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Moroccan Traditional Breakfast: Pancakes “Beghrir”

teacher avatar Saad-Eddine Ouasti, Teaches Moroccan Cuisine

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Overview of the Course

    • 2. Key Ingredients

    • 3. Make the Batter

    • 4. Final Mixture

    • 5. Cooking Instructions

    • 6. Pancake Topping

    • 7. Bonus Topping

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About This Class

Moroccan traditional pancakes mostly knowns as Beghrir or baghrir are spongy, melt-in-your-mouth made from a crepe-like semolina batter. Light and tender, these pancakes are characterized by a unique honeycomb-like appearance. This is a result of yeast in the batter, which causes hundreds of bubbles to rise and break on the surface of the pancake while it cooks.

Start your holiday breakfast tradition making the Moroccan pancakes rarely eaten plain. Instead, a sweet topping can make a tasty difference. Moroccans are most likely to enjoy them dipped in a syrup made from butter and honey; or they might be served with cream cheese, olive oil, or jam on the side.

Moroccan Pancakes are usually cooked only on one side. However, in some regions the cooks will flip them over briefly; in that case, they might be called khringos.

Note: I am fully committed to helping you learn and master the secrets of Moroccan cuisine. Let’s meet inside to build your first stunning Moroccan pancake.

Now it’s your time to shine.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Saad-Eddine Ouasti

Teaches Moroccan Cuisine


Saad is a cooking expert with a deep love for Moroccan cuisine. He is an expert in the areas of cooking and meal preparation. His upbringing is deeply rooted in his cooking as he was raised in a Moroccan family that believes in the traditional cooking techniques where he witnessed the different tools, secrets, and guidelines followed to create wonderful vibrant Moroccan meals. His courses are intended to demystify the Moroccan cooking, with very simple and easy to understand content. His secrete is fun, loving, and easy to follow guidelines. Taking one of his classes will take you back to the streets of Marrakech and the luxury restaurant of the wonderful Moroccan cuisine.

Saad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the areas of Finance and Marketing.  His work is in the area... See full profile

