Money Bliss Budgeting - How to Set a Budget & Manage your Finances like a PRO in 2018 | Robor-Bliss Owisi | Skillshare

Money Bliss Budgeting - How to Set a Budget & Manage your Finances like a PRO in 2018

Robor-Bliss Owisi, Financial Strategist, Web Developer

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6 Videos (39m)
    • Money Bliss Budgeting Course - Introduction

    • Money Bliss Budgeting Course 1 - The Concept

    • Money Bliss Budgeting Course 2 - The Budgeting Process

    • Money Bliss Budgeting Course 3 - Practical

    • Money Bliss Budgeting Course 4 - When Expenditure is Greater Than Income

    • Money Bliss Budgeting Course 5 - How to Earn More & Conclusion


About This Class

Hi and welcome to the Money Bliss Budgeting Course.

In this course, you'll learn how to set a budget and manage your finances like a pro in 2018.

My name is Robor Bliss, Owisi and I'm a Personal and Family Finance Coach.


I will show you in detail what budgeting is and why it is important you have a budget, and also walk you through the step by step process of setting an effective budget.

In addition, the template you'll need is included for FREE.

Also, you will learn some business ideas with which you can earn more income to fund your budget.

Here's a quick look at the outline for this course:
-What a budget is.
-Why you need a budget.
-The Myths the prevent people from budgeting.
-How to set your budget right.
-The Robor Bliss Principle
-The Budget Planning Process
-The Budget Test
-How to Earn More to Fund your Budget

If you're ready to have Money Bliss in 2018 and become a pro budget planner, please click the enrol button let's get started.





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Robor-Bliss Owisi

Financial Strategist, Web Developer

Hello, I'm Robor-Bliss.

I'm a Financial Strategist, and CEO - Ultra-Pace Solutions Ltd.

I teach young people, families and small businesses financial planning and how to perpetuate wealth through my Facebook community called Money Bliss Academy.

I'd like you to join us on the journey towards getting smarter with money by becoming a part of #MoneyBlissAcademy Community.

I promise you, it's going to a valuable tim...

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