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Monetize Your Mobile Game or App - Part 1

teacher avatar Ivan Yosifov, 3D Game Artist & Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to create Games or Apps - Game Clones, reskin or spend months developing

    • 3. Monetize your Game or App with Ads

    • 4. Monetize your Game or App with In-App Purchases

    • 5. How to make your first Downloads - Tips & Tricks

    • 6. Upload your Game or App on Google Play and Apple Store

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About This Class

Learn how to Monetize Your Mobile Game or Application.
One of the best features is that you can watch the courses at any speed you want. This means you can speed up the or slow down the video if you want to.

You will get full lifetime access to this course for a single one off fee.

What makes you a good teacher?

  • I have released over 150  Mobile Games with more than 30,000,000 downloads in iOS and Google Play.

  • I run a company called Seven Bulls Games, so I am actively in the field building games.

  • I personally love learning online and my life is much better because I have learned online rather than a classroom.

Who is this class for?

  • People who want to learn how to monetize their game or application with maximizing the revenue stream.

  • This course is good for complete beginners.

  • This course is also good for professionals as i will expand with in-depth techniques of monetizing your game or application.

  • People who are interested in mobile games or applications.

I promise that this course will be better and more effective than reading books. I show how to master monetization through the use of video. This course will give you everything you need to thrive in our mobile technological society.
Everything that i teach in this course if based on my personal experience.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ivan Yosifov

