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Momotarou (ももたろう) | Max's Japanese Readings for All Levels

teacher avatar Dai Max, Japanese Teacher:Video Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Part 1 : Momotarou Is Here

    • 3. Part 2 : Adventure Begins

    • 4. Part 3:Encounters

    • 5. Part 4:Battle & Return - THE END

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About This Class

In this course, I introduce you to one of the most famous tales in Japan "Momotarou (ももたろう)".

I read the tale in Japanese with Japanese subtitles and English subtitles.

With this course, you can improve:

  • your listening skills in Japanese
  • your reading skills in Japanese
  • your vocabulary in Japanese

Also, this tale is simply fun to read/listen to, so you can learn Japanese while actually having fun!

But, you at least need to be able to read Hiragana (Click Here For My HIRAGANA Course!) to fully enjoy this awesome tale.

Still, anyone who speaks English can enjoy the story itself EVEN IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ANY JAPANESE!

Hope you enjoy it!

- Max


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dai Max

Japanese Teacher:Video Creator


Hello, I'm Max! I am from Japan, currently living in Japan (previously lived in the United States).

I am a native Japanese speaker who speaks English fluently enough to talk about anything :)

I am very passionate about teaching my native language - Japanese - to ALL the English speakers who want to start learning Japanese or have already started leaning Japanese and want to get better.

You will find my Japanese courses, Max's Japanese, very helpful, I believe.

Also, I am a video creator. I hope I can help you with video creation in my video creation course, Max's Video Creation,

Hope you have fun watching my class videos and learn Japanese & video creation more with a lot of excitements!!!!

See you in my classes :)

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1. Introduction: are you and Max in this course, I'm gonna introduce you to one of the most famous tales in Japan, which is moment, that hole, and I'm gonna read a terrible in Japanese with Japanese subtitle and English subtitles on the screen in discourse you can improve your listening skills in Japanese, your reading skills in Japanese as well as your vocabulary. Things still iss simply to listen to and read so you can learn Japanese as you have, but you at least need to be able to read and need to have a certain level off grandma knowledge in Japanese. But you can practice reading, practice, listening Teoh with this course. So don't worry about your current level and just go ahead and watch my videos. And you will for sure have fun because there's English subtitle, too, so I hope you enjoy it. Season 2. Part 1 : Momotarou Is Here: moment that old my knee Obasanjo allies in Tuscany. How did he colono? Somebody says Citizen Co Stay. Must we must you that there is also the mark. I How much so I in any more. Hold on hold. No more home. Yeah. Cut down on the body Must kill nanny so more More That's any what it did. Oh, God! Oh, God! How much she you boil, Kalai? Don't know my story Co star. 3. Part 2 : Adventure Begins: g Santo Tomas Momotaro So that they must stop cocoa Juego sign must stop more Some of Corona then guy coconut seem Asmal Make the pick Momotaro Knee Mourn animal Oy, amino Hot Any to you Toko Guard The only touch. Well, she don't know Not candy. Sunday tax on local Nicaragua. But Toto Karamo Total e must stop Emma Stone G Saleh could extend my toe Chema Stop when you see my only ties you think Kim Us Momotaro I hope so. So not Okay event or it's good game A show took over Osama e Master de Santo Q b Done! What's good? Motorola Summer I know you wanna go there. No Q b dangling Who could all stop? So stick They were Casa de my Remus Motorola So obtaining a te most famous stop So state Motorola 4. Part 3:Encounters: don't Okinawa Yamana Winnitzki master 11 Dickie Motorola. You know, attaining Watch your step That'll some my only say about me You just get a cut of See the point Saturday Picky, ridiculous stuff Momotaro over like I did. Sarah paining Giorgio State. You don't need to know. You get a ceremony. Condor hero. We know how momotaro over like I did kids. You attain any your step doesn't owning a semi only. Say that's need to know that you need to know. It's good eyesight. I get your point, Momotaro say Oh, you mean stop So what a story. Not so Saturday. Kazini. Sorry. Must stop. So thank you. Muscle. No meaning Nomura. But he must send this stuff. Jasmine. Ione Never. Uh she mother. So I came up. Oy, Oy! Uh meat, Meat, meat Call you animal Sadam Oh, banzai! Banzai said Gaby Mustang. Done. Then you are good at it. Only know she got me Emma, stop! Throw him on the mine. Cardio Stater only No. Hey time. Oh, Emma Stone! So no, she don't know Course State money three 5. Part 4:Battle & Return - THE END: Motorola. You know many Toby agree, Master Cardio State only. No. Hey, so no Toki more? No, A little kid More side data you need Amano males Orania Super Summer. You can't any more. I also know Kara, your toy tits No bore the machine. Aga Ticketmaster. Scusi. It's a noble more Nanaimo camel Horrid step course on station. Uh course And she must course And Sheamus Motorola has it in Aysel Aysel Mama e is in the home. Uh, how to radio must so new Anya Sacharow Johanna