to create amazing and professional handwriting liquid text effects, Enroll Now and I will see you in lesson ONE!



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F. Alamadi

Motion Graphics & Animations


High-Quality Training: Motion Graphics & Animations



I'm here to create online video classes to teach you how to create awesome Motion Graphics, how to use After Effects to create Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Visual Effects, Slideshows, Openers,... and other interesting video effects in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and so on...

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1. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects: everybody. And welcome to another video tutorial from video course center. Come in this video over gonna create this amazing handwriting liquid text effect together in adobe aftereffects from scratch. You don't need to have any prior knowledge of aftereffects to create this liquid text effect on. By the end of this course, you will be able to create any type of liquid takes effect animations in adobe aftereffects on finally every be able to render your father projects to share under Internet. I hope you enjoyed watching this course as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. So if you are ready to have fun And if you are eager to learn how to create amazing and professional handwriting liquid text effects andro now and I'll see you in the someone. Thanks washing and see you in the next video. 2. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects - Part 1: Hey, everyone, and welcome to another video tutorial from video course center dot com in this door. We're gonna create an amazing liquid effect together in ever be after fax from scratch. So let's get started. First of all, let's create a four K competition. So from the menu, choose composition, new composition or press control. End for name. Enter liquid text said, with value to 38 40 pixels for height. Enter 2160 pixels, said pixel aspect ratio to a score pixels for French braid. Choose 30 frames per second for derision in the 300 frames. And finally, for the background color. Choose black. Okay, now let's type are text. So use these type tool and let's type R tex here, for example. Curiosity with Capital C. Okay, now let's change some properties off the text, so double click on it and select all the characters. Let's choose a nice front. I think Alyona would be fine for this project. Okay, increase the size a little bit. For example, let's enter 1000 pixels. Okay? And finally activate this italic bottom. Okay, Now I want to put this tax on the center of the competition, so from the menu. Choose window a line. And while the text layer is this system like that, click on these align horizontally and then Alan vertically buttons. Okay. Now, as against CR text is at the center of the composition. Great. Okay, Now we have to convert. Are taxed to a shape to be able to create our liquid text effect. So right, click on the text layer and choose Create create shapes from text. As you can see, aftereffects created a new shape here. Exactly. Identical to our text layer. We don't need these text layer anymore. So selected and delete it. Okay, Now let's rename this shape clear. So right, click and choose rename or press return key on. Let's change it to text. Okay, Now I want to duplicate this layer. So from the menu, choose edit, duplicate or press control d selected and rename it to, for example, the mask. Okay, now, right. Click on this team as player and Jews Per composed on here for the composition Name. Enter team. Ask. Okay, now I want to change of these t mass composition, So open t mass composition. Now I want to add a mask toe this team ask layer so selected on Kilic on this pain tool. Now activate this tool creates mask bottom. Also, make sure this tuggle mask and shape half visibility bottom is activated as well. If this bottom is not enabled, you won't be able to see the mask line. Okay, let's zoom in a little bit. For example, to 200% it seems it's too much. Let's change it to 50%. Okay, great to plan on the composition, hold a space bar key and then click in track. OK, now it's time to draw the mask line. So while the shape layer is this is selected thickly here and draw the mask line. Okay, It seems our mass color is a little bit bright, so let's change its color press m key and click on this color box and change the color to, for example rat. Okay, great. We don't need to be precise at this estate. Just try to draw the mass line somewhere between the shape edges. So let's continue to draw the mass line, just click and then drag to create and change the line slope. Soon we will come back here and we will add just a position on line, a slow for each rep fix. So just click and drag a little bit and try to put this mask line summer between these two edges. Okay, you follow the same process to company to this stage. Made me in some areas, we need to zoom in a little bit to have a better view. Try to create its most floor for the mass line and add a little bit curving us to the line toe. Have a nice animation for our strokes. This section seems to be a little bit tricky, so try to draw and cover this part of the shape