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Modern Instagram Art in Photoshop - "Pink Heaven" Artwork

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. What will you learn and create?

    • 2. Creating our mask

    • 3. Applying warm pink colors

    • 4. Creating the face background

    • 5. Before you continue...

    • 6. Creating and applying our rainbow

    • 7. Adjusting and finishing the rainbow

    • 8. Recommended classes for you :)

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About This Class

Use Photoshop to create vintage warm looking rainbow art going through our model. This artwork went viral and brought me over 300 new followers over night so I had to create a class for this:D

What we will learn:

  • Using curvature pen tool to create selections
  • Changing colors with camera raw filter
  • Using gradient rectangle to create rainbow
  • Making rainbow real and smooth
  • Getting rid of unneeded elements
  • Cloning with clone stamp tool

Our final artwork


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. What will you learn and create?: What's up, little magicians? And just to clarify, I am using the world magician because everyone who uses for trip is a magician, right? Right. And today we're going to create this magical our truck. Just look at this. Isn't that beautiful? I called it pink heroine, but as you can see, it got over 2000 lights, one sort of my audience like that. This is just crazy. This is image that we're going to start it. As you can see, it's a pretty beautiful image, and that's actually one of the key ingredients for our work. Then we're gonna do some call grading. We're gonna make it even more beautiful with our pink on warm tone colors. We're going to get you the for beautiful face. Unfortunately, we're gonna start feeling back off a face or biting. Some shape here was graded on a flying texture to make it really easy, like it's like something inside your head. And also we're gonna feel the background. Who is this Skies here. So it looks more realistic, like it's almost like a real holding her head. Later, we're going to someone's adjustments for that price. You can see this kind of I hear and I broke. We're going to get through the over them. You're gonna starting out or in bond. You're gonna make sure that it's only goes through her head. So you're going hard to add this rainbow how to make sure nothing goes through her head. And we're gonna finish everything by hiding some pink glowing colors like this ones here. So, in general, you're gonna learn about lots of stuff that you have never seen before. And even if you're advanced, focused reviews are still there so much that you can learn here. I will help you goingto enjoys ist class because I enjoyed recording it for you because that said, I hope we're gonna meet on the next lesson and start our journey. Bye bye, guys. 2. Creating our mask: What's up, guys? And welcome to the class. This our first. Listen, let's just get entered. I know you excited. So, um, I let's not wait anymore. So first of all, they have to go to for trip on. Just go to file on new off course. We integrate in your file right in your project, and here you can name it, whatever you want, but it doesn't really matter that much. So I'm just gonna name it Pink heaven, because that's what it is called. I mean, I called it pink heaven. Onda, which is going to be round 1000 tight, is going to be 1 to 50. Results in 300. That's very important. Make sure pixels here selected RGB color moat and logistically, Cree eight. Boom. Done. So now let's goto file. I mean, we actually need toe import our image on this image that we're going to use, and you will find it in the project found so you can actually download it and use it as well. So let me just take this on Important is like this boom. I mean, look at this image. It's so beautiful, right? So that's actually one of the reasons why our hard work is so good because the images really good so that when you create a network, the actual have to spend lots of time by finding the right image on De So First Full is actually just click on drug. We need to make sure it perfectly fits our campus. And let's bring it out a bit down like this. Yeah, this should define. We just need to see the full circle on. I would ever makes it a little bit bigger and a little bit from here. Good. Not just click. OK, let's go to listen. Let's actually religious background layer. We don't It's always there and so useless. Why do dances sink anyway? The first thing that we'll need to do is we need to get rid off her beautiful face. Unfortunately, I know it's a it's really sad, but we will have to do it on four. That me to make this Scott actually perfect. So, for example, if you look at the finished artwork, you have said the cut is really nice and it's really smoke on. How do we do that? So we're going to use a too cold character parental So you just go to the parental each click, right? And they can find here not the non Alpental, but curvature panto. Okay, on defusing, like really, really old version of for the ship. Then there's a