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Motion Graphics: Animate Your Logos Like a Pro

teacher avatar Mathew Graphic, GRAPHIC DESIGN

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Car Logo Animation

    • 3. Letter X Illustration Logo Animation

    • 4. Letter Logo Animation

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About This Class

Hello Guys, my name is Mathew and I Will be your teacher during this course. In this course, you will learn some of the basics of logo animation. This course is beginner-friendly so everyone is welcome. We will cover some of the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects while creating logo animations. I hope that you will learn something new and enjoy this course.

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Mathew Graphic



Hello, my name is Mathew, and my goal is to share my knowledge of Graphic Design with everyone. A couple of years ago, I started my online business and I stumbled across many difficulties such as logo design and overall presentation of my brand. Then I came across Adobe Software such as Adobe Illustrator. With this software, I could finally create a logo for my business and for free! That's when I fell in love with overall graphic design. It is so cool when you have that freedom knowing that you can create anything you desire from illustrations for T-shirts and vector painting to your custom logo design. That is why I encourage you to start learning graphic design, because it has big potential in the future, from having a hobby to creating a side gig that can scale to something uni... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello guys. My name is Matt to you and I'll be your teacher during this course. In this course, you'll learn some of the basics of logo animation. This course is beginner friendly, so everyone is welcome. Will cover some of the basic tools of adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects while creating a logo animations. I hope that you will learn something new and enjoy discourse. So without further ado, let's begin with our course. 2. Car Logo Animation : To start off, go to file and place, and then import your image that you're going to turn into Illustrator. Arrange your thorough, and lock that layer and create another one on top. And then you can start by selecting a pen tool and then create your lines. You can remove a fill color, so you will have an easier process. Now. You do not need to create a complete shape. You can just create a half object and then connecting the beginning and ending line. So you can create that object. And then by copying it and rotating it, you can merge them together and have a complete shape. You can do that by using the shape builder tool. Create another layer, and continue with creating an illustration. I recommend you to rename each and every layer. So you'll know where your shapes copy an object you made, and base it on the right side. To add more depth to our illustration. We're also going to create an interior design or illustration. And here we have our final illustration. So after you have made your illustration and go to File and New and create a new Canvas. I recommend you to use a web large preset. So click on this, press it and click Create, and then copy your illustration and paste it on. You're just created Canvas. So you'll have your illustration on one layer. So create another one and drag it on the bottom and rename it background. So now, use our rectangle tool to create a background shape. And now let's change a fill color to gray, for example. Okay, so now I want to create a logo. So I'll create a third layer and rename it logo. So I want my logo to have this headlight of a Lambda and texts or company name, but I'll just name it car logo. So let's copy this headlight. First, ungroup everything so I can copy it. So select both parts and just click control C to copy it and then go to Logo Layer and just paste it and align it. And make sure that the logo part is on top. And now I'll hide these two layers and lock them. You don't need to have the tibial division of a background layer. So now let's add a text to our logo. So I'll name it current logo. And now increase the size and change a font. Yeah, I think that this is good font. So you can increase more size. And then you can click Create Outlines. Now you can change color of each and every letter or change the stroke color. So I will color this logo party in a different color. So it will be so double-click to enter isolation layer and then select your words. And then use our eyedropper tool to find a color and remove or decrease the size of a stroke. As you can see, you can just degrees a size of a shock of a one-letter. So I'll select a logo and select U1, point, choke size, and click exit isolation mode. You can also remove the stroke, which I think I'll do. And now we have our logo. Later on in the animation, I will add up, add a bigger scale to our logo so it is more visible. So now, after you have created your logo, go to File and Save As, and then move on to Adobe After Effects. So now when you have opened Adobe After Effects, just drag your logo. So after you hear it imported or Adobe Illustrator file in Adobe After