3D Game Artist & Animator


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1. Introduction: Welcome guys with my lecture how to monetize your mobile game or application. First, we're going to take a look at different successful examples of games and applications and how they earn such a huge revenue. Then we're going to talk about the different type of in-app purchase, ad, like consumables, subscriptions, et cetera. I'm going to tell you about also a successful Facebook marketing. How you can be successful, you do two. And then we're going to talk about a little bit of Instagram marketing. And in the end, I'm going to share my experience of how to upload your game on Google Play and Apple Store. And we're going to talk about the promotional text about keywords and how your game can be successful on the market. Thank you guys, and let's start. 2. How to create Games or Apps - Game Clones, reskin or spend months developing: Hello, guys. Thank you for and rolling in my free course about how to monetize your game wrap. This is Spartan one in this part one. I'm going to talk briefly about everything that you need in order to release game and monetized it. So I'm going to start by talking a little bit about the process of creating a game or application the ways that you must go to creating one of this game or app. Second, I'm going to talk about how toe make a revenue from ad networks, which are networks. You should use some tips and tricks about them, and then I'm going to proceed with purchases the most important thing in a game or app. And then we're going to proceed with house. Generate your first downloads so you can be a little bit more discoverable in the stores in Apple and Google. And then I'm gonna walk you to the process of uploading your first game or application in the requirements that Apple App Store and Google play has. So let's start with first topic. So the first topic is game Crooms, risking fearing or months and years of development. So what? This means I just separate the process of creating an app or a game in through. So the first way is more mostly common in single developers or a small studio. They pretty much take a game, just grown it, risk in it and maybe flood the market. For example, you make a back man cologne, you just risk in it two or three times. Then for the market, integrate. Some ad networks show some ads, maybe for the purchases, where you can buy some in game boosters or remove ATS and by creating huge amount of games like if you risk in it and put it on Google, play like 10 times. You just increase your revenue. I'm going to talk about these in just seconds and the 2nd 2nd way. It's off obvious spending months and years of development. This is s'more of, ah, you know, for people who know what they're doing who have experience in the gaming industry because spending months or years on just an idea without you ever relating it that it's gonna make something and, you know, just spending those months creating your idea, having no experience, be frustrated, and Indians didn't even put a game on the store or you put a game on the store. But it doesn't sell anything. It's just frustrating. So if you're willing to stay to spend, you know, months in years of development, you should do your research. You should have experience in the game development process, like you should know. Ah, a little bit of game design. How to create game art of program If you're a single developer. Of course, if you have a team, it will be a lot more easier and your chance to succeed are bigger. So I'm going to start talking about how to clone games, risk in them for the market, the benefits of this and step backs of this. So I have a lot of examples here open. So first I'm going to show this website so my abs don't come. So originally, this side is created, So application source code you can, you know, brushed through all those applications and just check check out what they are. So first I just click on that sweet sugar match three game plus meaning game. So if you want to buy this game and risk in it, you have few options. You can get a single APP license, which is 100 and 99 books, which means Young began release one copy. Or you can buy the Muti multiple app license, which is 499. Or you can even pay, uh, the developer to risk in it for you. For you, you know, But it's pretty costea 1000 and 700 bucks. Eso the game looks pretty good, and if you want to create a clone of that game, you can just buy it. But keep in mind that the game is created in unity. They often have a Web demo, which I loaded It, uh, also day, you know, but a brief description of the game of the features and everything. But again, if you're buying games, you should at least know a little bit of unity and how to risk in that game. If you don't willing, if you don't want to pay, you know, for risk in but every time to pay almost 2000 bucks for rescue, it's pretty costly. So what I advise you is to have some some skills to read a little bit about unity and how it works and you can pretty much by some artwork and just replace it in the game. As you can see, there's a full of their items where you can just replace those icons Switz, someone you created and the game is your skin. So let me show you what the games Oh about this is the game. It's in weapon, and it's pretty much a copy of Candy Crush. You know, a three much game when you need to break those bricks. The game is not so good, but it's OK ish. If you wanna just spam the market with it, and later on, I'm going to show you why. This is a good idea, spending some some books on death. So the game is pretty, pretty neat. It has good effects and good stuff. So before buying game always, you know, try it out. Maybe loaded on your phone. They support in a pick a demo. Just try it out. Try the performance, drive the game, run smooth. I like this game. It's pretty good. Yeah, so in my opinion, this game definitely worth that 5.500 bucks for multiple up license. And if you if you are a team of 21 artist and one developer, for example, you can split the work, you know, create at least treat copies of debt and third, the markets. Let me show you some other games. As you can see, there is ah, top down shoe there. Semi ups. Esprit de rich in better off gaming gaming content. A lot of people are publishing their games over here. This is an office simulator which you can buy for 300 bucks. So the idea here is if you have a small team, you can just buy those games, risking them, you know, maybe evolved them. Put some ideas from yourself like this. This game is with airplanes. You can make it with tanks with animals, her whatever you like. It's a race. They're go. They're going around this circle track, and each time you complete the loop, you get coins and you upgrade your planes. You know, this is pretty much common idol. Quicker game. So this a good game, you know, grown again There. Provide off the unity absolute of the unity source cold. So you should know a little bit about unity. As you can see, some other casual games with explanation helped to modify them. So this this website is pretty good. This one, Rick you'd rescue is pretty nice bubble shooter. Let me show it a bit the Trevor. So if you're able to risk in the game, I definitely recommend if you're new to Google play on and the APP store business in game business. Overall, this is pretty decent start because producing more games will make you more revenue. At least you're gonna make a couple of bucks compared Toa Let's say you start creating a game from scratch and spend like, five months making it publish it and just earning not a single backs. So this is on the next Web site that I'm going to talk about Fruitopia death count here, you can find Ah, again, APS. If you go at the top by APS, decide is a little bit more. More good, I think, because it extract data from Google play like revenue. In the last three months, you can get ah Minecraft copy game, which is making 20 K for uh, 300 k which is pretty costly, but it will return, like maybe in year and 1/2. If this keep going. The problem is that download squats three months zero, which is a little bit fishing, so you get a need to check that. I'm going to show you how to check those statistics again. You can browse through those games. You