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Modern Witchcraft: Mindset Work for a Lifetime of Magic

teacher avatar Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. What Is Magic?

    • 4. High Vs Low Magic

    • 5. Trust Your Power

    • 6. Intuition Meditation

    • 7. Mindset Toolbox

    • 8. Grounding

    • 9. Grounding Meditation

    • 10. Spell Crafting

    • 11. Grimoire

    • 12. Crystals

    • 13. Crystal Grids

    • 14. Herbs Oils

    • 15. Thank You

    • 16. Bonus Video: Tapping for Magical Abilities

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About This Class

The Power Lies Within You

You have the power to bring magic into your life! Inside all of us lies an ancient wisdom, waiting to be unlocked. We live in a remarkable time in history; a time when magical knowledge is available for everyone to learn from, not just a select few. There is no better time than today to begin your magical practice.

This Course Will Help You:

  • Cultivate confidence to create your own spells

  • Overhaul your mindset to stop getting in your own way

  • Find out what tools you need to get started right away

  • Learn how to use magic!

My Story: Struggle to Triumph

For over a decade, I struggled to create the life I wanted, while simultaneously suppressing my true self. I figured that once I became an adult, everything would just fall into place, but it didn’t. In fact, it was as far from in place as it could’ve been. My husband and I lived with his parents for over six years, I suffered from depression, followed by postpartum depression, and several other health problems. Every time we would see a glimmer of hope, our situation would get two times worse. Because of these years of struggle, I ended up on the opposite side of my original belief and fell victim to the thought that life had to be difficult or hard in order for me to be successful. This belief led me to become even more stuck and further from the life I wanted to live. Fortunately, after thousands of pages of personal development books, many courses, and countless tears, I found a happy medium between those two beliefs and have cultivated a mindset that has allowed me to keep moving forward towards my ideal life.

The foundational mindset work I share in this course helps me get out of ruts more quickly than ever before. We all have moments in time where life is less than optimal, or even periods of time where we feel hopeless. Nothing takes that away, at least not that I know of, but the tools I’m about to share with you will help you to move out of that place more quickly than ever before. It’s okay to be stuck or down, it’s human, but it’s important to know how to get yourself out of that mindset.

This mindset work has also helped me see that I was hiding a part of myself from the world: a magical, energetic self. Over the past few years I have slowly been unfolding layers of magic, creating my ideal life filled with peace and joy. Does that mean everything is perfect? No, but it does mean that I am a conscious creator and an active contributor to how my days unfold and what seeds I plant for the coming days. I would like to share with you the foundational work I’ve discovered and use in my everyday life so you can begin bringing magic into your own life.

What would it mean for you if you had the power of magic to help you create the life you want?

Magic is a loaded word so to clarify, this course isn’t about magic tricks and illusion. Those are fun and I love watching talented performers, but it just isn’t my area of expertise. This course, Modern Witchcraft, covers magic that connects you to the Earth, connects you with nature and with your higher self. You don’t even need to identify as a witch to go through this course! While I consider myself a witchy, magical, intuitive person, I don’t call myself a witch. If you do identify with being a witch, that’s awesome as well! Either way, as long as you want to bring magic into your life, this course is for you!

What Does This Course Contain?

The course begins with an introduction to magic where we will discuss high magic versus low magic and what witchcraft is at its core. Moving on from there, you will learn how to tap into your intuition and do the mindset work that will help you have a strong foundation to build from as you continue on in your magical practice. This section also includes steps for building a mindset toolbox to help support you as you remove blocks and uplevel your life. Grounding and connection are vital to energy work so that is covered, along with several tips for grounding yourself. A short grounding meditation is included that can be listened to before doing any magic or any time you need to recenter yourself.