Effects, you'll be greeted with this landing window. So in the import kind, select composition and any footage dimensions, select a layer size and click Okay, and then drag your compost file in this timeline Layer window. And here you have your illustration. How I want to animate my logo is that my Lamborghini is slowly and gradually becoming larger and larger till, till this point. Then my logo appears from the left side, for example. And then my a Lamborghini disappears. So this is a pretty simple and beginner friendly logo. So first let's click Transform arrow, and then As select a scale stopwatch. And it automatically created a keyframe. So first, let's select a keyframe, for example here. And third, second, and add a keyframe. So till this point, our Lamborghini is becoming larger and larger. So when we go back to the first keyframe, I will type 0% on scale. Okay, I forgot to, this is a logo layer, so never mind. Let's just remove keyframes and go to the layer 1 and then repeat the process. So here I have scale stopwatch and here keyframe at 0%. So let's see what happens. So yeah, till this point. So now our logo appears. So we can go back to the logo layer. And now from this point, our logo is going from the left side to the right. So let's add a position keyframe. So it automatically creates a keyframe. So go to the fifth second and click keyframe. And then here our logo is in the center. So we have to adjust our logo to the left hold Shift. If you want a straight line and drag on the left, click on your mouse and release it. So, and now we have our logo in the center. So now what we want now is that car is slowly disappearing and my logo is becoming larger. But I want that to happen very fast, so I will create a shorter span in keyframes. So I can again go to layer one and click stopwatch where capacity is, so it creates a keyframe. So I'll move slightly forward. You'll hear, for example, and add, and add a keyframe and then type 0%, I'll move it much closer. And now when our car disappears, I want my logo to become larger. So let's go to scale and click stopwatch, and move slightly forward and that, and add another keyframe. And then dive, for example, to a 100 percent. So let's see what we have made so far. What is also great about After Effects is that you can play with options and see what fits your bass. So I think that I wanted to create another smaller animation using a scale settings. So I'll add another keyframe and type, for example, 150 per cent. So I think that that's suitable size for our logo. So it is very visible and cool-looking and also not small, either. Large, so it's in the middle. So let's see what. So let's see how this animation looks so far. I think that maybe we can move car keyframe more to the left. So it is faster. I'll undo this and I'll select, I will select, I'll select every keyframe from this part and move slightly to the left so it is faster. And if you want to create a loop, you can just drag this slider to the left. Deal, for example here, and then just click Play. And it will be on the loop. Now if you're pleased with how your animation looks, you can then click composition and pre-render. And then you have a settings. So outputs two is where your file will be exported. Output module is what format your animation and will be. So I recommend you to have your animation format as AVI. And then if it's too large for your storage unit, you can then go to Adobe Premiere Pro and edit in MP3 or MP4 format. So I'll just leave as it is and click Okay, and then best settings. Here you can add how longer animation will be and the quality and the size. So if you're pleased with everything and just click OK and then click Render. And you'll have your animation on your PC. 3. Letter X Illustration Logo Animation: So to start off, create a rectangle shape that is the same size of our canvas on the background layer. So you can rename your layer by double-clicking on your layer name. So after you do that, change a fill color and then select. But before you do that, create another layer and rename it to Logo. And then select our type tool and type your logo name or slogan, whatever. And then increase your size of the word and change a font type. You can find many fonts that are free on the internet. So after we do that, I'll center this word in the middle and expanded in a shape. And then copy that word in front and change to a brighter color. In this case, brighter green. And now create your, for example, the rocket, in this case are it doesn't need to be a rocket, it can be a car. The rocket should look like this selected and of course separated on a different layer because we will also be animating that rocket. So after you do that, this should look like this. And now create a curved line using the Pen tool, which you will then expanded in a shape. And of course, change a show color and decrease the size. By selecting your line and going to expand. You can then create a shape. And now using a shape builder tool, remove everything that is under the line. You can play around with size of your rocket, and then we can move on to Adobe After Effects. So after you've imported your Adobe Illustrator file, you can then drag your compose file on the timeline and