possibility that you won't have this toe on. Then you can just use normal panto the differences that courage a parental helps us to automatically create curved lines. And that's really nice. So when we have it selected, go here and make sure you have shape selected. Okay, Onder also, let's go to feel let's click here, make sure we don't have any field. Let's go to stroke on. Let's quick and just make sure we click here So it's just a normal black color on four pixels. Should be fine tonight. We can start creating. So if I just start from here, for example, they can just click on how this works Actually a quick ones and then I click a game room. Then if I click certain boom, as you can see, it automatically curved this line. That's what I'm just going to continue clicking boom again again. It never go here. You're here here, and then we go down. This braid exists and this looks really and really nice. The only thing I don't like right now is that we need to make this a little bit to the left . As you can see, it doesn't really follow the curve off the left part of the shape off the face, and that's why we go here. We click right and pictures, direct selection tool. This don't help us to change the location of our points. So if I click here as I can go, I can click on this point once. Boom not selected and I can take on drizzled with to the left. Even more, I would say so. Let's actually get a little closer. So Oh, this point, I need to make it a little bit like this. And just through this thing's a curve a little bit. Wait, oh, regard actually more points here. So let's actually take this so we just need to good sense. You can see we just needed to do some few adjustments. It's not really that much a nothing. They have done this. We actually can turn this off. Yeah, Surprised to price we're not Don't actually teatime. If you're going to use, but not in the way you said We're going to you that Okay, so let's go here. Let's actually click on this layer. But when we click, you have to hold control or common. So we want to select this layer. So if I hold control or common, and I just can't see when I hold control a comment and getting this kind of hand on because the kind of rectangle near the hand and I just click boom as you can see now this shape that we created before he's selected that's actually what we needed we needed toe have is the selection off the shape. You don't actually need the shape itself number, and there's the selection. We can just go to this image and symbolically create mask that, um perfect, right? Almost s. So we need to actually invert this thing. So if I just click here on, then I can just go to a proper this panel on here. I can click, invert or it could also click. OK, bitches, control or common? Plus I iPhone invert Done. Looks nice, right? That's what we need. So now it looks already good, but we also need to get rid over this thing here on going to make sure we don't actually see the eyes on for us. We're just gonna go and create in your where for now, let's actually seven. So the first that you're going to try to do is we're just going to try toe collar this. Say, if I click right here and just sport healing brush toe, make sure of content over here selected. Let's make the Brussels but smaller, even smaller. It also makes you have here sample were selected. Also, make sure your drawing on a new empty later on if I just start drawing. Okay. Not bad. I mean, it doesn't do a perfect job, but it's not bad. Okay? And allowed source to get rid over this. Hear, hear. So now what do we do here? I mean, it looks ugly. So what do we do where we go? Here we click. Right and Trudeau are normal brush tool. Now we just going to draw with this car's here. So, for example, first words make my brush smaller. It's too big. Obviously help with smaller like this. I'm gonna choose this call. I'm gonna throw with this color over here. So that's why if I just click I on, I actually means eyedropper tool. So, for example, if I just click I as against have selected this to here, this will help us to select specific colors so I can go and select from nice to cancel the colors change. And I go back to my brush tool. I can just, you know, draw like this. I don't know when you make sure your hardness 0% to you and I can just dro dro dro tro tro tro I can click I can take this color And then again I go back to my brush and I can just draw again. So you have tow change between colors like this. So like this, you can actually make it go away better again. I click. I hold I and then boom, I I can't come back to my brush tool. Okay, so it looks much better, but we need to work a little bit more, For example here. Good. Nice. Onder also here. So what we're actually going to do we're going to go to a party. We're going to make it really small. 