After you’ve completed the foundational work, we cover how to create spells. Do they need to rhyme? How complicated should they be? These questions, and more, are answered in the spell crafting section. I’ve even included the spell that’s been working for me as I manifest my weight loss goals. While using spells written by other people while you’re learning is vital in the beginning, developing the skills to create your own spells is a potent method to increase your effectiveness. The final section covers a large amount of information on magical tools, what they’re used for, and what herbs, oils, and gemstones I love to use. The primary purpose of this course is to help you begin your magical journey with the strongest foundation possible. If you’re a seasoned expert, I believe the tools in this course will still be beneficial in helping you work through any places you may be stuck.

How is Modern Witchcraft Different?

I created Modern Witchcraft to stand out from other courses by giving practical tools for overcoming the hardest part of magical work: mindset. Many courses I took when I was first learning magic left me frustrated because they didn’t cover mindset work and I had many many blocks. By taking this course, you can save yourself hours of reading about foundational skills, trying to figure out what is going to help you see results from your magic. Instead of abstract ideas or spells with no background information, I have put together the necessary information that will help you confidently practice magic. The information won’t leave you spinning your wheels, but will propel your potential. At the end of this course, my hope is that you will be a force of good in this world, but especially for yourself. You have the power within you; learn how to unlock it today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Introduction: e Hello, my name is actually, and I want to welcome you to modern witchcraft. This course was designed for anyone who would like to lead down a strong foundation for a lifetime of magic. I've been practicing magic for years, but it wasn't until I began focusing on a few key areas that my intentions really began. Having results at the end of this course, you will be able to confidently right spells and know how to navigate tricky mindsets that have been keeping you and your magic stuck in your current situation. We'll go over foundational tools such as removing blocks, learning to trust your power Andrew intuition and building a toolbox to drop from when your mindset needs help. I even help you to get started with a grounding meditation included in the course. We'll also go over the basic tools of performing magic, including what my top five favorite gemstones are. How to use herbs and essential oils in your practice and my best tip for putting together a grim war. Well, there's no way this course could cover every single thing there is to know about magic. I designed this course to help build a solid base for those new to the practice. That being said, if you've been practicing magic for however long and feel like something is missing, check out this course and learn from the foundational tools in the first half of the curriculum. No matter where you're at in your journey, I believe you'll find something to help you. Thank you so much for checking out modern witchcraft. Feel free to look through the course description, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside. 2. Welcome: hello and welcome to modern witchcraft. We're going to be laying down a foundation for a lifetime of magic. I am so honored you chose this class to bring more magic into your life. This course couldn't possibly contain everything. There is to know about magic, but it's my hope that this will lead down a solid foundation for you to grow your practice from. 3. What Is Magic?: What is magic? Magic is a connection to nature. It's a connection to your power. It's a way to bring about harmony and peace and everyday life. It's also a way to manifest or create the life you want to live. Do you have to call yourself a witch to use magic? Absolutely not. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to labelling, and in fact, you don't have to label yourself at all. You aren't required to share everything or anything that you believe or practice. The most important thing to consider is your comfort level. Although this is one of the safest times for a witchy type person toe live in and to practice magic, there are still people who don't understand. Some people might have preconceived notions that it's something that must be stopped, and it's their mission to stop it. Remember, though it isn't our job to change their mind or understand them, We don't have to prove ourselves toe anybody. Our job is to live our lives according to our own path. What you choose to call yourself or tell others is entirely up to you. 4. High Vs Low Magic: hi Magic versus low magic, Natural magic or high magic is magic that is used for good purposes, to bring about change that affects you directly or that betters the world Dark magic or low magic is generally used for selfish reasons or with the intention to harm. It's my firm belief that all magic practiced should be high magic. I don't endorse using any forms