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19 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Overview of the course

    • 2. Slides - dimensions, adding, deleting, reordering...

    • 3. Getting familiar with tabs and functions

    • 4. Choosing the right theme design

    • 5. Most important shortkeys in PowerPoint

    • 6. How to add text, change fonts, size, alignment, ordering...

    • 7. How to insert, move, resize images...

    • 8. How to add, change, color, outline different shapes

    • 9. How to easily arrange items on slide

    • 10. How to insert links onto the slides

    • 11. How to add charts, resize and change them

    • 12. How to insert SmartArt objects, use, resize and change them

    • 13. What are transitions and what are they used for

    • 14. What types of transitions are there and how to edit them

    • 15. How to save and export presentation as .pdf or .jpg

    • 16. Thank you and final words

    • 17. What you will be able to do if you take my advanced course

    • 18. Free preview for Advanced PowerPoint Course with FREE Templates

    • 19. Thank you

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About This Class

Dear students, in this course you will be introduced to PowerPoint, widely used program for making presentations, photos, animations... You will develop your basic skills in order to use this program and you will also make a first step to becoming PowerPoint master. Firstly we will talk about interface, than about slides and basic functions. Furthermore, we will learn how to use text, shapes, images, charts, smartart objects, transitions etc. Finally we will see how to save and export different files.

