Modern Witchcraft: Mindset Work for a Lifetime of Magic | Ashley Krout | Skillshare

Modern Witchcraft: Mindset Work for a Lifetime of Magic

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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16 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. What Is Magic?

    • 4. High Vs Low Magic

    • 5. Trust Your Power

    • 6. Intuition Meditation

    • 7. Mindset Toolbox

    • 8. Grounding

    • 9. Grounding Meditation

    • 10. Spell Crafting

    • 11. Grimoire

    • 12. Crystals

    • 13. Crystal Grids

    • 14. Herbs Oils

    • 15. Thank You

    • 16. Bonus Video: Tapping for Magical Abilities

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About This Class

The Power Lies Within You

You have the power to bring magic into your life! Inside all of us lies an ancient wisdom, waiting to be unlocked. We live in a remarkable time in history; a time when magical knowledge is available for everyone to learn from, not just a select few. There is no better time than today to begin your magical practice.

This Course Will Help You:

  • Cultivate confidence to create your own spells

  • Overhaul your mindset to stop getting in your own way

  • Find out what tools you need to get started right away

  • Learn how to use magic!

My Story: Struggle to Triumph

For over a decade, I struggled to create the life I wanted, while simultaneously suppressing my true self. I figured that once I became an adult, everything would just fall into place, but it didn’t. In fact, it was as far from in place as it could’ve been. My husband and I lived with his parents for over six years, I suffered from depression, followed by postpartum depression, and several other health problems. Every time we would see a glimmer of hope, our situation would get two times worse. Because of these years of struggle, I ended up on the opposite side of my original belief and fell victim to the thought that life had to be difficult or hard in order for me to be successful. This belief led me to become even more stuck and further from the life I wanted to live. Fortunately, after thousands of pages of personal development books, many courses, and countless tears, I found a happy medium between those two beliefs and have cultivated a mindset that has allowed me to keep moving forward towards my ideal life.

The foundational mindset work I share in this course helps me get out of ruts more quickly than ever before. We all have moments in time where life is less than optimal, or even periods of time where we feel hopeless. Nothing takes that away, at least not that I know of, but the tools I’m about to share with you will help you to move out of that place more quickly than ever before. It’s okay to be stuck or down, it’s human, but it’s important to know how to get yourself out of that mindset.

This mindset work has also helped me see that I was hiding a part of myself from the world: a magical, energetic self. Over the past few years I have slowly been unfolding layers of magic, creating my ideal life filled with peace and joy. Does that mean everything is perfect? No, but it does mean that I am a conscious creator and an active contributor to how my days unfold and what seeds I plant for the coming days. I would like to share with you the foundational work I’ve discovered and use in my everyday life so you can begin bringing magic into your own life.

What would it mean for you if you had the power of magic to help you create the life you want?

Magic is a loaded word so to clarify, this course isn’t about magic tricks and illusion. Those are fun and I love watching talented performers, but it just isn’t my area of expertise. This course, Modern Witchcraft, covers magic that connects you to the Earth, connects you with nature and with your higher self. You don’t even need to identify as a witch to go through this course! While I consider myself a witchy, magical, intuitive person, I don’t call myself a witch. If you do identify with being a witch, that’s awesome as well! Either way, as long as you want to bring magic into your life, this course is for you!

What Does This Course Contain?

The course begins with an introduction to magic where we will discuss high magic versus low magic and what witchcraft is at its core. Moving on from there, you will learn how to tap into your intuition and do the mindset work that will help you have a strong foundation to build from as you continue on in your magical practice. This section also includes steps for building a mindset toolbox to help support you as you remove blocks and uplevel your life. Grounding and connection are vital to energy work so that is covered, along with several tips for grounding yourself. A short grounding meditation is included that can be listened to before doing any magic or any time you need to recenter yourself.

After you’ve completed the foundational work, we cover how to create spells. Do they need to rhyme? How complicated should they be? These questions, and more, are answered in the spell crafting section. I’ve even included the spell that’s been working for me as I manifest my weight loss goals. While using spells written by other people while you’re learning is vital in the beginning, developing the skills to create your own spells is a potent method to increase your effectiveness. The final section covers a large amount of information on magical tools, what they’re used for, and what herbs, oils, and gemstones I love to use. The primary purpose of this course is to help you begin your magical journey with the strongest foundation possible. If you’re a seasoned expert, I believe the tools in this course will still be beneficial in helping you work through any places you may be stuck.

How is Modern Witchcraft Different?

I created Modern Witchcraft to stand out from other courses by giving practical tools for overcoming the hardest part of magical work: mindset. Many courses I took when I was first learning magic left me frustrated because they didn’t cover mindset work and I had many many blocks. By taking this course, you can save yourself hours of reading about foundational skills, trying to figure out what is going to help you see results from your magic. Instead of abstract ideas or spells with no background information, I have put together the necessary information that will help you confidently practice magic. The information won’t leave you spinning your wheels, but will propel your potential. At the end of this course, my hope is that you will be a force of good in this world, but especially for yourself. You have the power within you; learn how to unlock it today!