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Moodle Educator's Masterclass - CLASS #1 - A First Look at Moodle!

teacher avatar Srikanth Shirodkar, Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. WELCOME to the Moodle Educator's Course

    • 2. Got Moodle?

    • 3. Login into Moodle for the 1st time

    • 4. Discover the Moodle Interface

    • 5. Configure your Moodle Profile

    • 6. Moodle Preference Settings

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About This Class

Looking to create a world-class online course? Want to learn a LMS that is trusted by 80+ million users worldwide? Want a powerful skill on your resume?


Whatever your motivation to learn Moodle, you've come to the right place.

Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft and the Open University.

Moodle's worldwide numbers of more than 60,000+ Institutions and 80+ million users across both academic and enterprise level usage makes it the world's most widely used learning platform.

Master the World's Most Popular Learning Management System - MOODLE in this Comprehensive Course.

  • Learn the LATEST version - Moodle 3.0 - and stay miles AHEAD of the curve
  • Start from the very basics - this course makes no assumptions
  • Earn promotions with your new skills - Become indispensable in your institution
  • BONUS - learn how to install Moodle 3.0 on your Windows laptop - or just use Moodle's powerful and full fledged DEMO site for all of your learning and experimentation
  • Create HIGH LEARNER ENGAGEMENT - Practice Quizzes, Video Lessons, embed YouTube videos, Glossaries, Assignments, Books, Surveys, Question Banks and a whole lot more

Learn Moodle 3.0 to create Powerful Learning Experiences for your Learners

  • Any Device, Any Where - learn to create online classes that can be used on ANY device with a screen and learners can access from Anywhere
  • High Engagement with Social Tools - like the Discussion forum, WIKI, blogs
  • Save Hundreds of hours and Thousands of dollars - with automated tools such as reusing the course structure, self evaluated quizzes, Gradebook, Video lectures etc
  • Leverage the power of sites like YouTube for how-tos, Wikipedia for articles - literally embed ANYTHING into your own course
  • FLIP classes!! Have students prepare for topics BEFORE they come into your physical classes. Create lectures ONCE - and have it reused millions of times
  • BLENDED learning - mix and merge online, offline learning to create very powerful blended classes

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. A step-by-step video tutorial starting from the absolute basics - all the way to advanced topics.
  2. Video lectures, extensive resources, PDFs etc - over 56 separate lessons
  3. Countless hours saved with Moodle's learning and teaching automation tools (like the Quiz and Grade Book)
  4. Respect of peers, students, school administrators
  5. A powerful and absolutely essential teaching tool that is indispensable in the future of education
  6. A lifetime access to this course - and all future updates, enhancements
  7. BONUS: Administration section including very detailed instructions on how to install on a Windows computer (non-production usage)
  8. Tips, tricks, pitfalls and other points distilled from a lot of experience - these are distributed through out the course lessons

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Srikanth Shirodkar

Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co


Srikanth's recent leadership role as Senior Software Delivery Manager for one of the World's Largest Learning Management System implementation for online structured higher education - with more than 400,000 students pursuing online Masters/Bachelors and Certificate for one of India's largest and most diversified Education Providers with a global footprint in countries including the US, Singapore, UAE-Dubai, Malaysia etc.

Srikanth has directly managed clients including Telegraph Media Group UK, Microsoft, Yahoo, Marriott, Expedia, British Airways, Precise Media Group UK, Sequoia Media Group US, Tesco, and Hooper Holmes Inc. Managed teams sized in excess of 50, cross functional and projects/products in excess of 15 million USD.