At the end you can see a preview for Advanced PowerPoint Course with FREE templates which you can find on my profile.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. Overview of the course: however, one. Welcome to this power point basic tutorial on your instructor and my name is Nicole Luna. Today I will introduce you to the power point and what we're going to do. So here I made a quick summary of the things you will be able to do after this course. Our point is create program. It is often me. It was not only for presentation, but also meant only for presentations, but also for many other things. And the most important thing I will try to do within the scores is to keep the lectures short. So I understand it all. You have some obligations outside and that you want to finish this as quickly as possible. But you also want to learn something and that this Okay, so I will try to keep them as short as possible. And without further ado, let's go. And I will show you a quick summary off what you will be able to do. So here it is, after the scores and you're in this course, you will learn how to first of all, open the Power point program and files use power point interface. That means learning how to steps functions. The other option short case, etcetera. At that, it text images, shapes, chart smart art, objects on basic level and use an added transitions. And in the end, you will learn how to say far and exported SPF or Jay Peak. Since this is a short course, I recommend that you try it. And I definitely believe that you will be able to develop some skills using this power point on that discourse will be fun and interesting to you. Thank you. 2. Slides - dimensions, adding, deleting, reordering...: Hello, everyone, Welcome to our first official lecture today. We're going to talk about two basic functions in Power Point. I will show you how to open this line, how to change the orders of the site, how to admit slides and how to delete sites. So let's start when you open the power point, you will see the problem and interface like this. Here is your first line where you can at title as it is written, I will just write Welcome students. And now let's say that I'm done with the first line I want to add. In the next life, I will go to the new slide, and that is here. As you can see, I have many more options here. I can that the new slide with a layout like this comparison and then I can change it to blank. If I want to add pictures, I can also change this slide to be picture caption and if I want to and more sluts just to show you how can I change the order of them? I just click condemn and pulled them wherever I want so I can bring this to the top and that is great. If you want to delete the slides, you press the right click. And here you see the delete. He also have the options option for your slide duplicate side, the landslide. And here, off course copy pads. I wanted to show you that you have dimensions off slides, which you can see here. Slide size. This is a white screen slide dimension like YouTube video. And this is standard Hey, for three ratio, so you can choose with every wanted. Of course, you can customize your slide here many options or you can just type in. And that bid for this first lecture sealing the next one. 3. Getting familiar with tabs and functions: Hi. Welcome door. Next lecture. Today we will be talking about these steps. So this is still our basic section off the course where we're talking about interface. So let's start. Our first step is called File here. You can see that you have option two at new presentation open. We already made presentation. Save it printed. Share it exported. Here is the home button where you can face the next to you can add new slides. I talked about that in our previous lecture. You can change the layout. You can change the font off the text. Let's use this one. You can change the size you can bold it. Taliqan underline. And what is very important here? You can't change color. Let's say toe red color. We can change the letters to be lower case uppercase capitalized each word title case. I will leave it normal. You can who detects the last side in the middle right side or equally both sides here. If you have some, I'll show you. Course the world. If you want to make it, I like like this. You can change your items here scenting with members a line of text If you wanted to be in the middle. You can see it now. I just show you the middle top or bottom this arranging thing, we'll talk about this. Maybe later. I'll show you what is it used for? And that would be this home bottom in Sir Barton, you have the ability to just bring respect. Insert bottom. You have the ability to also new slides at table. You can't make this. How many rows and columns you want? You can have pictures. You can add online pictures. So this is the pictures from your computer. This is pictures from the Internet being searched. You can ask. Creation is gonna shot. You cannot shapes. I will show you, for instance. Well, I mean by this. Okay. And smart arts charts Commons is there may be some advance function also video, but we will have the opportunity to talk about it later. Design Here you can choose the already made templates. For instance, this is great, but I just I just need to do lower the fund off. This is quite a day. Then put it to rose. Okay. Sen. Things sent them with this. Okay? It doesn't look nice, but it isn't supposed to. We're just practicing now on discussing, obviously delayed this shape. So just put it here. So it has design taste. We're talking about design. I can also change color off the design here. I mentioned that we have here slide size and we can choose our own custom background here. As you can see positions, let me just show you this one. Quick transition. Curtin's So when you move to the next slide, this is a transition. Animation will animate something's later slide show. You can click a five for the beginning of slide. Show you where you can click here from the beginning or from current slide scenting with recordings. But if you