with Nice and it's move mast line. Later on, we will refine the vert explains and handles. Okay, great. Okay. I have finished the first phase off drawing the mass line, so it's time to refine it to refine each vertex and handles. I'm gonna use another tool here. It's like the convert Vertex tool. Okay, now let's zoom in a little bit and now press still the button to see the composition window in full screen mode, till the button is a key beside the key number one under your escape key. Okay, I'm gonna edit each vertex using this camera to read text tool. So click on this rejects to activate its handles. If you want to move Vertex, hold the console key and then click and drag it if you don't hold the consul key. When you click and drag over the Vertex, you can only change their slope off the handles. So don't forget to hold the control key to move each Vertex. Okay, Now let's select and move this handle tow. Have the mass line between shape edges. I recommend you to hold the concert key all the time in this refinement face. OK, do this for other. Virtus is and handles as well. If you want to lock these to handle together and forced them to move at the same time, select and move on off them a little bit and then hold the old key. Now, as you can see, these handles are locked together. Okay, let's press control Z toe under with this action. Okay? If you want to remove ever tax simply selected impressed the lead key. If you want to change of this care of shape to a sharp edge at each Vertex Simply click on it. And if you click on it again, you will have a curve line at these red ticks. Okay, Now let's select and delete this vortex. Now, suppose I want to add a vertex here. So to do this when I put my mouse over this line As you can see, a plus sign will appear beside my mouth are con. So if I click here after effects will add a new attacks at these points, I now hold the concert key and move it here within the shape edges. Okay, let's edit each Vertex and the handles a little with faster. Okay, hold the control key and move this vortex and change. Handle position a little bit. Okay. Lets all of the same process for other Virtus is and handles I highly coming to you to hold the council key on the time. Okay, okay. For this one, let's click two times on the Vertex to convert its handled to care shape on. Let's add a twist to this mass line here, Aunt, Try to use this to its shape for other characters as well. I think we need to add Vertex here to have a better care shape. Then hold the control key and move it with this position. Okay? As I told you before, to move handles together simply like the handle on. Then hold the art key. Ok, this section is a little bit challenging. Maybe we need to add inverters here. So hold the consul key and move it to a better position. Okay, let's zoom in a little bit. Change handles position to have a nice flow. Here. Click on this Vertex two times to convert it to a care of shape on. Let's move the handles. Okay. As you can see, the line moves towards up. Then we have two twists here, and finally it goes down. Okay, great. Let's adjust this Vertex as well. Okay. And finally, it's time to modify Vertex for these. Why character? Okay, Almost done. I think I can change these handles for this vortex to have a curve shape here. Okay, great. On. Finally, let's change handles position for these sea character. Okay, Great. And also for this heretics. Great. Okay, I think that finished these face. Our mask is ready and so we can go one step forward. Okay. Now, Christy Lumberton to exit full screen mode. Okay. As you can see, our mass line is almost between. The shape airs in all characters on, so it's ready to be animated. Okay, Now I'm gonna add a stroke effect with this mask line. So from the menu, choose window effects and presets or press control. Five. Now, we have effects on preset panel on the right side, off the after effects. Here, let's find a sock effect. Okay, Here in generates section, you can see these a stroke effect, or you can find it in effect, manual source. Like the team a slayer on go to effect, generate a stroke. Okay, Now, let me drag this effect over the team. Ask layer to apply it, and now you can see this effect in effect, controls panel. If you can't see this panel while your layer is this dislike that simply from the menu, choose effect, affect controls or press F three. Okay, let's change some properties off this historic effect. So, first of all, change painted style to on transparent. Okay, great. Now let's change the brush size increases to, for example, 15 and then increase brush hardness to, for example, 100 persons. Okay, Now I want to add an admission to this must line. To do this, I'm going to animate these and property. So let's go to the frame. Zero. Enter zero for the end property and click on the stopwatch to create a key frame on frame zero. Now let's go A few frames forward, for example. Let's go to frame 100 and now increase the end value to 100. Hopefully, aftereffects creates a key for him here for us automatically. Okay, Now, if I scrub in the timeline, you can see the animation we have created for this mass line using their stroke effect. Okay, great. 3. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects - Part 2: Okay, Now I want to modify down Mission Curves toe have a smoother animation. But before that, let's take a look at the current and emission curve. So select the team a slayer and press Yuki to load all the key frames. Here we have two linear key frames. Select both key frames and click on this craft editor bottom to see the animation curve. Okay, As you can see, here are care is flat bit in these two key friends on, we have a constant speed for the animation. We are in a desperate graph month to check it Kilic on this small bottom here on As you can see, these additives spit graph option is enabled on because our key frames are in linear mode. We have a constant speed between these two key frames. And so this is not an interesting animation, because in the real world, humans and objects don't move at the constant speed. In fact, at the beginning off the movement, their speed is zero. Then their speed will increase. And finally, at the end of the movement there speed will be zero again. Okay, great. Now hold the shift key and move the time indicator to snap it to the key frame on frame. 100. Okay, Now press the Beaky to move this work area. Start handled. Now, if you want to see a preview, our animation with a start from this point to the end. Okay, let's press council z toe under this action. Now, if I press Anke, as you can see this time work area and handle jumps to the frame 100. Now our purview of will play from the from 0 to 100. But in these two blue handles, okay, now from the menu and choose window purview or press concert three to play the animation. You compress this. Play a stop button here in the preview panel. Or you can set a shortcut for this play button here, for example. Space bar shift, the space bar. Nam Pat Zero or one of these available short guards you can choose here. Okay. I prefer to use the space parking from now. If I press Space Marquis, we can see the round prevue before that. Let's change the resolution. Motor quarter. This would create the Ram purview faster. Okay, President. Space marquee to see the results. Okay, not bad. As you can see, our animation plays at a constant speed. That is not too interesting. So let's make some modifications to our key frames and animation curve to have mawr. Interesting animation. So sewage to the timeline mode. Select these two key frames, right, Click on one of them and choose key from assistant, Eazy e's or press F nine. Now, as you can see, the shape of our key frames changed to a Sandglass shape. Now let's go to graph little window. Yes, the care of shape changed as well. We don't have a flat line here on. We are in a desperate craft mode. Yes. And now, as you can see, artists with zero at the from zero, then there speed will increase. Until we get to this point. Here we have the most possible speed on finally dispute will decrease gradually until the frame 100 hear their speed will be zero again. Okay, great. Make sure this is not button is enabled. Select the second key frame and then drags this handle to the left until you see a number around 75 persons. If you want to have a precise number you can right click on the key frame, choose keep from velocity. And here in the incoming velocities section for the influence parameter enter 75 persons. Okay, now let's see the results. Possum. Great. Now we have a nice and a smoother animation here. Okay, Now I want to duplicate this team. Ask layer toe. Have three layers with a few frames. Offset. So select the team s layer and press control D two times two, duplicated on. Let's rename this team asked to team ask one. Okay, now I want to add a little bit offset to these layers. So let's go to the frame. Five. Selecting, asked to and team ask three by holding the shift key. Move these layers to the frame five. Now let's go to the frame 10. Select Imus free and press left square bracket. Get to a snap this layer to the frame. 10 If you want to move a layer friend, My friend to the right, Hold the R key and praise page down button. And if you want to move it to the left press page, are button okay if you hold out and shift keys and then press page down water, your layer will jump 10 frames to the right. And if you press page up button, it will jump 10 frames to the left. You to get it right. Okay, Now I want to change the color for these mass layers. So select team, ask one on In effect, controls panel for this color property. Enter this coat C 4 to 6 to five. Now select team asked to on for the color property. Enter the C 691 a on Finally for the team, Ask free. Enter this coat. Three c four F six to okay now for the team asked to. Let's change the broth size. So let's zoom in a little bit. Okay, Now increase this value to, for example, 25 on now. Select team. Ask three and press Yuki to load all key frames. I want to animate Bryce size property for this layer. So let's go to the frames. You know, change the brush size 20 on. Make a key frame here. Okay, Now let's go to the frame. For example, 110 and increase the price size to for example, 40 now press the UK to load the brush size key frames as well. Okay, So like these two key frames, right? Click and choose key frame assistant Eazy E's now select only the second key frame, right? Click and choose keep from velocity and then change these influence parameter to 75 persons . Okay, now let's go to the frame. For example, 125 on Press End, button and now press Space bar to see the ramp review. It's a little bit fast. Maybe it's better to make it a little bit longer. So let's like all these layers press Yuki two times. Okay, now, also like these last key frames on Let's Go to Frame 150 and now hold the shift key on Moved The second team masks key frame to snap it to the time indicator. Okay, now go to the frame. 