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Morphing 2 different scenes in After Effects

Leo Dinh, I'm a CEO/Creative Director/Animator

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7 Videos (2h 6m)
    • Introduction

    • Working with Illustrator

    • Animating the Sun, the clouds and waves

    • Animating Text

    • Animating the Character

    • Animating the Background

    • Morphing the Car

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About This Class

In this series, I'm gonna show you how to animate the transitional effect between 2 different scenes in After Effects using various animation technique. You will learn how to:

  • Preparing Illustrator files for Animation
  • Animating Text Adjusting Speed Graph to smoothen animation
  • Using Camera in After Effects for transitions
  • Using Shape Layer to animate in After Effetcs
  • Morphing 2 different objects in After Effects
  • Basic of character Animation
  • Using Kinetic script to create bouncing animation effect
  • Learning how to use principle of Animation

The song I got the inspiration from is It's a beautiful day of Michael Bublé.

Download the project to practice here





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Leo Dinh

I'm a CEO/Creative Director/Animator

My name is Leo DINH,and I am the CEO of Red Cat Motion, a Video Agency and the founder of Red Cat Academy, an Animation Training School in Vietnam.

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