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Morning Ritual: What to do in the First 15 Minutes of Your Morning

teacher avatar Adrian Landsberg, Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Morning Ritual: What to do the Night Before

    • 2. Morning Ritual: When Should You Wake Up?

    • 3. Morning Ritual: Don't Wake Up Reactive

    • 4. Morning Ritual: Whats the First Thing You Think of?

    • 5. Morning Ritual: The Next 10 Minutes...

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About This Class

How to 10X your daily success and energy by implementing proven strategies and techniques to help you get the most out of every, single morning!

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Adrian Landsberg

Inspiring Personal Growth, Freedom and Success


Adrian is an Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Hacker, World Traveler and a Personal Transformation Coach. He teaches on many teaching platforms, Youtube and his blog to thousands of students about goal setting, entrepreneurship, travel, personal development and being successful with kindle publishing and your life transformation. You can see more about how YOU can achieve the lifestyle he has, at his website at:

The LifeStyle Compound

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1. Morning Ritual: What to do the Night Before: Okay, So welcome to the next section. And in this section will recover what to do within the 1st 15 minutes off waking up. But first of all, I want to tell you that it starts the night before. Okay, so I'm just going to run over. I mean, the evening ritual. If you want to call it that now, you got to make sure that you are getting a good amount of sleep. And a lot of people aren't doing this. They're getting the 5 to 6 hours. And now I do understand. If you do have kids, I don't have kids myself. But I know people that there, and I know that it is very hard to try and get that 7 to 8 hours sleep. But if you do want to feel better in the morning, you've got to try and find something that works for you. Maybe you are only getting six hours a night, and maybe you can try and catch up on that throughout the next day. That's all up to you. But you really I need to try and figure out a way. And maybe your body has become used to six hours or 6 to 7 hours, or whatever it may be, and you run OK on that sleep. That that's fine, if you can. Excellent. If not, try and aim for a bit more. Now, I love the idea of journaling. You know, this is a great way to, um, kind of get your forts down on the on paper at the end of the day because, you know, maybe not all the time. You'll have someone to talk to at the end of the day, maybe you live a learn or you're not gonna be going out. I think the idea of journaling and actually journaling is a great way to, you know, look at your thoughts and especially after, you know, maybe six months down the track, you look back through your journal. I think that's really, really cool. And I really enjoy doing that with my own journal. And I look back at once, you know, a year even two years back. And it's very, very cool to see where I was at, how I was thinking what I was talking about, what I was up to. You know what my goals were All those kinds of things and very, very cool to look back on that. And it's also important to have something to look forward to in the morning. That's what we're going to cover in the coming lessons is, you know, making your morning ritual something exciting. You know, it's got to excite you. You gotta make you make yourself want to do it. You don't want to do it if it's not gonna be fun. So we have to do that as well, and you can add some accountability so that accountability could be to say, You gotta meet someone at a certain time the next morning. So you got to make sure that you get your morning routine, Don. Well, you know, maybe you're even doing something your morning routine, part of it may be with someone else. You know, you having that accountability really sort of helps you stick to it. So that's a good start. And they're just some basic things that you can do the night before. We're gonna probably cover a bit more of that later in the course in the last section as well 2. Morning Ritual: When Should You Wake Up?: So when sure that you wake up. Now this is going to vary a lot for different people and their routines already what they usually do when they get up to go to work or take the kids to school or whatever it may be . But you gotta ask yourself, when do you usually wake up? And from that time we're going to work back and figure out how much time you need? And I would say, Don't do this just yet because you need to go through the course and see what is something that you would like something that you don't like. Maybe you have something of your own to add into your morning routine that I haven't mentioned, which is going to be off course, lots of different things. You know, you you more your party. Your morning routine might be going and playing. I don't know hockey or riding your horse or whatever it may be. So we're going to make sure that you can include this in your day, and it may include having Teoh get up a little bit earlier. But, you know, if you weren't watching this course, then you wouldn't be a morning person or want to become a morning person. Now, you also have to ask yourself, Do you need to get up before anyone else? And how much time can you devote to your morning routine? So maybe you can only devote that five minutes. Or maybe you can devote upto a Knauer that's completely up to you. And it's not all relative to If you only spend five minutes on your morning routine, then you're only gonna have, you know, five minutes worth of happiness throughout the day. It doesn't work like that. You So it is OK to have a shorter one or a longer one. And I think as you start your morning routine, you'll actually want to make it longer because that's what I found and off. You know, when I first started, you know, I just start with a few things and then, you know, I really enjoy it. So then I want to add some things and change it around a little bit each day. So some people, of course, have Up to now, I've heard of people upto having up to three hours for their morning routines. And for most people, that's probably not going to be applicable, so we're just going to look at the five minute to one hour mark for your morning routine. 3. Morning Ritual: Don't Wake Up Reactive: So number one thing when you get up in the morning is to not wake up reactive. Now, what exactly is waking up reactive in the morning? Now, basically, it's waking up in a state where you're reacting to something outside of your control rather than what you do control, which is your thoughts. So basically, it hijacks your focus straight away, and you don't want that. Okay, that's the worst thing that you want. You want to control the day you don't want any outside influence influences to be doing this to you, You want to control it from the second you wake up. So how exactly do we do this? So one of the best things to nor to do first thing in the board morning is not check email , Facebook or any notifications. Now, this is probably something that 90% of people do do. Okay, so I always try to make this part of my morning checking, email, Facebook or any notifications. I try to make that part of my morning after my morning routine. So in that way, I control the morning. I control my thoughts when I do how I feel, and then after that is when I can start work and checking Facebook notifications, e mails, all those kinds of things. So if you are checking those things when you get up straight away in the morning, you can react to it. Maybe someone on