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Monetize Your Mobile Game or App - Part 2

teacher avatar Ivan Yosifov, 3D Game Artist & Animator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ad Formats - Banner

    • 3. Ad Formats - Interstitial

    • 4. Ad Formats - Rewarded Ad

    • 5. Ad Formats - Offerwall

    • 6. In-App Purchase - Consumable

    • 7. In-App Purchase - Non-Consumable

    • 8. In-App Purchase - Subscriptions

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About This Class

Learn how to Monetize Your Mobile Game or Application.
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What makes you a good teacher?

  • I have released over 150  Mobile Games with more than 30,000,000 downloads in iOS and Google Play.

  • I run a company called Seven Bulls Games, so I am actively in the field building games.

  • I personally love learning online and my life is much better because I have learned online rather than a classroom.

Who is this class for?

  • People who want to learn how to monetize their game or application with maximizing the revenue stream.

  • This course is good for complete beginners.

  • This course is also very useful for professionals, as i will expand with in-depth knowledge of monetizing your game or application.

  • People who are interested in mobile games or applications.

I promise that this course will be better and more effective than reading books.
I show how to master monetization through the use of video.
This course will give you everything you need to thrive in our mobile technological society.
Everything that i teach in this course if based on my personal experience.

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Ivan Yosifov

3D Game Artist & Animator


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1. Introduction: Are you sick and tired of not knowing how to monetize your mobile game or applications. Well, in this part two, we're going to talk about, in details of how to do that. First, we're going to start with the ad format banner, in which we're going to review how to earn pretty decent revenue, et cetera. Then we're going to continue with the interstitial ad, which is a full-screen static image. And again, I'm going to reveal a lot of it. We're going to continue with offer Wall, which is a pretty huge game changer and ad monetization. Then in the final ad, which is rewarded ad, we're going to talk about where to place it, how to place it, how to show it in the matrix behind it. And in the end, we're going to talk about everything in the in-app purchase world, about consumables, about God, about timelines, about subscriptions, about non consumables, everything you need to know about in-app purchase. So if you want to monetize your game in the proper way and you're ready to row, just enroll in this course. And let's start. 2. Ad Formats - Banner: welcome back with part two of How to Monetize your game. The first stopping that we're gonna talk about the first chapter will be about at formats, and I'm going to go through in Dept. Details of how to monetize with your on four months. And first, we're going to start by reviewing each four month what it is, how it works and how you could set it up just by examples. So, first, let's start with the banner. The better is a little at that. Always stay on top of your game. And as you can see in this image I've created, you can put the banner on the bottom or the top. It depends on your game or applications or replication view. So if you make your application in portrait, you can place it like in the picture one and two in the bottom, over in top. And if you make a game or application, which needs to be a landscape you get, but it's in the bottom or in the top again. Of course, the banner four months depends on the ad network you're using. They could be stretched from one edge to another so they could cover the whole screen in the landscape mode. So basically, this is what the banner is. It's a small better covering just part of your screen, and it will always stay on top of your consent. Let me show you an example of a Bonder. So this is a game I've created. It's like hell eggs jump. And as you can see in the bottom, I have a bother, and it always stays. No matter what is going on. It always stays there and generating impressions like every 30 seconds. This banner is refreshed and every start of a new game. This brother is also refreshing, or you can set it up to be a automatic I'm going to speak about is in a bit. So as you can see, it always stays on top off my game. And while the person the user explain the game, I monetize him with few impressions. As you can see, we've already generated three or four impressions, so this user is generating impressions on this balance. So this banner is good if you're creating casual game or like I spoke in the Parwan about floating with games. So if you're grating mass games like 10 or 20 or 30 games and you just spamming the store with games like usual games, for example, you can always use this because this is generating some revenue. It's not a big revenue, but it's something and you can afford it to put it inside your game. For sure. This scenario Think interested, show we're going to talk about it later. So this is the placement of the bother. Let's talk about. But let me show you a few examples this an admiral brother staying on the tap on the bottom . Sorry on the bottom of this application. As you can see, it will always cover everything. And let's talk about the CPM off the better. So average banner out four months. CPM is about average. One's our. I pretty much doubt that because I've used a lot of banner ads and the average CBM of this is like 0.20 cents, something like this again, Guys, CPM is 1000 impressions. So 1000 impressions in this website business of perhaps they there telling me that for 1000 impressions you gonna get ones our But my experience shows that it's not $1. It's about 20 cents to 50 cents. Something like this. So let's get a calculator. Imagine you have, like, Tinky Impressions you divided by 1000 and you get $10. But compared to my experience, let's say 25 cents, you get $2.5. So you get a have pretty huge user base to generate a lot of impressions and earn get money . But this is one good addition toe the other at four months that we're going to talk about later in warm on. One more thing. It's the refresh rate of the better with which we're gonna close. This this chapter about better the better is super simple. So the thing fancied, there is no logic behind behind it. It will always stands up. And while the game is running and this said no pretty fancy gameplay, me handing zor game logic become better, just put it out there, and it's gonna last through the whole session of the user again. It's pretty important the refresh rate of the better in ad moppets from 30 seconds to 120 seconds if you want to put it manually. But a strongly recommend using the Google optimization automatic refresh rate of the banner because Google will automatically refresh Bonner based on their algorithms so and it will optimize the CBM. So again, just turn it on the automatic refresh rate by Google. And if you're using boners, for example, from