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More Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

teacher avatar Kristen Mitteness, Well Fed Kitchen

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Almond Butter Blondies

    • 3. Banana Bread

    • 4. Strawberry Lemonade Muffins

    • 5. Carrot Pancakes

    • 6. Thank you!

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About This Class

Did you love Gluten and Dairy Free Basics? Are you looking for more recipes now? I've got you covered! Here are four more delicious and easy to make gluten and dairy free treats. 

Bring your appetite and I'll see you in class!

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Kristen Mitteness

Well Fed Kitchen


Hi! I'm Dr. Kristen Mitteness. Through chiropractic, nutrition and self care, my goal is to not only help you FEEL better, but FUNCTION better... for the rest of your life. Leading a healthy and happy life is not nearly as complicated as you might think. I'm here to help.

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1. Welcome!: Welcome to your well-fed and kitchen at serious cars, more gluten and dairy free baking. In this course, we will be making for delicious treats. The first one, or almond butter Blondie is the second one, banana bread, the third one, Strawberry Lemonade muffins. In the last one, really baking, but it tastes really good. But we make it on the stove top, and those are carrot pancake. Your class project will be to make one of the things we made today. Take a picture of it and share it with us. If you make any changes, please let us know because you never know who you're inspired. While this course is for beginners, I will not be going over all of the substitutions. I'll give you some substitutions for gluten and dairy free baking while we're in the course. But if you want the very basics of Whitman dairy free baking, I'm gonna send you to my other course, gluten and dairy free basics. I hope you'll join me in this awesome course because you will leave with some delicious treats. I look forward to seeing you in class. 2. Almond Butter Blondies: We are going to start with almond butter. Belong these. So what you need for this is good all almond butter. You can use any kind of nut butter, but I do really like the almond butter of this one. So coconut oil, I definitely recommend using a refined coconut oil. This means it won't have any of that coconut taste or smell, so it won't affect the taste of the blog he's at all. You'll need some coconut flour. You'll need honey, baking soda, salt, three eggs, and chocolate chips. I like to use enjoyed life chocolate chips because they are Allergy Free. The first thing we're gonna do is turn on the oven so we can preheat it. We're going to put it at 350 while the oven is preheating. What I'm actually going to do is melt the coconut oil and the honey because they're pretty hard at room temperature. I'm going to actually melt the coconut oil in the dish that I'm going to bake the blood Neeson. So it is a park stuff, good size Pyrex that we're gonna do three tablespoons of coconut oil. I can get my book. I am the reason I like to coconut oil in the dish that I'm going to bake it in is because then it does double duty as oiling the parents, so it doesn't stick as much. 123 tablespoons, pop it in the oven. And also going to melt my height. So I'm going to mount a quarter cup of honey, just many US government to dig in. And then I'm going to use my mixing fork to put it into another glass dish. When you have this big payoff, It's actually 10 pound payload money from our local farmers, local beef farmers here in Manitoba. There's a lot of May or also bear this out of the way. The toughest into here. And that's just to soften it. You don't have to melt it all the way down. We're just going to soften it. I'm going to rub that coconut oil into my hands, make them nice and soft. Awesome. So now we're gonna get to this while we're waiting for those two months. The coconut oil and the way you start with one cup of almond butter. How many measuring cup? I'm going to put them there, so don't make quite as much of a mess or assume a scoop that up. This is going to be a lot easier if your net butter is at room temperature, just FYI, I store my network or this is a fresh one that I haven't opened yet or just opened today. But otherwise, you'll want to set it out at room temperature for about an hour just to let it thought, just a little bit of almond butter, give or take. You don't need to be exact here. Three eggs. I'm gonna do one, tablespoon, coconut flour, a quarter, teaspoon, baking powder. So I think baking powder from the local natural foods store. So this baking powder is aluminum and corn free. So in case you're worried about those allergens or having any aluminum in your baking powder worth checking. And the ones from our local natural foods store comes in a bag. Fairly inexpensive worth it. Dash of salt, about a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. I really like to sell it because it helps bring out the sweetness in the almond butter copies. So I'm going to pull out my plenty and coconut oil. It's not fully melted, but it's close and I will let them sit for just a little bit so they can cool off. The only thing I don't want