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Moodle Plugins - Gamification Plugins

Ben Audsley

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9 Videos (42m)
    • Introduction to the Gamifications Plugins Class

    • Level up plugin

    • Game Plugin - Installation

    • Game Plugin - Crossword and Cryptex

    • Game Plugin - Hangman and Hidden Picture

    • Game Plugin - Millionaire, Snakes and Ladders and Sudoku

    • Quizventure Plugin

    • Stamp Collection Plugin

    • Gamification Examples


About This Class

Hello, greetings and welcome to the Moodle Plugins - Gamification Plugins class.  Gamification can be described as "the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals".    Moodle, and Moodle courses can be configured to use these gaming principles and techniques and apply them to online learning.   This class begins with the Level UP plugin, a block which, when added to the Moodle course page shows the learner the level that they are currently at.  As the learner progresses through the course and interacts with activities and resources, they gradually increase experience points and therefore their level.  Ill show learners how to install, configure and use the plugin during this lesson.   Lesson 2 is all about the game plugin, a plugin which uses the glossary and quizzes held on a Moodle course to play games such as hangman, sudoku and who wants to be a millionaire.  I will show learners how to configure each game and advise learners on which games to use in which circumstances.   One of my favourite plugins is looked at in lesson 3 - the quizventure plugin. This plugin is essentially space invaders for Moodle - using quiz questions from the question bank to form spaceships - where the correct answer must be shot!     The stamp collection is the final plugin covered in the gamifcation class, and allows teachers to allocate stamps (pictures with text) to participants on a Moodle course.  I will show learners how to install this plugin as well as configure the plugin to allocate stamps to students.   Ill complete the gamification section by providing learners with an example course, which will show learners some practical examples of using the various gamification plugins, and how these plugins can improve the overall student experience.   





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I have worked in eLearning for over 8 years, and in IT and computing for over 15 years.

I began my career at the Workers Education Association, the largest provider of Adult education in the UK, as a support analyst before moving up to a Senior Support Analyst, involved in building networks and providing helpdesk support. I then moved on to work as a Learning Technologies officer for Coventry University London Campus, and then a Virtual Learning Environment Manager during my 4 years a...

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