uploading or other networks, you can always try an experiment by sending a let's say for 30 seconds, leave it for a week. See what's. The CPM is may be raised to 60 60 seconds. Make a test one more week and then you're gonna you're gonna compare the 30 in 60 seconds E CBM and revenue, and you're gonna have your answer. So that's pretty much it about the banners. Super simple again if you are using and creating a casual games or flooding the store with multiple games, which are small and you know how we call it the toilet games. I pretty much advise you to use banners because it's some small revenue. But it's something, and if you have a huge hint huge fan base in huge user base, this will generate at least one salary. Thank you for your time, guys. I'm going to see you in the next lecture when we're gonna talk about interstitial ads by 3. Ad Formats - Interstitial: Welcome back, guys. With the next lecture, we're gonna talk about out four months and especially we're going to talk about interest issue at In simple words. Interest issue ad is full screen ads and that's it. But there are different four months in this at so let's talk about them now. So first in this picture we have 24 months. The 1st 1 in the left is just a simple graphics of bubble which Sagar and you can close the interest issue in the upper left the put an X on it. As you can see, they created some pretty nice graphics with a big green button plane out. So they there telling the people in action that coating for inaction to clean out. So this will just simply pop out and it will be delivered by the ad networks that we talk about. So, for example, uploading can deliver this at the 2nd 1 is an ad from Google play and it's the Admiral network. The credit, some different creatives. So they have Uh huh. A lower goal or a background of a man. They have the local game of war. They have their icon also, they fetch the data from Google play to show how many stars and what's the rating of the app, the name of the app. And they also fed with short description from the Google play console again, a boon to co An action is, though, and a little acts in the upper left. So those two our static in interest issues, they're just graphics. But in different ways, you don't worry. You don't need to worry about. It's because this will be delivered to you by Admiral, by uploading and the other networks. But if you wanna advertise for you know, cash in those networks, like uploading or Adam up, you're gonna be worried about how to create this creative what elements need to be there. But this another top. The third picture is a video at. There is a difference between interstitial eth and rewarded that. The one difference is that when you show an interstitial video ads, it can be skip herbal. So in this, in this case, we have a video which is two minutes long, but you can just create the buttons, keep at it and it will skip it in the other way when we have or rewarded at, uh, most rewarded. That's our from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. And they cannot be skipped because you get award for watching the whole video. And the 3rd 4 months in the next one is a playable interstitial path. What? What he does is simply pop out and maybe an HTML five, as at that in this case, garden escape developers created. So simply, what are you going to do in this interest issue at is just played again for a little bit. They just scrap and created some simple level. So in this game, you're gonna match tree and play for like 15 to 30 seconds, and then it will co you for an action to play now or trees down now and next will pop up in the upper left or upper right corner. So this is the play about ad. So let's summarize. You have different static interstitial ads. You have video ad which is s capable, and then you have the play about ads. But okay, those are the four months. How can they use them next topic Where to show interstitial path. So simply put for four key points. The 1st 1 at the start of your game. So when their user open your application, you can show and had immediately. What this means is that you can monetize each install, at least with one impression. For example, a new user install your game or app. It open is it opens it and then an ad show up. Then you got one impression. And if this guy don't like your app or just delete it, at least you monetize came with one impression. This a little bit tricky because showing an ad in the start of your application or game is betting because it shows one quality of your game or app. But if you are the case that you're just throwing up APs or games on the store like I told you and my previous lectures helped chrome APs for games. If you are this case, it's a good choice because you're going to generate more impressions and more revenue. If you're just cloning games and just publishing game after game after game, this is a good choice for this one. But if you're creating a serious game, which you've put, for example, two years to develop and it's sophisticated, it has more Blair etcetera. I'm not recommending using the 1st 1 at the start of your game. The next one is on the finish screen. For example, we screen blue screen if you don't have a rewarded ads, which we're gonna talk about and in some next lectures. Um, if you don't have a rewarded ad, you get always sure an interesting Sha ab and the win or loose screen. What this means is that I've played a level than my win or lose screen or game over screen Show up, then you can code ad networks to show and at in that way you're not breaking my experience . I already died or I already won or lose, and you're you're just monetizing me within that which is not that bad. And people are get get used to that so you can use that on on the free finish screen or game over screen. The next one is for casual games on 5 10 played games, for example, in this game that I've created, I've I'm playing a game number one, So I died. You just simple bolt the counter. I played one game. Let's try another one. This is my second game, second attempt. I'm still not showing an ad. Let's try it again their third time. I think I've put it on fifth or seventh. That's really strike four time, right? I'm pretty good. Um, just a nuke. Fifth time. Let's try again. Six time, maybe on seven or 10th. So I would say Hate night. One more, I guess. Yes, and I show interest issue ad. So this is how you can do it. It's not breaking my experience at all. I just played my game. I just died and just finish So you can show an ad on five or 10 games, not on every single death or we know, lose. It will be frustrating. Some don't do that. Just experiment. But I think five or 10 is get because in this schedule game, as you can see, I pretty pretty easy can finish up 10 games and just like a minute or two. So this is a good way to monetize your user on five or 10 games. The other one is when your player gets in homing. So, for example, if I had a whole menu in this game, which I don't and for example, if top to reset was tapped to go to home, You know, to see my inventory or something, I'm just going to simply step. Go to my main menu and you can show a net over there so you can combine all of these in your application or