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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction & What You'll Need

    • 2. Gluing The Tiles

    • 3. Mixing & Tinting The Grout

    • 4. Grouting The Rocks

    • 5. Buffing The Tiles

    • 6. Sealing & Finishing The Mosaic


Project Description

Make Your Own Mosaic Rainbow Rocks

Gather a selection of colorful tiles in all shapes and sizes. We made ours look like a rainbow, but you can make Mosaic Rocks with any tiles you like. The design is up to you! 


You can make just one mosaic rock or as many as you like. Your mosaic rock should have tiles that are not too far apart so your grout lines are less than half an inch. You should tint your grout. Sealing the mosaic is not required.

We have instructions attached if you'd like to print out the materials list and all the steps.

We would love to see your mosaic project, so please upload a picture to share with the class!


Jennifer & Kitty

p.s. Remember if you have any questions or comments, leave us a comment and we'll reply! We're here to help!

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