175 Empress and key. Okay, let's see the run for vo. Okay, nice results. Great, but I think it's not a bad idea to remove the second key frame off the brush size to force it to finish a few frames sooner. So let's move it to the frame. For example, in 75 it should be fine. Okay, now I think we have a better results. Great. Okay, let's see it in full. A scary moment. Move your mouse over the composition. We know on press. Still the button grades. Awesome results. Okay, Now I want to add a new effect to these layers. So from the menu, choose layer new adjustment layer for press control Arts of why? Okay, let's rename it to liquid F X. Now I want to add a choker of fact to it. So, in effect, Sempra Sentinel find simple choker in Matt Folder or via the adjustment layer is this is selected from the menu. Choose Effect, Matt. Simple choker. Let's go to a few friends forwards. I now change the chalk. Matt to six. Great. Okay, Now I want to add another effect. So selected liquid FX layer. And here find roughen. EDS. Effect in est Allies folder that we click on it to apply to the adjustment layer. Let's increased border parameter to, for example, 12. Now hold the l key and click on the stopwatch. Besides evolution, property aftereffects created script here. We don't need this coat, so delete it. Now let's type time times 500. Ok, now stop in time line to see the result. Okay. I think it's better to see a romp Review. Yes. Hey, nice effect. Okay, Now, let's add another effect. So find turbulent displaced effect in effect, some preset panna. Okay, let's change amount property to 25 and change the size value to 75. Okay, Now make sure this team has three layer has covered the shape on all characters correctly. In fact, we must be this text with this dark gray color. So let's zoom in a little bit to see if our mass layer covered the text correctly. Let's change the resolution more to fool. Okay? As you can see, our master, you didn't feel the shape layer here properly. And let's see where we can find the same issue. Yes, maybe here on someone like here. Okay. On groups? Yes. Here. Invited little. We have the same problem. So to solve this problem, select team as three layer press the U key on. Let's go to frame 75 on here over this key frame. I want to change brush size property. So let's increase it a little bit. For example to 50. Okay, let's go to frame around 175 on. Yes, as you can see, if you have solved the problem. Okay, let's check other characters as well. Okay. No problem anymore. Great. Okay, Now I think to have a better result. Let's move this team as three layer to the frame. 15 to have a little bit more offset. Now, let's see. Iran purview. Okay. Our third mass layer. It starts to grow with a few friends. Delay. I like this result now. Okay, great. Okay. Now we can move some layers to have a better liquid effect and to have more irregular movement for the masse layers. So let's zoom in and change the resolution. More to half now. Select team s one Empress Iraqis on move it a little bit to the right and then to the top. Now it's all 18 as to on this time. Moving to the left on to the bottom. Okay, let's see what we have so far. I think we have to change the resolution to quarter. Okay, great. As you can see, a team asked to layer is here and team ask Want is a little bit Father So now we have more irregular movements for our layers on now they look like a really liquid. Okay, great. 4. Handwriting Liquid Text in After Effects - Part 3: Okay, Now let's go back to the liquid text composition. Okay, So, like the text layer and click on the toggle switches, Moz, Monitoring to see this mode and track with columns. Or you can right click on this narrow area and choose columns. Moz. Okay, Now for the text layer from this track Matte column. Select all format item. Okay, lets see everyone prevue here. So let's go to the frame 175 and press the end key. Let's see it in full screen mode. Okay, great. But I think we need to move some layers to have a better results. So open the team mass composition. Let's move, team. Ask one a little bit. Okay. Open liquid text again. It seems I moved in a wrong direction. So let's change the position again until we see this team. Ask one with more details in liquid text composition. Okay, Now the other better results. A scrub in timeline. Yes. Good. Maybe later. We need to work on T mask position again. Okay, Let's see the results. Okay. Great. Okay. Now, let's add a few frames offset to these compositions, so select text layer and t mass composition creates a for company on for the name. Enter liquids. Okay, Now the optic at this liquid composition two times by pressing concern D on let's rename them from the bottom to the top. Liquid one liquid to on finally