game. And again if you are making a good game, which you spend a lot of time, I recommend doing the second and the third. They're pretty good to monetize for good games, but if you're spamming or cloning games, you can use all the four ones. So when the player enters, show him in ad. When the player starts start to play the game, for example, on finish screen, you can show show them like to or four played games. The interesting show. It depends on you and the next one when you play against the home and you, you can also spam spunk him with that, and you're gonna increase your impressions. But this only if you're cloning games. And if you have the mechanics of this so it depends from game to game from app to happen. But that's basically it. Let's talk about a little bit. You know about money. The average interstitial at four months CPM is $3.5. Compared Toa Beauty in every dot com into other sites is about $3. But there's a big bet. This is for Taiwan. Countries like United States like Canada, right, like Australia. But the average CPM. Based on my experience for foreign interstitial, he's $1.2 or one point point five. It can go up to two, I guess. But if you combine over the tire tires of the countries, it will be something like this. For example, if I use old off this, although the mad its methods get one impression from the start of the game, let's say my user place, you know, like 33 games and it has three finish screens. So I got four impressions and one time he got in the home and you got five impressions just from this user. And if I have, you know, 10-K users, those are 50 50 k impressions. And if you want 50 by $1.5 I got 75 bucks from 10-K users. It depends, of course, it can be from 50 to 75 in Depends on the CPM, but that's roughly what it iss. So again, you can use all those minutes. It depends on your game or your app. And that's it for this lecture. Thank you, guys. I hope you learn something. And I see you in the next one to talk a little bit more about the other four months by. 4. Ad Formats - Rewarded Ad: Welcome back, guys. With the next lecture in this lecture, we're gonna talk about the next at former, which is their awarded at. I'm going to talk about how to use them and the smart ways of using rewarded ATS with the intention not to irritate your user, not to first trade them, were who are playing rewarded ads are, in my opinion, the best at former that you can use in order to gain pretty good revenue and pretty good none intention to frustrate them and force them to only start app. So rewarded adds first of all our ads that are by choice, So the user is choosing to what? Just watch this ad, why he's doing that? Because he gets a reward for it. So there are, you know, different types of rewards. Let's start with some of them. Let's start with maybe the 1st 1 right? So if you played the game coin master, you have a slot machine which needs spins. So right now, at this screenshot, I have four spins from 50 and I get five spins in one hour. So what his game offers is if you want to watch one ad for one spin, so they offer you one rewarded at for one spin, which is pretty smart. If you run out of spins. You can always watch an ad for one additional spin, and it's always by choice. This is by choice. You're not supposed to watch if you don't want to watch. But if you want one extra spin all right, give me that at I'm gonna watch that a hat and I'm gonna get the spin. Second thing about their world adds, is that they're nonce capable there. 15 30 seconds and they cannot be skipped. And if you don't watch the at until to the end, you don't get the reward. For example, in this going master, if I watch an ad and Dad is 30 seconds and I watch it for, let's say 15 seconds and I just hex hicks it, you know, close it, I'm not going to get the reward. So if I want to get their award, I should watch the whole at. This is the second thing about the reward of that. So again there. Oh, by choice. And in this game, their offer spins for for watching him at. So it's like they're offering virtual currency in in this in this case, it spends you can buy Spence cities in this game and coin monster. You can buy coins response. So in this game they offer Spence, Let's continue on with, you know, famous game candy. Chris Sacca If you play this game, uh, you you know that when you play a level, you lose life, each level you play. So in this case, I'm gonna have ah next life in 30 minutes and 55 seconds. But they over me to ask a friend or to buy. And in some other cases, candy crush saga offers toe watching add in order to get one extra life. So this is another thing that you can give. It's simply a virtual currency if you sell lives. It's the same as this space year, so it's just just different mentioning. But they're all virtual currencies, so I can watch one ad it will add want to my life, and I am pleased with that. You don't You know, I didn't pay any money, but I get something for free and I lose only 30 seconds of my life. Watching that at users are very used to death. So if you offer them something as a reward, like a life or a spin, like 75% of the users will get it. You know, especially the users that don't pay. They will watch Ah, lot, a lot of ads. So use that in your advantage offers offer in game currency, but over very, very low compared to your in app purchase. So, for example, if I give 11 spin going master for one at like 10 spins should cost, like $10 or something like this. So so the value should be should be high because one ad is nothing you get like five, maybe $6 per 1000 ad views. So keep that in mind when you calculate your virtual currency compared to purchases compared to reward it at. So I show you two types of rewarded. That's let's move on, and I'm going to show you how we used the reward at in our game counterattack. So we have two types off reward. That's the first thing is that we showed a full screen pop up like Do you want to rent free weapon? Get the reward. You just click on that pop up ad, and you just watch one reward of that, I'm gonna click X. No. And as you can see in the upper right corner, we offer free stickers for completing three three ads and we over a test weapon, which we mean we're giving you a skin for one hour just as this weapon and you're going to return it back. So those are two to new formats that we represent. So, for example, the stickers, the stickers are paid in our game. So if you go to our shop and if you go to the sticker step, you can see that the first back ISS the same Bulgarian less. But it's like a nice sense. So we offer to watch to the video ads in order to get wants to stickers and ah, you can buy them with 99 cents. So we offer Pete stuff for free by watching ads. This is something that you can do, but you need to calculate your ads. Also, you need to cap the ad showing per person. The next thing is, as I said, the test weapon. So this is for a limited time only. All the weapons in our game are sold and cases were selling them. In cases for the case, you need key etcetera, but we offer to the nonpaying users to use adds to watch ads, rewarding ads in order to get and try the weapon for one hour. So if you watch five ads, you get a random weapon. You use it for one