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Modular Origami

Mei Han

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Modular Origami Intro

    • 2. Modular Pieces

    • 3. 2 Modular Piece Shape

    • 4. 3 Modular Picece Shape

    • 5. 6 Modular Piece Shape

    • 6. 12 Modular Piece Shape

    • 7. 30 Piece Modular Shape

    • 8. Infinity Cube (48 pieces)


About This Class

This class will help people of all levels to be able to create many beautiful 3D works of origami by using just one simple piece. Every object I will show you will use the same piece with just different ways of putting them together.

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1. Modular Origami Intro: 2. Modular Pieces: Hello. Today I'll be showing you how to create a piece for the modular or so. What I normally do is I take a single piece of paper when I make him. I usually use 1/16 of the size, but for demonstration purposes, purposes, I will use a full size. So what do you do first is you flick off the piece of paper. So you're working on the white side, and then you simply faulted in half. Make sure it's completely in half. Hold it with your left hand and increased with your right hand. Then you open it up again. Do folded straight to the middle. So hold the left side of your left hand and fall to the center with you. Then you crease. You do that so I don't like to flip it over to my left hand again and fall to the center again. So there, Now you have what looks like a menu. Then what you do is you make sure you grab the top right hand corner and pulled it down. So you create a train, go. The whole top portions will be on the left side now of the peace. So Once you do that, make sure it's at a point on the top and then trace it down. Then you do this again. You flip it over, make sure you grab the top right hand corner now and fold it down. Making sure that's a point. And a complete home completely touches the left hand side like this. So now you have a piece that it must be this shape this specific shape is. And then what you do is you would open it up again. And now unfold the left side full inside to the middle. So it's on the same fools like you folded earlier, and then do close it again. Then you slip it over and you would do the same thing. This is kind of tricky because you need a tuck it inside this portion. So what you do is pull it out, pull out this top flap with your left hand, and then simply tough it inside. So then you would have this once you have this, see these two flaps, you would tuck him inside, so you pulled it down behind, folded down behind, and then you would tuck it inside this little area because you don't want it to be seen from either side. So then you just tuck it inside like this. You do the same thing for this flat, you tuck it inside here and then that IHS one singular piece on that is the piece that we need to make the much lower. 3. 2 Modular Piece Shape: Hello. Today I will show you how to use two of the modular pieces to create this. So if you don't know how to create this module appease, go back to my first video and watch it and make to arm different pieces, preferably of a different colors, since it looks the best. So what you are to is first flip over one of the pieces and fold the bottom right hand corner up to where the line turns to a diagonal and do that again folded up, up to wear line to make a square basically, and then you do it on the same fold up to where the line starts to become a day. I know. Flip it over and fold up to make a square. So now that you have two pieces folded like this, that of the same exact shape, um, you were to tuck this piece in, so see how it's a crisscross. You talk it under the flap. It's kind of confusing, but you'll get the hang of it. So then you fold it all the way flat and tuck it in again. So tuck it in all the way to where you first made the trace. So it's a square. So now it looks like this. So you have later. Now you take this piece and tuck it under this part, the same exact area where it starts becoming Dagnall. It's just a flap and you talk it under closing it in place, flip it over and do it again. So tuck it under, and now it's although a secure and in and you're finished. So that is how you make this. 4. 3 Modular Picece Shape: and then you do it again for this side. So I might be crazy like this and then slide it in. So once it's in this finished and there's nothing poking out, it looks like this pattern on all sides and you're finished. 5. 6 Modular Piece Shape: um today I will show you how to use six modular origami pieces that I made in the first video to be all. Make this. Normally, I like to use three colors since it turns on and makes a very clean looking box. So that's what I'll show you with. So you take one of the, um, pieces, flip it over and fold just like you have in every single other one. My years, if you've seen them, pulled up to where? The point from the Dag? No. And then pulled up. So you do that for all six of us. Fold up for fold up food love formed up. Good. Now that you have all six pieces that look like this you take to ease is I'm only like to have this look. So I put the two colors on the opposite side side of saying so. Hologram, these two colors, since not the same color. So see the flab, just like in every single other one of the tutorials who slide it into the same place. So you slighted right here so you can still see the both lots on either side. If you do the same thing here, you slide on the third color in just like this. So you sly this right in here. So now none of the cause. Oh, I mean, all the colors are come together at one point, it's no. Use the orange piece and place it great here because this will be right across from work. My other ones pieces placed if you look in the center so you slide it in to that flat. So now you'll slide this piece into this flat right where it is next to. So now you have two triangular points. Now you slide the Blue Sea. Since this is a cross more than blue places, so you slide here, so make sure you have all the pieces on the outside because you cannot forget to tuck in one of the flaps or else it'll be a week. So slide in. So the flat I hear you slide right in, and now the last piece, many people will just slide it on. I'm here and forget that there's this piece and slide this in, but that would be wrong. So you need to make sure all the pieces are outside slided in right here slight. And this is the last piece. And there you have created the box 6. 