we have some also danced options here view, we'll talk about slight master how it is used. Roar guidelines. A great line story on guides on also, how option that this where you can ask her problem. This is power 0.2016. Maybe some three programs or power 0.2013 or 2010. I don't have this options, but the interface is the same. And here we have the same bottom under bottom radio. Gotten and start slideshow from the beginning. That would be it for this lecture. Thank you 4. Choosing the right theme design: Hello, guys. Welcome to our next lecture in this lecture we're going to talk about slide to the side. As I mentioned earlier, we had the ability here to choose different topics. For instance, I choose this one badge. It seems nice, and now I want to show you when you go back to home and you want to choose late. Different May house. It offers a wide range off different layouts for every team you choose. Just let these booking here. I can change the colors off slide. You can see this and this is great. I can also use custom background. It's I want to put let's say, red. I didn't want to use it custom. Then I just go to automatic more or what is great here. I also have the ability to change color of the phones of my own. We can change it to let's say some. No, I don't want to change it to change this. And Dr Car. Let's say this and this is very all this can be applied or other slides. For instance. Here the process is the same. If you want to add, you slide, you go here, click toe ad and that would be it for this design lecture. Thank you 5. Most important shortkeys in PowerPoint: Hello, everyone In this lecture, we're going to talk about short kids, the short kids in Europe, keyboards that you can use in order to do some things faster. But start, for example, when you want to copy some text, you can also market and click control crews. See, if you want to taste it, you just click control plus V and moreover, that is that this with this cool thanks So you can see I copied here the whole paragraph. If you want to delete it just quickly and press delete. Now, if you want to search something, you can click click Control plus F that this find. And let's say that I have a bunch off decks and I want to find the word point. I will type in point and click to find it, and he market here and this one also so that it is great that was control plus F. If you want to replace something, you can click control close age and let's say that I want to replace were point with words dot i can click replace Soul Power. Point said that the heat that he made to replacements, as you can see more over. You can use control plus s to save your file. If you're saving the first time that it will with it will go to say that if you have already saved it then it will just say that to that place. If you use out close four, it will go out off the file. It will likes it. But first it will ask you whether you want to save it or not. And not a great The short key is control plus a where he marks all the slides or if you, on the current slide, he will mark. Although items on one slide this is really good. Where you want to move forms, shapes, grass, etcetera. That would be it for this lecture. Thank you and see you in the next one. 6. How to add text, change fonts, size, alignment, ordering...: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next lecture In this lecture we're going to talk about the text, fonts, size, boldness, italic, underline and said through here I have a presentation. I just opened the Power Point program and went to design here and there. I have chosen this template. So here I am. And now I'm just going to show you. As you can see, here it is written click to add title. I can just sat here Welcome. And let's say that I don't like this formed like an market and then choose another one. You also have the preview. So when you hover over some phones, it will show you here how it looks like. Let's say that I want to choose this one and I want to keep it within this white field. So I will reduce the size off the formed like an also type here, let's say 60 and that looks much better if I want toe do click on to had subtitle I can just stop here. I know Monday and leave it. Leave it like that. So if I want to change color, I will go here. And the great thing here is you can. For instance, if you want to match the color of the text with this yellow color, you can choose the eyedropper and click here, and it will automatically choose that color. Let's say that I want to hold it. I just like it here underway or delegate. Now I will just fold it on. Here is you can see unable to lower case the this work or to upper case it. Moreover, I had the ability to choose how far want letters to be, so it can be very tight or very loose. I would leave it up to normal here. I also have the ability toe align the text at the top, middle or bottom, and to put it on the left side, in the middle or right side. Moreover, you have the ability to just show you princes. If you don't have any more options to put the text like you had in the beginning of this video, you can go here and insert word part, so you will get the field like this and you can type your test, for instance. Welcome to this lecture. Just let this okay and let's say that I want to put this down here. I just I don't need this. They do it like this. Welcome to this lecture. Get this looks. And now I can choose here it automatically. It has automatically sent me to forward step traditional tab you will get when you click on this war dart. And here I can choose. Sorry, not shaped file text while I can choose also the color. And moreover, I can underline it with a different color. You see, now I have borders with red car or and you can play with the effects here. Those air, some advanced options. That would be it for this works. First lecture concerning phones and size of it. See you in the next one. 7. How to insert, move, resize images...: Hello, everyone, Welcome to our next lecture here. We're going to talk about adding pictures and anything them you'll