know, Let's say I'm looking for under 1000 and you can find pretty much a lot off crap a lot of shitty games. But you also can't find a lot of good games and good applications that people want to get rid of or just sell. So it's pretty, pretty picky, and you should know what you're doing here. Here you go, a fitness app, which is making seven K. They're sending for 1.5 mil, which is pretty pretty, not a good deal. If this is if you ask me, uh, the application business is a little bit more complicated. For example, if you're cloning a game, it's more easy and more fast, like if you try to compete with tender or Snapchat or instagram, it's nearly impossible to create an application that can be compatible to those APS If you don't have strong backgrounds, so pretty much this website is same. You just picking up. You can make a no for you can check out its statistics about the application about. I lost six months downloads about the revenue last six months about the popularity about the ratings of depth, so you can definitely check out this website. And if you think something is a good deal and you can handle were skinning it and publishing it, it's pretty good. Next thing is the unity asked store. So I assume that you have experience and you want to create a strategy game. But you don't want to create it from scratch, which is time consuming. He just hopping to the union. Yes, the store And there a lot of a lot of frameworks that can do a lot of work for you. So, for example, this simple city Butor has a lot of functionality for creating. I said to be older game. As you can see, you have warriors, you can place buildings, you give a store, you can make barracks you have timers for for the buildings. Let me show you. Didn't you give towers? You can send your troops to attack and stuff like that. So if you have some experience you can always experiment and buy some of those frameworks. There are pretty cheap 89 euro for that, it will save you like maybe a month or two developing, So I pretty much recommend that. And also you can buy artwork for that, so you can pretty easy create a game again if you have some experience. If you don't have experienced, this will be very difficult, and you have pretty much a lot of headaches trying to figure out how to do that. Next wall. If you want to create 1/3 person shooter again, there is a template on unions. Start with just pretty awesome, as you can see, but this for PC, not for mobile, but you always can convert it from two mobile. Just create mobile controls. As you can see, it's pretty nice. So again you can search the store. Find the the genre that you like, and if you have a template for it, just go ahead. It's nuts, expensive. It's 67 euro, which is not expensive for the things that you get, uh, in return for those money. And if you want to create a platformer a to D very simple game, which is, if you have a good game design, which is pretty addictive in some cases. As you can see pretty pretty good pics of arts pretty good Mannix you have held. You give enemies AI again for 73 euro or if you have unity plus 3.78 which is pretty cheap . It's like the price of a coffee so just don't have stayed and by if you are willing to get that so again, very good. Website Unions story If you're working when unity, you can access a sore to the engine. I pretty much recommend death and we're getting into the stage why you should create clothes and why you should spam Google play with such garbage games. You know that you make a week or two. Let me show you examples of death. A developer called Thibault. As you can see, he spam the store with different games like let's let's see that the biker, all those covers, you know, for the shop. I'm pretty sure this is not the real game, and as you can see, it has five million downloads. And if I copy this title, there is one website. It's called Sensor Tower. You can check out here and based title. You can check out the game stats here. So I put the name and I see that it's making in the last month 10-K downloads and the revenue is below five k. So pretty much these game is bit. And at least let's try this one. Top speed dragon fast racing. All right again. The website, it says. That's our let's check this game. This game is pretty pretty good. 16 k downloads. The revenue is around 10-K but this is on Lee from the purchases. This not calculating the ad revenue. So if if I checked the trailer of the game, everything is like composed, and that's so when you don't know the game, it's not so good. Everything is fake over here. Let me show you another. The fell poor, more games treaty. As you can see, he spam store with some driving games like Russian taxi simulator. I'm a simulator police cop simulator traffic cup simulator. He just had one template of ah simulator with the car and just converted to all those Gara Bage games. So, as you can see, the graphics is not dead good. Could you spam the store with that games? But the important here is traffic cops in layer. Let's check it in Sensor tower in Google, it's made King 300 k downloads and the revenues pretty low. So here's the catch. He's making money from ads, not from purchases. He does. He doesn't have any purchases here he always show at and how to calculate the money from that. I'm going to show you right now. So we assumed that every month, like at least for the last month, hit 300 K Donald's, which means that 300 K users opened the game at least once. All right, so, uh, if he shows to those users one ad that's calculated So if he shows to the user one ad it means 300 k ads shown And how the ad network space for that is you need to divide those 300 at shows by one toes. Um, so tree 300 k divided by 1000 and you care 300 on Lee and for 1000 views of the at, the network is paying average $1.5. So he made 450 bucks in the last month. This is this. If he only shows what ads to a user. But that's not the case. When you create multiple games like that, you spawned the user. Like while he's playing the game. You spawned him at Feast with five ads. It's It's not a good strategy to keep the user inside, but it's good strategy to monetize. So let's make the calculation again. 300 k users divided by 1000 because the ad networks are paying by 1000 which means only 300 . Then we multiplied by five because, let's say five ads per person Schoen's. It depends because someone can see one at another person can see, 10 adds, so you need to make the average. But the average is around 3 to 5. Let's set. It's a maximum five, so it's 101,000 and 50 countries glad by $1.5. So he's making 200 books on Lee from this game around. 200 bucks. Let's see the other games. Minibus Simulator 2017 There. These guys serious, then? Okay, He's making, like, 500 bucks from here. Maybe three hundreds Let's take this Russian taxi. Russian taxi simulator. 40 k around 200 bucks. Nothing special, but the idea here is that kiss. 23456789 10 games. So imagine if you have 10 games and on average, a game is making When you combine all those games. On average, it's making like 100 bucks. He's making five K from debt games on Lee, but advertising. So this is pretty good strategy. If you have the manpower to multi Plat and this guy small, let's talk about the big guys. 1,000,000 games. Just check. Check out his sport for them. Tins of spam in games. You know, dinosaurs, some hunting elephants, some driving simulators. Embassy Marie's more line source. More trucks, more sharks, more cars, more trucks, more drugs. Bus. Damn this guy's bombing and all right, he cares like I don't know how much? 23457689 It's not parole. 1234 five! 6789 10. Which means 90 games. 