of low magic in your practice. It should also be noted that trying to do spells involving other people who are unaware no matter how good the intentions are, it could be a form of low magic because it's a way to manipulate their situation without them. Knowing sending positivity or loving intentions to someone isn't harmful, though, as their energy field isn't going to allow something in, it doesn't vibrate with what they believe or willing to accept. But if you were doing something where you were trying to get someone a job that they didn't know or didn't necessarily want, or make some situation happen that you thought would be best for them, but you knew that they wouldn't feel was best for them, that could be considered low magic 5. Trust Your Power: Now we're going to be talking about laying down a good foundation. The first thing is trusting your power. Your power and intuition are everything when it comes to magical work, because it's such a personal journey and the next section will talk more about mindset work . But for now, I want to focus on intuition because that's where most of your power lies. We all get feelings throughout the day that alert us to whether something is good or bad. This feeling easily gets suppressed for various reasons, maybe from another child when we were younger, making fun of us in school or from a parent telling us we're wrong when we knew in our hearts we were right. Even if you haven't trust your intuition in years, you can get that back. The first step is to begin listening to those feelings and trusting them. This isn't saying that your intuition is going to be correct all of the time, but by tuning in, that skill will get stronger and it will begin increasing inaccuracy. Another one of my courses develop your intuition, contains several exercises in information on how to tune in and strengthen your intuition. Using yes or no questions. Here's an excerpt from that class about muscle testing, which is my preferred way to tune in and ask my intuition questions there. Several forms of muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology. And it's based on the premise that our bodies know everything that is good or bad for us. Our bodies know if we're lacking something, or if we need to release something, we can use muscle testing to tap into the energy all around us. To connecting by proxy to the energy of others with their permission, always allows us to help them release their blocks and help them win to tune into their intuition. My favorite muscle testing method is the sway test. You simply stand up very relaxed. Keep your mind as neutral as possible. Ask your question and feel which way your body sways. So if your body sways forward, that's typically a yes. And if it sways backwards, that's a no. There's several other ways to muscle test, and it can take time to figure out which one works best for you. Pendulums made from crystals, are a physical tool used for muscle testing that many practitioners of magic prefer some other forms of muscle testing arm interlocking zeros. So you make a circle with the thumb and forefinger of your non dominant hand, and then you make an interlocking ring with a thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand. You pull the rings apart while asking your question. A no answer will cause the link between the thumb and forefinger of the non dominant hand to open. Well, yes will keep both rings strong. And that's because a no answer or something that is not good for you or is negative will weaken the muscles. So that will make it open where, as a yes will strengthen it and make it harder to pull. The next one is a finger press. So say this is a tabletop. You place your palm flat on the table and you think of a question while lifting your finger . So since yes strengthens your muscles. Ah, yes, answer will keep your finger pressed to the table while and no answer will weaken the muscles and make it easy for you to lift your finger off the table. So in my practice, I find the sway test works the most consistently and the quickest. If these methods don't work for you at first, give them time. It took me a couple of years to fuel Really, really confident with the sway test. Most people catch on to it much more quickly, though My biggest tip for mastering muscle testing is to use questions or statements like my name is blank and this is so it will use this. For example, this is a no, and this is a yes while manually moving your body the way that you wanted to move for those answers which that will help train your body and know what to expect and how to communicate most effectively with you. 6. Intuition Meditation: make sure you have any tools rewarding to use nearby. Annoyed her third eye with the oil of your choice, your diffuser going gather the stones will be holding or placing on your third eye on light a candle, the's air all completely optional. Then they will enhance your experience, but they aren't necessary. Don't get caught up morning. If you don't have these tools, you already possessed the most important gifts inside you, and this meditation will help awaken things. Meditation uses data by neural beats to get your brain in the best state for honing your intuition. Headphones are the most effective way to get the best experience. Go ahead and pause here. If you need together any of those materials. Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Begin breathing in through your nose on out three and out. Ask your angels and guides to join you on this journey. Everything you do and see will be for your highest good wear, creating a safe place for you to awaken your intuition. Up ahead. You see a warm tropical waterfall. Step under it and let the warm water cascade over your body. Scrub away any soothe keep breathing while you're cleansing. Started your head. Let the water fall down down your back down across your arms and watch as it rolls off your fingertips. Taking any old energy with water flows down your legs between each toe, cleansing you and renewing you Step out into the sunlight or moonlight, which, ever one it feels more nourishing to you. In this booth, beams of light dry all the water off of you. Watch as a swirling golden beam of light enters through the top of your head, swirling around activating your pineal gland swirling down your spine, reaching every spot in your body as a heads down to your toes. Feel the warmth of this golden light as it lights up every cell in your body. Golden life heads back up your body, stopping at your shop. Imagine a red spinning ball of light at your red ball. Spends forward and backwards, even sideways. Opening and cleansing your Shaqra. Allow your root chakra toe open or close as much as you feel comfortable. Now notice an orange ball of light, spinning your secret shocker spinning in all directions. Opening on refreshing your safe. Allow your sacred Chaka to be as open or closed as you feel. Notice a yellow ball of light spinning your solar plexus, watch as a twirls and any state refreshing and renewing your solar plexus. His shop is closed as you notice a spinning of green light your heart shocker. Notice any feelings that come up as swirls. Allow your heart to be cleansed. Renewed. Keep your heart. Shaqra is open or closed as you feel comfortable. Now there's a spinning ball of ruling. Thistles are shocker that helps with communication spinning like cleanse. Your voice watches it swirls and spins. Allow your throat shocker to be as open or as close as you feel comfortable on Tier three. Shocker. You see an indigo or take blue ball of light swirling spinning ball. Activate your intuition, allowing you to see messages from your source. Your spirit guys Angels on anyone else who has messages for your highest good. Allow your third eye shocker to stay open during this meditation. Keep breathing through your nose. The ball of light travels to your ground shocker where it is a beautiful soft violin watch as the ball spins and swirls, cleansing and renewing your allow your shot to be as open as you would like. You are in a safe place for receiving messages. Ask your angels, your guides, your ancestors or anyone you would like a message from. Maybe someone unexpected will come through. Remember, you're safe and protected. Stay realized. Don't force it. My voice will go away for a few minutes. Channel messages. If you weren't done channeling messages, either pause this recording and come back to this spot. Or open the data means of meditation that has no guided imagery. If you're done, begin focusing on your breathing again in through your nose and out through your nose. Visualize a white light running up from your feet, touching each shocker and allowing it to just slightly Stay open. First you're in shock and your sake shock. Next your solar plexus onto your heart. Throw third eye and finally your crown. This'll will help you stay in touch with your intuition, but keep you grounded here on earth. Wiggle your toes, touch something in front of you. Slowly open your eyes. Find a glass of water to drink. This will help bring you back into the real world and keep you grounded. Here on Earth. Write down anything that came through for you during this meditation. Even if it was just a fleeting feeling. Write it down. Each meditation will become clear, clear. So keep practicing. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. It is a great the O. 7. Mindset Toolbox: One of the biggest hindrances to seeing results from spells and other magic work is mindset . You might have the best tools, the most meticulously thought out spells that portray exactly what you want to bring into being. But if you don't truly believe the spells will work, or if you have blocks about what you're trying to do, spells about, well, unfortunately, just get in your own way. When I first began working on my mindset, I made it about as difficult as I could. After all, I had a lot of growth and change to bring about, so it had to be hard, right. After years of spinning my wheels, barely getting teach next level, I finally reached a point where I realized it doesn't have to be hard if there's a good foundation in place. After realizing this in a couple of months, I was ableto work through more blocks and get into a better headspace than I had ever been in. It does take a little bit of foundation work to get to a place where it's truly easy to move forward, but the foundation work is simple. Toe lay down a great foundation. We're going to build a toolbox for you to retrain your mindset. First