14% on that we're going to draw it a bit like this. So it's actually, as you can see, we're making get blend with original. So it's actually pretty smart. Snow and I have to take this color on again, blended his original skin and it's already much, much better. And I don't like here is actually this thinking. As you can see, it looks it looks kind of weird mean to make adult with small for that again, we can just take this color here on we can start driving like this was actually increase the first year. Onda. Um, Okay, now it's much better. We just need to get over these things here for that. The game we just take our brush on. We just start droving. Hopes we just start growing legs. Is could I know. We see that. Oh, now we're above the line. But don't really You don't have to worry. We can just copy this mask here, so if we just hold old or option on, then we click on this mask and we drag it up, as you can see, because I'm holding all corruption. I'm actually creating a copy off this mask and then I can release my mouse button. Boom! As you can see, Corvis created, and now it looks perfect. So I just copied this mask here, using old or option, which helps us to duplicate anything we want in for the ship. Now, when we did that, I would say that's it is the first lesson. We just go through it over the face on drink. Our next lesson. We're going to continue creating this amazing and standing. I will help you enjoy this. Because I didn't enjoys is on yours after enjoys is if you don't, I'm gonna be really, really angry, OK? It's just a joke. Okay, Just see, on the next lesson, but by 3. Applying warm pink colors: okay, that wasn't there. Really good intro. But anyway, you didn't come here for the interview. Came here for the standing at work. Andi, in this. Listen, we're going to First of all, we're going to adjust the colors, for example, food as a final artwork. We can see that the costs are really pink. It's warm colors on It looks just nice. Okay? I just wanna You just want to, you know, be happy all the time and, you know, see the rainbow and stuff. So I just go back to artwork on. Now, let's like this image here. Let's go to filter and let's go. Toe camera, ro filter. This filter helps us to actually change the colors. Really, really nice. So, for example, VFA temperature. We have 13. The first interview off course could do is just adult with yellow, and then I don't pit violet on. Then we could go and play with the other thing for them to hear you have exposure. Contrast. I can. Usually what is good is it's good toe decrease that contrast a little bit because then you can play with scholars out with butter. So, for example, when you first countries you can actually brought to control the colors on behalf. Your highlights shadows so you can make highlights even brighter. We can make them darker under. You can make sure those darker or brighter answer So but actually, I'm gonna tell you all the numbers so I can actually type them in your own left up on. So you can have this is the same color. But I'm just explaining it to you right now. So you have to have for why will just show them the numbers a little bit later on Furioso, for example. Clarity. It's just nice against it. Makes his more clary collect. Collect clear e there. Not to say that anywhere you go to what I mean their vibrant, which actually increases the strength of colors as you can see now is too strong. Also, if you go, for example here cages adjustment, which is my favorite, you have, you have few. This helps us to control specific powers of, for example, reds. You want to make reds more pink or you want to make reds more and Jesse can see the image changes a lot. We have your oranges because the control oranges you know, we can make them more yellow arm orange again with the same this year. Lows on the greens belong, really have greens here. But, you know, you could just, you know, go here and experiment. Resolve this and see if anything changes, for example, to purpose. Not not review. Don't have pretty purpose here. That's why nothing changes my genter. Okay, on now we needed experiment. And you just try to do something on your I will tell you is the perfect numbers. So actually, I have saved this present as the filter so they can actually downloaded and use it in your own project, so I can have exactly cause that I have. So it's gonna look like this. Let me just show you. So it's gonna look like it is this kind of file. It's gonna be colors dot ex MP. This is like a field terrorists. We cannot turn our image in orderto have specific colors, and you can download it from project files and use this as well. So now what? I'm going or to apply that filter? I'm gonna go here on TV, have, um, lots settings on dag. Just need to find the where saved my file. Okay. From my father s called colors example, I just click it and I click open on broom. Perfect, right. That's actually the cause that we have in our original our final artwork that we need, as you can see from it. Just looks nice on Dhere. If you want, you can just go here and see what did actually change. And so you can also go here and see what did you change? Your But in general, that's fine. Allegis, click. OK, now already. Nice, right? You can see. I mean, the course are really so important in the artwork is the only thing that is wrong here. That, for example, if you look right now here, as you can see is is now is