hour, and then you're returning back. So you can so you can rent weapons, maybe rent some other stuff that your game they have. You know, if you are making an RPG, you can rent Ah helmet. You know what's toward something like this and after the period expires, So then show you. When you click, you watch. The 30 seconds have it doesn't matter. So let's return to the RPG. For example, if you if you rent a sword and the user used that sword for one hour and he's very pleased with that's toward After that one hour expires. You can over him to buy that sword, for example, for 2 99 or 3 99 and if he enjoys the weapon, you can even make him make a purchase so you can combine that with the renting stuff. Let's move on with Helen's jump, this is pretty popular game. You can also use reward. That's for a second chance. I just click on the second chance and I'm gonna watch assured AD in order to have my second chance. So the idea of the second chances if I die on that red brick I can click on the ad. I want you to add again. It's 30 seconds, guys. You don't need to skip it because you're not gonna have your award. So after he watched 30 seconds, you're gonna continue for from where you die. So this is another method that you can use which is continuing the game. If you're you have, you know, Infinity Runner game, maybe, Ah, sites cruel game or or something like the Calix jump, which is a pretty casual game. Let's close it up, and I continue from that point. As you can see, I am like, 2/3 of the level and I continue from over here, and as you can see over there, I just died. So this is another method that you can use continuing lives and let's move to the final part. What are the C P M's and how much money you can make from the reward. That's like I said, 75% of the users prefer rewarded. That's over banners or interest issue ads. The average SPM based on Iran sores metrics, they said it's 10 to $50 per 1000 impressions. So again, let's get a calculator. So if I make 1000 impressions this there say, saying that I'm gonna get $10 which is not the case, guys, it's 10 to $50 for maybe sometimes for us, for Japan, for Australia, for New Zealand. But through my experience for the past, you know, six years, every city in for award at It's like $47 maybe lesson for, let's say, two from two hours to $7. ITV arise from the country's, so I'm gonna say, for example, if you and making 10-K impressions, I divided them by 1000. And if I get like $5 you know, 3 50 let's say 3 50 because my traffic is mixed. For example, I have Brazil, Russia, some tired to two countries, maybe Germany from Taiwan and mixed the create 3.5 CPM I'm going to get $35 from that state . 10 game impressions. So again they're saying 10 to $50. It's not that case. I'm sure that it's not like that, but this may be four tire one countries from 10 to 50 sometimes only for Taiwan countries. So again, the ever CPM, in my opinion and from my experience that we used that networks in our games. Yes, from $3 to $7. It depends on the country, but don't get, you know, confused on get light by those networks. It's not stand to 50 it's It will never be 10 50. So this is about their award. That's how to use them. I hope you learned something, and I I hope you use their award. That's preferably over the interest issues. The brother is okay, but rewarded. That's are the thing that can earn you a lot of revenue if you use them smart like I teach you in this. In this big lecture used in smart guys don't irritate your users. Don't frustrate, frustrate them, always give a reward that they need at that time, for example, when it don't have spent, give me reward when I don't have lives, Give me a reward when I need to continue My you know my journey in italics jump. I'm almost you know what? The finish. Give me a second chance. That's a thing that the users will like. 70 or 80% of the units were quick and get And you get your revenue from them by watching the reward. That's thank you, guys for taking time, So listen to me by until the next lecture. 5. Ad Formats - Offerwall: Welcome back with the next lecture and this lecture, we're going to talk about the next out format. And if I know one, which will be the offer wolf. So let's deep dive in first. I'm going to show you which ad networks I prefer for offer war. Which one are giving the best recipients and the 1st 1 is a part of my choice is Iran Source at Network. As we previously mentioned this network, it's pretty good, and it offers and offer world. So let's talk about a little bit. What offer We'll ISS. So, as you can see in my screen offer whoa! As offering the user some price for making the user to make some action, let me give you an example. So I offered a user 1000 super points in my application. Or, for example, I offer him 10 diamonds or 500 coins and was You need to do is, for example, what your net 30 seconds at the next thing that you can offer to the player is twist our different game. For example, I'm going to give you 50 diamonds if you install my minute quote, app, for example, and the user. Can he start this app and getting 50 diamonds there? Different different types of ah oven offers. There is even a subscription type. For example, if you subscribe toe who app and you get a hula plus, you can get 740 14 super points. So, for example, you want the user to pay or subscribe in a different app in order to receive something in your app. So it's pretty much different offers with different amounts that you can give. But basically, this is the idea you offer the user some reward in, for example, in games like Diamonds, Coy's or if you are having an application, let's say some super points, you know, to match people in tender or so, and you want them to do different, different things to subscribe to East our game, maybe to east our game and reach the level five in a game in order to get the reward or just two. What a video add fuel quiz are, or something like death. So the first network Iran source pretty good one. I highly recommended, and it has a lot of offers. It has a lot of ah of a publishers that want toe advertising. This where network and used offer will the 2nd 1 of my choice is stab Joy. That jury is also want one of the best networks for offer walls back in the days, like a five or six years. Six years ago, Tab Joy was the one of the first networks that offer this kind of advertisement over war and they still in the business. So I highly recommend using the Tab George and IRA source. Of course, you can use a tab that mediation for offer will. This is pretty good choice. So in this way you can integrate different offer walls and mediate from them again. Just go to Tab Deck and reading the communication for offer walls. It's It's there, you can read it. You can integrate the offer will and use it. So get this a screenshot of unalterable. What? It's what it looked like and let me show you a really offer war in the game. This is for the South game. It's a shooter, first person shooter, and it has an offer Well, so if I click here, earn unlimited gold, this an example how you can use your offer wall and it opens and offer. Well, for me, it is, um, scrolling down. I see different offers. Let's brought us to some of them. The 1st 1 done loads the load words mobile and hit a level two monster, and I'm going to get 353 goat for this one. Then, in Gasol Clash, Bute Plaza, I'm gonna get 3 33 gold. So in order to do that, I need to start the game and do something in the game like Beauty. Penn Plaza. Still have a two monster like this. Upgrade your tank in magic jigsaw puzzle, click on the tiptop and make a one year subscription, which is pretty, pretty harsh. You know, you want your user to give money in other games in order to get 10,000 gold, which pretty much in this game, Let's see, what is 10,000 gold costs? Let's go to the bank. That doesn't guilt. 