Modern Journaling: Integrating Mindful Journaling and Productive Planning | Audrey | Skillshare

Modern Journaling: Integrating Mindful Journaling and Productive Planning

Audrey, Watercolorist and Modern Calligrapher

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10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Welcome to Modern Journaling

    • 2. Why should we journal?

    • 3. My Journey and My Why

    • 4. Discovering Your Why

    • 5. My Modern Journal - An Overview

    • 6. Supplies

    • 7. Setting Up Your Journal

    • 8. What to Do After Your First Journal

    • 9. Lessons I've Learned

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Are you ever frustrated with having separate notebooks for different purposes like journaling and planning? Do you wish there was a solution to merging the two? I encourage you to take this class on how to do just that! The "modern journal" seamlessly integrates productive planning and best practices for mindful journaling. 

There are worksheets to help you do some pre-planning. You can find them in the class downloads/resources (only available in desktop mode). 

I'm treating this class like a journey because this isn't about perfecting a skill or gaining useful tips. Your journal will become a clear reflection of who you are. That's why I start the class with "THE WHY". If you don't know why you're journaling, you'll quickly lose interest and give up on it. Make sure to take the time to watch those videos and reflect on your why.


I also share about my journey because it's always easier to understand when you can hear about how someone else has done it.

Then we get into the practical steps with the supplies, setting it up ("The How"), and what to do after you're done with your first journal. 

I hope this class is one that you visit every now and then to keep you motivated and give you inspiration. 

I'll be sharing journal prompts and printables on my website on a monthly basis to help you out!


I'll see you in class!