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1. Overview of the Course: Hello, everyone and welcome In today's video, my name is headed in from Morocco, North Africa, and today we're going to discover the Moroccan cuisine on what raided American cuisine has to offer in terms of ingredients in terms of food, dishes and all the spices, the mix off, fresh, salty and sweetness. That's basically what's special about the Moroccan cuisine. So first we are going to see the famous breakfast. We call it Moroccan pancakes in Morocco. It's called the area Okay in Arabic, it's a career. So for those of you are wondering like, what is this Moroccan pancake? Because what we all know is like American traditional pancakes with butter, with the syrup with some Berries and all of this. But we also have a version for the Moroccan pancakes, which are also amazing. Okay, so that's what we are going to prepare for today's scores. It's about the Moroccan pancake, so be ready. We're going to see now the ingredients that you, all of you guys should have at home. It's basically basically ingredients. Okay, so let's make sure we do our shopping first, so we need to make sure that this ingredient that available and then we're going to kick and start some really good pancakes 2. Key Ingredients: with the first ingredients, which is somewhat enough, this one. You can find guys in the supermarket, so what you can do is you can ask the guys that are working out there about Simona. You compound it next to the quinoa and couscous shelf, so we need approximately 1000 grams off some arena, which is equal to three US cups. Then we wouldn't need the all purpose flour. How did hear 100 grams of or purpose flour that normal flower where you're doing making off beat so forth? I'm using here one tablespoon of sugar on one teaspoon of salt here, and he was in Himalayan salt. You can use normal suit as well. On this depends basically on their taste. So if you can have less or more, that depends on your taste. Here are having bacon powder and yeast, so baking powder is basically I am having here for Seagram's off bacon powder. And I have been here seven grams of east on having here one liter of Warm Watcher This war much it is important we should have it cold and neither. What's so basically, that's the whole ingredients needed for this recipe. 3. Make the Batter: so get after seeing all the ingredients needed for this recipe. One important to that I will be using for this recipe is this bottom. So you can use the normal bottle. You can use the milk or which is like one later or two leaders the that. But that has that hand here. So this one is optional. Okay, you can have whatever but you have at home for me. I will be using this one. So this one is basically to mix these ingredients after we fix it first here in our container. So this one would use later on. We will see how it would be using this one. Because that's what is key for this ingredients. So first of all, let's have our similarly not here. Then we would have our or purpose Flammer. So, as I said before, guys here and I have 1000 grams of semolina, three US cops here. I'm having 100 brands of what group was flower. Then I'm having here my salt on my sugar, one tablespoon of sugar and one teaspoon of salt here. Yeah. Then I will be putting also my baking powder on my east, which I'm having here 17 grams off bacon. Father and I have been here seven grands of just. Then I would be mixing this all this gangrenous together, so I will be adding water approximately. Okay, so I'm not going to use all this water. But basically I will be using some of it and see how the liquid will be. OK. So, guys, one important thing is your liquid should not be too sticking. Okay? And at the same time, it should be liquid. So it should be on the middle so mixed in this with you here and you will see what is the best liquid that I should be having at the end. 4. Final Mixture: surreal. As you can see, I'm continuing to mix my mixture altogether. Okay, so I added a little bit of water at each time. So while mixing up adding water Okay, so we don't need toe. Put all the water at once. Okay? So because it depends on your semolina on your flower on the type of the flower you're using. So each one is different. Different flower. I will be mixed in meanwhile. Okay. Until a gets the really in shape. Or like they're finding mixture that I want to have for my Moroccan penpix. We continue here. Okay, So you can see here that the mixture is still sticking, so we need more like without here. So I didn't then more water into this, then mixing again. You should guys mix reading should mix really hard so that you cannot have these bubbles out there at the end. It should not be there. Oh, here we are. Continue to mix. I graduated. You're watching So, Americans, you guys a venues in almost all the weather I'm having here. Okay, so the minister is still okay. It's going on the year right away. OK, so I told you keep on. I didn't. More water. Meanwhile mixing. Okay, so that's the trick. You should not use all your water at once, so you add a little bit about it, OK? This way you mix very hungry. The quality the mixture out there. OK, make sure you don't have those bubbles. Okay. Try to push them for 20 years, some hard schools, or even make sure that you have Hey, don't forget the size of, well, people mixing that I can see it's going on the right way. I can add more what they did just ahead of its Continue mixing. No, no one makes it. Okay, so