these to be too hot because it's going to melt my chocolate chips. So I'm going to let them sit for just a couple of minutes before I add them and mix it all up. So it looks like, Oh yeah, He's are not hot at all. So my honey and my coconut oil ready to put in my oven, has this done preceding? Pop that in there. I'm going to swirl the coconut oil around. So this is nice and well, oil pan, put that in there and mix this all up. There we go. And it'll be a little bit liquidity. But not too bad. It's like a good bar or cake batter. Going to add it to my chocolate chips and add as many or as few chocolate chips as you like, depending on how much you like chocolate, maybe what about, we'll do album, it's about a quarter of a cup. And exposure. Pop them into the pan. All that bad or in their shake it out. So it's nice and even we're going to pop it into the oven. And we're going to check on it in 25 minutes. So set the timer for 25 minutes. We'll see if it's fully cooked by then and then kind of gauge it from there. So 25 x. All right, Let's check to see where these are at. O k is looking really good around the outside, but you can tell the middle is still sunken in that needs to cook for just a tiny bit longer. So I'm going to pop this in. I'm going to set the timer. I don't want to overcook it, especially with the coconut flour in there. You never want to overcook anything with coconut flour. So we're gonna do this for four more minutes and we'll check back in. All right, So now we've cooked them for a total of 29 minutes and they look pretty perfect. Awesome. So I'm gonna turn this off. So we're starting to get some browning around the edge. The middle, it's something a little bit, but it's nice and firm. So we're going to let these cool off, bother cooling off. I'm going to clean up the kitchen and then we'll give them a try. Almond butter Milan, these silica for outputs sold in news. Don't forget to put salt in them. But regardless, these are some good kind of like a chocolate chip cookie, but in a bar form. And a great alternative to the chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy. 3. Banana Bread: So now we're going to make banana bread. So what you'll need for this is some almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour, or air route flower. You're going to want some coconut oil, again, refined. We don't want it to taste or smell like coconut oil. We want it very neutral. You'll want some honey, three bananas, a3x, baking powder, salt, apple cider vinegar. So because it's a bread and we want it to rise a little bit. We're going to do the magic trick of apple cider vinegar and baking powder to get that chemical reaction. And then I draw my home always put chocolate shapes and our banana bread. And so I like to put chocolate chips in my banana bread too. Now you don't have to do that. That's totally up to you. So first thing we're gonna do is tell me I'm an OT to 350. Look at preheat. While it's preheating, just like we did with the almond butter Bellamy's, we are going to melt our coconut oil in our baking dish. So we're going to do three tablespoons, coconut oil in their works, lost it roughly 1.5. So I'll do another big 1.5 scooper that there for now, pop that into the oven, let a mouth. While that's melting, we will start mixing the rest of our ingredients. And the first thing I'm gonna do is start with the bananas. We're going to mash those really well. And three bananas, right? And they're riper that bananas, the more flavor they'll be. They'll be much sweeter that way. It's going to take a fork, just smash away. All right, Let's pull oil out of the oven. And we'll let that come to room temperature so it's not too hot. Start with half a cup of all them flower. I'm Shankar. And then we'll do a quarter cup of tapioca flour. Quarter cup of coconut flour, three eggs, three tablespoons of honey. We're going to add the coconut oil to this now. Dash of salt, about a quarter of a teaspoon. We're going to mix that well. Then about a quarter teaspoon of baking powder with our apple cider vinegar. So we can get that chemical reaction, get some bubbles in there, just a dash. Mix that well. And some chocolate chips. These are optional, remember, but I like chocolate chips in my banana bread. So but a quarter of a cup. We're going to dump it in to the baking dish. And we're going to pop that in the oven. I'm going to set the timer for 30 minutes. So this typically takes right between 30 and 45 minutes. So we're gonna start with 30. And I'll see you in a little bit. All right, let's check on our banana bread and still little jiggly. So this is going to need moose going to need a bit more times. We're going to pop it in there. I'm actually going to give it ten more minutes. So we're going to set the timer for 10 minutes. And I'll see you then. It's smells like it's done. All of that looks beautiful. Rose nicely. It's firmer in the middle. Oh my God. She looks so good. Smell so good. Okay. We're going to let this cool off. We're going to cut into it and give it a try. It smells like it's done. All of that looks beautiful. Rose nicely. It's firmer in the middle of 0 might go to look so good. Smell, so good case. We're going to let this cool off. We're going to cut into it and give it a try. What is it? A go