remember. You can remember this slides from our previous lecture, and now I want to show you, for instance, here I have chosen the blank slide on. Let's say that I want to add some pictures. I will go to insert that and here click Pictures. Now I will be able to add pictures from my computer. It will automatically connected to it on Let's say I want to roll too this folder and choose. I don't know this photo. Now it will automatically inserted in power point and let's say that I want toe design it a bit. I want to increase it in the size. I can just pull it down. And now let's say that I want to style it a bit. Here it will automatically sent. When I click on the picture, it will automatically send me on the four month step, and here I can add simple frame for another type of frame. I have also I can also make the picture around, and this is great. You can make a lot of things here with pictures Here you can make the corrections, as you will see with brightness and contrast here you can change a color, the color off the picture. And you have a lot off artistic effect. Some of regular someone not free. Okay. And now let's say that I want to add another picture. But this time I want to add it from the Internet. I can click here on online pictures and it will automatically connect me just seconds. It will automatically connect me to being searched. The Microsoft is the owner off power point and all the office package. And it is also owner of the being. So it will send you to the being, not to the Google. They can die here. Just, I don't know, mobile phone. Now he will show me some pictures. Although they're not that much pretty. I would choose this one and click insert, and now he will bring this picture too. Doing this will bring this picture. I can also resize it, make it larger and put it wherever I want. That would be it for this tutorial. Thank you. And see you in the next lecture. 8. How to add, change, color, outline different shapes: Hello, students. Contour. Next lecture. Today we're going to talk about adding shapes. How toe added them. And what can you do with them? I will just take another the Lang slight or no, I can just show it here. So just stops. Um next lecture currently here shapes on everything. Okay, so let's say that I want to add some shapes. I will go to insert tab here shapes and now I have various shapes I can choose. I would just use this one and as you can see, it will commanded with said me too for months that here I can choose the car or I can just go here shaped Phil, and it will change the color off the shape. I'm pretty satisfied with this one. But here with underlying I can change, you can see Just let me make this Mawr emphasized. You can see the border more emphasized now. And if I change the color, you can see What is it referring to? So that border And if I want to make the shape without border, I just go here to know Klein here I can it at some shape affect or those air some advanced options, and if I want to criticize them, I can do that. I can rotate it and shapes a very good because you can make a lot off good and great designs with them. I just make something here now, just okay, Let's say that I want to put this shape behind this text just now. It is overlapping text, but if I go to home a range and then tell power going to send that shape to back, it will do this, and that is great. And let's say that I want to add a line or to make some kind of line here. Just do make him is to contribute to design a bit. I can do this and that's look on, that looks great. Shakes are very good because you can you can make a lot of great things with them. You can, I don't know, improvise. For instance, if you want to make a new background, you want to make the background yellow. You can just do this. You don't have to go to design and then former backgrounds. You can date the shape and just just take it. Sorry, just do this. And now just No. And now you can. I know. Type. Here, insert your text. Here, insert Greg's. Sorry. Thanks. So ships are great. You can add any shape you like Here. I will just show you. You can add. I know Triangle. Just like change the car. Try in the core You can add arrow. Yeah, OK. Word is I'm sorry. I have moved this background. So here it is. Okay. And if you want to change to shape, you can Sorry. If you want to copy it, you can go here Or if you want to edit its point, Those are some advanced options. But I will just show you how they work. If you want to make your own shape, you can do something like this sending here with triangle if you want a corns on. If you want to emphasize something or bring something down, you can do that. It is great. That would be it for this lecture. See you in the next one 9. How to easily arrange items on slide: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next tutorial today. We're going to talk about background and orders off things on our slides Here. I want to show you that you can remember I inserted this taking part angular shape in order to make a ground. But here I will show you how to change the background without making shapes you can go to design. We already talked about it, but I will show you now click for my background. And here, If you just want to input some color, you can click on it Or you can choose Grady and feel that way It will makes more cars. This is great for some advanced. Let me just show you want to make it No darker then like her doesn't look so nice now. Actually, it looks horrible, but doesn't mind. I just doesn't matter. I just want to show you various offense. You have You can add a picture now that you want to put in the background. And now let's go to just bring this the automatic. If you want to put it back like it Waas, You don't have to go to radio You under one new window. You can just click here automatic. And now let me show you how to arrange things in your slide. I just insert here more dense Serie overlaid on this one. So I have guys here. Que the thanks. They have shapes. What can I l said I can let no make a net. This we're just copping