94 left so decent around $50. So again you're asking your user to subscribe there, and they would get ah, 10,000 gold, which is the amount of $50. So in mention convention making in that purchase again. You're asking your user dispense of money and let's see, download mobile riel and a great guests of the little 14. So pretty much the gaming offers want you to do something in order to get that. Maybe this is this is the best. As you can see, today's best big plaza. If you build the bed plaza, you're gonna get the 33 gold. But I'm sure I am. I'm going to need to go through the tutorial. Unified click on more offers. You're going to get some more over us. Makes him Maurin that purchases in the purchase in the purchases finished, the tutorial won gold. So what is means is we just need you to the start of the game and you're going to get one gold making even that Burgess making him that purchase. So this is pretty good a way of monetizing your user because if they need those three kind of than 53 gold, they can just download these game worlds mobile and just kill the level two monster and just leave the game. So when you start one of those offers, when you click on it, it has a description. How to validate, so it will be valid only for new words. Mobile users users will only be rewarded for one words. Mobile strategy. FPD. Offer the West over Click before completion. What the offer is a tackle able to master and how to get the reward. The reward will only be given to users who have downloaded words more, but for the first time. So if you downloaded it before, it's not gonna work, because maybe you you already had a monster level two. So this is pretty much what the overall s and in in progress, stop again. A track. Your progress on completing different offers. Let's continue. But this is for Google. I'm showing you Google. Let's continue on and tell you a little bit about Apple, which is pretty different. So offer walls can be 100% used on Google play. They're okay to be used on Google play, but on a boat apple store, you have a little bit of ah, rejection that you're facing. So in Gulf Guideline 3.22 business, other business models issues and unset unacceptable. You can get rejected like if you include over wall in your I was built like Tab, Joy or Iran Source. You can get rejected by Apple. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn't so they will write to you. This one. Your app includes content or features that can, when you play the users review or chat ranking on the ever store. What this means is that by completing different offers, completing purchases or playing this game you don't like the game, but you play it in order to get reward in another game. But this will boost the ranking cough words mobile, and this will boost. For example, if you make a purchase will boost again the ranking and the revenue. So EPO are fighting that. So in their way you can manipulate the chart ranking, and the next one, specifically the tub joy offer will in your app, me incentivize users to Donald other abs in order to receive points of currency. So EPO are battling offer wolves. So keep in mind that if you put over on I was you can get rejected. I'm not saying that it's 100% sure, but I'm saying that there is a pretty high chance of getting rejected. Your app can slip through the review process one time, but not always. So this a guide wind if that they put three points 2.2, and you should be aware of it because based on my experience, some applications has this over wall like this. This game that I showed you, uh, forward a celt. They have the over war when I was, but most of the games get rejected. And if they find out that you have an offer war in your app that they magically release and slip and didn't reject, they can write you to update your game and let's say, 72 hours or one week and remove the offer will. So I highly suggest you to use the overall on Google play. And if you want to take a chance, and if you want to spend your time on integrating, offer war for IOS and take the risk to submit your game and get rejected or you know past the process and in later on, like a month or two. After the magically approve your offer war on the eyewear store, they could write to you to remove it, but anyway, you can order some cash by doing this. It's up to you guys? Uh, I highly recommend toe read the APP store Review Guide wise, it's pretty long. I read all of it, but it's pretty long and it will take you maybe a day or two to finish it and toe, make everything uh, readable for you and to memorize it. Go to the developers apple dot com and find the Apple Store guide ones. This is the link if you want slash ap store slash review slash guide Wise This this is the link and I highly recommend you guys read that stuff if you want to be 100% app store compliant and the next thing and if I want final thing that we're going to talk about is rather than numbers and CPM of the offer wolves. So by the market, for example, Iran Sources Tab Joy. The offer Woe is highly paid because you are making users to do something or to spend cash on APS. So if you make a user to do that, you're gonna have a good reward. For example, the average recipient for Android is from 30 to 80 bucks, and the average over wall for I was is from 5200 and 20 bucks. So this is pretty huge revenue. If you can make your users to complete offers eso imagine if 5000 users complete an offer. You know you have Let's say you can't. Okay, users, this is your users in 5000 of them complete and offer. So you have 5000 offers you divided by 1000 because this is CPM. You have five. Then you move to plat, for example. Let's take the lower the 30. You're gonna have 150 bucks. If you have the Lower East CBN on Android and you hear 5000 people completing an offer, let's say you have the same. When I was taking again the lowest you're gonna make 250 bucks per day. So summarized them 400 bucks by that. If you have, you know, Prio Low user based again like maybe completing 1000 in Toto, you're gonna have 30 bucks per day or 50 bucks per day, which is pretty good if you move Platt. You know, if you have 1000 on Google and 1000 I was so for sport there, you're gonna get 80 bucks. And if you move blood by 31 days, you're gonna have 2.5 K per month just from the offer wall. You can get 2.5 k from the offer. Will you can get money from the interstitial. You can get money. From the reward of that, you can get money from any in APP purchases, which I'm going to talk about later. So there's pretty much a lot of stuff that you can do in order to monetize your game. Just, in my