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About This Class

Mosaics for beginners

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I loved this class! The instruction is very clear and I liked the instructor. Thank you for your videos :)
I enjoyed this class. As someone with some mosaic experience it was very interesting to see a different technique and I think beginners would get a lot from it. I found the teacher engaging and I feel inspired to go and try something different.





Vera Rankovic

Nourishment for the soul and for the body


My two main interests and fields of teaching are: 1.ART and 2. HEALTHY EATING. Food for the soul and food for the body.

There will be classes in both of these  broad areas..

IN ART: I have a BFA from Museum School of Fine Arts, Tufts University, Boston, Ma. Majored in painting. Since then I have done a lot of work in ceramics and mosaic as well. But art has been my secondary career. Nevertheless, I have participated in many collective exhibitions and have had several of my own, and I have been selling my art for years. At the moment I have and Etsy shop at

My primary career was journalism with translation on the side. I had a very successful career on Serbian state television as  journalist, correspondent and editor, and as an opinion  writer on foreign policy for many distinguished magazines. I was president of Forum for International Relations, the most highly regarded Serbian think tank. 

One of my newer interests (newer meaning past ten years or so) is food (organic) and health (as in prevention). I have combined those two in the organic farm I run, ( appropriately named Organic Farm Life,) where we not only grow organic vegetables, but prepare them in a way to promote health and help prevent systemic and lifestyle-caused chronic diseases that plague the population today. Education is also one of our important activities on the farm. One of the most neglected practices,(especially in America)  even though it is known since the ancient times, and has shown to be extremely healthy is fermenting of  food - all cultures have done it for centuries. There will be a number of classes showing  methods of fermentation used to preserve food for the winter  in  Eastern European countries (mainly Serbia)  and the Balkans. 

So, on this channel you will find not only art stuff - mosaics, ceramics, painting, but also many methods of preparing your food to make it not only extremely healthy, but delicious!

I have only one class so far, and I am painfully aware of the beginners mistakes that come from my  not being (as yet) familiar with the technical side (I have never done editing myself  before) of making videos. But, of course, there are many apps to help me and I will get the hang of it. Even if it kills me!

I plan to make a new class every month and along with the main subject I plan to include many precious bits of information that might be of interest and use to you in your quest to feed your body and your soul. So check back every now and then, and see what's new! 

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