begin by listing all the tools you've previously used. This could be personal development books, course his journaling, the emotion code E f T. Or tapping meditation affirmations or at formations, gratitude lists or simple rituals throughout the day that you use to refocus your thoughts . So once you've written out all the tools you've previously used, cross out the ones that didn't resonate with you at all, they might be awesome tools. But if they aren't going to help you, just let them go. This is all about simplifying mindset work, not forcing something that isn't a good fit. Next brainstorm ways to remind yourself of these techniques throughout the day. Here's my list for an example. So with the emotion code, I might have my husband get our daughters ready for bed while I take a few minutes to clear things that came up during the day for F tear tapping. I might find a video about anxiety that I really resonated with, and I could add it to my YouTube watch list. So that way it's easy for me to access it when I have a moment to do it. I could print out extra pages to add to my journal that have a gratitude prompt. So that way I'm visually being reminded to think of what I'm grateful for for that day. Then the next one is a positivity bracelet, and that's one that I actually did do a few months ago. If you can see that each of these little not so these air two colors that make me really happy blue and orange and each not. I thought about what I wanted my life to be like and the positivity I wanted to be bringing in. And I would say it's been about two months since I made it, and I've noticed a big change in positivity. I haven't noticed it as much. I haven't noticed the bracelet as much now that I'm getting used to it. But for the first few weeks, it was a really great reminder, and it was nice having something that I could physically look down at. Then the next thing is meditation, so I absolutely love the call map. I'm not an affiliate with it or anything. It's just a really amazing app that makes remembering to meditate really easy, and they track it and let you know how many hours you have meditated. So if you find that motivating that I highly recommend that up, the next thing is affirmations, so affirmations that isn't a typo if you haven't heard of them before, it's similar to affirmations, and it's by no a Saint John. He discovered that if you ask affirmations in the form of a question, your brain more easily responds to it and believes it. So he has some really great books on the topic that I highly recommend. So one thing that is all my to do list is to set an alarm on my phone once a day with my current affirmation. So that way I'm seeing it and saying it aloud to myself. The next is journaling, so I was never consistent with journaling. So I started to keep my journal in the arm or right under our TV, so it's easily accessible and I keep a pen tucked in there, so that way I have no excuses. I you know, it's super super easy for me to journal, and that has helped me keep up with it for several months. now, and it's been an almost daily thing. So I love being able to just have that convenience of it being right there for me to grab and right, you might be looking at this and saying, But that's a lot of things to do every single day and you are absolutely right. This list isn't meant to be done every day. Some days you're going to resonate with one technique more than another, and having several different tools you can choose from will simplify your mindset practice . Instead of wasting time trying to make one technique work all the time, you'll have a list of options to pick what works for you in that moment. 8. Grounding: grounding connects us to the earth, to the universe and to the collective consciousness of the world. The more connected and grounded we are, the more able we are to draw in positivity, have a great mind set and make magic. When working with magic, it can be easy to have a head in the clouds feeling. But grounding will help combat that. Running also helps us live in the present and be more aware of the world around us. So some of the ways you can ground and connect are working with Blackstone's, such as Obsidian term, A lean or jet doing a grounding meditation like the one that's included. At the end of this course, you can visualize roots coming from your feet extending down into the center of the earth. You can work with your angels, guides and ancestors. You can walk outside barefoot or in incredibly thin shoes. One of my favorites is fit kicks, also a pair of eye brooms, and I love that the fitness allows you to feel the ground as you're walking. It helps you to be more in tune with your body and the environment around you, your garden or take a walk, you could light a candle or incense and sense, like frankincense for or cedar or anything from trees are incredibly grounding as well. You can practice deep breathing by focusing only on your breath as you inhale and exhale. This is a really great tool to use throughout the day. Any time you feel yourself tense, just check in, see if your jaws tense most the time it is you just relax it and take some deep breaths. It only takes a few seconds and can totally turn your day around, especially the more you practice it. 