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More Tips to Help You Create Interesting Art

Mireya ., artist

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro:

    • 2. Project 1 Tips

    • 3. Habit 2 Tips

    • 4. Project 3 Tips

    • 5. Project Tips 4

    • 6. End

    • 7. Bonus Project


About This Class

Welcome! The main goal for this class is to help you make the most of your hand lettering practice. I put into practice some of the habits I go over in my other classes. As always I give you simple tools and then it's your tun to get creative. 

There really is only one way to create interesting art-the kind of art that move us like our favorite song. That's with tons of practice!

When you practice you learn:

  • to be comfortable with making mistakes
  • to make less of them
  • to trust in your ideas
  • to say SO WHAT I'm going to keep playing around with this idea because it excites me and I love it.

For more ideas or to learn more about me check out my profile page.





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Mireya .


who paints words and books about curiosity and love. I use vibrant watercolor and tempera paint. I use color, texture and nature to tell my story.  

 To see what I'm up to these days read my blog at

Find me on instagram, society6, and pinterest 

 Wise Trees book out now.


Skillshare helped me connect with amazing artists like James Victore, Yasmina Creates and Ana Victoria Calderon. If your're sta...

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