Modern Sales Training #3: Sales Value Propositions & Cold Calling Talk Tracks | Derek S. | Skillshare

Modern Sales Training #3: Sales Value Propositions & Cold Calling Talk Tracks

Derek S., President, Modern Sales Training

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17 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Value Propositions Overview

    • 2. Welcome to the Modern Sales Training Series on SkillShare!

    • 3. Value Propositions Basics

    • 4. Understanding What Makes Your Product Special

    • 5. Understanding the Criteria of your Client

    • 6. Connecting the Dots

    • 7. The Formula of a Value Proposition

    • 8. Value Proposition Do's & Don'ts

    • 9. Value Proposition Example #1

    • 10. Value Proposition Example #2

    • 11. Value Proposition Example #3

    • 12. Structure of a Cold Calling Talk Track

    • 13. Example Cold Calling Talk Track

    • 14. Structure of an Elevator Pitch

    • 15. Example Elevator Pitch

    • 16. Value Proposition Course Summary

    • 17. Podcast Details and How To Get More Coaching

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About This Class

>> The fastest growing Sales Training Series on SkillShare! Learn directly from an actual Sales Director of Training for a Fortune 500 Company!  Take your knowledge past sales theory.  The material inside is being taught to sales professionals in the business to business space today! <<

How do you know if the talk tracks you're using to set appointments and close clients are good enough?

In sales skill part 3 of the Modern Sales training courses you will learn how to create value propositions that help you in all parts of your sales career.  What you say to get clients interested in meeting with you is important and the better your sales skills are, the more effective you will become.  At client meetings you have moments to connect what they care about most to what you could offer them.  When closing, there is a transfer of excitement and the importance of them remembering why your product or service is special.   Get ready to learn sales techniques of how to create and structure value propositions, phone cold calling talk tracks and elevator pitches that will result in higher commissions.  

The Modern Sales Training video series is a comprehensive 11 part course taught in a one on one coaching format.  You will learn directly from a highly successful Fortune 500 sales coach who has trained hundreds of sales reps, sales managers and vice presidents in their sales careers.  The sales strategies you will learn are still being taught in the sales training classroom today.  

The 11 part sales skills training program consists of:

  1. Increase Your Sales Commissions by Winning The Numbers Game
  2. Understanding Why Some Customers Buy and Others Don't 
  3. Sales Value Propositions & Cold Calling Talk Tracks
  4. Creating a Customer List for Effective Cold Calling (Coming Soon)
  5. Cold Calling Master: How to Prospect on Foot
  6. Cold Calling Master: How to Prospect over the Phone
  7. First Appointment Sales Tips That Close for the Next Step
  8. Proposal Tips from a Sales Pro that Maximize Gross Profit
  9. Sales Objections Simplified
  10. Creating a Sense of Urgency (Coming Soon)
  11. Tools for Dealing with Rejection (Mindset)