9. Grounding Meditation: get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and now wiggle your arms and every source just enough to be aware that there imagine that roots have begun to grow from your body. Notice that the roots seem to be coming from every place you're touching a service. Keep breathing in through your nose, and now roots grow, becoming thicker and thicker, extending into the surface of the earth. The roots glide easily through the soil and into the various layers of our beautiful Keep breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose. I notice that you are fully connected to the earth, to your power and because you go about your day, wrote spoke. Grow further, allowing you to move around freely while staying connected to the source of powerful grounding. Take another deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. You are loved. You are supported. You are. You are connected. Take another deep when you're ready. Slowly 10. Spell Crafting: spell crafting you can't force something to happen to another person. Instead, spells need to be about what you can control or sending positivity to another person. Like I said earlier, their energy field will only accept it if they want it, and it resonates with their energy. Rhyming words have been an integral part of spell work throughout history. They're not vital toe a spell success, however, but rhyming helps with memorizing. Memorization is important because the more you repeat a spell to yourself, the more you are in the proper mindset to be open to manifesting and the more you're putting that energy out into the universe. Currently, I am working on weight loss and banishing weight with the full moon as it wanes. My spell is as the moon shrinks, so do I. I am healthy, vibrant and alive. It's short, it's to the point, and it rhymes, so I could easily recall it during the day. For more ceremonial like situations, The spells you use can be long and more detailed, but for everyday use, short targeted spells work really well. Don't sweat it if you have a hard time easily coming up with ideas, the best way to grow your imagination is to jump in and begin practicing. Remember, if you're practicing alone, no one can see you or hear your thoughts. So don't worry about feeling like you look silly. Once you can let go of any self doubt or insecurities, you'll be amazed at how your confidence and power grows. I know it sounds easier is have been done. But practicing and applying what you learn is a surefire way to awaken ancient wisdom within you. Awakening that wisdom and nourishing it, allowing it to grow and expand is what will help you develop a powerful, powerful practice. 11. Grimoire: Now we're gonna be talking about incorporating tools, and the first is agree more, so agree More Or Book of Shadows is a collection of your spells, rituals and other information pages. It's a hard copy reference book that you can personalize into whatever you need and whatever fits your practice the best. While this can be called a Book of Shadows or Iger more, the only real difference is that a book of Shadows is considered to be more personalized than a grim war. But this isn't really an agreed upon distinction. So for the purposes of this class, I'm going to refer to them interchangeably. One of the most famous book of Shadows is the ones used by the Hollywood All Sisters and Charmed. It was filled with demons, spells, incantations and recipes and was highly sought after by various characters over the years. When I first began putting my own grim war together, I wanted to make it look like the Charmed Book of Shadows. I spent so much time figuring out what to use for a cover, how to make the pages look perfectly antiqued, exactly what I'd put in there, and the order in which I'd put it in, and all of the time I ended up spending ended up being a waste because I became burnout from the project and I could no longer see the benefits of having a hard copy of anything when I could just store my recipes and spells in a Google doc document, or just Google any information I needed. Then, several months later, I revisited the idea of creating agree more. This time I picked up a binder from the store and just began printing out pages that I referred too often, such as moon cycle dates, properties of herbs, the significance of colors and more. And I'm on my fifth month of using a grim war, and it has been invaluable. It's so much easier to pull my binder off the shelf and flip it to the information I need. There's also the added benefit of not getting sucked into an infinite loop of looking up new information on the computer. So if you're just starting to put your gear more or Book of shadows together, just keep it simple. You can always make it more ornate or more detailed later, but like with anything that I've talked about here. The most important thing is to just jump in and start doing it. And in addition to the reference pages above, I also have a section for journaling where I can write down a quick description of my day, plus extra pages for when I have the time or desire to dive in deeper. I find that I'm more likely to use something when I've made it super simple for myself. So with the grim or any time you learn about a new subject or