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Moodle Plugins - Atto Text Editor Plugins

Ben Audsley

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction to the Atto Text Editor Plugins Class

    • Font Size Plugin

    • More Font Colours Plugin

    • Font Family Plugin

    • WIRIS Math & science Plugin for Atto

    • Atto Examples


About This Class

This class is all about the Atto text editor and how plugins can enhance all user’s experience of using the atto text editor.  

The class begins with the font size and more font colours plugins.  Although these plugins are very simple to install, configure and use, it is well worth the effort of installing them as they are so helpful.  The font size plugin obviously can increase and decrease the font size used in atto, and the more font colours allows users to configure various font colours.  

I will follow these lessons with the font family plugin, which enables more fonts to be installed and used within the atto text editor.  Users are able to download font families and add them to the plugin - a great way of standardising all your moodle fonts.  

The final lesson in the section will install the wiris math and science editor plugin, along with the atto plugin which actually adds the functionality to Atto.  This plugin is amazing as it contains hundreds of scientific and mathematic equations and symbols that can be added directly to any moodle activity that uses Atto. 

An examples lesson, which shows real life examples of how these plugins can be used, has been added at the end of this class.





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