11. Tonight he has 100 games use. It's 100 games. He was making like, you know, 50 bucks from each game. He's making five. Kate If he's making like 200 bucks on average, he's making 20 K per month. But let's check. Check out this police car seem and pretty sure it's not always the case. 20 cape. It's not bad. Sometimes Sensor Tower is showing icons that are older, so don't don't bother. Let's check the power Bold race treaty or boat race. Treating Kate maybe 56 hundreds books per month. What else? What else? Counter Snipers shoot. Shooting this guy's bombing store trick on the gate, 1000 books around. So imagine he gets 100 games. How much money he's making from that old that crap. I'm not saying that everything is crappy, but that's not clash of clans. It's not brought stars. It's not fortnight. As you can see, the quality is pretty poor, and the idea here is only to create riskiness of debt. So this user, he's making good money only by poor chasing some games and risking them create different icons and putting tons of ads. Insight as you can see the powerboat racing. This is also one of his games FPs air shooting. So my born here is if you, if you're a small studio. If you're one person or, you know toward to rig rise just starting out, I highly recommend you that style. At least Google play. You can spot games like this in April. You can't in April. Some of them may pass. Some of them may not, but your main target will be group late because in Google play, you still can spam a lot of games, but they need to be different in art style. So keep in mind that this a good technique and you can monetize them with ads or purchases . We're going to talk about this later and about the second path. Months and years of development. You can produce something like this clash Oreo, but you need to have pretty big budgets, pretty good guys working with you. With huge experience, you have to have marketing strategy, maybe an investment in your studio to create such a high quality games or games like work nights or G. Those games are created by huge teams, maybe 50 70 people behind it, with tons of freelancers like the games of Netease. Also there, just cloning games groaning fortnight, but they have huge team to clone. It's and creates everything to be perfect. So if you're creating your first game, I'm not recommending this because this is very time consuming. And if you feel that you don't have the skills, go back by its in plate risk in it, monetize it with ads or purchases. Make a couple of bucks like maybe your first game are 10 21 100 bucks. It's a good start. You're gonna reinvest them by another template and close the cycle you need to produce game fast. It's fast, it's possible and publish them as fast as possible. So that's pretty much will close out the first topic. Keep in mind this website sensor tower, this website Sell my abs. Fruitopia. Nothing is sponsored, so I'm just using those sites. They're not sponsoring me for talking about them. And the best one, the unions, the store. If you know unity. I definitely recommend buying some frameworks from here. So again, guys creating clothes is a good idea to start earning some bucks and monetize your game. Thank you for listening. The first topic and I'm going to see in the next one where we're going to talk about at networks and different placements which had Networx, sir. Good. Which are bad and how to monetize your game. Thank you guys. 3. Monetize your Game or App with Ads: Hello, guys. And welcome to the second topic how to monetize your game or application with ads. We're gonna talk about briefly about how to make money out of your application or a game. So we're going to start with the first topic, the best mobile, our networks. I'm gonna tell you more about which networks are the best to use and what I suggest ISS experienced through the years. I've personally test all of them. So the best networks that they can give you the most revenue I'm going to suggest inside the second topic will be type of ad placements. I'm going to show you what type of outplacement there is and which outplacement generates more money. The third topic, I'm going to deep dive and explain what is impression how is connected with the quicks. What is a ZPM and how you can calculate your revenue and final topic will be about up mediations and whether day four So let's get started with the first topic. So best mobile networks. First of all, I'm going to start with the top one, which is for me personally. Is the Facebook At network you can register for a business developer, and they can deliver as to your application or game. So this one of the best networks it based a lot more higher than the rest. So I suggest you register and use Facebook ads in your application or game. So just go to Facebook slash business and create your ad account, and then you need to to connect it, connect to your application or game Second Network. That I can suggest you and it's number two by revenue is, of course, Google ADM up again. Go to add mob dot google dot com slash home. You need to sign up, just sign up and you need to integrate this network in your game. So the 1st 1 Facebook will pay a little bit more than album up. It depends, of course, off the advertisers, but those two networks are the top priority, at least for me. So Google is also one of the best and Facebook the third. Of course, I'm using unity, so I'm gonna use to unity ATS. Even Pietz also pays pretty well. The integration is like butter. It's pretty smooth if you're using unity for creating your game or application, so definitely use unity because they pay well. They have good advertisers like it, big games and some other big companies. And they pretty much can share a lot of revenue with you if you have traffic, of course, in your games or APS. So on the third place I can place Unity. ATS. Let's keep going out. The next one is Vongo. It's It's pretty much for video ads, basically the video ATS Place based well, in a bungalow. So I recommend using vongole, too. It's, of course, necessary to use more than one ad network, and we're going to talk about in the final topic about ad mediations. So bingo is one more network that you should use. So right now I just show you four. I'm going to show you fume Or but keep in mind that you can integrate all of them and just mediate through them with add mediations that we're gonna talk about later. So Facebook Google, What's you, Andy ETS and Fungal for now. Top four. Let's go to the fight. Place them a five out colony again. Pretty good network. Huge, huge potential. A lot of advertisers in it. Different brands game brands, also as you can see whether water is advertising some cars, etcetera. So at calling is pretty good for applications to not only for games. The next one will be Iran source. Pretty much Iran source used mostly for games because the gaming companies are spending tons of budgets in here again, you can integrate. That is, the game I knew is that network. As you can see, some of the biggest companies you be sold Zynga, a game loved Play Ricks outfit are using this network. So I definitely recommend using this network to. So those are my six networks that I'm using and the other one is uploading, which I'm going to show you a little bit later when I explained the CCP and stuff like that . So pretty much faith. Let's summarize Facebook, Google ad mop Unity ads, fungo Art Colony, Iran source and up loving, Which is this. This is uploaded so pretty much Those networks are the best for me, and you should definitely sign him on the paper. And when you create your first game or application or not, your first game or maybe you're 100 game, use them. They will pay good. Let's continue with the second topic type of at Policeman's up Placement. Yes, what is going? What is going to be shown on your screen device in order to get money? Let's talk about the different up placements. I just loaded a few games. The 1st 1 is sped jumpy Alex, which is obviously a copy off Alex Jump. So is you can see in the bottom. You have a small banner, which is always visible on the screen and is generating some cash by switching different. Yeah, it's it's not paying too well this ad mop bender. Uploading care is better, too, but it's OK because you can under some sense. Well, the person is blink here in this game. If you die five times, let's go and die five times you get have a video ads, which is gonna show at the end of the screen of the dead screen. Oh, come on, pretty good making day. All right, this is the video ad, and it's from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, and the user will watch this video at, and it will generate an impression for him. As you can see, it's pretty long. It's an advertisement of different game with some rope panics. And you should wait for the finish. No one When the at finish, As you can see, they create a little tricked up on it to play. But you actually not