celebrate a holiday or come up with a new spell or use a new tool, CREA paid for it. Before you know it, you'll be filling your book up. 12. Crystals: crystals and gemstones can be a powerful addition to your magical collection. There are a seemingly endless variety of stones that cover every problem imaginable, whether physical or metaphysical, whole or emotional. The best way to get familiar with a stone is toe work with it. Working with it doesn't have to be complicated, though. It can be a simple as carrying in your pocket and rubbing it when you think about it and thinking of your intention or setting it next to a burning candle while focusing on your intentions. Crystals can also be used in more complex ways and crystal grids, but even grids are as complicated as they sound. I'll share more about grids in a moment, but first I want to cover what I consider the top five stones to add to your collection. So the first is clear courts. This is one of the most versatile stones. Its primary function is to amplify energy, but it's so multifaceted that it can take on any intention you have. If you're only able to buy one stone, get clear courts. Next is so train. This is a powerful manifesting stone. It's a form of courts, so it's also a powerful amplifier. It's a wonderful tool for self healing and a lovely energy cleanser, then Rose courts. This is a gemstone of love. Rose courts has a very gentle energy that helps facilitate peace and calm. I keep chunks of rose courts around my house to hand to anybody who's feeling grumpy or down. It's great toe. Hold it to your heart while taking deep breaths and focusing on an intention such as I am peaceful. I am calm, but next we have Labrador, right? And I want to see if I can get some of this gorgeous flash on here. You see that blue and gold? This stone reminds me of the aurora borealis with its flashes of blue and yellow. Some even have purple. And in my experience, this is a stone that helps pull everything together. My favorite use for it is to hold a piece of my left hand while writing down new moon intentions with my right hand. This is a very, very grounding stone for me. I'd probably say it's my favorite. The last thing I want to talk about this Saleh night. This is the purification Stone. This is another stone that I keep all around the house for quick aura cleansing and to banish negative energy. I keep a piece above my door frame, and it's charged with the intention of transmuting negative energy before anyone enters my home. And I have noticed, actually, that visitors are more subdued in my home when it comes to discussion on hot button topics . And this could be from a variety of different factors and how I have the energy in my house set up. But I believe every single one is an important addition. The most important thing to remember when working with crystals is to use your intuition. This is just a starting point, and there so many uses for crystals. If you look up something like am a fist and find that it's excellent for balancing the Crown Shaqra. But you really feel like it's exactly what you need for your sacred shocker to be balanced by all means. Use it for that 13. Crystal Grids: one way to use stones is in crystal grids, and grids are a way to draw in multiple energies at one time while focusing on a single goal or intention. So to start with, figure out where you like you're good to be. It could be something set up temporarily for a ritual and then taken down immediately after you're done with the ritual, or if there's a spot where it could stay more permanently, that would be great for ongoing energy work. I have an extremely small house with very limited counter space, so to find a happy medium between temporary and permanent grades, I build my great on something that can be moved around is needed. If you choose to use a movable base for your grid, you get the added bonus of the energies from the material that it's made out. Of. The two I use most often are wood, which is perfect for grounding earth energy and a pink Himalayan salt block that was sold as a grill slab. And it's awesome for purifying energy. The amount of possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can make work and how you can make it work grids can be made in any shape, any size and with any materials. The most basic grid has a stone in the center, with other stones radiating out in a circle. Alternatively, the center spot can be an oracle card, a picture of something you'd like to manifest, any item from nature or an item that has significance to you and what your grade will be drawing or putting out into the universe. Crystals can take on negative energy, especially when we're using them for energy work and to help us amplify positivity or filter out negativity. There are a few ways you can cleanse them, including singing bowls, staging, putting them out in the moonlight or by using the method taught in the emotion code. Many teaching say that, in addition to clearing stones also need to be charged. I personally believe that a stone is going toe Emini its properties with our our help. So train is going to be so trained with all of its power without our help. So don't stress out over making sure your crystals are tuned to their proper vibrations or healing states. They're already driving there Naturally, that being said, charging them with our intentions can be a powerful way to carry your intention with you in a physical form. So to charge a stone or any item with your intention, there are different ways you can do this. And elaborate ritual could be done with circle, casting, staging and spells. Or it could be a simple as holding the object while meditating on your intention, imagining that energy flowing through you and into the stone. 