Mosaics 101: Mosaic House Numbers | Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil | Skillshare
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6 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • What You'll Need

    • Prepping The Surface

    • Starting Your Mosaic

    • Adding The Tiles

    • Finished Mosaic


About This Class

Ever wanted to get started in mosaics? Here's a great beginner project! These mosaic house numbers go together lightning fast because they don't need any grout. You just let the silicone glue show through the mosaic.

Even if you've never done a mosaic project before, you can do this one. We'll show you how to apply the silicone adhesive and how to arrange the keys and tiles. That's all there is to it. Let's do it!






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Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

Running With Sisters: Come Craft With Us!


We're the O'Neil Sisters! Kitty's on the left and Jennifer is on the right. We really are sisters and we live about 40 minutes from each other in the San Francisco Bay area.

We started working together over ten years ago when we wrote our first book Decorating With Funky Shui. Since then we've authored five more craft books and our craft projects have been featured in Woman's World magazine, Create and Decorate, Craft Ideas, and Bead Unique. Our work has been featured onlin...

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