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Modern Sales Training #1: Increase Your Sales Commissions by Winning the Numbers Game!

Derek S., Fortune 500 Sales Director of Training

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10 Videos (54m)
    • Sales Numbers Game Overview

    • Sales is a Numbers Game

    • The Numbers Game Research & Creating Your List

    • The Numbers Game Prospecting On Foot

    • The Numbers Game Prospecting Over the Phone

    • The Numbers Game The First Appointment

    • The Numbers Game The Next Step

    • The Numbers Game The Proposal

    • The Numbers Game Objections Negotiating Closing

    • Course Summary Make Winning Predictable


About This Class

Take your knowledge past sales theory.  Learn sales skills directly from a Fortune 500 sales director of training.  

Have you heard the phrase, "sales is a numbers game?" 

In sales skills part 1 of the Modern Sales training courses you will learn how to apply that statement into your sales process and transform your sales activities into commissions into your pocket.  We will explore how numbers can be measured in all parts of the sales cycle; from prospecting to closing.   I will show you how to win your "numbers game", and turn your hard work into a predictable sales career.  

The Modern Sales Training video series is a comprehensive 11 part course taught in a one on one coaching format.  You will learn directly from a highly successful Fortune 500 sales coach who has trained hundreds of sales reps, sales managers and vice presidents in their sales careers.  The sales strategies you will learn are still being taught in the sales training classroom today.  

The 11 part sales skills training program consists of:

  1. Increase Your Sales Commissions by Winning The Numbers Game
  2. Understanding Why Some Customers Buy and Others Don't 
  3. Sales Value Propositions & Cold Calling Talk Tracks
  4. Creating a Customer List for Effective Cold Calling (Coming Soon)
  5. Cold Calling Master: How to Prospect on Foot (Coming Soon)
  6. Cold Calling Master: How to Prospect over the Phone (Coming Soon)
  7. First Appointment Sales Tips That Close for the Next Step
  8. Executing The Next Step and Identifying the Decision Making Process (Coming Soon)
  9. Proposal Tips from a Sales Pro that Maximize Gross Profit
  10. Objections, Negotiating, & Closing (Coming Soon)
  11. Mindset – Dealing with Rejection






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Derek S.

Fortune 500 Sales Director of Training

Hello, I'm Derek.

With a history of being an all star sales rep, sales manager, and a sales trainer, I have learned how to be successful in today's modern selling age. The world is different than it was with the old school sales teachers. I will be bringing in concepts, strategies and techniques that fit the B2B selling environment you will actually face out there.

I currently work as a sales training director for a Fortune 500 company and will be sharing concepts that I use in ...

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Business Sales