not the same color as everything else on how do we fix this? Well, actually, it's not that difficult. So what? We can actually do the 1st 4 Let's go here. Let's take this camera. Roughly 30. Just added less taxes unless moved into trash. Spencer, we do it. It gone. Now we can select both off the slurs. So basically we need to come like them being to combine them. I click on the 1st 1 and then I hold control or common and I click on the other one. Not both of them were selected. We click right on, which is comfort too smart object room nights altogether. One object on that we can go to filter and we can go to Camero Filter. And now if I just go here and I click previous conversion which basically means advise the previous filter room my click OK, and see how nice, but, um easy, right, easy. So if you came so far, you can already type yourself on the shoulder because you did a great job, because that's it. See you guys on the next lesson. 4. Creating the face background: What's up, guys? Welcome to the lesson. Number three, right. It is less. And we're going to don't No, we don't. I mean, you can that if you want to. It's like it's your thing. So? So if you look here, be up here this kind of shape on the back panel should be up here skies that we have also here. So it's not empty, right? That's why first of all, we need to go here, which is our again click right and shows courage of parental. I understand the game, Richard. Shape. So with Mr Start, Great. We need to start creating our shape, the shape here. So we're just gonna start during from here for just click once Boom again. Again, Again again here on Dhere. And then we can just go here, for example. Doesn't really matter if you go beyond the face, because we're only gonna see stuff that is inside the face. Okay, so not really only just to have to fix this. Think askew. Kansas. This card I want is to be straight. I can just take this with Curt. Mental state is on. Drugs is like this. Have begun on nice first of me to take this trip and being Teoh replace it behind. Imagine, as chickens in love is the only this part of the shape Onda. Now we go to stroke click here so we don't have any stroke. Then we go to feel and then we go to Grady int. And then, for example, I'm choosing here one of my own greatness. But it doesn't matter because we're gonna change the course anyway. You can't just any great in that you want toe. So for example, I don't know This is the fourth graders effort that for the show pass you can just choose this one. It's not just click here so we can actually see what we did. So right now it looks nice already. So what we're going to hear We got built with darker pink and Kevin going a little bit lighter pink. And that's why every soldier shape we go again, Tore Pento So we can have this feel here. As you can see now we can click are not going to change this great and so first awful that's actually click on this car. Let's click twice Night Onda here we're going toe know we can actually use eyedropper, too. As you can see, it's out. March activated. I can click for them for here to choose darker. Pinkel well, actually will choose. Click. Click here as you can see its light pink Now on Be actually right now. This is affecting this part off the radiant. Let's click OK on. Now let's click twice on this color on also what's click here light pink. But now we're going to make make it a little bit darker, so I can just take this on. I can bring it out, but don, as you can see it getting darker and that's what we need. Perfect. We want to tear through the more culture it. So you bring it here. But we cannot suggest copies is called if you want toe so I can just click. OK, so now when we did this reaction after at some kind of material here. So if you like your it's ah material, not just simple color on, that's what we shall exist shape. We have to actually click to fight on the empty space in the shape here somewhere. So thank thank in our top layer styles number and have them opened. We go to a pattern overly, and he had been to choose our partner. So if I just click here on, I chose this one. That's the patterns that we need so on we go up to burning What am virtues? Multi ply and Adam. It's actually connected to our own toe, our color. And now we just need to make up ourselves with less because it's too hard scale witless like this Because so, if you want, you can also experiment with other shapes so I can select this one, for example, off ourselves with more. Let's see, Yeah, I think that the shape that actually went with So now we can just click. OK, and as you can see, we already have. Here's this nice shape zone thing that concerns me is that here we actually made a little mistake. As you can see, it's to seen on. If you want to change this, let's say if you want to make this place a little bit sicker so we see more of the face. You can actually go here. You can double click this image. Tung Tung. A number. With that, we open the files that we converted to into a smart object. Previously, if you remember in the previous listen, we cannot take this image here on if I just don't