and based in things now. Oh, sorry. And I just What? This India. Okay. And now, as you can see, I have 123456 things on my slide. What just turned itself. And I want to arrange them. So because you can see this shape is where is it? Home is brought to from two front. This shape, this is behind it. This and this shape is behind this picture. And yeah, this words are in front of this picture. So let's say that I want to put this picture to the bag. I will click on it and click here, sent to back, and it will go also behind this shape. But let's say now that I want to put this shape at the end. I just got your Sorry. I want to switch this off. Just dilating this additional paragraphs. Okay, so my picture is back. I want to leave this here and just see Okay. I want to bring that text in front of this shape. I will go to arrange and bring forward more. I can do this more that Sorry, I just sent its to back. I just wanted to Sorry. I made a mistake here. I wanted to bring this to front. And I want to. This as you can see now, I brought this text in front of this shape. And let's say that I want to put this text behind this shape. I just go to send backwards more time until it send it behind this triangle. So when you want to change the order of something, you click on it. If you like, bring to front. It will bring it to the first place. If you feel like sent to back, it will bring it to the last place. And if you click, bring forward, it will move the one by one in front of others. And same thing for the back. That big for this lecture. Thank you. See you in the next one. 10. How to insert links onto the slides: Hello. Everyone in this lecture want to talk about inserting links in your presentation? What starts? Let's say that I want to answer here. Course. Let's say now that I want to insert my You didn't don't mean you. You, To me you are. And when someone placed here instructor off the course, it will automatically bring them to my profile Page you did me. I will mark the text you to insert and click on Blink address. Copy that you are and click. OK. And now when someone press control and click place on this words, it will automatically leave them to me. Bring them to my you to meet profile What? You just show you here? You concede This'll Olindo Paris. So this is great when you want to. I don't know if you're representing your business and in the end of presentation you want to have your Facebook page lengthen pro for something like that, you don't have to type. That will be That will be double we I don't know, facebook dot com slash etcetera. You can just think foot Facebook page and people click on it. The link will bring them to your page that is awesome. And you can still use this when you want to call it something from Wikipedia. If you're referring toe, if your reference to something. So that would be it for this lecture. Thank you. And see you in the next one. 11. How to add charts, resize and change them: Hi, guys. Welcome to our next lecture today. We're going to talk about inserting grass and what can you do with them? I have a blank slide here. Let's say that I want to show some statistic I will go to insert and then I will choose. Charts on here have various options that I can choose from. Let's say that I will use spy here and can choose which by three defy or five. Buy or borrow for 512 to to use. I want to use the 1st 1 and now reporting for automatically insert that chart. Actually this slide and here it will connect to Excel, where you can type your Let's say that we're talking about sales. It isn't it. Is it worth it? Here On first quarter, you managed to have no 44% in the next. You had 32%. Here. You have only sorry, you only have 10% on Let's say that here you had. How much is this for? 47 to say. OK, so you can also add more rows or columns here, and you can also want to show you change the size off your chart If you want to insert them more, you want toe change the design off your slides. You can do that here, change colors. And if you want to add another chart, just go here. Just this that bar and add it here. That bid for this lecture. Thank you and see him in the next one. 12. How to insert SmartArt objects, use, resize and change them: held their students on this lecture. We're going to talk about smart, ours and the ability to the possibility of using them. I chosen here blank slide. I want to go to insert scores are smart. It's very good when you want to make a list something or an enumeration. When you want to number something, let's say that I want to I know, right down along the programs from Microsoft office. So I have cover point, then I have No, I think so. I have Ward access clock. Okay. And now the power point has automatically made a smart art. I can change it. Change layout, for instance. If I want to insert I don't know like this so you can see it here on the design. Deb, I can change the colors. If I wanted to look different, I can change form of it or this side you can see here. I can make it three d. This looks great. And the same thing is with any other things you dio just that your slide to show you. Let's say that I want to insert smarter for I don't know. Here. Um it okay, I can no number three number to, and I can add it to the text in the way I like, So I want to Sorry. Make this s'more. Okay. Sending with this on. What's looking like this? So smart? Small jars are great for lots of things. You can spend some time there and trying different options and see what you can do. That would be it for this lecture. See you in the next one. 13. What are transitions and what are they used for: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our next lecture today. We're going to talk about transitions. Transition is used when you want to move for more, slide to another and just show you here when you just begin this slide show. No, I can click at five. And now, when I moved to the next slide is you can see there aren't any effects. But when I insert a transition, I will hear transitions and Blake leads. Say, push as you saw. I have the