14. Herbs Oils: herbs and essential oils. Herbs and oils have many physical and metaphysical properties. Lavender, for example, helps sooth the mind for sleep, and it's also a powerful herb for restoring balance. Herbs can be used fresh dried in teas and tinctures and in oil forms, whether infused or essential oils. Simply put any format oven. Herb is going to help you in your practice. I've noticed health food stores have begun carrying more and more herbs beyond culinary favorites. But if your local stores don't carry them, mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite online herbal store. That being said, culinary herbs and spices have magical properties as well. So if that's accessible to you, don't worry. You can make it work. Just look up the metaphysical properties of pepper or Salt Lake salts, a huge one in general. So there are a lot of options, Even with grocery stores that don't have maybe less common ones, like mug war or chickweed or something like that, you can also grow your own herb garden. I would recommend starting out with one or two herbs that you regularly use and then expand from there as you become more comfortable gardening. It's very easy to buy seeds for 30 different plants and then end up frustrated at the end of the season when nothing really flourished. Um, not that I've been there anything, and there are a few different ways you can use herbs in your practice so you can burn them or smudge. White sage is the most common er burned as it's used for purification and removing negative energies. Other herbs can be used in this manner as well. For essential oils, they could be diffused or applied topically following safe practices. Essential oils can be used to annoy items or people or diffused during rituals. Essential oils have the same metaphysical properties as their herbal counterpart. You could also Sprinkle the herbs around. They could just simply be sprinkled around grids or used as integral pieces with integrated to infuse it with specific energies. Then there's also tease steeping herbs and waters is a really delightful way to infuse yourself with their properties at a little honey stevia or maple syrup to make the tea. Andrew results that much sweeter 15. Thank You: I want to thank you so much for taking this course. It's truly, truly an honor to be a part of your journey, and I hope your path is filled with many blessings. Spells and setting up crystal grades and creating are grim War, and working with herbs are definitely the fun parts of making magic. But if you have one take away from this class, I hope it's that you are your magic. You hold the power within you. Mindset work and learning to trust yourself are the two most important components of making magic. You have everything within you that you need to create magic. 16. Bonus Video: Tapping for Magical Abilities: everyone. I had a great request from Isaac for a video on tapping to increase your magical abilities . So I put together some affirmations that I think can help everyone. So go ahead and follow along. So starting with the karate chop point, we're going to say I release anything keeping me from accessing my magical abilities. I release anything keeping me from accessing my magical abilities. Then one more time I release anything keeping me from accessing My magical abilities came in at the inner eyebrow. I am comfortable with my gifts. I feel safe stepping into my power. My psychic powers grow stronger every day. My mind is receptive to subtle energies. I am aligned with nature. I am extremely intuitive and then below the armpit. I love experiencing magic into the top of the head. My sixth sense is strong and always growing back to the inner eyebrow. My third eye is open. I sense hidden knowledge. I sense hidden energies. I am one with source energy. My awareness expands all the time. I have a natural psychic ability. Them back under the armpit. Being magical is normal for me. On top of the head. My intuition is naturally strong. I sense things others don't seem to notice. People are amazed by my gifts. Universal energy surrounds me. Universal knowledge surrounds me. I believe in myself. I feel my magic and my power growing every day. I am safe and free to allow my magical abilities toe blossom. Oh, so any time you do any energy work like that, you might yawn or feel like you tear up. And that is a sign that blocks air clearing and that new beliefs air forming. So sometimes it can feel good to just kind of shake out your energy after doing something like that. And you can return to this video any time you're needing a little bit of a boost in your belief in yourself and just know that I believe in you. I know you've got great power within you, and I can't wait to see what all of you do in this world.