Modern Watercolor Wreaths ( florals and feathers ) - beginners | Viddhi Saschit | Skillshare

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Modern Watercolor Wreaths ( florals and feathers ) - beginners

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials wreath

    • 3. Basic florals ( revision )

    • 4. Wreath Type 1 - color palette

    • 5. Wreath Type 1 - Part I

    • 6. Wreath Type 1 - Part II

    • 7. Wreath Type 1 - Part III

    • 8. Wreath Type 2 - Color Palette

    • 9. Wreath Type 2 - Part I

    • 10. Wreath Type 2 - Part II

    • 11. Bonus Lesson - Feather Wreath

    • 12. Feather Wreath - Color palette

    • 13. Feather Wreath - Part I

    • 14. Feather Wreath - Part II

    • 15. Final thoughts

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About This Class

In the class , I will be teaching you how to paint  three  modern watercolor  wreaths ( two florals and one feather wreath )  I will walk you through the process of creating your own wreath with watercolors.  I will show you my process of how I come up with an idea for a wreath and give you tips on composition and color combination .

This is follow up class to  Loose watercolor florals   and  Loose watercolor feathers .

By the end of this class you will be creating your unique painting step by step . I have broken down the class lessons  into manageable, bite sized chunks which would make learning easier . 

I cant wait to see your class projects - Kindly do share them with me and also leave a review if did like my class . It would help my class reach more students . 

Cheers ,

Happy painting wreaths <3

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my news. Czech lands on painting more than Piccolo Pete's I am ready to clear the artist behind place that American artist based in South India. My water in this class, three different types of the first to offload feats and card oneness can be on your feet. This is how color palette for your colors are many important subjects. And I'm gonna make it really easy for you. There would be different kind of politics for each beat. I'm going to teach, I think, and a lot of competition. Pain this'll class structure for everyone. So even if you want someone who's trying to close with first that he was eligible to take this class, the entire classes Putin many smaller lessons, which is going to make learning even more easy. By the end of the block, you gonna have three beautiful watercolor beats in your own state. I'm so happy to be sharing my skills with and I was the class and I can't wait to see your final class project 2. Materials wreath: the supplies acquired for release clause is very simple and easy. You just need to have some watercolors people, either. It can be a watercolor. People by are a sketchbook. If you're using a watercolor, people meet sure that it is cold press and is 100% quarter. You can use any brand off work elope, but there's no specific brand just required for this class. Into this class, I would be using those lovely Qadi people sketchbook and for the pains you can use any watercolor pains you have. I'm going to use my prima tropical palette with a mix of colors in the center line, and along with that, a multi gonna use these colors, which are custom picked from the friend prima confections. And the next one you would need is the brushes. You can use brushes off size six or eight and also have a size to brush to do final details and 10 lines. Additional supplies would require some people napkin a glass charge, and that's all. Let's begin with the class now 3. Basic florals ( revision ): this video a lesson is gonna be a division off all the practice strokes and lessons that I have thought for my previous watercolor class, which is watercolor Lose florals if you're destitute on all the practice lessons, I would suggest you go back to my previous class and then learned from their native But anyways, I'm gonna give you a brief provision on all the things that you need to remember why you're painting. When it comes to Florence, keep your scoops credit lose and simple like this. You don't even have to eat like the perfect five battle. And when you're painting flowers in a bunch, make sure that you have a color, coordination or color balance as you compose and next just leaves. Leaps are painted in a very simple really is just your simple brushstrokes to beat me next . It's the filler elements. They're very simple and easy to be. And before we start painting the finally you can do simple composition practice like this. If you want to know them and more vehicle and step by step, I would recommend you today. Maybe this club. So I think this was a good revision class and In the next video lesson, we'll learn how to pick a color palette for the first feed that we're gonna be. 4. Wreath Type 1 - color palette : in this review lesson, I would help you to pick a color palette for the 1st 3 that we're gonna be. We're going to create a color palette, which is kind of your mix off bright and light shades. So the 1st 1 is gonna be a dark pink color. This could be crimson color. If you are, you linger 12 shade watercolor palette. And the next one is gonna be already soft pink color and the next color that we got Acto a part of it is orange color. I have mixed yellow and pink color together to bed or in shape. I'm testing on a scrap, people. You can always test the colors you won't on the scrap. People like this. I'm looking for a brighter orange color to complement the color palette. So next paint and yellow, different proportion again. But I think I need a little more darker color. So I'm adding pink and yellow in equal proportion to get a very, very bright orange color like this. And it seems to be a perfect color toe added to a palette. I love how all the three colors look really pretty together on the compliment. All the three colors in a pallet gun at a lighter shade of blue. If you carefully observe, you would see that our balance bride and based in shade Carlos, which makes the color palette look all very, very soothing. And if you paint a floral read in this color combination, it would be more elegant, and the next color that I'm adding to this color palette is appeal. Shade off yellow. I'm not picking a brighter shade of yellow because I already have pink and orange as my dominant colors and lastly, on adding a little bit off violet color to this palette. In case if I want to be sometime Florence to bring in some more contrast and are read and for the next set off Carlos, we would be heading some shades of green paint our leaves. The first green I'm gonna add is on all of clean. I get it by mixing green with some cree and black together, and the next cream is gonna be a very bright shade of green. You can feel free to add any shade off favorite cleans that you want to this palette, but I'm only going to recommend you to use three shades of green because if you have too many shades off green, it would be too much off colors just for one element for our lives. The third shade of green, which I'm painting over here, is a mix off cream with blue, which gives a beautiful vinto clean shade. And that's it. We're ready with the color palette with which we would breaking, painting the first free in the next lesson. 5. Wreath Type 1 - Part I: in this video lesson, I'm gonna guide you how to beat a floral big step by step and have kept the video lesson almost real time so that you can grab your pains and Pete along with me. So the first step is gonna be drawing in circular outlying. I did it free hand. But if you want, you can use a compass or any circular object to make us up floor. It reads very easy and simple to paint. If you split them step by step. So the first step, you will be adding the flus. You can start anywhere. The circular outline that we did and start being flushed. I'm gonna being Florence off all the colors that we have no color palette and place them very banker me On the circular outline, I had a painting all the florals continuously. I'm gonna leave some gap in between and then pain yours on the other side. You can always pain continues florals if you want it that way over a few dissent is like that. But in this one I'm gonna teach you how to please floors randomly on the super freak, which will give you some insights on the composition tips as you keep beating, plus all suitable Bhutto balance the colors that we have chosen in a color palette. The idea. Fee off, composing, offloaded treat like this. What I feel is to being a bunch of flowers on the dog and then being one bunch off loss on beats say when you make a composition like that, it would make your Florida look ready, need and simple. Just adding a few more flowers to this, and then in the next lesson, we would learn how to compose the lease. 6. Wreath Type 1 - Part II: in this video lesson, I'm gonna guide you home toe paint leaves for the floating. This lesson is gonna be again on our booze real time video lesson. So you contain along with me before we start adding games, we would be a thin branches or some tricks around the beach just being these random loose strokes along the outline, we would start adding leaves no to start adding simply reflect those with the simple brushstrokes that we learned in the practice lesson. You can keep waiting with lighter shades of cream. Initially, keep hating more leaves like this all around the branches that we painted. But remember not to paint the leaves very closely. Leave some gap in between so that you can paint a darker shade, please in between. - And once you don't painting the lighter shape two years now you can start mixing dark green and then being please with that in the next video lesson, I'm gonna help you Finished is read by adding some finishing dates to it. 7. Wreath Type 1 - Part III: after adding a basic clear off leaves approval, add more leaves and negotiate off green painted leaves alternatively, in between the lighter shades off thieves that were painted already. By doing this, you leave starts looking automatically in contrast with each other and took very harmonious in the colors toe. - After we're done painting the leaves, it's time to add the fellows in the read. Now I'm picking a dark up in color to paint these Phyllis, because this would stand out amongst all the clothes that were abused in ovaries, the blues and the orange and the yellow wouldn't stand out if you paint, deal flows with it. So the red color or the taco Pinkola is the perfect color to paint your fellows with. Paint them between the leaves and make sure that you don't all called them. Just please, the very generally, where you feel that there is some gaps and you cannot paint any leaves off lovers. You can just add the's after you're done thinking the Phylis, and if you feel that there is no gaps, left it between and if to free doesn't look completed to you, you can feel free to add some tiny flowers only for very well. You want to just adding these tiny flash to make the freed look more balanced and more prettier. And that's it. We're done with the first freed into these class. 