that's a victory, guys. Snobbery and efficiently Because then don't forget that I will be mixing all of this together in this bottle, which is the main key that I told you guys out there we will be using. So I should work it. Very good here. Gently. Before I used the bottle out there, read it to you guys. I'm having a good liquid right there. See, for this is the measure. Basically you need to have is basically liquid liquid, but not that liquid only watcher. You're still you have there some base. So it's a medic. With that. I want to have those buttons bubbles that are still there. They would disappear once we would mix. I would put on the but now there. And we were next day how Saudis were so That's basically the days I want for my antics. So I still have here some a little bit of water. But this one is not because that's basically liquid I want to have at the end. Okay, That's why, guys, I don't want you to put all of the water out there at once. You should keep on adding little by little and mixed at the same time. Mixon is key, so you mix so that liquid is basically the one you want to have at the end. So right now, I would put this liquid on this bottle. Okay? I wouldn't put it out there here, and we will mix very strongly so that we can have a smooth liquid. As you can see, I've put that liquidity into this button right there. So what I can do right now it's to mix one. A seeker. So what makes this cool, like, two minutes so that would not be out there. So after mixed in this, I finished my mixture. I just hope in it. It's morning. Okay, Just so that's a little bit of the year can go into that. Okay. Here we can see the hear the sound. Then I will just close it. They're of it and I will leave it for, like, 15 minutes. Then I will start cooking my pancakes. 5. Cooking Instructions: So here we have the liquid after wrist in the liquid for 15 minutes, We will now cook our pancakes. So here, what they wouldn't need is our liquid. I did some spatula. This one is for once the frantic gets cooked. I would just remove without there is no flip flop for this pancakes. These are special. So we will see how they would be cooked. And I will need just some water. This one. I will tell you why we need it. This is normal water, like tape, water. Then we would need our main tour, which is a non stick pan. Make sure guys, you have a non stick pan. This world will will really help us in getting the real American pancakes out there. So I'm using this one. So I'm just making some high hit right now for it. Just toe to be a little bit high. Okay, then I will use my liquid out there so I will be showing you how this will be done to hear I'm hitting up my pen so I can see if the hit is a good hit or not. Just by feeling the heat out there in the pan. So once it's hated, I would just turn it tonight. Media, which is for me, seven or six. So I don't need it to be too high nor too low, because I need some medium heat out there so I can cook my pancakes perfectly. So then I would put some water. So this water, basically, we will cool down the planet each time who will be cooking our pancakes. So after each backache, we have to cool down the pan. So that's the trick to get the best more confected next door to spread the word only a red . So Okay, then I would get it back to be heated, then. I mean, why we can just think our liquid doesn't mix it smoothly. Okay, then we were just open it. And here we are with the first Banky. So, as you can see, what's special with American pancake is those bubbles you can see out there. So if you have the bubbles, it means the packet is going smoothly and perfectly so that's basically the liquid we were talking about earlier that the liquid should nor being to liquid or two sticking. So basically that liquid is very important to have these bubbles. So most of guys who are struggling like the organ gods were struggling with this. This is how to make the best pancake like this is worldwide. Like most self, the people are struggling with getting those bubbles. So that's the trick. We're gonna see what we leave it there. So it's cookie right now on those bubbles are opening, which means that's how this more compact cake is cooking. So what's the liquid out there is like back. We will have all the same cut off as you can see here, we need to make sure that this all is clear. Then it means that the backache is fully cooked. Then we can live in the side. So once it's cooked Okay, we can see out there that it opens up there. We've been chickens from the button here. We can see that the caramelized color is there. That's basically from the sugar we have put in the liquid. Oh, yes. This means that the pancake is cooked weaken. Just remove it out there and put it in our plates. Yeah, so here you have for the 1st 1 Then I told you on the 2nd 1 Absolutely. You should have back the water of the four from then the second. Here we go. Go for the 2nd 1 Just a gentle mix out there on. Here we go. So while cooking again, make sure to put the, uh I mean, if you want the big one or a small one, just make sure to put the exact measure of the liquid you want toe. Whether it's small or a big pancake, it depends on you. What, you want to have it. Then you can just throw with their in the back. You can see your order again. The bubbles, the famous bottles of this pancake. It's against your enough. Which means that the Olympic is cooking well. So here we are, our second thank it is almost, uh cooked. And see that the sites out there that