More Tips to Help You Create Interesting Art

Myra ..., painter and writer

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Intro:

    • Project 1 Tips

    • Habit 2 Tips

    • Project 3 Tips

    • Project Tips 4

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About This Class

Welcome! The main goal for this class is to help you make the most of your hand lettering practice. I put into practice some of the habits I go over in my other classes. As always I give you simple tools and then it's your tun to get creative. 

There really is only one way to create interesting art-the kind of art that move us like our favorite song. That's with tons of practice!

When you practice you learn:

  • to be comfortable with making mistakes
  • to make less of them
  • to trust in your ideas
  • to say SO WHAT I'm going to keep playing around with this idea because it excites me and I love it.

For more ideas or to learn more about me check out my profile page.

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simple class with simple ideas to help you start the learning process to REALLY LEARN how to tell your story as an artist. We go over some tools and strategies. This class is only 12 minutes.
Myra ...

painter and writer

Interesting class with an interesting artist!





Myra ...

painter and writer

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

I'm a curious and imaginative artist. I came to Skillshare because I needed practice and guidance. My mission is to learn EVERYTHING about art and give my thoughts a voice. I post most of my journey--the good--the mistakes-- the ugly---it's all here. Practice is everything! As I learn I want to teach what I know. I've always been creative and oh I love to think. For more of my art including my posters, techniques, and books head over to my b...

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