playing, you're just clicking to go to install the game. So So the next we were beer in the upper right to close that I just close it and I continue my game. So this is the batter at and the other one was the video at the ratio. There is a different four month in this game. It's called Counterattack. I made this game. So in our game, we've put a rewarded out. So if you watch three ads, we can We're going to give you a free sticker if you add five. If you watch, five ads were going to give you a test weapon. So if I click here, I'm gonna watch a 30 seconds ahead, and I'm gonna feel one of the requested three ads in order to get a sticker. So this is called rewarded at this is called a rewarded at and users arm or into it because they will get something in return when they watch this at compared to the ad that you see in bed Helicke pet Alex jump when you finish a level and just at popping out out of nowhere , so reward that's of better. Also, there there, playable sometimes and an ex appear and you can close it and now is you can see I've got 11 from three. If I watch, three adds, I'm going to get that content So the users are more likely to watch this ad, and you can earn more revenue from them. But combining the three ads will generate more revenue, so those are the basic. At four months that's I want to talk about in this lecture. Let's continue Impression Creeks, ISI, PM and revenue. This is one of the important things, and they stop it. So let's dive to it is I told you I'm going to show you my console in uploading, so this is uploading the other network. I'm mostly using this network in our games and let's take off the calculator. So first, what is impression impressions are how many times an ad show to your screen to the user screen. That's impression then quicks. How many times the people clicked on that So in my case of God, 610 k ads shown but only 94 gay clicks which is not so good. Maybe we can improve it. But for now it's OK Then you have your revenue and your CPM. So how how can you calculate the revenue and what is the CPM? So basically to calculate is revenue based on the CPI M. You need to put your impressions C 610 key, then divided by 1000 because the networks are paying for 1000 impression and then you get 610. Then you multiplied by your SPM and you get your money. The ZPM is based on how many people are willing to install the game after watching and that so more people we start the game, you're gonna have a higher CPM. If less people are installing the game, you're gonna have lower CPM. It's basically like that, but it depends if the advertisers are paying for impression or paper install. It depends a lot, but basically the CPM is how many people are converted from the from the ad they watch. So I get 15% city our city. Our is click through rate. So from 600 K impressions, I got 94 K clicks, so it's 15% from those 600. And think A and I made 1000 and 200 bucks in seven days, which is pretty good. So, roughly if I what blood for four weeks, I'm making five K almost five K by using this network and the other networks. So it's pretty good making ads and, you know, showing ads and monetizing Wynette's If you have the impressions, if you have a lot of users engaged in that process, so if you have that, that's pretty cool. So let's continue with the next topic, which is which is ad mediations, Water day for All right, So we've gone through all that ad networks, which are they and what they do. I talk about impressions, clicks, revenue and easy PM, and then water up mediations. As I tell you, in the beginning, you can integrate all the networks, all the several networks in your game and just mediate by them so good at mediations, tab, deck fiber and app with you. What they basically do is you've put all those networks although several networks in that ad mediation and when the game ruse. Let's let's say when when you run the game and you integrate Tab Deck in tub deck, you've put all the networks inside that ad mediations and that ad mediation were control. Which of those networks will show you an at based on data payment? So, for example, if I play five games and in ads must show on my screen, you're gonna go tab back and tap. That way, we're gonna top that. We call all the networks, and we asked Facebook, How much money are you giving to showing an ad? Facebook will say $5. Then it will ask Google Adam up. How much money are you giving for that impression of showing that at and Google what we say ? $3. So in that case, Facebook will win the impression and will be shown. So what Tab back is doing asking old networks getting their bidding requests. So if I hear Facebook want our Google 50 cents, you gets two hours. Vongo treat our Sacconi $4 on may be uploading $6 Ireland's or $7 the higher, higher bidder we win So you're going to get an impression from Iran sores because they're giving $7. And if that impression is converted, if the person is still the game from that impressions, you're gonna get $7. So pretty much does the function of Tab Deck and basically the ad mediations those air, the treetop add mediations that I recommend. And I recommend using ad mediations not integrating all those networks by themselves. You know, alone because it's pretty easy to put an ad mediations and it will control the the whole network, and it will earn you more money. So that's pretty much about at mediations, and that will cover our today, today's topic about monetizing your game or app with advertisement. I hope you learn something new, and if you're interested in learning more in the techniques and some tips and tricks, you can always enroll. And the part two of this course, so thank you guys for listening 4. Monetize your Game or App with In-App Purchases: Welcome guts with next lecture. In this lecture, we can talk about how to monitor is your game or app when in APP purchase. To be honest, the inner purchases will be the higher amount of you of your revenue, of course, if you monetize your app or game the right way, so I'm going to talk about briefly about the types off, Birch says that you can create in Google or Apple and how you can benefit from them. What, what type of purchases you should use for different competence in your game or app. So let's start with the three types of purchases. So the 1st 1 is the subscription based model where you were your customers paid to you by monthly subscription. For example, you offer a service for 299 each month and, oh, the users dead like your service and subscribe. They will give you 2 99 each month until they subscribe. 2nd 1 is a consumable consumer. Consumable briefly is in game currency like coins, gems and Alex here in this picture of plush class, So consumer boots are things that you use and they run out like I pay 100 coins for creating barbarian and no 100 coins will never be returned. So it's a consumable, a nun. Consumable is different. It's like, Will you buy character? You must have this character forever, because you both a thing that we will last. You didn't buy a coins or gems you both a character, so this character should stay. That's a non consumable, and I'm gonna show you examples of everything. So let's get started. This is the official page of EPO saying the types off in a purchases and a list like I told you, subscription, consumable and non consumable the 1st 1 The subscriptions is mostly for applications, and some games started using using it like two years ago. So you can use subscriptions for a newspaper for streaming service like Spotify for dating up like tinder for who? For Netflix, this is more, more more common for the subscription based service. Uh, of course, you can use it in games, and I'm going to talk about a little bit, how to use it and in a bit about consumer boo like I told you, Game, energy, game hands, extra help, James coins stuff like that that you can consume and they never return. So that's pretty much is the consumer bill and not a consumer boom. Of course, if you have a light version of free version with hats, you can you know but a nun consumable, remove ads or you have, ah, version of your app. That is light and you can agree to Proton look some different features again. None consume brokers. Once I paid for it, it should always stay like that, like full game, a log bonus