banana bread that just smell sauteing bid, okay, we gotta chocolate chips. But now the goodness, gluten and dairy free room, That's good stock. Turn out to eat the whole thing at once. 4. Strawberry Lemonade Muffins: Next up is Strawberry Lemonade muffins. For this, we will need my favorite flowers. Almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour. We will need, but half a cup of strawberries. I like to use frozen strawberries just because they're easy to keep on hand and grab whenever we want to make these, some baking powder, coconut oil, salt, honey, and a lemon. So I'm going to use one whole lemon, and you are more than welcome to use lemon juice. It'll be about two tablespoons of lemon juice, but I'm going to use the whole lemon because in a cape, the zest on the outside. First thing we're gonna do is turn the oven on to 350 so it can preheat. While it's preheating, I'm going to mount my coconut oil and, and we will need four tablespoons of each. And in the same little jar I'm gonna do four tablespoons of honey. Going to pop that right into the oven, let that warm up and to soften. And while that's in there, we are going to start with for all of the ingredients. I'm going to start with the lemon because that's the most labor-intensive. Well, I don't know how I got so lucky with a seedless lemon. Kind of creepy. But now we're going to test it. Probably should exist that at first, it makes my life a little bit easier but still work. That lemon smells really good. Now I'm going to put the flowers right into the bolts are under half a cup of almond flour and do a quarter cup of tapioca flour. So I'm just going to use the half cup and Photoshop way. And a quarter cup of the coconut flour. That's not quite empty. Wave that can definitely don't want to do too much coconut flour because it will absorb all of the moisture. We will want about a quarter teaspoon of salt. Ooh, you know, I forgot, I need to grab the eggs. We need three eggs. Three eggs. We're going to pull the honey and the coconut oil out of the oven. We're going to add that in. I'm going to mix this up. So ideally the eggs would be at room temperature for Campylobacter about that, but that's okay because the egg, with that XP and cold it's going to hard enough. The coconut oil, which is the opposite of what we were trying to do. So it mixes well. So I'm just going to mix that up before I add the baking powder. And the struggle is I'm going to line my muffin tin. Mock the minor. So this'll make light around six muffins. Line those up. That's looking pretty good. I'm going to put in, where's my quarter teaspoon of baking powder? So the lemon will actually interact with the baking powder and make it rise. So that's perfect. So we're gonna put that in there. Let's set that up. I'm going to add the strawberries last, just they don't melt too much in there, but those in mix those up. I'm going to use the cup I used for the flowers to pop the batter right into it. The muffin cups were going to fail them about half to three quarters of the way up. If you're finding they don't have enough strawberries and then feel free to add strawberries after. Plot them on top. And you can always cut up your shrubbery is a little bit smaller too, but I like big chunks of strawberries and I find they cook in there very well. Hello, Sorry, I have a nice full cups. Just in time for our oven. Another stronger in here that I don't want to lose this one. Since about perfect batter. We're going to pop that into the oven. I'm going to set the timer for 28 minutes. And I'll see you in a little bit. All right. You know, you're baking something and it just smells like it's done. These definitely smell like they are then just starting to get golden ground. Those look awesome. So we're going to let these cool off. And it clean up the kitchen. And then we'll give them a try. These look awesome. So they're nice and brown, fully firm. So remember when we're cooking with coconut flour and you don't want to overcook it. You'd rather under cookie it and let it come to room temperature because it will fit all firm up a little bit. We're going to open that up. Strawberries are beautiful, still just that little warm. If you like strawberry lemonade, you will love is enough evidence. And you could really use any fruit for this. I've done it with blueberries. You could do it with the raspberries. Anything that causes limit, we would totally make these nothing done. You and also easily double this recipe. So if you want more than six muffins, doublet the new hot 12. Enjoy. 