mean a little bit under here. I'm just selecting the mask off my image. I go here, click right on chose brush tool. And I want to make sure I have here white collar selected. So I click here to change between black and white has against this is right or prices 100% on the hardness is around 80%. For example, I can just start drawing here. For example. If I drove, she was gonna happen. Boom. I can actually add more. It was the face so I can actually jug draw here and add more We can not more, so it looks better. Okay, It looks nice. So if you think it looks nice also, we can just save this now. So you go to file and safe. And now we can close this and boom knife work on our own art because you can see not much sicker, and it already looks better, right? Right. That said, we're gonna finish this. Listen on this note and now we can finally go on. Don't. I'm such a bad dancer, but can you guys see on the next lesson by 5. Before you continue...: nice before. Continue. One more thing. If you really enjoy the course, please created this really, really help me to create more, more and even more amazing glasses for you. 6. Creating and applying our rainbow: white camera recording. 00 I am actually well, high. So I guess Let's continue. Anyway, I think this listen, we actually going to add the background first of all. So if you look here, we can see that there's a sky behind the rainbow find we actually going to copy for here, and we're going to adhere. So just copy paste kind of thing. So first will be in to create any empty layer boom. I'm not going to take this letter and we need to bring it really, really down. So below everything else, like, Boom does the bottom. Okay, unnavigable here on a Mickey cried. And we have to choose Clone stamp to this Will helps us toe copy objects from somewhere and then place them anywhere. Is So what? You're going to be going coffee from him, and we're gonna pace here we go to sample, which was always that were important so that it can copy and paste from all the layers not only from this empty lot, because there's nothing to coffee make sure passed 800% 400%. Let's actually make side out with bigger hardness. 0% exists now in order to coffee. We have to hold old or option if using. Mac. If you think he knows it's old, I can click here on prom night. Selected. So again you hold alter option. As you can see, if you get this kind of I can I click here His mosque are not selected another whenever most, as you can see is going together with me. And I can just click on drag so I can just draw home nice technique and sees there is nothing here because it's empty here. That's where it doesn't do anything, sir. That's what we need to again. Copy on dro. Nice moves. I made the mistake again. I need to call it. Felt a bit Andhra here. Good Tonight already. Looks pretty nice. As you can see, we got this kind of background here on Uh, yeah, we can see this kind of light, which is actually from your rink, or I don't know what they think. Hello, I would say, but it doesn't really matter, because we're not going to see it anyway. But if you're still concerted, can just again copy and just draw here and boom, it's gone Set easy you have to get angry for that under Now, be actually going to go and finally create for that first for let's click here. So we're gonna make our in Bonn top. We go here, click right and chose a rectangle toe. And now we're just gonna do are just gonna draw really long rectangle like this one. From now we have to go to feel on division, which is Grady Int. And he ain't for the trip you have already pre built ingredient this one which already looks like a rainbow on. But then we go to stroke and we make sure we click your sores. There's no stroke, actually, because there is no black struck around Rambo, I don't I mean, I don't know what kind of rain was you see, but normally there is nothing around it. So let's actually go here and select the removal. So first having to bring this up like this just to make sure that it's not too big for her face on now between two division to convert it into a smart object. So we click right here and we clicked Number two, smart object. And now we need to reshape it. So if I have selected this frame book, I go Tate it and then I go to free transform, and I click right on. I choose perspective. This helps us to put things in perspective. So, for example, I'm gonna click on drugs up Homer, click on Drugs is done. As you can see now, this, remember is in perspective is going from here to here. Okay, so she should be finally just click. OK, now we need to make sure that it's going behind her. So it's gonna go inside here, and it's going to go out from here. So not before we start putting the rainbow inside her head. There a few things that I don't like. Let me turn it off. I made here this whole Toby. I would say, if I look at the final artwork, as you can see, it's not that big. You're So that's why we're gonna go back to our image and we're going to correct this ultimate on. That's totally fine. That's like the usual way. When you create a network, you always have to