game levels, city guide maps, etcetera. But keep in mind that if you create another consumable purchase in your game, you should have restore in APP purchases functionality. For example, If I downloaded your app, I bought your non consumable like I have graded ah two pro or I remove ads or just unlocks in the libels in your game. And you know, I play your game, enjoy it, and then I deleted. And in one week period after I delete the game, I install it again. I must have old things that I bought, like if I upgraded to pro or if I remove my ads, you should have a function in your app or game that we restore my inner purchases based on my EPO idea so divisive that I associated with your elbow I d should be restored if I click this button and put my EPO I d credentials. So like like here It says if you lose an un consumable purchase, you might be able to donald it again for free, like I told for free. So I bought it once, and I should be able to return it by restoring it by in a purchase. So those are the three types. Let's dive in and show you an example off every one of them. Let's start with the subscription and of course I'm going to show you Tender. You can use tinder for free, but you have a lot of limitations. So what they offer you is you know, uh, this about the boosts is a consumable. So you pay for for books and 20 cents for for five boosts and when you use them Oh, you don't have them all anymore. So there are consumables, so you can see in those boosts the next one. The teen pluess is monthly. As you can see, eight bucks slash monthly. So each month, they will charge your eight bucks for using the thing there. Plus, And this is the subscription Moto. And keep in mind that you can create out to renewing subscriptions. So what is means is that the user must go into their EPO idea count not in your Apple game in their EPO idea count and cancel the subscription. You don't have to have inside your app cancel subscription, but and as you can see in the bottom, restore purchase functionality. So, for example, if I paid for for August and somewhere in the middle, I lost my device or sell my phone and I start in there again on my new phone, I should be able to restore the purchase that I made for this month. So this pretty much is must. And if you skip the restored Burgess functionality, you're gonna be rejected by Apple. So this is pretty much about the subscriptions in APS And let me show you how you do that. How you do this in games, of course. A fortnight in a battle Best again You by V Books. Witt's consumable purchase, which is 950 for Season five, better past So I both 950 consumables v books, and I spend them on a bateau best, which is virtually a numb consumer boom Burgess. So again, if I purchase Season five, where the battle bus with those consumed both v bucks and I deleted my game, I should be able to start my game again, Logan, and have my battle pass again into my account. A deal season. Five less, of course, if season five ends and there is Season six, well, I just lost my battle Basque, but you should be able to return it onto Season five. It's still going on, so it's a little bit tricky. It's not like in in the Mother APs. They just transfer it like you get a bike, consumables. Then you're gonna buy the battle pass, which is virtually not consumable. But it's only for the game. So this pretty much modern now race in the game how to make a a consumable and none consumo connected like this and let's talk about a little bit about non consumables. So again I bought I bought some of e books, and I want to spend them on all those fancy clothes acts, outfits and moods. So if I bought Marshmallow with my consume bow currency with the books this march, Mel should be put inside my account and it should stay there from a river. So the marshmallow on the back end should be done against you, Bo. Only the item. So it's pretty tricky, and I can give you a different example. Imagine if this marshmallow just cost to 99 just straight up to 99 you bought it. You should always be ableto retrieve it. They just shape it up like this to be with the books so he can choose between things. But the original idea is this. Imagine if this is 22 99. You just straight up by it. And it should stay always in your account. But they just mask it with the bucks, which is more profitable because you have choices to make. Like I have eight key the books on what should I spend those eight K? So this is pretty much better monetization than just putting straight up numbers there. So this is not consumables. Let me show you a few examples of games that create different consumables and uncles, your abuse and how they affect the gameplay. So, first of all, I'm going to show you our game Can't Duratec. We have different offers, as you can see. And there done consumable. So if you bought this knife this is brother fight knife. It should always stay in your account. So at the moment you can. But for 5 99 And if I bought it, it should always stay stays in my account. So this is a nun Consumable purchase the consumable purchases in our game Our keys where you can't spend those keys unlocking boxes Sochi's and boxes are consumables, which they expire, For example, This is a special case. I hear 45 keys and if I open one case, I'm gonna have 44 keys. But I got a pretty pretty nice bloke Arctic. And this Glock should always stay in my account. That may be sure this globe should always stay in my account. I should always have it, but my consumables are getting lower when I spend them. And their they will never return back and in your game. The idea is that when you buy purchase, it doesn't affect the gameplay we only sell visual stuff so you can buy, for example, this knife. But it is gonna be on the visual you can buy. For example, the skin with acute track and silencer is gonna be on Lee Vision Visual. It's not affecting the gamely at all, But let me show you another purchases in clashes choirs which affect the gameplay. So again you have Oops. You have consumables gyms. You have some other consume of shields. Of course, you can buy some backs, but here, when you buy consumables gold, the Alex here in the GM's, they're pretty much affecting the gameplay. So if I start upgrading my Tahoe, I started bringing it. Yeah, I have must have another buildings. So let's try with this one. All right, So I am upgrading this one, and it will require 15 hours and 59 minutes to do a great, which is insane, you know? And if I want to speed it up, I could just spend 176 gyms, which is boosting my game. And it's it's a game booster. It's affecting the gameplay. So in clash of plants, all the consumables, the jams, the elixir and the and the coins will affect your game play, and we spit up your game. So here is pretty much, in my opinion, a little bit of a bait win motto in which you just pay to advance faster compared to our game, which is everything is just visual stuff. Nothing. Nothing will affect the gameplay. So, as you can see there different types of ideas. Health implements the purchases based on your game design, which is bring important. And pretty much those are the things that I want to share about in a birch suits. I will deep dive into how to use them and a lot of tricks and tips on how to make the user pay for your inner purchases and the logic behind it, how you can monetize more users and how you can make them pay and enjoy your game or applications. But this will be in our part two. Thank you guys for spending time with me by 5. How to make your first Downloads - Tips & Tricks: Welcome back, guys. With next topic that I'm gonna talk about it is how to make your first downloads, tips and tricks. I'm gonna talk about shortly how you can boost your application or game with a couple couple of 100 maybe thousands downloads in the first days. And in the long run, of course, and how we generate leads. Howard Elmo's for our game in studio. So first thing, of course, is to pay for generals. Starting by just advertising on Facebook, you can target different countries, different devices. For example, you can target IOS or Android, so simply go to Facebook ad manager and just create your Facebook campaigns. You need to create a short video are a banner for your game of replication. Choose the country, place your