12 Modular Piece Shape: so I will be showing you how to make a 12 piece module figure. So I typically like using three colors because it just has a clean look, so you'll need toe different pieces. Um, So what do you do is once you have the first, um, module, a piece that I showed you how to make in my first video, you flip it over and just like in every other video full. So it's by meets. Whether edged Wednesday, I will flip it over and turns to wear it to make it a square. So after you've done that, you do the opposite of what he did for the three trees module for gear and folded. So see how the two flats are right here. You folded backwards. So I already did that for all my other pieces. So positivity and make those and then what you done, I'll show you how to put it together. So how do you put them together? Is you pick up two pieces, preferably of different colors. If you wanted to like this, and so you take the edge and push it into the flap, the same class as you have been for every under video. And once it's there, you grab the another piece of the same color as the first piece took it into the same flab , rotated and tuck it into the same flap here. And, um, you talk this flap in right here. So now it's kind of in a way, Looks like a checkered board. So once you have that, you grab a piece of the other color, which in this case is orange. And you took it in this flat right here. So it looks like this. It looks kind of odd right now, but you'll see where it's going. Then you talk this piece in here so it looks like part of the triangle. And then what you do is you put this piece in right here, where to make the triangle again. And so you add the others under the one piece, same place right here and then saying place and last launch peace. So in the lab. Tuck it right here. So now you have this. Then what you do is you grab another color. I old grab orange in this case and tuck it right here, right in the same place as you have for every single other piece. And so once it's in, you grab this piece and tuck it right here. So now you have the same type of pattern right here. So it's four pieces. Now you grab the flu piece or in my case, is blue piece and talk it right there and make that try and go again. So there's another triangle. Then you took this. So the patterns she's gonna be fours and threes and then grab the this piece. Talk it. Talk this. Make sure you don't forget to talk. One in did in the last piece. You put it in, make sure you don't leave them under else. It will not be a sturdy and a look Rome talkin And the last piece right here and then you finished. 7. 30 Piece Modular Shape: the next piece. Good. So after you have this, this is 10 different pieces. Notice how you still see the star. But then you can also see five different triangles as well. After you do that. Now, you grab go over to this side. I'll put in a piece here, and we will be making another one of these just on this side. So one piece. So this is four pieces. I'll add one more. So slide it into the same area as you have been for the 12 3 piece. And so it'll look like this. It looks exactly identical to this side because it uses the same colors. And, um, it's five pieces. Now I'll grab the piece that's missing from this side and then at the peace, and I'll keep on going around the circle, creating the 55 fives and threes. So this is a three I'm thinking right now. So those threes now there's only four pieces here, so this will not go like this because you need five pieces. Start looking shape. So you always add them the same exact way. It always goes into the same flat pocket, just like every single other one. You could like them all the same way. Okay, so I typically don't like my color pieces touching each other, so I would not want to put another cream here, but I don't know if I put in the orange a blue, so I'm just gonna wait and fill in these pieces so I'll be able to figure out what color goes there. Sometimes it does not work out, though, and you'll have a few visas touching each other, and that's okay. That's just my preference. So keep on filling in triangles, so it's going to be delicate when you get to this part, because how many pieces you just need to hold it carefully and just try not to squeeze too hard or else it might collapse or fall apart and some pieces might fall out what you're doing. It it's okay. It gets really difficult. Just put him back in on try again. - So see how it's got starting to come around. It's starting to become the circular shape that you're trying to get and, um, everywhere throughout the whole entire thing. There's always just gonna be five days. If it doesn't look like this, you might have accidentally forgot to add one. And what the star shapes might only have four. So you should check and make sure you always put five girls. It will not be completely round. Okay, Two more pieces to go And the last two are always really turkey because of how much it wants to fall apart. So you always make sure you don't leave one talked under, so it will be more stable If you forget Dio put one in the flat. It'll look a little bit off. Like if I were to do this. See how there's like no orange right here. It'll look different from all the other areas, so make sure the oranges tuft in and you didn't leave any under. So every single piece is connected and put in its place. So that is how you make the 30 piece modular ball 8. Infinity Cube (48 pieces): the great Nice woman finished.