ability to make it interesting so I can use that position. Four. I will say this one Curtin's We just made it up this. Okay, so now just they look, this is great. In the next video we're going to talk about how can you add some transitions and which position you can use? So see you in the next 14. What types of transitions are there and how to edit them: Hello, guys. Welcome to our next lecture. We're continuing your story on transitions. As we mentioned earlier transitions air used to cross from one slide to another and to make that cross or transfer more beautiful, I will just use now. I have used here curtains as you remember and I would just use here would say Fade. I will use here random bars. Hero will use flash here. I will use this. Let me put some text. Thanks next to here, I will use over on Dhere I will use What else do I have? Airplane? No case looks great. So we'll start our presentation from the beginning. As you can see while I'm moving my slides, we have different transitions. They seem nice. So we have a lot off the different positions to use. For instance, you also have here pick you. But when you click on it, it will show you. Here's a wind transition. Peel off transition. Brian's transition box transition. So with this for people. So it is very good on. I also want want to show you here. For instance, When you use this push transition here you have effect options. You don't have to use only pushed from bottom. You can also use push from laughed or who's from top. But welcome is mostly used because somehow it is logically to go from top to the bottom when you're presenting something, since your slides are here and they're also ordered from top to the bottom. And moreover, when you use, let's see which one is also use. Let's say curtains. Sorry, I will use them here you can know, so change the speed off them now. This transition takes about six seconds. I will type two seconds and you will see how faster now it goes and then is much, much better. Moreover, when you use some here you saw check more transition and you can This was strong left, and you can change it to be from top, sending with peel off. This was from left. You can choose it to be from right, and it is great. You have different options. Maybe some under a power point. I don't know $2000 in 2010. You don't have all of these positions, but you have many here and it is create clock transition or counterclockwise more wedge. So these are some great things sending with gallery. I don't know other side. So this gender Okay, this is so lies. But you can do this with no diamonds. Exactly. What else? Yeah, diamonds from bottom. So you have great things here and you can improvised with, then airplane also from one side to the other side. And that is great. So that would be for transitions. You can choose them here, and you can change their duration here. And you just click on it and choose on. That is it. Thank you, guys, and see you in the next lecture. 15. How to save and export presentation as .pdf or .jpg: Welcome toe. Next lecture. Today, we're going to talk about saving your power going file. How can you make sure that it is in the lead? And how can you, of course, send it to someone else? So let's say that we're done with our presentations with our presentation when we have some blank slides within use. For instance, this one and also this one. Ah, I will now just show you if you're done the first time when you're saving. Since I didn't save this, we have to go to file. Say this. I would say that we're going to save it on that. Stop and I will call this presentation. That's okay. Click save renter. And now, every time I change something, let's say that I want to change this. Just click here and save or control plus s, and it will automatically save it to the same place. Now, what is also important here when you go to save option on here, you have many files. The proper point is making its its updated version every few years. So sometimes when you open when you make a presentation in cover 0.0.2016 like I'm doing now. And when someone who has power 0.2003 or 2007 on their computer when they open it, they won't see maybe all of the options or facts. I have inputted, for instance, and transitions, etcetera. And that's why it is important to know which over point filed as a person you're sending to has. And you can save it here in public point to tell us a pre or no proper point for some males that you can also say that this video, as you can even save some slide, says the JPG images BNG images that moreover, you can save your public going presentation as pdf file. If you leave it here as standard the center, it will keep good quality and it you. If you try this minimum size, it is, it will lower the quality of some images, and it will reduce the science of file that is very important when you're sending those documents to via email or through the Internet. How I will keep it standard and saving as a PdF off course when you're safe. Eyeless PDF. It doesn't have transitions or animations, and it is it is not the dynamic document and I will show you now just exit. I will open firstly on my pdf file. So just a second. Here it is my pdf file on when I go to the next slide. As you can see, this is very good. When you want to present something as a catalogue or I don't know some we want to make some posters. Power can be used for that also. And if I want to open my document file, actually I just click on it and it will bring me back to this previous we had and I can added days, etcetera. So that would be it for this lecture. Yes. I also want to show you how you could save some slide sizes image. So let's check this Jay pek and click Save Now Power Point will ask me whether I want to save just the first or just this one slight as Jay big or every slides, or actually, all sites I would play pool slides and now I will show you how it looks here. This he made separated folder. As you can see, I have jpg images, so our point is great. I hope you. You. So how it is, how it is done. And you can save your files whenever you want. Here. So I will see. That would be it. I will see you in the next lecture. 