still need some hate out there The bubbles are really a good sign off making a good pancake. So that's the key, basically, and also you can see here it should be a little bit light. So here we have the caramelized sweet color coming from the pancake, and it's light. It's not very heavy. It should not be. Really. It should be like that only. So you can see here that those brothers and the lightness with very caramelized color up there. So you should arrested here. Okay. Don't touch it so much because it will not be sticking. And don't touch you. Two months. Let it rest by itself. Then here. Once the 2nd 1 is cooked, you can check. So for some of off, you would like to caramelize the facility there. Some don't like it to be to caramelized, like from the button. So that's a choice. Do you want toe? Decide on? Yeah. So now our Becky is cook way. Just remove it for you. The site next the first. Here we are. Yes. It should be a little bit far away from the 2nd 1 so that it cannot be sticks. So you can have it like this and keep it out there. Don't touch it. Once it's is like form like that. So once you remove it, just keep it there. Don't touch it. You can touch it. You can see if it's like that. So one. But once it's rest like once it's cold. Then you can check. Okay, so here we are again, The same strategy that I guys, the benefits you notice to get the best more in there. This is the way to go for mixed with a part of this, uh, stone here. Okay, But it needs to really sometimes situation out there on the heat. Also whiskey. So on a medium, don't change. Repent. If the first Pantic is good, don't take so much. Just keep on making everything Every ingredient, every dish and a drink mix. Here we go. - Other concede guys respected cakes are different from the traditional American like French craps that they have been breakfast. These are different. The difference is like maybe those bubbles. And also the test is different because it's based on semolina. Not only all purpose flour, or like with flour or some of these guys are using oats in their pancakes. So this one especially they're still light. There were light. You can use them lately. I will show you the top in what you can have with them, which will make them really a really different than others. So, heresy. That was Big Bob that I'm coming on. It's only a good. Sign off. Perfection don't have yet. I'm flipping this. Okay? We can only flip it once the whole 10 tickets go is cooked like no more whites in here for you to make sure went toe flipped. Not to flip. Just check the button. Because this pancakes are not to be flipped. We give them like this. So once it's cooked on the top, that's it. We just remove it and keep the decide here. But we did for the first and 2nd 1 So here it's cooked. Okay, A gentle chick you can see here. We should not have the caramelized, so we will keep it for more time. I'm here. We have it here. Yes, that's what we learned. Looking for this creep crispiness over there. It's very dissident. Once you get it with some tea or with some milk smoothie, it's very delicious, for you can have it as a snack or even breakfast breakfast. Because most of do you believe in Morocco. He was as a breakfast story in celebration. Maybe so we're not. We're sure it's cooked. Okay. Here is it. This is Miss. It's and let's keep it here next to its friends. so, guys, I will continue on the window state until I'm done with with. But it's time so we can have the same quality and consistency for all our tactics. We don't want to want to be perfect. And another one to be ugly and nuts on the same ship. We want consistency, guys. Okay, We need perfection in all our tactics to be all with bubbles or light on or caramelized. Okay, so here, a gentle mix. And here we go size of it. Or you can just do an edit. It like this just smooth over there and we keep it. Don't touch it. Okay? Because now let the pen do the work. Don't. That's too much. Just you put the liquid a gentle side on media sites and that's it. You leave it there. Let the heat on the pen do the work for you. And here we are that magic problems are there. The same size on the same results are there. So this one is almost good. As you can see, I will continue at it with you. Before the savings aside, I would do until I'm done with this liquid. Then we will meet together to see the final results for our month. My pancakes. Then I will talk to you about the dressing on. What can we make out of these pancakes for breakfast, Snack or whatever. So you guys after these are all cooked? Yeah, you can check also, if it's caramelized with that color, that sure is bring into this pancakes. So beautiful up, isn't it? Yeah, that is good. Right now on here we go with sweets. Friends. So here we go. Guys. The pancakes are all now cooked. Have finished all the liquid hot there, so you can see they're all the same shape. Almost. Okay. So, basically, you should have them. Like they said some caramelized from here. Then this should be light. Okay, so it's really delicious. You can also give them on the fridge. Okay. They were last them for longer. Like you can consume them whenever you want. Like, they're too much in here. You can just eat the ones you want to have, like, a true three days, or even, like, four days on the fridge. Then the rest you can put in the freezer and you were consumed, like in a month or something like that. So yeah, just make sure if you keep them on the freezer, there should be a 6. Pancake Topping: so here, after