5. Carrot Pancakes: The last thing we are going to make today are curate pancakes. And while this isn't really a baking dish, it will be making it on the stove top. But if you like carrot cake, you will love these pancakes. If you tried to make paleo pancakes or that's gluten and dairy free pancakes before it, you might find it kinda hard. I have found it very hard, but these carat pancakes are a great alternative. And everyone who loved them all ages, I even have little kids who love eating the very great finger food and they don't have any nuts in them. So if you are sensitive to deaths or have a nut allergy, these are perfect recipe. You will need one cup of shredded carrots. So you can either buy already shredded carrots or I'm actually going to shred my own carrots today just because I happened to have carrots in the fridge and I have a really nice food processor for that, so we will do that in a second. You'll want some kind of oil for your pan. I'm even using a stainless steel pan here. Know if you're like me, but I used to be so afraid of using stainless steel because everything sticks to it. But I have found if we heat this up really nicely before we add the oil to it and cook at high heat and then clean it really quickly. Don't have to worry about things sticking to it. You can even make eggs in it. It's awesome. And the flowers that we will be using, and we're just using a little bit coping got flowers and tapioca flour. Alternatively, you could use error root flower. We want two eggs, some salt, some baking powder. And I like adding sentiment. I think cinnamon and tastes great with carrot cake, and I also like it in my care of pancakes. So the first thing we are going to do is shred our carrots. So I'm going to pop them into the food processor, actually. Going to assemble by process of first off that tightly on when I plug it in and make sure it's turned off. I've made the mistake of plugging in while it was on before. But Jesus, let me pay and unplug that. I'm going to pop some of the carrots I'm here, it's on, has the shredder in there just going to hit the pulse and push these depth. Sorry, I forgot so already to plug your ears. So we will need about one cup of shredded carrots, and we definitely got more than that here. So let's start mixing. So one cup of arc, our shredded carrots are going to go into my goal. And this is give or take. You just don't want too much or else it'll be hard to mix, kind of definitely overcome their face. They didn't need that many carrots. So got that. I'm going to add the eggs T2x, who I don't wanna get me eggshell in there. They did. So my trick for getting egg Shiloh is to use the Shang, but didn't fall in, pull it out before, always available more in there. Before I go any further. We turn the burner on, I'm going to turn onto medium high. We're going to let that heat up the pair and we're gonna put some coconut oil in it. I'm going to use refined coconut oil so it doesn't have a coconut taste. You can use what other, whatever oil you want for this, whatever you're comfortable with. Okay. We've got an exit. There are new one, tablespoon or one spoonful for tapioca flour. And one of the coconut flour. This'll help absorb the moisture from the carrots. I'm going to do who will do the salt first thing? I'm gonna do a quarter teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of baking powder. This is just helped the pancakes to rise just a little bit. And a dash of cinnamon. Always smell so good. And mixed bag. If you find that you have too many carrots in here, hopefully you just have a cup of Paris. But if you're like me and maybe dumped too many, feel free to add an extra eggs. Easy fix. So that's mixed up. Perfect. This is just starting to get hot. Serving on. I heat up just a little bit more, then add the coconut oil to it. So it feels nice and warm. Minute, put a big old scoop of coconut oil and we want to make sure the pen as a well oiled for the pancakes. With that melts and heat up. This is imperative if we don't want the pancakes to stick, feels nice and warm to write a scoop out the carrot pancake. Big all spoonful of it. Put it on the pan, it should sizzle. We're going to pad it down to flatten it out just a little bit. And we're going to let that go for just a couple of minutes before we flip it. We're just going to peek under their Wu Nathan Brown. So I'm just gonna check the bottom. See this brown? Yes. When it nice and golden brown getting there as a sort of make sure it's cooked all the way through. So we'll give it another minute, 30 seconds or so before we take it off. All right. Those look about good. Sort of pull them off. I have enough oil in there as being to do one more batch. So we just have probably like two more pancakes that we can get out here and more smaller pancakes. You can easily double this recipe. Let those go for a couple of minutes. Those look like they're about done, is smell delicious. And I take the pen off the heat. Don't forget to watch that while it's still hot, it will clean away better than if you let it fully cool. Set this over here. I pulled out some Canadian maple syrup. I'm going to put that on my carrot pancakes. Right? Those look awesome. We're gonna give them a try and fix. The carrots have a natural sweetness to them, so you don't even need that much syrup. You don't need any sort of at all to be honest. You get the protein from the eggs. It also keeps it sticking together. There's not too much flour in it. Not free. I dare you, to make those at your next brunch. And you could easily make these ahead of time and then heat them up next. So good. 6. Thank you!: Thank you so much for spending your time with me. Below you'll find recipes for all of the things we made today in the resources. I would love if you left me a review and any feedback. Remember, your class project is baking one of the things remain in class today, taking a picture and sharing it with us. If you made any changes to it, please let us know because you never know who you'll inspire.