experiment. Yours have to correct stuff. So we just go here and click twice again here? No. So again, I can go to my courage of parental on before you start using courage. Parental Make sure pixels around 1%. Because we don't need to be too sick. We can actually start from here. So we have to add a little bit off this place. And also is this place. So here. That's why we just starting from here. If I just click from as and I go up from from Boom on bomb nice that I can just go here. I can finish this again. I can turn this off because we don't really need it. I can click control. I can hold control or comment on click here. Boom. Now this is selected on. Now. When we have this area selected, we go to our mask pictures, brush. It'll make sure you shows white color on I can just start drawing here. I can go now to slicked on de select. It looks already much, much better. Don't say that I don't like Is that here? It's kind of we can see the edge business to be able to bits. Moser that's a unique maker burst small and we just try toe draws the really, really soft nice that we can just say this. So we go to file on safe on live close this The long night looks much better. Now we can turn on the rainbow. Nothing. They have returned on actually going to go and create a mask for this rainbow. What? We're gonna do that on the next lesson? So I hope you enjoy this. I know we have to go back and forward ultimate of times. But, you know, sometimes you too sacrifice out in order to create something beautifully. You guys spite. 7. Adjusting and finishing the rainbow: Finally, today's the day we all have been waiting for Finally on this. Listen, we're gonna finish this artwork, finish him. You know, like from the game where usually you fight and then he says, finishing in combat. Okay, maybe you don't know that game anyway, so yeah. Anyway, um, what we actually need to do, we have to go back to this rectangle on. Do we need to create a mask? So I eat a mixed race going through her head on before that, we need to select this image here. So we just hold control or common, and then we click. Boom. As you can see, we have selected everything that we need. So now we're going back to the rectangle mask. This must be Go select brushed off on it. Make sure you change the car two black on. Let me actually make this bigger size a little bit. Now we can just start drawing glazes home. So as you can see now, we just need to from here like this. Okay, Now let's go. To select and chose Dis Select Now being disliked are a mask. Pictures like the mask go to filter blue, on which teachers goes inboard Onder. Let's actually adult bull so even more, more. Maybe too much around 13 should be fine. Let's click OK now in their blue. Let's also like this. We also need to go here on. We have to choose here screen so that it looks like a rainbow because on normalised, you can see is too strong. An on screen fund. It looks more realistic, so it looks better. In other words. Now what will seem to me to fix out a bit off here? So that's everything. Just must select black color for now under make sure hardness. Zero person. Let's make Russia of the smaller on its guess. If you have here some hairs that we need to show on, also, we can just, you know, make sure up again hardness is zero person. And if I just draw here on the side, not no, I don't remember. But here's against. The sites are getting smoother and it looks more realistic that way. No. And now we actually need to create a copy of this rainbow to make the stronger. So again, the hold old or option on drag it up north to create a copy. You can do it with all corruption, or you can click right on. You can't just duplicate later on, you can click, OK, sort their different ways. As against now, it's stronger and it looks much butter. Another just some final touches. Lived me to change the course a little bit on the If you go here and choose color balance this help. Sesto violence is the colors. That was such a good explanation Collarbones to balance the course. So as you can see for them. But here you have signed red, we can make like Rick interest. We want to add more aid or grant more science. We can just want to have more magenta over here and to have more green. And the reason why this cause actually located on the opposite side. Because for for the shop the opposite off red this time the operatives of Magenta is green properties of your lies Blue That's how for the shop sees cars, okay. And actually, you know, to have the same number that we had in Aboriginal artwork. Um, I have a screenshot. So because I can't remember all the numbers strike. So you just need to go to meetings. Return 1st 26 minus trey off on minors for so as you can see, we had a little bit off all rights to the mitten, the adult, a bit of magenta. So that's why it's minus 12. Because he gets not All of it was left, and we had a little bit of yellow, which is minus four. What's he good knife? I just click on the I two turns off and on to see the difference before and after before, after before after. As you can see, it's much more warmer right now. The pink