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Monthly Life Documentation

Christina Standridge, Art is Therapy

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    • 1. A brief intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Step 1: Lists and Notes

    • 4. Step 2 Part 1

    • 5. Step 2 Part 2

    • 6. Final thoughts


About This Class

In these video sessions I will teach you how to create your own monthly life documentations to help promote patience and gratitude in your own life. I will go over the benefits of keeping a monthly documentation series of your own and go over different ways you can create and keep one yourself for a great year of minimizing stress, depressive thoughts, and managing the overwhelming changes that this year will throw you. 

This project is not meant to be a masterpiece by any means but instead is considered a visual form of journaling and reflection as art therapy. 


1. A brief intro: Hi. Um, before we jump into this project I have for you today, I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Cristina Stand ridge a little bit about myself as background. I am a mom. Of all those three. We're expecting our third this summer. And on the work side, I am a stay at home mom, working on my A degree in art therapy and maybe later on after that yoga therapy as well. So there's a kind of my two passions there. But while I stay at home, I am a fitness and health coach to Beachbody and a Leaders and Tinker Garden, as well as an artist with her gallery and block online. So that's a little bit about myself. Um, my husband is a navy, so we definitely like been through a whole bunch of change, especially recently. So this is where this project has come in, and I think it will be very beneficial to a lot of you. So I will share a little bit more in the next video on materials that you everything But what I hope that you get out of this project is that you will be able to take this. If you're anything like me and who strive for perfection and you have such a hard time, that kind of inhibits you from actually keeping a journal of some sort because you feel like you need it to be perfect. And that's not what a journals for write a journal is for working through something, and especially as an artist, you need to be able to journal and sketch and work through things. So then your masterpiece will actually unfold. So I hope that you dive into this and loved as much as I dio. It really helps when you're facing a lot of change in your life, a lot of stress, maybe even depression, just so you can eliminate getting so overwhelmed each month with all the changes that may be happening in your life. So I really hope that this benefits you as much as it does me and I look forward to seeing the outcome 2. Materials: Okay, So this video is only going to be about the materials that you will need for this project. It's honestly dependent on your preference. Um, I have recently gotten really into the whole digital, our journaling, so for me, And if you are the same, I would suggest getting your iPad or whatever digital device that you plan to do this on. And for me, I have my I've had my apple pin, and then I have an app called Procreate or art rage. But for this, I'm gonna be using procreate. So for digital preferences, you will need that. You may need a notebook of some sort unless you are also doing gonna be jotting things down on no app in a panic. Media, If you do not want to go the digital route, I suggest you can use a variety of material such as poster board, a sketchbook or pins, colored pencils, regular pencils. You can use markers, whatever you want to put all of this and personalize it and just kind of dump it. That's what we're gonna be doing is brain dumping. So, um, that's what I tell you. Do you also, if you have a cleaner I and you like you keep it pretty organized. I would suggest also including that as well. Because if you are forgetting what you have done that last month or exciting things that happen or things that you work through, maybe you wrote it down in there and that would be a great reminder. So that's what the all the materials you'll need for this. This is a really straightforward, great project. The whole point of this is just gaining consistency. So I will be sharing with you on my side how I do it. And then I would love to see the ideas that you go off of that I do not expect to you guys to do this the same way. I actually am super excited to see the creativity that will flow through you in. So I hope that this helps. And I'm excited to show you how to document your life in art 3. Step 1: Lists and Notes: Okay, so first thing that we were going to do is I want you to think about your last month. So it does not have to be February If you want to start with January, that it's perfectly fine. I will show you my example of January in the next video. But, um, for now I want you, Teoh, Pick which month you're gonna dio. If you feel like it's pretty much the end of the month of everywhere and you just want to start now, then we can go ahead and do that. If not, think back in January and I want you to think of big things and then the little things that have happened to you in that month. And I want you to think about the good in bad. It can be as mundane or as large as you want it to be. So for me, since I've already done in January, I'm working on February and I have gotten half of that. We were done. So for me, I'm going to write. I got my husband back because he was away in a different state for work. We just moved here, so you'll kind of see that in my January, um, example. So you'll see all the changes that we went there last month. But so this month we decided to trying to new churches in this area and everything. So we got to do that. I joined skill share. I feel like I'm really growing in my art. I've been very intentional about making time for it, whereas last year I did not. So that's something I'm pretty proud of this last month and then my new yoga poses I've attempted to do and succeeded while pregnant so that, like I said, it can be as mundane, as lovely as you want it to be. It's all about growing that positivity. And even if there was something negative that happened, um, put that on there because it has help you grow. It's all in how we go about the situations. So how we react to them and that's the point of this project. So I want you to just bring dump on a piece paper. Just list off everything you love list when this will be perfect for you. Um, if you're more of a doodler and that's how you do, you must do it that way. But this is just to brain dump. So that is your first step is checking back in your planners or thinking back. Maybe if you document everything on social media, go back and see how last month went for you. What you shared, what you didn't share, what sparks in your memory and just write it down. Even if you want to include goals that you have set and maybe didn't reach or goals that you said and did reach, I challenge you to break that down a swell. So in the next video, I will show you how I did my January month and then in following video. After that, I'll show you how I'm doing. 