budgets, select a target start and end states and just run that. The ad on Facebook platform It's in my opinion, it is one of the best ways of gaining traffic from paid network. So definitely check out the Facebook ads and create your adds owns different countries, baseball countries. The second thing is it's put budgets and advertising networks like chart boost up Lovie in Iran. Source in the other ones that I told that I talked in my previous topic. So, for example, child boost is one of the cheapest that you can get. CPI. I'm ease cost per install by countries. So if you go to the child, boost resources and platform inside, you can pretty much get the idea of how much it will cost. One is tell for your game. So let's start if you juice I was platform. And if I choose country, that's the United States. You can see the average payment burning stuff. This is for one user is one $1.56 and you can briefly, if you the average cost per category. So if you are in the casino, it's going to be five bucks per user, which is pretty costly. If you're in a puzzle, will be three bucks fury. Sports with you 1 42 star G 2.90 So if you want ah 100 users moods. Plight 1 56 by 100 you're gonna get your budget. You can, of course, switched to Google and let's do the same experiment. Great Drew should be cheaper, a lot more cheaper, but let's find out. Actually, it's It's cheaper in some categories, but it's more expensive in other ones. And the average will be even higher because in the states, half of the users are using Iowa's device, so it will be cheap on Iowa's. There are tons of Chris Criterias that you must know before starting advertising in different countries. But basically you can use child boosts, reads some of the blocks and get more more information about how to advertise your your game again. You can use all the networks there I mentioned in our previous listens, and but my favorite is Facebook. So if you want to mate, if you want to make a paid advertisement, Facebook charred, boost Iran source and gather networks. The single thing that you can dio iss UES. Some use websites about Momo games like the Jerk eight or Pocket gamer's dot com. They have really huge network of different websites, which are basically for news about mobile gaming and gaming on the mobile platform overall for IOS Android and the reason we got a switch so you can conduct him and ask them for review, I'm pretty sure they're gonna ask for money so be prepared, but this one, this under good way to money to advertise your game. Next one. All these were paid, so let's continue with anyone where you don't need to pay. 1st 1 of course, is Reddit Wit slash game deaf here there is there a like 348 K users, but here is very tricky. Don't proposed. Ah, a threat with head. You check out my game. My game is awesome. Stuff like that, it's not gonna work. You better bost your game or app and ask for feedback from the users. This will be more engaging for them, and you can get some traction by a debt. So a red it is, get get starting point with slash game there to show the people what you did and what is your product? What's your application? And you can gain some downloads from here to, And if your application or game is good, you're definitely going. Gain some traction for here. The next one, of course, created a YouTube channel and try to advertise and create different video clips about your game country. We have 33 k sips, and we're creating different kind of videos through all the years that we're developing these game. So, for example, our official 2009 trailer has 1.3 million views. Almost so. That's pretty good. And our previous trail of trailer for 2017 has 1.7 million views. So we get pretty good traction from creating those trailers and from creating some other clips like this. The sniper highlight 27 k rent a Friel weapon functionality 17 Key and 36 gay of just showing off a carom bit knife, and we monetize it with ads. So we get some extra books from YouTube again. We have 36 gauges of these knife spinning it around and showing off in our game just like that. So creating in YouTube channel a pretty good idea, definitely a must for your game or reputation. The next one used to Graham were also active on Instagram media. As you can see, what boasts frequently with some updates of the game, what we're working, known like this is showing off some new weapon. We have some pretty good feedback about it. Uh, we are making giveaways on our instagram, too trick in the legs so creating an instagram and trying to to post daily, maybe or weekly if you don't have a time again, it's a good idea to share morning for about your game to be connected with the people. So is the ground is next thing. Let's continual Twitter. Definitely for your US based fans and users, we have thanki not so big, but we're reporting the content for Mr Graham. Also Twitter. So no extra work over here is you guess you would give some traction. Not a big one. But it's something from Twitter. And finally I want to talk about discord, which is pre pretty good right now for us. So we have a counter attack. This court, which is verified by the Discord team and we have created a pretty huge here are key about our game. As you can see what you have a moderator slow be. We have different rose. We have giveaway users. We have our stuff off moderators. We have our stuff of developers so people can interact with us with the developers in with the moderators. In real time, they can give support, they can report books and three times so you can have your community like a game tester. We frequently create giveaways, so giving some free content and free stuff to our fans. We have a tournament section we have sport were media's where we're showing off our current update progress, which is not life on the store. You have a section with announcements showing off some announcements of the game, so this is pretty good. If you want to be connected with your audience to you scored and you can expand from here, invite more people in your server country. Currently, we have 2000 and almost 3100. We're pretty close. So again, this is a pretty good start for creating attraction. Using all this spending some money, creating YouTube, instagram, Twitter scored putting in trading Reddit and maybe conducting some of the media about mobile gaming. So this is pretty much about this topic. It's on the topic about how to make your first download steps and tricks. I'm gonna deep dive in every one of these aspect of how to to gain more traction and how to be more consistent and in time. But this will be in our part to thank you guys. I see you in the next lecture, but 6. Upload your Game or App on Google Play and Apple Store: Welcome back, guys. Here, Curies. Our last lecture. I'm going to talk about shortly how to upload your game on Google, play an apple store, and I'm going to tell you what is the price to open developers account and Google and Apple . So let's just straight go for it. So, first of all, if you want to open Google play developer account, you need Gmail and then you're gonna pay 25 books one time only, and your Google play account with before Lifetime. So you only need to pay 25 books, and that's it. This is for Google. For EPO, it's a little bit different. So when you want to open a EPO, I choose developers counts to publish games or abs on the Apple App store, it will cost you a 99 bucks per year. So each year they will charge you 99 bucks or your account will be frozen. So again, Google play 25 books it requires and a Gmail again a poet use it will require an email to register, and it will cost you 99 books, period. Let's go ahead and check out how in what you need to upload your game. So let's start with Google play. I just created an application going test and the left. You're going to see a lot of different things in your dashboard, so the first thing will be your dashboard and this dashboard will show you various information about your app. How many styles? What's the revenue? How many stars your your game wrap has right now as this a blank project. It doesn't have anything. So when you upload your application and submitted and maybe ah deo to pass, you're going to see some statistics over here. The 2nd 1 is up releases. So here you're gonna upload your ap gay. When you build your application or or game, you're going to create a release. You get a name it he gonna upload your file by browsing, browsing the files and just uploaded. You're going to go through a lot of stuff. You're gonna put some information about your release. You're gonna put the release name etcetera. So from Apple releases, you can upload your A P. Kate the other stuff about a treat. Eastern ab. Our artifacts, library device, gather work and ab signing and are connected toe polices the must do fields are absolutely up up releases start listing, concentrating up content and price and distribution. Where you see an empty great Jack, they need to be light in red. So when all of them turns red, you're gonna have a burden in your right to release in APP releases. So all those things the wrap up signing device, catalogued artifacts, library and 100 instant is naps are connected with the app release. So in order to use them, you're gonna need toe upload your A game. Let's go to the next one store listing. Here is the details about your product. Different languages. So right now I'm choosing the English United States. But you could add your own transition text in different languages. So the 1st 1 is will be your game title soul. There's game. If we call it like that, then you're gonna have a short description on Awesome Game and then you have a full description. It has limits of 80 80 words. Short description title has 50 words before description has four cake. So different things have different limits. Then we continue on with the high res icon that guns should be 5 12 by 5 12 34 bits PNG. Then you applauded and Google automatically around the edges. So that's another thing about Icon. Next, we're going to go to the screen shots you get, have to create phone, tablet and 100 TV screen shots, at least to a screenshot, sir required that you can go upto eight screenshots. However, I recommend creating a least 45 screenshots different ones so you can show a little bit more about your app or game again. You have limitations? No, our for 24 bit P and G 1,000,000 land for any side. 220 pixels. Maximums is 3000 and 8400 pixels. So keep that in mind if you support the were O. S, which is the 100 watches the watchers that sports on the ret. You can also upload some screen shows. There another thing Feature graphic This is most must upload. The other can be ignored, but this one is most. So you're gonna need 10 24 by five hundreds image. 24 bit PNG would know offer for your feature graphic. Then you're gonna This is by choice If you wanna add a prom a graphic TV brother or they dream 3 60 degrees stereoscopic image. This by choice, you can create a video of your game wrap and just place the link here. It should be a you dip link, I know, and it will be automatic shown. And in Google play. The next thing is the application type, so you're gonna juice from applications or games. So if I choose a game, there's categories which you must use. So let's say strategy or or we can go to applications and create a educational application . After that, you're gonna need to create a concentrating. I'm going to show this in the next step. Then you get a few up the contact detail website not required. But if you want, you can point it out. The email is required because this will be publicly publicly displayed and people can send your emails of course form. I'm not recommending putting your own phone. Maybe putting some business phone is okay. Privacy policies and most so you should have a private support, a sea of your game if you want to submit and, like I said, the concentrating, Let's go to it when you upload an AP Gay. First you must upload a neighbor gay before taking the concentrating. Then you should have this, but, um, continue green. Then you just click on it. And then Google will ask you a lot of questions. And by answering those questions, they will put you different. Concentrating, for example, six plus Pegi 18 Baby 16 something like this. So this will show the people for what? What type of person is the game for kids for chart, for Children or for adults? Next thing is the app content. So this more about telling the people If ah, the game is safe for Children and stuff like that, telling if your application has ads and what kind of ads it has, does the ads contain like adult content, So this will be the APP content. You should also answer a few questions, and finally we go to the price and distributions where you can select your app free or paid , and you can select to be available in different countries. So as you can see a lot of countries, you can just click, available, available or just unavailable. However you like, there is a question. Does your APP has ads, you should point out yes, if it has. No. If it hasn't, and then you must check the content guidelines and US export laws. So that's it? The other thing is not mandatory. Just if you want, I want to use them. I'm going to talk about everything in details and show you everything step by step, by uploading against admitting etcetera. But it's gonna be in part two. So in this part, I'm just showing you briefly what the Google play Fonzo is and how you should oppose it. And from here, you can add your in APP purchases, wants you upload your A game and set up a merchant account subscriptions you can row reward your users with products. You can ask Google to translate different stuff for you. Of course, you get a pay for it. And that's pretty much about Gugu in briefly. So let's continue with Apple. This is a game that we've released a long time ago, and I'm just showing you for an example. So again, when you goto up information, you're gonna need a game name. Sub tyto privacy policy. Of course, this your bundle I d for creating when you create your game or application. We have a system Apple I D and school number. Again, we take a questioner for for the rating. The game is rated age for Louis. You can, of course, different games rated differently in defense. The category have selected these game schedule actions, and you can select the second category, which is for me entertainment, because it's a game. So here you're going to choose your category. Next thing is price and availability. I set it up to be free the game, and I said about said it to be released on all territories. Of course, like in Google, you can select someone some territory that you don't like or you don't wanna release. Just check them. Click them in your okay. Distribution for business and education available at reduced price for educational institutions. Of course, if you're game spade, you can do that. If you're creating an educational application, it's good to have ah reduced price for Children. That's I think that's pretty mandatory, please, for me. And then this is your descriptions and screenshots. So again, we have four different four months. IPhone 6.5 inch display. I formed 5.5 I, but Prue and I bought pro second Gen. So you're gonna need to have the streets, three screenshots and apple. I just include three screenshots promotional text. This will show in the in the apple store under your game. Uh, next one is the key words. As you can see, I've put some keywords connected with, uh what bull game You're gonna need to have a support. Your l marketing Euro is by choice. Next thing is the description. You get a description of your game here, you can applaud the profile of your game. This is the package that I've created from unity. Here is the icon, the sizes different. You're gonna need one. K 10 24 by 10. 24 is in pixels will be the cycle it can contain PNG Alfa in in April. Not like in Google. You get a name, your version you're gonna have your your age and you're gonna have your copyrights. You're address, and that's pretty much it. Some information for the review team, your names and your phone and again your email. So that's pretty much about EPO. And then you're gonna be able to submit your game So that's pretty much about how you gonna upload your game. And what do you need in order to upload your game again? This is very short and very briefly just to show you how it's done and what you need. If you want to learn more, you gonna check my part two and thank you guys for watching over the course, and I hope I see you in part to my body.