16. Thank you and final words: Hi guys. So welcome to our last lecture at the end. I want Teoh. Thank you for participating in this scores. I hope you have a great time that you're something just something, a lot of things and that this course was helpful to you. Moreover, I want Teoh just show you a summary of what you learned in this course. So first of all, you learn how to open the Power Point program and files how to use Power Point interface. That's fashion short kids and lots of other options. You also learn how to add and edit text images, shapes charged, smarter Rogers and many other things. Moreover, you learn how to use another transitions which are vory fun and interesting and in the angular, how to say fun and exported as a PdF file orgy back that this is images and when I also wanted to tell you is that you can visit my enemy profile and signing for other cover for courses. If you want to improve your knowledge from this area, Aziz, you can see we will have the opportunity to make sure you will have the opportunity to learn how to make your presentation look professional. Learn how to make custom shapes part arts, the charts, tables and many other things Will your you will you will learn how to use animations and how to cost them. Then how to use slight master, which will be very important when you want to edit some templates and how to experts. Size is a video, of course, many other things that dimensional them here there wouldn't be any point of doing so. So I would invite invited to visit some other course when they become available on my profile to sign up for them. And you will have the opportunity to become a power point, Laster. And to make your presentation look awesome. Thank you once again for enrolling in this course. I hope you had a great time. I would ask you to give me a review or give me a feedback. If there is something you want me to change to make better If there If you have any problems with this course, please let me know in the comments. And I'm looking forward to working with you again. Thank you. Have a nice day. 17. What you will be able to do if you take my advanced course: Hi guys. Just one more thing. In the end, I wanted to just show you which slides and templates you will be able to make issue. Sign up for my events, of course. So now we'll show you some presentations that we will go through. And here you can see all great days. This is just the presentation referring to the charts that you will be able to make so a lot of three D designs afraid unique modern designs that you will have the opportunity to make. And not just that, but you will be able to let me show you here. It will be able to make your unique design and to change it in the way you like. You will be able to insert them images, Insert your own Aikens next, and that is that is truly great Germany. Awesome. You have the ability to do this. Your presentations will be very good. It will keep the attention off the viewer, which is very important when you're presenting something as you can see. Is there some great items, so many things you can do and it's definitely it's not that hard to turn off these things. You will be able to do that after just condition one advanced course. I have a course on my user profile. You can keep following and I will keep you updated with it and also these things. So is there some great things you can do? And they look very nice. You can play, however, you life with powerful in, and that's something control of curry. So that's what the it thank you for participating in this course and keep following my profile. Keep updated and seal on some other course. Thank you. 18. Free preview for Advanced PowerPoint Course with FREE Templates: Helder students. Welcome to this advance Power Point course. I'm so happy that you're here and in this short over here off the course, I'm going to show you what you will learn here. So if you're going to Power point, I suggest that you take most basic Power point course, which you will find my profile instructor dashboard, actually, and it's free. And if you have finished that course, this will be a great follow through, and you will gain a lot of new skills and experience to work in proper pouring. So without for the review, let's dive into the scores and it's overview. So, firstly, I want to show you that you will be able to gain you skills and advanced skills, and you will also get tested practical knowledge and on the right, you can see the things that were going toe go through in this course, some sections. So first they were going to talk about how toe insert an edit, images and videos. Then we're going to talk about how to use word art. Grady in colors. Moreover, well, we're going to mention smarter objects, animations and transitions. Later on, we're going to talk about slide master and how you can make coal templates. Here we will have a section where we will talk about and I will show you how to. May I catch any the end? We're going to Dick looks out on some settings and exported, so that would be it for thistle Overview. This is a short, just a short presentation. Teoh once again, show me what you will do in this course if you take it if you sign up for it. So we will talk about images, videos, how you can make all effects with that smart, dark objects, animations, transitions slide master, which is very popular and great. If you want to make that for someone example, templates and presentations and Indian some things, you will gain a certificate and that will be open for any of your questions. Have. Serve you is your support. You will take some quizzes tests you will have practical knowledge. And in the end I'm sure that you will have a positive review. I'm open for your questions. Let me know if you need anything. And if you're interested in sign up for this course and let Sloane together. Thank you for watching and seal on some other lessons. Thank you. 19. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses