Monoline Lettering: The Complete Introduction

James Daly, Illustrator & Designer

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11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What Is Monoline Lettering?

    • 3. Materials We'll Be Using

    • 4. Practise Exercises

    • 5. The Monoline Alphabet

    • 6. Sketching Our Design

    • 7. Inking Our Design

    • 8. Working In Photoshop

    • 9. Working In Illustrator

    • 10. Finishing Touches

    • 11. Outro


About This Class

Love lettering? Always looking to learn new styles of hand-drawn type? Learn one of the simplest and most effect lettering styles around with monoline lettering 

I'll be taking you from the very beginning, starting with defining the style, working through some basic exercises, and looking at each letter of the alphabet, right up to finishing touches like digitising our work in Adobe's desktop apps.

You'll need some basic familiarity for the Photoshop and Illustrator side of things, as I won't be going over the absolute basics of these programs.

You'll also find some downloadable, traceable worksheets under the 'Your Project' tab.

Class outline:

  • What Is Monoline Lettering: Before we can start drawing, we need to know what it is we're drawing. We'll be looking at what makes monoline lettering unique, and some examples of artists working in this style.
  • Materials We'll Be Using: The materials needed to create monoline lettering are surprisingly minimal! We'll go through some options here
  • Practise Exercises: We'll warm your hand up and get you used to working with monoline materials and the shapes we'll be using for our project
  • The Monoline Alphabet: Watch as I draw each letter of the monoline alphabet individually, and use this lesson as reference when creating your own words and designs
  • Sketching Our Design: We'll start outlining what our final project will look like, planning each section and letter so that it's ready for inking
  • Inking Our Design: Once our sketch is complete we'll move on to applying paint
  • Working In Photoshop: Let's get digital! I'll be taking you through the Photoshop functions you'll need to turn your inked work into a digital work
  • Working In Illustrator: We'll be looking at vector shapes, how the pen tool works, and an alternative way to digitise your work
  • Finishing Touches: The final things to add that pop to your work, ready to share online