Monochrome Photo Double Exposures | Blending Textures And Tools

Josh Thornton, "A Photography Thing is a vibe."

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5 Videos (37m)
    • Photo Blending Made Easy

    • Collecting Textures

    • Shooting Objects

    • Snapseed Edit

    • Photoshop Edit


About This Class

Want to know an easy way to add a ton of punch to your photography? Then look no further than your smartphone. Blending textures with other photographs is a powerful way to add levels of depth and perception to your work. in this class students will learn how to build a texture collection, photograph objects, and seamlessly blend them together using Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop.

This class is ideal for photographers and graphic designers looking to:

  • further define their personal styles
  • have a resource of fresh ideas
  • learn Snapseed and Photoshop blending   

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This class is inspiring and motivating. Josh has the ability to transform not just his artwork from ordinary to extraordinary but the ability to simplify the complexity behind the process of blending. He is well spoken, simple, and gifted. Hope to have more classes from Josh.
Josh Thornton is a smooth instructor. Enjoyed the short class. Hope to see more from him in the future.
Simply very good





Josh Thornton

"A Photography Thing is a vibe."

Creative Director/Photographer Josh Thornton's journey with photography began just a few years ago. After 10 years of freelance graphic design, he found the camera was the tool he needed to truly speak as an artist.  

Growing up he was heavily influenced by music, art, graphics and film. Today, he is the founder of A Photography Thing which is a brand that inspires creatives to curate their creative-voices. It's a platform Josh uses to combine his early influences with his love for helping people.   

"I've always loved artists who have a distinct style. Like when you see, or hear, or experience their KNOW it has their signature on it. I love how an artist can experience life and filter that experience trough whatever muse they feel is right. Photography, film, music and design are my muses."

Josh also spent 12 years as a personal trainer. He attributes his love for teaching and inspiring people to that experience. This was his first creative outlet that led him into his passion in life. 

Connecting with people and inspiring them to live fully and loudly is what drives Josh. 

A Photography Thing is the story of a creative; any creative who lives the artist-lifestyle and wouldn't want to live it any other way. It's for creatives at any point on their journeys of self-discovery through their work.