Srikanth has over 18 years of experience in Sof... See full profile

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1. WELCOME to the Moodle Educator's Course: Welcome to the motor. Three points intercourse with I will take you through The entire froze is off, creating a world class courts on model from scratch. My name is Sri can't and I have been involved with technology in education, having had the opportunity to manage and use model and other top class learning management systems from large scale global implementations. Two small sized cooperate learning. Also, I am a keen, enthusiastic, all things technology in the education space. In this course, we will walk through the entire mortal spectrum as seen by an educator right from logging and for the first time, and exploring the interface to shaping up your course, using the many, many tools and learning resources provided by mortal and then getting familiar with the great book arm the Journey. We will also understand their roles and permissions, different communication mechanisms and powerful reporting abilities. This course is designed for anyone looking at mortal as a learning management system. This will mean professors and all educators, right from Kate. Will corporate training professionals are even if you're looking for a pure online teaching platform. Beyond all of this as a bonus, I have included classes on how to install mortal on your own Windows workstation for learning and testing purposes. There are also some simple model admin lessons that will round up your knowledge off model . So if you are excited about learning more than 3.0, go ahead and hit the enroll button. Andi, I will meet you in the courts and let us together learned the world's most popular learning platform. 2. Got Moodle?: in this. Listen, you will see how to get motile for this course model is an open source learning management system, which means that you can download the complete full featured application for free. It is very likely that your institutions system administrators have already downloaded and installed the model for you on a settler. If this is so, then you can skip this. Listen how much. But if you have looking to set up a mortal installation toe, explore, learn and best. Then I have a separate detailed a section in which I show how a testing environment for model can be set up on your own computer. Please go through the lessons in that section to set up a model installation. In all cases, you should visit the official side for the movement. At the top of this official model side, you will find links to download the source scored and very nicely return set off documentation. There are some more powerful tools and features from this side that we will benefit from later in the scores. At this point of time. The next big portion of model that is mood abortion 3.0 is to be released within a couple of months. In order to give you a jump start, I will actually be using a development portion off Model 3.0. However, if you are doing a new production, install that recommended stable abortion will be mortal 2.9 point one. If you are abortion of model looks slightly different than what you see in this course. The main reason could be that your administrator could have enabled or disabled some features on your installation. But this will be nothing to worry about. So now we can jump straight into the course and start learning model in the next listen. 3. Login into Moodle for the 1st time: in this. Listen, we will get our first field off model. I opened up my browser and navigate toe the model 3.0 ur. In my particular case, I am running model out of my local workstation. But in your case, this may be different. The first thing I expect you to notice is that your model might look significantly different from what you see here. But be assured that this will be mostly superficial if it looks different. It will be because your site administrator would have customized the mortal installation to reflect your institutions, branding for you to be able to log in at this point of time, you should already have a user I d and password in this log in box notice that you cannot self register and create your own user account from the speech. If you do not have your log in and password, you will need to contact your sights administrator. Once you do have, you are credentials. You can just enter them here and log in Model works honor role based access control model. What that means in simple terms is that every user is associated with a role model has provisioned for all the rules that you would expect from a learning management system, including that off a student, a teacher, manager, course creator, system administrator, and so food For this tutorial, we will be using the teacher rule for a large extent. But I will also frequently be showing your features from a student viewpoint. And sometimes I will switch over toe an admin account to give you an insight off how the site configuration works. Okay, Now let us log in and continue with our course there. I am now logged in on D. C. You in the next to listen. 4. Discover the Moodle Interface: in the previous listen, we logged into model for the very first time, and in this listen we will become familiar with the interface within model and learn how to navigate comfortably within model. The very first green I have configured after log in is the institute's home beach. This is where my model lands to after logging in. If you are screen looks different from what you have here. I would like to reiterate that it will be because you're mortal. Administrator would have configured the look and feel differently at the end of this lesson . On this section, you will become quite comfortable with navigating yourself through model, so do not. But if your model looks slightly different, the first thing you have to notice and get very familiar with are these rectangular areas called us blocks These blocks off the most fundamental interface units in your mortal design, they provide various functionalities, which can be highly customized. Onda, much off your interactions with mortal will occur through various blocks. The center area is where you will find the key content off the pages, including the actual course, which we will see shortly. Now. Let us look at the blocks I have available by default on my model one off. The most important is the navigation block that I have on my left hand side. On my right hand side, I have various blocks which include upcoming events, the calendar on a few other utilities. Let us look at the navigation block with some more details. Well, I am currently at is the site home for the home page. The icon next to it is a small square which signifies that this item cannot be expanded further on the text. Here is a direct link. However, the next item on the list has a right facing triangle icon. This is a list that will expand to show you more links on the site pages. When you expand it, you will see it has all the links inside. Whenever you expand a list, you will also notice that it's icon changes to a bottom facing triangle. Like so the item my courses lists. All the courses that you will be teaching are all courses that you are enrolled in tow in some capacity, more in tow that in a later lists the default interface with mortal 3.0 has changed recently in that the links to edit my profile toe access my dashboard. Except there are no place in a very convenient drop down next to my profile picture on the right hand top side of the screen. Here, I can click on this profiling to edit my profile, change my profile, upload a profile picture and other configurations in the next lesson. This is exactly what we will explore, how to set up our provide, so I will see you in the next listen. 