Mosaic Rainbow Rocks | Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction & What You'll Need

    • 2. Gluing The Tiles

    • 3. Mixing & Tinting The Grout

    • 4. Grouting The Rocks

    • 5. Buffing The Tiles

    • 6. Sealing & Finishing The Mosaic


About This Class

Learn to make these colorful Mosaic Garden Rocks. We'll show you everything you need to do this beginner level mosaic project. It's fun and easy!


These mosaic rocks are made with regular old rocks. And we'll show you step by step how to make them:

  • how to glue on the tiles
  • how to mix the grout
  • how to tint the grout
  • how to grout the mosiac
  • how to buff the tiles
  • how to seal the rainbow rocks

The mosaic skills you'll learn in this class can be used on all kinds of mosaics! You can tile a picture frame, a wine bottle, a garden bench, or a even a birdhouse!

And remember, while you are working on your mosaic rocks, we are right here to help! Just leave us a comment and we'll reply!

Cheers, Jennifer & Kitty





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Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

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We started working together over ten years ago when we wrote our first book Decorating With Funky Shui. Since then we've authored five more craft books and our craft projects have been featured in Woman's World magazine, Create and Decorate, Craft Ideas, and Bead Unique. Our work has been featured onlin...

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