Moodle Plugins - Moodle Server / Plugins - An Introduction | Ben Audsley | Skillshare

Moodle Plugins - Moodle Server / Plugins - An Introduction

Ben Audsley

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4 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction to the Moodle Server / Plugins

    • Create your own Moodle Server - Bitnami

    • The plugin directory

    • Installing Moodle Plugins


About This Class

This class is all about installing Moodle on your home computer, where to download Moodle plugins from and how plugins for Moodle are typically installed. The first lesson focuses on installing Moodle on their own computer. I will show learners how to download, install and configure a Moodle server, so that it can be used to test and try out all the plugins taught in this course. I will then move on to a lesson about the Moodle Plugin repository - how it is used, how it can be searched and where to find plugins that are available for download. I will also cover plugin versions, and where to find more information about all the plugins covered in this course. The final lesson of the introduction class will guide learners through the various methods of installing a moodle plugin, whether that may be directly from the plugins page, downloaded and copied to a folder on the moodle server, or by using the built in plugins installation process. I do hope you enjoy this class, and don’t forget to contact me if you have any question or comments – Im here to help you!





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I have worked in eLearning for over 8 years, and in IT and computing for over 15 years.

I began my career at the Workers Education Association, the largest provider of Adult education in the UK, as a support analyst before moving up to a Senior Support Analyst, involved in building networks and providing helpdesk support. I then moved on to work as a Learning Technologies officer for Coventry University London Campus, and then a Virtual Learning Environment Manager during my 4 years a...

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