5. Configure your Moodle Profile: It is a very good practice that you, as a teacher, keep your profile in model updated as ugly as possible. So in this listen, we will see how you can update your profile in Model 3.0. The profile page is available primarily through the drop down box, available at the top off the page. When I opened the drop down menu, you can see the profile link. Click on the profiling to go to the profile page. By default, you will enter the page in a view. More, that is. Ah, read only more You can see here various profile items that were already configured for you when you're provide was first created. You can see the courses which you are either teaching or you are a part off. For example, you might also be a manager into some other courses that you are not directly beating. We will see more off that in a later lesson on roads. There is also a section here that lists other content related links that you would be a part off, such as blocks that you have created our discussions from your courses. If any reports are available to you, they are also listed here. Finally, some information on your log in activity is shown to you at the bottom off the profile page . Having seen all of this. Now, let us see how to edit the profile. You will first click on the Edit Profile Link, which will put the page in doing editing murder. The edit page is divided into a few sections starting from the general section. Then the user picture additional names interests on some optional sittings. The general settings are your basic information. A good place to add a professional accomplishments note on your profile is in their description area. Not that this text box is a fully HTML capable, and you can even add links to other pages. If you like. In the user picture section, you can, very conveniently just a drag and drop an image from your computer on. Upload a new image or change your existing image. If you are not comfortable with dragon drop, you can even use a file picker like so. This convenient dragon drop interface is available consistently throughout model at locations that involves uploading a picture. Since I already have an existing picture, I believe it as it is for now, the additional names a section is very useful in some contexts. For example, if your institution has a very large number of students, the probability of having students and teachers with the same name is height, and so in this case you might want to add some additional quantify years here. This is also very useful when you have users with the non English language names. The Phanatic name X box can then be put to very good use. Typically, these settings are used more by the system administrators. The Interests text box is designed for users to share more information about themselves. For example, this can potentially help improve social collectivity with students and teachers with similar interests. Finally, the optional section has links toe alot, your students to connect in several additional optional ways, such as through various external social platforms and also through other details that you might choose to share. You can a plate as much as details as you're the wish to share and click on the update profile. Do not forget to click on the update profile else. None off. The changes you made are saved, and this is a very frequent pitfall with new users. It is a great practice toe. Update your profile as early as possible, put up a profile picture and fill in as much information as possible, as we have seen in this listen. 6. Moodle Preference Settings: in a previous lesson, You saw how toe edit your own profile from the drop down menu at the top left off model, and we also saw that it is a very good practice to update your profile as quickly as possible, with as much details as possible. This increases learning engagement and also encourages learners to follow suit. There is one more way in which to access the same edit profile link, and that is through the same drop down menu as earlier, which allows you to edit your profile and do a whole lot more. This time, we will access the preferences link. Like so, the Preferences page allows you to configure literally all possible personal settings, a lower by model in one convenient location. For example, you can change your password editor settings on language settings. We will explore a few off them in later classes, but in this lesson we will look at messaging. Let me first open the messaging options page by clicking on this link every possible way that you can be notified by model or different events and activities during your uses off. The platform can be configured in this age, though the space looks pretty complex. Let us understand how it works. Every potential event that will cause for a message to be sent to you could potentially result in either a pop up notification are an email message are both or neither to be sent to you. An example is when some other user, such as a student, since your message from their account. Furthermore, for every event you can decide mood ALS behavior when you are logged into the system, are your oflife continuing with the same example you can see. I have enabled a pop up notification when someone sent me a message. When I am both offline and online, however, I want an additional email to be sent for the same year and only when I am offline. So that is what this setting will represent. I recommend that you have a look at the speech model will already have freeze it all sittings for you. You might want to customize your own settings based on your teaching style and requirements on. Not to worry. You can come back and change the sitting at any point of time and any number of times when you are finished with your customization. Always remember to scroll to the end off the page and click the save changes button. Finally, there are another couple off very important sittings that you would like to have a look. You can choose to shut down all messages for yourself, completely enabling this check box. Be very careful with that, as you might miss out on important messages. Also, if you prefer plain text emails or HTML format, then you can make this setting also. So in this lesson, we have seen that the messaging and notification center in model is pretty powerful on you can exercise a great deal of control or how you are notified off various events and activities in murder. You should take the time to visit this page on get familiar with it.