Facebook sent your message, and it doesn't fill you with positivity, whatever it may be, Maybe it's an email telling you something that you don't particularly want to hear first thing in the morning, and that is putting you in a reactive state, which is the worst way toe wake up. So I want to reiterate how important this is to not do this. Okay, so by not checking these, you can focus on controlling the day with your own thoughts and your own visions. This is very, very important. And this is the first step, all of your morning routine to not wake up in a reactive state. Okay, so get out of the habit off checking all those things, and we're going to cover in the next lesson exactly what to do when you wake up before you wake up reactive 4. Morning Ritual: Whats the First Thing You Think of?: Okay, so you have just woken up. It's an early morning. What's the first thing you think off when you woke up? Now we just covered about not waking up reactive, not checking your Facebook, your e mails, all those kind of things. So you need to put yourself in that position and think about that. What were you thinking about when you first wake up? Now it's important that this is a positive force, a lot of negative thought, because you can carry that thought with you throughout the day. If you are thinking of something negative when you first wake up, that's really bad. Way to start the day and that can carry on throughout your day. So what is the first thing you'll think off when you wake up? If you don't check your Facebook and your team house? No, be thankful that you have working up this morning. That is the first thing that I always try to think off. And by doing that, it instils something positive, and it's something that we may just take for granted every single day that we're alive. But if you are faithful that you have woken up and you're thankful that you're alive. Then this instantly triggers a positive reaction in your brain. Now, how do we do this? I mean, it's very simple. You just tell yourself in your mind, you say I'm thankful for being alive. I'm thankful for being able to wake up this morning because so many other people are not able to do this. You know, there's a lot of people that, ah, that will die today. As bad as that sounds is people that will die and that will not see the light off the next day. So the next thing that I highly recommend you do is to name three things that you're thankful for right now. Now, it's very good idea if you make these ideas something smaller and just really sharp appreciation for the smaller things in, you know, in your life, not the bigger things. You still wanna show appreciation for them. But it's very good if you can think of small things like the you know, the mouse that you use for your computer or the pen and pad that you used to ride on. Just little Tony things like that and just express how grateful you are the having those things in your life because again, Sorry. Many people don't have those things, you know, to have a mouse that means you have a computer. If you have a computer, you most likely have Internet, and a lot of people don't. So you just gotta try and think of those smaller things. And I always try to think of three things soon as I get up. First of all, I express how happy I am to be a life and how grateful I am. And I look out my window. And then I think of three little things that I'm thankful for. Not the big giant things, aren't they for four, but the little things. So try to go through that process every single morning, and you'll soon start to realize how thankful you are for all those little things in your life. And it just installed a lot more positive forts into your mind to start the day off, right? 5. Morning Ritual: The Next 10 Minutes...: All right, so we've covered the 1st 5 minutes of gang up. What do we do in the next 10 minutes? Now, again, if you only have five minutes for your morning routine than the first stage off waking up and being thankful that not only take you 30 seconds so again, you've got to Ah, adjust for what? You have the amount of time that you have. They're the number One thing that I do is smile and think of positive thoughts. Now, we've already kind of covered the positive thoughts. But the smiling is something that you actually physically want to do. Even if you don't feel like smiling, you have to force yourself to do it because it is. It is a proven fact that when you smile, use a bunch of different muscles that increase the feel good endorphins. So you've got to do it, and it helps to instill those positive force and actions throughout the day. So a lot of time, I don't feel like smiling first thing in the morning, especially when you first working up. But forcing yourself to do it can make ah lot of difference as to how you feel just from doing that? Yeah. The next thing that I try to do always is to drink a glass of water, and I try to do that very, very soon as well, from waking up and again a lot of time. You won't actually feel like doing this. You won't feel like having a drink of water, but it's very important that you do. And it's also cool if you can put some lemon into it. That helps that alkali zit and also makes it taste just that little bit better and help sort of wake you up in the mornings. Now a lot of people use coffee and tea first thing in the morning, and I highly recommend against this because this is not what your body is asking for. First thing in the morning. Okay, it's it needs water. It's just had a, you know, an eight hour break off, sleeping off, no water intake. And that's the first thing that you want to give it. Yeah, the third thing that I do is I expose myself to light. Now this could be the line in your room or in your house, or it can be outside lot as well, Which is it's good if you can get both of those. Actually, if you can. Great. If no, if you could just only get the lot in the house, that's fine as well. It doesn't matter, because maybe when you wake up it's still dark outside and you've only got the inside lights anyway, Now that's fine. But just make sure that you do this within minutes off waking up. And this just tells your body that, OK, it's it's we're good to go where the day starting and we're ready to get into it. Number four. No, everyone will be our to do this. But this is also proven a very a proven fact that looking at a good view or vista or a panorama ease very pleasing to the eye, to the mind, to the soul, to look at a great view. So, I mean, if you can. If you live in a high rise apartment and you're looking at a city skyline, or maybe you live on a region on a mountain and you have a mountain view panorama toe, look at them. That's great as well. Obviously nor a lot of people are going toe have those things. Maybe you look out your window and you only see offense OK or another house or a unit book was something like that. That's that's fine. But if you can do this, this is really, really cool. And you know it can be anything that you see is a Panorama style view, so it could be the ocean as well. It could be like I said, a city skyline, anything like that that really get you excited and you can see over the world. That's basically what it is. It's proven to make you feel good. So if you can do that, or even if you can get yourself to this kind of sport in the morning, maybe that will be part of your morning routine. Where you hike to the top of a mountain before sunrise or something like that can be a very good addition. But we're getting off track a little bit. But anyway, I just wanted to show you that one as well, because it is a really good one if you can do it. But those are another four things that I do straight up in the next 10 minutes of my morning routine,