4. Step 2 Part 1: Okay, everyone. So this video is going to show you an example of what I did for January and how I organized it again. I want you to use your creative freedom and change yours. Up Abate. It does not have to look the same way. All I did kind of a circular motion with mine. Um, where I kind of do told myself in the middle here, asking some questions, too kind of reflect on the month of January. So what did I learn? What? Um, I think before how did this month change me? So basically, what happened in January for me and my family is that we moved from Georgia to Connecticut , so I started off with that. It was a big move, especially for me, because I had always lived in Georgia. Different parts, But I'm not the same. And then we bought our new home so that I had to include that my kids experienced snow for the first time. So that was something that was big May new friends. That's when I started my blawg. And then we found a whole bunch of new scenery to explore, so that was just kind of Ah, run down on what we did here. And then you can see my time lapse right here. And it's OK if you're kind of everywhere. You saw that I started here and then I went backwards. But just how my brain worked in the moment and how I decided to organize things. So for you, it may look completely different. You may decide to right the months in the middle or down here or up here where I have it. And then maybe you don't like how I didn't mind in a circle. And maybe you would like to try to do yours as, like, a list with your photos or your doodles, and then do it that way and then maybe have a reflection at the bottom. This could be, however you want it. And that is the exciting part that I really want to see is how you work through it. You could have positive things appear and negative things that happened down here. And then a reflection of what? How it made you grow and all of that. So you can do to all of that if you want for me. I kind of kept it here. I might change it up next month. 5. Step 2 Part 2: month just kind of play around with things. This is February's that we're working on, so I kind of changed my questions a little bit. I'm not done with February just yet. So how did the bad help me? How can I practice self care to help me mentally and what was good this month? So, like I said before, we got the kids, got their dad back and I got my husband back. We tried to new churches in the area, trying to branch out and not be hermits. So you know, we contend to be when we first moved to a new area, Um, joined skill share, Got some new yoga poses? No, that kind of thing. So for me, um, it's also pretty awesome, so I can show you I'm going to use red, see if it's on the same thing that I wanted it home for, so that's not bad. So maybe this month and I can check back on my notes and see what else I'd put on there. So I feel like I'm really growing consistent in my art. So that's something that I really wanted to focus on. T think so I may Like I said, this isn't something that is supposed to be a perfect masterpieces, literally, like keeping a journal of some sort. So me do like little moons to kind of show that So, um, this can be as free range as you want it to be. So from se wrong color, consistency and art. I really felt like I grew in that, um, this month and making it important, which also helps me and myself care area. So for me are is therapy. Um, and that is definitely one form of self care. So, um, I am going to save my last spot because there's not technically the end of the month yet, so that is kind of how this one went, and I will show you the time lapse on this one. And as you can see, this is a super simple project in the sense of actually creating something. It's really just consistency. The biggest thing for you is going to be actually working through that self care that stress of the month and, you know, realizing that yes, negative things may have happened that month. But how did it change for good? So in the next video, we will wrap up on what we've learned, and then I am super excited to see what you guys create. 6. Final thoughts: Okay, so this is our wrap up video. Like I said before, this is such a simple project. It's not meant to be difficult. I don't want you to overcomplicate it. I want this to be a form of art. There be for you So, thistles about teaching you patience and gratitude for what life throws at you basically. And, um, kind of teaching you the benefits of keeping a monthly documentation and how it can actually help you keep a sketchbook if you struggle in that area like ideo on and just growing consistency in general because it will reflect on the rest of other aspects of your life as well. So, um, I hope that you see that this will help minimise any stress that you may be going through a depressive thoughts, anxiety managing, just overwhelming changes that may be occurring in your life. Um, because change is inevitable. So we just have to adapt and grow from it. Correct. So, like I said before, this project is not meant to be a masterpiece. It is meant to be what it is. A work in project and in progress. Sorry. And then just a visual form of journaling and reflection through art therapy. So I challenge you to share in the class project what you're working on. It does not have to be finished at all. Like you don't have to wait until the end of the month to create it or to share it with us . I would love to see what you have in the moment. And then, um just see how you took this project. Even if you decided to do a physical rep representation off your month and keep it that way . Or if you decided to do digital version and how you laid it out differently than myself if you chose, keep the same. I'm honored. Thank you. But I'm super excited to let the creativity flow and let you guys work through any issues or achievements he may be going through. So thank you for watching. And I cannot wait to see your work