cooking my American pancakes doesn't get in one, OK, in a separate place over here. So here for the toppings, There are many different types like you can still have it with almond butter, like peanut butter. Whatever sides like you like you can sit on it there. But here I'm sharing with you the market traditional shopping's that you can have it with this That will really makes a difference. Like it's, I guarantee you that if you try this, you would, like, enjoy it very much so here, first thing, really having a void. So here, where it's, like, very known in Morocco that people consume olive oil on a daily basis, like on its breakfast or lance or a dinner. So we do consume a lot of Playboy. So only what can be an option. So what? I've been here a little bit of all aboard. I have it. I can have it here on the side. I would just reserve that out on the side here. Then you can have I'm having here something. Frenchies here. I just have some here. I would put it here on the middle, just over there on the media. So here I am having three ingredients at once. I can still have only creep cheese on the whole one or only or avoid. But hear this mixture, I'm telling you here, it's like my favorite one that I use with this pancakes. You're finally I'm having some honey, I've been here some honey. I would put it just here. Our third topping. It's for you. Be ingredients. So then we would have to roll it up. So the way we do it like this one, you can see that juicy out there from the or avoid the honey on door. So the cheese is really given with days. So here you have it. Okay, So the American pancake is available right now for you. You can do it. Okay. You just have, like, toe and you can see and see here. Those moments that were we were talking earlier. This lightness off the mixture on the peptic is really giving a difference out there. So I hope you enjoy it on. See you on the next video 7. Bonus Topping: the three are now on the part of the topping. So here we are going to prepare honey and butter syrup for that. For this one, we would need, like, true tablespoon of butter on. We will have around true to three spoons off, honey. So basically, the idea is to make Sanya and butter. And this mix will give really the Tastee pancake to try. So basically, this mix is very famous. In Morocco, we eat our Moroccan pancakes. With this topping, it's very famous. So this one is what we would do today. So basically I will take some water would put it here. I will leave it to melt. We would have met the threat of it. It's make sure your heat is very low not to know, but it should be low so that we can make very gently the butter with honey. Then I would put some honey then gently will mix both about this. Make sure that this mix will stay out that you were serving with your American pancakes. Not for this world. You can really benefit from the from a heart pancake with a hut Memphis zero We will be showing lately some other topics that you can use along like this one is the most used, but we have other options for the ones who were not was in the butter. We have other options that will use which is or avoid some honey and some cream cheese. So that what I will show you later on the toppings part of how you were. What is stopping? So here, This is the preparation for the honey and butter mix. We will have it like this. Then here it's It's enough. You can see that I have some over this year. That's what is it for me For one, like I still have some honey, if I feel it's more, you can simultaneously more honey at the same time. So that depends on the taste. But we want more. Honey with better is like the butter should be more than the honey in this case. Then the value honey would be adjusted. I mean, why How do you have the same time? This This is the the mix. We want to have the end, something like this. This means that my mixer is just really here we are again. Now we're going to do our dressing. So this is mainly about the toppings. We will have many options for the talking. So here I'm using our made that honey and butter mixed to that. We just get okay. So that one I have shown you have to prepare. Then we should serve it once. It's hated, like we should not leave it for a long time because it will stick so much. Then it would not be good with the pancakes. So I recommend one cities hated and it's done. You just serve it on the spot. Okay, this is very important. Then you can pre hit your pancake, Let a bit before. So, for example, if I'm putting in the fridge or some thing like I can use it tomorrow or after a week, if I'm using also the freezer, so then I would just hate it a lot of it. Then I would put it there. My first toppings, which is honey and butter. So I would take a lot of it. Don't put too much, because at the end we want to taste the pancake with the mixture. So you put in the middle on the sites, just like that that would be largely enough. Okay. You don't want to put so much so that you can not just taste the mixture with too much butter and honey, we want to have both, Like, just your pancake along with the chipping. So then we were just a bit over like this. Okay, on you just eat it. Have fun with it. So this one is the first thing we have for you. They're easy to make on. This is the traditional on most used weapons in tomorrow. Your honey and butter, as you can see, melted smoothly on served on the spot so that you can test your pancake cuts the way it should be. I hope you had fun with this. Enjoy it and see you next time.