Modern Sales Training #6: Cold Calling for Sales Reps: How to Prospect over the Phone | Derek S. | Skillshare

Modern Sales Training #6: Cold Calling for Sales Reps: How to Prospect over the Phone

Derek S., Fortune 500 Sales Director of Training

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20 Videos (1h 30m)
    • How to Prospect over the Phone Introduction

    • Welcome to the Modern Sales Training Series on SkillShare!

    • The Advantages to Prospecting over the Phone

    • How to Cold Call over the Phone Course Overview

    • Preparation for Cold Calling Overview

    • Preparation Part 1 Goal Setting

    • Preparation Part 2 List Creation

    • Preparation Part 3 What Do You Need to Have with You?

    • Navigation Part 1 Numbers Game Formula

    • Navigation Part 2 Navigation Process

    • Navigation Part 3 Creative Alternatives

    • Navigation Part 4 Voicemails

    • DM Answers Overview

    • DM Picks Up Part 1 Numbers Game

    • DM Picks Up Part 2 Your Talk Track

    • DM Picks Up Part 3 Common Objections

    • After the Cold Call Reviewing your Results

    • After the Cold Call Logging Your Activity

    • Prospecting over the Phone Course Summary

    • BONUS: A Special Thank You Message from Derek SKILLSHARE


About This Class

>> The fastest growing Sales Training Series on SkillShare! Learn directly from an actual Sales Director of Training for a Fortune 500 Company!  Take your knowledge past sales theory.  The material inside is being taught to sales professionals in the business to business space today! <<

Are you afraid to make your dials on the phone?   Have you actually been taught "how" to prospect over the phone?

In sales skill part 6 of the Modern Sales training courses you will learn how to cold call over the phone.  No gimmicks.  No super special secret on how to do it in a new way.  None of those tactics work.  Just face it...Cold calling is tough!  In this course we will get right to the basics of building the discipline needed to be successful when you prospect, including the how to turn your prospecting efforts into a predictable numbers game.   Get ready to learn sales techniques, how to prepare for effective prospecting, the navigation process of getting a decision maker to answer the phone, making gatekeepers your ally, the art of voicemails, and how to maximize on your chances with the decision maker when they finally pick up the phone!   

Scott says: “The instructor has a way of making the overwhelming task of phone sales seem achievable. He is very motivating!”

Barbara says: “Another great course by Derek Shebby.”

The Modern Sales Training video series is a comprehensive 11 part course taught in a one on one coaching format.  You will learn directly from a highly successful Fortune 500 sales coach who has trained hundreds of sales reps, sales managers and vice presidents in their sales careers.  The sales strategies you will learn are still being taught in the sales training classroom today.  

The 11 part sales skills training program consists of:

  1. Increase Your Sales Commissions by Winning The Numbers Game
  2. Understanding Why Some Customers Buy and Others Don't 
  3. Sales Value Propositions & Cold Calling Talk Tracks
  4. Creating a Customer List for Effective Cold Calling (Coming Soon)
  5. Cold Calling Master: How to Prospect on Foot
  6. Cold Calling Master: How to Prospect over the Phone
  7. First Appointment Sales Tips That Close for the Next Step
  8. Proposal Tips from a Sales Pro that Maximize Gross Profit
  9. Sales Objections Simplified
  10. Creating a Sense of Urgency (Coming Soon)
  11. Tools for Dealing with Rejection (Mindset)





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Derek S.

Fortune 500 Sales Director of Training

Hi there, I'm Derek and I'm currently a Sales Training Directorfor a Fortune 500 Company.   

If you want to learn how to sell from someone who actually does this for a living, then you've come to the right place. 


I will be sharing concepts that I use in my classroom and from field relevant performance.  I don't just teach people how to sell, I also have to go out and show them h...

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