you'll be greeted with these layers. So go to transform and select position. So by clicking on the stopwatch, it automatically crazy to the keyframe. So fall off. So follow these steps as I am doing right now. When you set your position keyframe. And then another keyframe, for example, two seconds after, you can see this grayish line, which shows you the path that your animation or illustration is going. So this is a very neat option, or a setting or a function. So play around with this position. I'll speed up this part. Also. I am increasing scale size as our rocket is moving. So now I want to introduce my bottom layer, which is cut off by a curved line that we have created earlier. So I'll do that by using opacity setting. So select a logo layer and then click on the stopwatch. And then you can increase or decrease of opacity. But because I want to reveal the bottom layer, I'll select my opacity to 0%. And then you can edit it and see how it fits your animation the best. So now we can go back to Adobe Illustrator and select each and every letter on a different layer. Why I'm doing this is because I want to later on animate these letters. So after our rocket goes through them, some of these letters will be animators, so they are moving. So drag and drop your letters on a layers. So after you do that, you can then just save your animation and it will automatically update it on your Adobe After Effects timeline. So if it didn't automatically uploaded your layers, you can copy your layers and drag them on your previously animated After Effects file. So this should look like this. You can drag them on the bottom and then you can edit them by repeating the same process. So arrow and then transform arrow and then your options will reveal. So this is really self-explanatory part. Also speed up this part. So then we can meet at the end of this video. As you can see, I have animated my letters. So r is moving slowly and D is moving much more faster. And if you want to constantly repeat your animation, you can, then you can create a loop by dragging the right cursor to the left. And here we have our animation finished. 4. Letter Logo Animation: So to start off, select the type tool and type your word or letter. So after you do that, you can increase or decrease size of your letter and differ. Pleased with how that turned out. You can then click on Create Outlines. What it does is that your letter or word is turned into a shape, which you can then edit or add curvature or whatever you want. You can delete parts and still not delete the whole word or letter. So after you do that, create a shape. I'll be creating a rectangle. And you can arrange and send to back and then change our fill color. So after you do that, you can then curve out the angles and of course, adjust your letter. So this is a self-explanatory parts. So I'll skip to the next part. So after you have adjusted your shape, you can expect to get this type of not finished logo. So adjust your letter in the middle. And then what you can do is using a shape builder tool, remove or connect shapes, in this case letter and a rectangle shape. That was it did. So. This is also self-explanatory part. And after you created your logo, you can then group them together and add a gradient color. So use a gradient tool to add a gradient color to your complete and whole logo. So how you can do that is by selecting a group or both layers and then adding a gradient color. And then using a gradient tool, you can drag from the bottom to the top. And your gradient will apply to your logo as it is a one shape. So after you do that, you can then adjust your logos on different layers. But in this case I'll adjust this logo on the first layer. And on the second layer, you can add, for example, a company name or slogan. So after you do that, we can then move on to Adobe After Effects. So after you have exported your file in Adobe After Effects, you'll be greeted with this landing page. So make sure that you select Compose File and less size and then drag your compose file on the timeline window and double-clicking girl compose file. You will then see your layers, which you can then modify and animate. So I'll start off by, so I'll start off by animating our logo. So our logo is on layer one. So click this arrow and then Transform. And so for this logo, I'll be using rotation and opacity, but also I'll be using a position setting. So I'll be using the same technique as a daring previous logos. So I'll spin around this part. And then we will meet on the final phase of our animation. So after you are done with your animation, you can then go to Composition and pre-render and adjust your settings. And after you do that, step-by-step as it did in this tutorial, you can then click Render and you'll have your animation. It is also transparent. If you have adjust your logo in Adobe Illustrator that it does not have a background. So it means that your animation will be transparent so you can use it on different backgrounds or different videos. So click Render and you'll have your animation on your PC. Guys. I hope you have enjoyed this short course and that you have learned something. You please feel free to ask me anything and don't forget to upload your project.