MonoChrome: Intro to Black and White Photography

Anaïsa Visser, Photographer/Videographer/Filmmaker

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5 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Composition & Depth

    • 3. Contrast & Exposure

    • 4. Texture & Lines

    • 5. Your Project


Project Description

ExtraOrdinary: Turn your ordinary world into an extraordinary series of photos!

In this class you will produce a series of three photos in which you will capture the ordinary in your surroundings and turn it into an extraordinary series of street-style photographs. You will have the option of shooting digitally or on analog film if you prefer.

Using no added lighting, and without affecting the subject, the idea is that your eye is enough of a guage as to what a great composition is. My hope is that you will challenge yourselves to move out of your comfort zone, and discover something about your ordinary that perhaps you have previously overlooked.

A series of photos does not mean that they should have the same subject. A series of photos that function well rely on an over-arching theme, as well as on consistency in style. This exercise should help you find your own "voice" through photography.

I will ask you to choose from one of the following themes for your series:



Working from a theme will help you train your eyes and brain to not only shoot beautiful photos but shoot them with meaning and purpose.

The class will help you learn to constantly look for beautiful contrast and composition. The outcome, a series of three photographs, will be your launchpad into becoming an awesome street photographer, and a master of black and white photography!

Thank you for registering, and I look forward to seeing your projects!


Student Projects

Shawn Fischer