liquid. Three. Okay, now select liquid to competition. Pulled the alky and press page down bottom five times to add five frames. Offset toe this layer this time select liquid three. Hold out and shift keys and press page down. Bottom wants to at 10 frames. Offset Now release the shift key and press page down bottom five times. In fact, we want to add 15 frames offset to liquid three composition so liquid to with a start from frame five on liquid. Three will start from frame 15. Okay, now I want to add a color to each layer, so select the liquid one composition from the menu. Choose effect generate feel. For this color box, enter, see 4 to 6 to five. Select these feel effect from the menu. Choose edit copy. Select liquid to and liquid. Three compositions on based the feel effect. Okay, now let's change the color for liquid to so enter the C 691 a and finally, for the liquid three composition, enter three C four F six to make sure work area and handle is unframed. 175 on. Then press the space bar key. Okay, good. Okay, Now I'm going to add something like a wave effect. With this composition, it's helps to have more liquid effect for our text. So select liquid one composition on in effects and perceptible. Find and apply turbulent displays. Effect. Let's change the size property to 50. Go to the frame zero and change amounts value to 25 onset a key frame. I now go to the frame 175 and change amounts value to zero. Now increase the complexity to three Select liquid one on press Yuki kind of these key friends to Eazy E's and finally, for the second key frame change influence value to 75 persons. Okay, Now I want to add these turbulent displace effect to the other liquid compositions. So select this turbulent displaced effect and choose edit copy, Hold shift key and snap to the beginning, off the liquid to composition selected on. Now choose edit paste again, a snap to the beginning. Off the liquid. Three on pace. Tourbillon displaced effect over this layer as well. Okay, now. So, like these three compositions Christie, Yuki on. As you can see, Alaska frame is unframed. 190. So more work area and handled to the frame. 200. Okay, let's see a ramp review. Great. Awesome. Okay, Now let's add a little bit more dynamic movements toe this liquid effect, so select liquid one in effort. Controls panel and in turbulent distress effect. Hold the R key and click on this evolution. A stopwatch. Did this script created by aftereffects on enter this coat time? Times 500 Follow the same process for liquid to this time. Enter time times 750. And finally for liquid three. Enter time times 1000. Okay. Before watching the Ram purview, I said, just to clear the memories. So from the menu, choose edit perch, all memory and these cash aftereffects asks you if you're sure to delete all these cash files, click. OK, it takes a few seconds. This will help us to run the aftereffects smoothly by having more memory and disk space. Okay, Don played around Prevue. Okay, great. Okay, Now, let's doing a little bit on. Let's change the resolution. More to fool to see what I'm talking about. As you can see here we have a theme border around our text. This border created by liquid one and liquid to compositions. So let's solve this problem. Select liquid one and find and apply a simple choker effect to it on for chalk math property. Enter three, copy it into memory and finally pass it over liquid to composition. Okay. Now, as you can see, if you have success will solve the problem. And we don't have that border anymore. Okay, Now I want to add a simple animation to our liquid text. So let's create an object from the menu. Choose layer new nal objects or press control art shift of why. Okay, Now rename it to animate. Let's zoom in a little bit. Now I want to move this anchor point to the center off the null object, so activate pan behind tool. I will do. Move this anchor point handle to the center, so hold the council key and drag it. As you can see, it is snaps to the center. Okay, now select the animate layer. Let's use to a selection tool by pressing Vicky or press of these selection tool bottom up here. Now in align panel Gilligan, align horizontally and then press align vertically to move this null object to the center of the composition. Okay, now, right click of this narrow area on Jews columns parents and think. I want to be able to scale of these three liquid compositions by this animate object, so we have to parent them to it. Select our liquid compositions on curry. Contract this picked up icon over the animate object. Or you can open one of these drop down menus and choose enemy. It's layer. Okay, now about to create a simple animation for animate object using the escape property. So select the animate layer and press s key to load a scale property. Let's go to the frame zero for escape property and the 150 Siddiqui from here. Okay, now let's go to the frame, for example, 200 change the scale value to 100. Okay, now, So like both key frames, right? Click and choose Eazy E's on for the second key frame right Greek keeper of velocity and for influence parameter. And they're 75 persons. Okay, Now, let me see each a resolution to 1/4 on. We can hide these animating object as one. Okay. And finally, let's see the ramp