looks just better. There was only one final touch we see here. Is this kind of really nice pink glowing colors? And how are we going to that is actually going going to blow your mind? We're going to use for two? Yeah, you heard, it tries to. So it's actually creating um, Toller. Let's take this land. Let's bring it down, down, down So it's like it above his age. Now we go here, click right on, which was blotto. Make sure example were selected. Make sure strength is 100% models normal on a first aid hard this is 0%. So now, for example, if I just start drawing let's I want to make this place, Gloria. Yes, You can see it starts adding this kind of pink going color. You wonder why there isn't. It does is because we have here cover balance effect. And we also have here sample Alors. So basically, it goes through all the wares and samples information from everywhere. That's what he told the samples information from Coco Bonds. And that's why we're actually drove it. Droves. It doesnt only make it blew me. But it also does with red car because he have. You have mainly pink and red colors set up. If I told yourself just for experiment like star during its nothing happens. I turn this on during you see, it's pink again. So now you can just drove. Is this? You know you can make some part pinker like going how you want. So here here we can, built between the hair counterfeit toe This part of the here, like this more here on boom. Isn't that just magical? I told you, we're gonna finish it on this lesson. What? Didn't you trust me? Honestly, Actually saw We gonna have begun the bill after the night, Alison, but definitely don't this lesson. So that's good, right? That's it. I will help you enjoyed this. Close on. See you guys on the next class. Make sure the checks out the next media. So where I'm going to show you some of the core classes that you can take to create even more amazing stuff. Bye bye, guys. I'm gonna miss you. Don't cry. Bye bye. 8. Recommended classes for you :): my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before I continue, I would like to come in you some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me. Otherwise you will misfolded unique projects and classes I create every single week and you're my recommended classes for you. This artwork is called glitchy we are on was one of my early successful artworks. This class consists off seven simple lessons. We should just 6 to 7 minutes long most of them you're going to learn a lot On first, we're going to our to create this kind of rectangle was great. And then you will learn how to use this Marshall to create this kind of cool effect afterward to a place that oil paint effect which is also pretty cool removal at some shadows retouch the image itself on unique art ideas and techniques For next digital artwork. This class is going to reveal your all the cool techniques that I'm using for my artwork. You'll actually learn the techniques that I use in order to create this and other cool artworks. I have put all my so my experience and every think I knew from friendship into this class the teacher all the top secrets that probably 99% of for the shoppers don't know exists creative upholstery for the shop artwork that went viral tone instagram. So when I created this artwork, it actually got republished by many big arctic sounds on instagram on. It helped me to boost my INSTAGRAM profile. The biggest thing that was amazing for people who saw his artwork was actually this liquid colors effect on off course. You will learn how to create this. Anything crediting is that this liquid cause were actually created using this kind of image off ice creams. So you will learn how to transform any image into a colorful pattern. Learn for the shop to the and create on imagine move graphics. So this class is all about learning house there to the functions in for the shop work. They will help you to create this kind of beautiful, really weird and funky sunglasses that look awesome. Of course, Unanswered concedes there looks so realistic. That's all. Thanks to using the treaty functions off for the shop, in other words, is going to open a whole new part off for the shop for you and you made your art using for the shop on after effects. Do you want to know how this was created? Or this far? These eyebrows were animated the's on. Even this if the answer is yes, and this is the class that you need to take, this will help you take your Arthur's SoHo new level and not only artworks you can actually use this technique planet made any image. For example, this once you can see it looks so realistic. But there's actually an image. It was any medications if you click that I'm teaching in that class, so make sure to check out this for us. It's totally first. That was eight for my recommendations. I'm 100% sure that you're going to love this. Close it on. They're going to bring you so much. Weller. I'm always trying to teach only the newest modern techniques that most people don't even know exist, so you can be always a step ahead off everyone else. How cool is that? See you guys on one of my classes bite