opinion, used them all there. Oh, brilliant. Just use them smart and make your users comfortable using them and reward them with very good prices. And you're gonna make pretty much very good revenue from your application or your game. Thank you guys, and I'm giving you the next lecture by 6. In-App Purchase - Consumable: Welcome back, guys. With the next chapter, we're going to talk about the in app purchases in this chapter, and I'm going to start with the consumable. What? What is consumable? How do you use is it? How do you sell it and stuff like that? So, uh, very basic. In very basic terms, the consumable is an item that a person can purchases multiple times and spend it, for example. It can be time on sitcoms coins. It can be lives in games. So I'm going to show you a few examples and we're going to talk a little bit more about it . So let's first start with the whole description of a consumable in up purchase so users can birches different type of consumers like I told you, such as lives or jams in game to further their progress through a nap, consume a boat in a purchase, are used once and depleted and can be purchased again. So that's the main idea behind the consumable item. And here is first example. For example, you can stay at 150 points for two bucks and a 150 coins can be used to purchase a hats for your hero. A sword for your hero, maybe, or just to purchase additional lives. And as you can see in this shop in this particular game, we have six types of persists from small to huge one. So you have eight K coins for 80 bucks. So I assume that eight gate coins is a lot. And you have, ah, one top offer which offers eight gate coins, 24 hours, infinite lives and a lot of different berks for your game. So this is this always consumable. So if you bought the eight k coins and you spend it on boosters on Aydin's on skins, they will disappear, and they will never go back. You cannot restore them because you already spend them. So that's the idea. So this one example of, uh, case you my booze Let's go with the next one. Here is a different game. As you can see, they offer free goat toe watching ahead. If you watch my previous topics, you're gonna know, uh, type of act you can use for that. So they have a starter back for 75 bucks. So in the starter park they offer 50 coins five lives, three scopes and some other stuff, and they also removed the ads from the game. So again, those air consumables. So if I use all my five lives from this bag that I bought, I need to buy this back again. So that's the idea behind the consumables. So the user must buy those stuffs repeatedly, not only once, in order to progress the game faster or be better than the others. Uh, next one. Sending Jim's, of course, a lot of games for sending jams. And in this in this particular example, as you can see, for example, you can get five gyms in orderto watch and add, and you can get 500 gems Ford two euro. About $3. So what I can use those 500 jams is to buy an epic create or case in this epic rate. I'm going to get some Berg's for my character. Samoa grades. So in this game, the game loop is like that you, by the 500 James for two euro, you opened this thesis case and you're left with 100 gems so I can open this one and this one and I'm for my two euro. I'm gonna have to cases one epic and want one rare chests. So I spend the two year old to get the 500 g m's and I open toe suggests and off to just give me some Berks or skins. Oh, are more coins or a beauties and stuff like that. And if they're not enough, I'm gonna buy again. I'm gonna open the case again, and Luke can continue based on your games that Okay, so let's deep dive with real life examples. The first game I'm gonna show you is Clash class, of course, pretty popular game. This is my village. And as you can see in Clash because you have three different values, Alex era gold and I have jams in clash of clans. Uh, the consumables are G. M's gold and Alexi, but you can buy goat with gyms and Alex here, we gyms and the gems can they can be bought for real money or there can be earned to playing the game. I've earned 240 gems without buying them. And, for example, I wanna upgrade this mind. It requires 100 and 68 gay Alex here. All right, but I need my I hope to be level seven, So I'm going to go there. My tell whole requires one million and 200 key goat, and I don't have money for it, as you can see. And I need to be built all those buildings. All those buildings require money again. So if I want to build this like the camp fire, all right. It requires 250 key Alex here, and I don't have it. So if I want to have this Alex here, I'm going to need to buy some James, and I'm going to need spend some jams on Alex. Here, let me show you. So I click on the upgrades. I don't have nflx here. And by the missing 48 gate Alex here, 68. James, I'm gonna click. It's gonna get my gyms, and it will start to build. But now, if I wanna upgrade something else like, uh, this camp, it requires 200 James and I don't have them. And they say, Do you want to get Mawr? And I should go enter in shop and buy some games. So this is the loop off this game jams gold and Alex here and with the gems, you can buy everything from here. So that's the idea. Jimson are consumables. You spend them on gold and Alexia, you're great. You're buildings, etcetera and loop continues on until the game reaches the final stages, like the top level of the town hall, the top level of the barracks, etcetera. Let's get this one point type of consumer. What? Let's continue with our game counterattack. We have a different approach here. We don't sell gyms, we sell keys in cases, and I'm going to show you water whether they used for. So if you go into our store and I go into cases, you can buy one common case plus one key for 1 $99. And and the idea is that if you have a case in your inventory, let's help keys. You must always have a key to open the case. So in this example, if I have this Orange case, and if I don't have a key going to need to go to the store, and I'm going to need to buy a key in order in order to open case and you can earn cases from completing missions, different missions. So, for example, the second mission will give me a common case, but I don't have the key. So in this in this particular case, I need to finish up the first mission in order to get a key. So they they combined and I can open the box. But if I don't wanna wait And this mission is, for example, possible for me, I can go to the shop and just by one key for $10.99 like for $1 again, we sell cases and keys together like an offer with 50% discount. We also sell sticker packs, which are Let me sure what they're stickers for. Stickers are for placing them on our weapons. So if a place this sticker, it will be consumed and it will never go back. The sticker it's already placed on the on the weapon. And if I told the sticker from the weapon, it disappears. So it's a consumable. The stickers, the keys and the cases car consumables. And they give different stuff from the case. You get a weapon in order to open the case, you need a key. And if you want to place the sticker. You can place it only once, and it will stay on that weapon at that particular position, and if