review. Okay, great. Okay. Now, let's add a background to the scene. So from the miniatures layer and you solidly in or press control of, I rename it to backgrounds, press made calm size bottom on for the color until this coat e f e f e f okay, And finally drag it under all available layers. Let's see around Prevue. Okay, Great. I think we have to much turbulent effect here. So aside, just to change their relation properties to their smaller values. So maybe it's not a bad idea to reduce these weight affects a little bit. So select liquid one on press Yuki two times on for devolution property. Let's change of these 500 to 200 for the liquid to Let's change it to, for example, 300. And finally, for the last one, let's change it to 400. Okay, press going from a to select all the years on killing of this air button on. Let's see a new round purview. Okay, I think we have a better result now. Less of a V motion effect. Okay, Awesome. If you like, you can add some more effects to these shape players. For example, you can add shadow effect. Let me show you how to do it. Select liquid one from the menu. Choose effect perspective. Drop shadow. Okay, let's zoom in a little bit. We can change of these distance. Promise. Er, for example, that city to 10 change the opacity to know it's okay. How about the softness? Let's send you to 15. Okay. Okay. Now I can copy these. Drop shadow effect by person control. See? Now select liquid to on liquid three. Then from the menu, choose edit paste on. Finally, let's see a ramp review. Okay, great. Maybe it's better to increase the distance barometer for the liquid three layers. So let's zoom in. Let's change it to 20 or even more. Maybe you're 30. No, I think it's too much. Let's change it to 25 on. Let's see Iran preview. Okay. Anyway, it's just an option. You can add it to the scene to have more details. Of course, if you like to have an attractive and awesome results. If you don't like to have this shadow effect, simply click of this FX bottom besides your drop shadow effect to turn it off. Okay, great. Okay. I hope you have enjoyed watching this video tutorial so far. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how to rent their your animation. So thanks for watching and see you soon. I mean, I stay, and by 5. Render: everyone and welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed watching this video tutorial so far. OK? In this video, I'm gonna show you how to render your liquid text affect animation. So select liquid text composition from the menu. Choose composition at to render queue operas. Consul em here in render cute up. We are three important sections, Brenda. Something's asked with modules on afterward too. OK, now click on the best settings option Here in this section said the quality to best said the resolution to full or half. If you choose the half option your video file will be in half size are four K resolution. I mean, instead of having 38 40 pixels in 2160 pixels, you will have 1920 pixels in 10 80 pixels in full option. You will have a very high quality video fight, and also, aftereffects will create a very large file size for you. So pay attention to this point in frame rate section. Select the first option. I mean, 30 friends per second, as you can see here in your current project settings. Okay. Now, Prince. Okay. Okay. Now, in this output module, click on this last this option he had. We can choose a proper video Codec informer section. We have several options. J Picks equals Pangea sequins. And so, uh, I prefer to use creek time format. Now click on this former options butter in this video Codec section. We have lots of video. Codex. If you have Etch 0.264 I highly recommend you to use that compressor. It creates high quality videos with a smile on optimize file size. Unfortunately, I don't have it here now, so I prefer to use the animation compressor, press the okay button and finally, here in upper to section. Click on this name on a specified the destination folder and choose a finding, for example, liquid text on, then press to save bottom. Okay. Before pursing the render bottle, let's check a few things. Open the liquid text top on next. Your your work area and handle is unframed 200. But if you like to render the whole project time land, simply drive this blue 100 to the right or the friend 300. Otherwise, leave it at the frame 200 now again open rather cute up, and everything is ready to render so pressed of in their bottom to decrease the render time . You can turn on the caps lock button on your keyboard to freeze these composition window so it won't be updated for each frame, and it helps to render the project a little bit faster. Okay, I hope you have enjoyed watching this video tutorial. Let us. Now, if you have any questions about this video tutorial on Derby after Frank's on, if you'd like to learn more about it to be after effects, I highly recommend you to visit our portfolio here. And I'm sure you will find lots of great video classes that will help you to enhance your skin. Inevitably, after Frank's in a short amount of time. Okay, thanks for being with us until the end of this class. I hope to have you in our other classes as well. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day on by