Monochrome Photo Double Exposures | Blending Textures And Tools | Josh Thornton | Skillshare

Monochrome Photo Double Exposures | Blending Textures And Tools

Josh Thornton, "A Photography Thing is a vibe."

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5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Photo Blending Made Easy

    • 2. Collecting Textures

    • 3. Shooting Objects

    • 4. Snapseed Edit

    • 5. Photoshop Edit


About This Class

Want to know an easy way to add a ton of punch to your photography? Then look no further than your smartphone. Blending textures with other photographs is a powerful way to add levels of depth and perception to your work. in this class students will learn how to build a texture collection, photograph objects, and seamlessly blend them together using Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop.

This class is ideal for photographers and graphic designers looking to:

  • further define their personal styles
  • have a resource of fresh ideas
  • learn Snapseed and Photoshop blending   





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Josh Thornton

"A Photography Thing is a vibe."


Josh Thornton is a Philadelphia based photographer who is heavily influenced by music, art, fitness, and entrepreneurship. His creative skillsets include photography, filmmaking, graphic design, GIF Art, and teaching. 

He is a creative-professional who's clients range from entrepreneurs, artists, fitness professionals, and coaches. In addition to servicing local clients, Josh also does videography for b...

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