you remove it, it will disappear. So that's our game. Hoop. So far Encounter tech different than the other games. We don't sell G. M's and goats and stuff like that. We have casing keys, but in the core is the same. It's a consumable. Let's continue with ACA Park. I owe this a game by food. It's very simple. There's they sell coins for They have three different backs for the coins, and the 1st 1 is to watch ahead. They're pretty, not expensive. The 2000 and 500 points cost one hour, and you can spend the toys to buy skins like this. Rabbit heads the zebra, this lion. That's pretty simple idea and how you earn coins by playing the game. You're sliding to a waterfall in a water park, and you need to switch to, uh, the Lays and finished first, and I died and I can watch in ads to revive myself. So that's pretty much about the consumables. And let me show the final game that I picked for today is the candy great second from the developer King. You can spend money on buying life's here or buying gold. As you can see, you can like, buy goats. They have beginners, bundle danger, Bonzo and the Coast. Real life money. And you have more offers over here if you click on it. Different offers. You give you different gold amount and different boosters, but everything that you see here is a consumable. You bought it once you spend ido and it never goes back and disappears. This the most profitable model right now? The consumables, if you design your game good and the conceivable the consume most spent fast and you progress fast. But the whole game has a little a lot of progression to be made. It's pretty good idea to have different, different works, different bundles so the people can buy and spend on it. So that's pretty much about the consumable items. Keep in mind that this is the core Mannix of old mobile games that they're free and offer in APP purchase. It's called three new motto. So designing your app around the consumables economic is the most idea for all the games or applications. Thank you guys for watching this lecture, and I'm going to see you in the next one 7. In-App Purchase - Non-Consumable: Welcome back, boys and girls. Where the next lecture, we're going to talk about the next in a purchase, which is the non consumable. The non consumables are very rare seeing and the application business, and I'm going to show you a few examples where you can use the non consumable. But overall, it's not so popular purchase. But if you are developing in application or a game, and in a way that you can put a nun consumable, it's okay. So let me first start with what is a nun. Consumable the explanation of it so they're not consumable. The users can purchase a nun consumable premium feature within the APP and not consumables are purchased once and do not expire like an addition of filtering the photo app. And you must store the information of the user. For example, if I register in your application and me user name is, for example, Sky. So my user name is sky and I already bought a premium feature in your app. For example, I bought a racetrack in your game, which is a non consumable. I must always have this racetrack in my account. You should store this information on the cloud. Or you can use the Apple House content in order to store the non consumable purchase. This is a cold based issue, but you must always store than on consumable because the user must be able to restore the purchase, for example, with the user. Install your application or game and he bought a premium feature in your app, and maybe he changed his phone or lose his phone. And on the next phone or tablet, for example, he started again your application, and he must be able to restore his burgess. So in this, in this matter issued story or purchase on a on a house content in Apple, or use a cloud service like play fat before accounts. So again, non consumable only purchased once and do not expire. So one example that Apple shows is, ah, filter in a photo app. I'm going to show you fume or like if you're creating ah, game games like a style of voodoo or ketchup. Let me show you games like that. Let's go to the home Alex Jump. It's a game by voodoo and in Helen's jump, if you if you see in the low lower right corner. We have no ads, and if I click it, I can get a premium feature which will remove or the banner and the ads. And if I bought this, it must be stored in my account, and it should never expire. When a turn on this game again, this should be removed like the ads should be removed. So this is one example off creating a non consumable purchase. So if you're creating games like this, you know, free to play games which are freemium games fast base, like, uh, the gender right now is hyper occasional games. This a hyper casual game. So if you're developing a hyper casual game, you can include this purchase to remove. That's which is, ah, good idea. And it can cost like, for example, 1 99 to 99 something like this. So this is one way to use the non consumable like here. None consumable ads. And here is the cycle of consumers. You can use gas, life, life and coins. So this one example for not consumable use it to remove ads, and I'm going to show you another way of monetizing people with non consumable. If you have application. This is FX Girl. It offers to use their pretty cool effects. You capture something with your camera, and then you add these treaty to your capture camera. So how are they using this non consumer? So if I want to buy this dancing skeleton, I'm going to click on it and they're offered for free. I'm sorry. Destroy the earthquake. All right, So the earthquake effect costs money and you can unlock it by using free with offers. Like I told you in the previous section about the at four months. This is this an offer war Or you can just click on downloads and the pop up will appear so I can buy six effects for 4 99 And this, this will are to my account, six effects. So again, if I delete the game, if I lose my phone or something like this, I should be able to restore this. And as you can see, there is not so many practical ways to use that the non consumables. But they're more often the use and applications and railing in games like in game. I show you that you can remove the ads and again the feature that I'm talk talking about. There is a restore birches, but so if I remove my application, I should be a able to restore my purchase or I together fund or I can get you know, SEWA complained to Apple or Google, and you're application could be removed. In a matter of fact, if you are having a non consumer purchase, and if you don't have this bottom the restored purchase, you have a pretty big chance able to reject your application because this is a huge requirement and it should be there. So this is shortly about the non consumable. But overall you get the idea how to use them, and I show you a few examples. You can expand and think how you can monetize your application with this, but it's not commonly used. It's rarely seen, and in the industry it's more used in in in applications like this or other application that has premium features to be unlocked. This so cater, use not consumables. But in games we always use consumables like 99 percent of the time and