8. Wreath Type 2 - Color Palette: in this video. Listen, beauty picking a second color palette for the next three, the previous color palette that we picked wars with some of Carlos, and this one is going to be slightly topper tones or some things in a lot of window colors . The first color that I added to this palette is a darker shade of blue, which is very similar to a Prussian. The next one that I'm mixing is a doctor violet shade. Okay, After adding darker shades and a color palette, we would know moon toe, adding some lighter shapes like this, like you to complement and bring in contrast with the shades of blues and violist had recreated. We will add a little bit off taco pink color. This would bring in the lovely contrast between all the colors that we have chosen so far, and the next color would be appealed on a very light shit off. Hello. It's not going to be a very bright and summery alone. It's gonna be a little muted, which would complement the entire mental palette, which we are trying to be. And I've just tested in a scrap people and then added because it works fine. And for the additional color, I will be picking on orange shade. If you see, I'm gonna swatch this orangey very small, going to be just a small line. So, while impending of read, it would help me remember that the orange color is an additional color and not the mean color in my palette, and I can use it for adding some small highlights or details that I want. No, After picking colors for our flood, we would pick some greens for the leaves again. I'm just choosing of window shade green. An additional shade of beans have picked very less shades of green because this freed is gonna be a little different than the fourth toe one, and we would be painting more off less and less off leaves. So that's it. We're done with the color palette. Let's move into painting. The next week 9. Wreath Type 2 - Part I: in this video lesson, I would teach you how to paint a feed off another time. It's gonna be very simple and easy by leading a bunch of floods and less off leaves. Just trying a circle again free. And you can use the compass or any circular object to draw a circle. And now we were begin painting the flow's. This really is gonna be very different than that were being did before. Just gonna be a bunch of flowers on one corner and just some simple twigs on the other side to force. Just start painting bigger flaws like things. The real human play a little faster than were in painting and really time because it just paid in simple flus around SoCal. While you keep painting these floods, just remember to balance with colors that you have chosen the pilot. When you're painting the flaws in a bunch like this, remember toe really with the sizes because if you have a flower in the same size, it might look a little boring. So if you have different sizes, like small and bigger size clothes that look, mood need and composed, I must half done with this feat. In the next video lesson, I would show you and give you tips on how to finish this 10. Wreath Type 2 - Part II: this video is the last. Listen to finish this that we're painting. So I'm just had a couple of more flies like this one side off the fetus, fully prolific plus. And the next one is going to be filled with just simple branches and twigs Draw them very loosely and little bit. Go like they're sold. They look very natural. Painting that Briggs, we would at the Fuller Elements like these. I just really don't believe you. In the previous freed, every painted were being didn't between the list. But this one, Regis Khanna. Pain ready randomly here. And in between these fellows, we're gonna add very tiny leaves things. This is a very simple greed and not awfully full read Like what we painted. This one has minimal elements, and yet it looks ready Pretty trying to keep the read as minimal as possible and not trying toe over paint Any elements that the flowers, the leaves or the Phyllis just keep it Very simple, because even simple strokes and elements also makes it look pretty embarrassing. And to add in some contrast and Carlos toe our freedom just painting these elements with orange color. And that's all. I think we are done with a second feet also 11. Bonus Lesson - Feather Wreath: welcome to the bonus lesson for the day's class. In this lesson, I would be teaching you how to paint beautiful and a simple, further read. But before that, you need to know basics off how to paint these simple and lose feathers. If you have taken my first kill shot clouds, which was lose watercolor feathers, this lesson is going to be super simple and easy for you. But in case if you haven't taken yet that still I would recommend you to go back and take my first class, where I teach you how to paint these in a very loose style. And I give you some tips on composition and color combination and also tell you how to trading with different sizes off feathers. If you are already taken that class, you weaken directly. Jump into this bonus lesson 12. Feather Wreath - Color palette : in this video lesson, we would be picking another color palette for off. Further big color palette is ready, important before you paint anything in any subject because it helps you know your colors, and it also tells you the colors that you want to be with. It's also fed to skip the color palette. Listen and just directly start painting the read, but you will always have a big difference when you think reads with a particular color palette that you want and just painting with random colors. When you have a color palette, you know what colors you want to use, and your output would be more harmonious and synchronized in the colors. So moving ahead for the fed off, read and begging a very bright color palette, which reminds you off someone colors. I have only added a bright pink color, which is not too dark and not to basil and its medium shade of pink with a bright yellow and a lighter shade of blue. And now I'm complimenting thes three colors with the darker shade of blue, adding these extra close to the pilot, which can be used to paint the details or any highlights in the entire Bree. I'm switching these additional colors in a small look. Want to be so that it indicates that these colors are used only for highlighting purpose. Now we have a good color palette to plane with former feather reed, but I'm still having to more extract colors in case if I want to paint and play with Nicholas. But it's an optional for you to add more colors, and that's all. We have a color palette to start painting the feather freed in our next life. 13. Feather Wreath - Part I: Let's begin painting the father Feathers are going to be super simple and easy if you have already taken my loose. Further watercolor clouds on skill share to start with being these feathers in a loose tile along the circled in different colors. - As you keep painting the feathers, make sure toe really with size and shape off the feathers a little bit so that it doesn't look ready. More naughtiness one off. The easiest way to paint the feather need is to keep painting the feathers in and out off the circle in different colors. This would already build up the composition off your father every as you move ahead for painting wolf widows and Philip DeVry make sure toe add the's small needles on the father's, which would make the feathers look more expressive. But at this only when it is completely cried. If you add them when it is still with, the colors would get smudged. - And that's all they are done. Painting the first layer off the further agreed the next video. Listen, we would see how to detail this free 14. Feather Wreath - Part II: in this lesson, we would be adding the fellows Andi deals toe afraid, agreed. Just keep adding these tiny details all over the federal read. The state deals will actually emphasize the entire Fred agreed and make it look more final and pretty you as you keep painting the flows. Also, make sure to add the's small details on the feathers. This would actually make a lot of difference to your feathers and make them look even more nicer for extra de dealing. You can take a white men or a white washed to add the's CDs, and that's all we are done with the feather of read. 15. Final thoughts: I really hope that you enjoy my class today and loved painting some beautiful reads. I'm very sure that now you would be motivated to paint more start floating leads. I would suggest people explore different color palettes and beautifully states. You can upload your class projects on skin share and also Shea or class projects with me on my instagram. Pete and I would really appreciate if you could leave feedback or review off my class because it could help my class reach most. You can always reach out to meet a need out of equities on my instagram page, and you can also find some inspiration on my page. I really hope to see you soon again. And my nights, Krycek us, which could probably be over ducking past. See you next time happy.