subscriptions so not consume both good for replications. That's so good for games. If you want to remove ads. It's OK for games. Alright, guys. So thank you for listening this lecture. Staying with me. I hope I see you in the next one by 8. In-App Purchase - Subscriptions: Welcome back, guys. With the next topic, I'm going to talk about shortly about the next enough purchase, which are the subscriptions. There are two types of subscription. The 1st 1 is out to renewable, and the 2nd 1 is another. In Yobo. Let's deep dive in so I can explain you more about those subscriptions. So the 1st 1 this is the apple Conso. The 1st 1 is the Outer Renewables subscription subscription. So what this subscription does is it will automatically renew each month. So, for example, if I subscribed for one month for 99 the next month, if I did not decline or cancel the subscription manually in my Apple account, it will automatically take away from my credit card or bank account or David cards 10 99 so it will automatically withdraw 10 99 until I stop it. This is what out renewable subscription is, and it's often Lee used for app that offering streaming service like Netflix or Mawr of a nap, like a dating app like tinder, let me show you. So this is the tinder goat, and you can get three tires. The 1st 1 is one month for 29 2199 monthly. And this this guy's is a subscription, so its monthly. So, for example, if I choose Tire won the first month, it's gonna withdraw from my account 2199 for the first month. But if I didn't cancel the subscription after this first month, it's going to take away 2199 2nd month, the next the next purchase. The next tire of subscription is for six months, so you subscribe for six months for this period, and it will automatically withdraw 12 $83 each month for the period of those six months. And you can, and you won't be able to cancel it in the in the in the meantime of six months and up to six months, it will automatically withdraw 12 80 tree again the next month after the six months. But if you subscribe for 12 months, you're gonna have to pay $10 monthly. So it's 100 20 bucks dearly, and after that is going to continue taking 10 bucks from your account. So this is how tender gold is working. Let's see some a few examples. This is goat. Let's see the thing that, plus the left and the right ones, are consumables, So five boosters stand boosters. If you don't know what consumable ways, just watch my previous lectures. You're gonna find out the answer. So about tinder plus again the same technique 12 months, 1 92 6 months to 50 one month for 99 until you can sew it. So be careful, guys, about the outer in your bow subscription. Netflix is working on the same way it we're going to withdraw money from your account until you stop it. So this is how the outre renewable subscription ISS. Again, let's read the description, a product that allows users to purchase dynamic content for a set period. This type of subscription renews automatically unless cancelled by the user. So this is very hot purchase right now because a lot of the application, the streaming, the dating app are using it. Even the games. I'm going to show you a game that is using out renewable subscription because if you're asked for user, let's say one any nine for a month and they subscribe the the users often forget about the subscription or cannot find where to unsubscribe and they often are willing, you know, to let it go. And this 1 99 will be withdrawn from their bank accounts for a long period of time until they get frustrated and just try to find out how to cancel it. But a lot of people don't know how to cancel it, and you're gonna benefit a lot from this. And again, this is a very good monthly income. For example, if you have 1000 people subscribe it 10 bucks per month, you have thank A which will be surely coming this month. You So if if 11 1000 people subscribe to your APP for the price of 10 10 bucks, you're gonna have a secure 10-K coming at the end of the month. Nothing will change this if they don't complain to head off course. But this is very rare case. So let me show you a game that is using the outer in Yobo subscription with the games go action strike. And in the main menu you see a VIP offer. If I click it, it's a subscription. So it says free. But there's a catch. So for these VIPs subscription, you're gonna give like, uh, money X five and two keys. All right, but what is the get and know it. So, of course, weekly VIP membership offers 0.1 cents weekly subscription after three day free trial for X five rewards, extra keys, rewards and removing ads. So what this means? All right, let's get a calculator. So the membership offers 0.1 weekly subscription after three day free trial for those money , if I click it, I'm gonna have three days free trial for these purchase, and it will cost me zero Brandon I 0.99 It will cost me this much per month to get this things. And I'm gonna have a three days free trial for the 1st 3 day. And after that, I'm gonna have to pay a dollar each month. And imagine if you have, like, 100 gay users and let's say 30% of them use this free TRA free free trial, and they are willing to give you that one's our You're gonna make 30 k from that and often Lee, they will not subscribe for a long period of time. And if they like the game, it's almost completely sure that they want. So this is very good way of monetizing and is getting Mawr Maurin games more and more into , perhaps for, for example, tinder and Netflix are using only these motto. This is the base model of them, except, you know those boosters. But this is the primary model. The biggest revenue is coming from here. And as you can see, the games, they're using the same technique in order to monetize more users. And they're offering offering those rewards for monthly subscription. And I guess I'm not 100% sure, but I guess you're going to get those things each month. At least this is the large quake, Please, the cash and the keys. If you get 55 stack of cash and two keys per month for the hour, I pretty much like this if you like the game. So this is pretty good model and especially this to give three days free. So a user that don't understand a lot of a lot of the subscription motto and that they renewed the next month we'll get this reward and they will get the three days free trial. And after that, they're gonna be charged and let's see the next model. Non renew Renewables subscription This subscription is awfully used for catalogs for magazines, for books, for stuff like that. It's not used in games, at least to my knowledge. I don't identify in a game with that, but you can find this also and maybe in a nap, for example, you subscribe for one year, and after that it wants, ah, renew automatically and you need to subscribe again. Stuff like that. But it often Lee is used for catalogs, for art goes for magazines, for National Geographic and stuff like that. This is not commonly used. But if you're developing a game or or an application out, a renewable subscription is a must for you guys. You gonna You gonna stack a lot of cash from creating purges like this? So that's but I have to say about this topic. I hope you learn something and thank you for listening by