Modern Hand Embroidery: Needle Painting For Beginners. | Floor Giebels | Skillshare

Modern Hand Embroidery: Needle Painting For Beginners.

Floor Giebels, Embroidery Artist

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5 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. About me and what you will learn

    • 2. how to put the fabric in the hoop and what kind of pen for drawing

    • 3. starting with the first color

    • 4. needle placement and shading

    • 5. lighter colours and blending


About This Class

Learn how to get started with modern 'needle painting' embroidery.

Look at my Instagram page for examples of my work

In this class, we will learn basic skills such as assembling the fabric in the hoop, placing a design on the fabric, needle placement during stitching and color shading. A focal point is the color transition in the design (needle painting). 

This lesson is for beginners or people who have experience with embroidery.



1. About me and what you will learn: Hello and welcome to this new painting class. Um, my name is floor and I'm from the Netherlands. That explains my accents. Who? Um, I will tell you a little bit about myself. I started, but embroidery, I think in sued hours and 16. I saw a lot of it online on instagram on, you know, on blog's. And I thought it was so pretty, but it was so difficult. Um, but I thought, hey, why not try it and Well, ah, lot of I'm picking and trying again and again and again. And, uh, yeah, I started really enjoying it. Um, I think, like when? In 2016 there weren't that money. I couldn't find any. No limits. It tutorials online are the classes on how to do it. And I thought I was really a shame, because that would really help me at the time. And so I hope that this will be a guy for you and that you know a little bit more and don't have to struggle with a lot of things like I did because for me, I was just looking at pictures, and I'm trying to over over again, and yeah, and I thought it would be so nice if I had something like this. That someone just showed me a little bit more how to do it. Um, what we're gonna do in this class is we're gonna show do the picture that you see here that s present for you. Um, So I'm going to show you how to make that transition with the colors and where to place needle, how to put fabric. And who? Um yeah. So it's not really a finished project. You can see that the line goes endlessly, but, um, yeah, you, um it's more off, like a practice on how to do it. Um, so you could start your own projects. Um, I also included some pictures that you will see. Um, yeah, right here. Does air from Instagram. Page does so, product you can make with this technique eventually, if you would like. And, um yeah, let's get started with how I put the first. Uh, the first thing we're gonna do is how to put, uh, the fabric in the hope and how I put the design on the fabric. Okay. 2. how to put the fabric in the hoop and what kind of pen for drawing: Okay, so we're gonna start with the fabric. So it's just normal cotton. Um, just any cotton will do. You can also use Lenin. Lenin is more expensive, but it's also very nice. I like this because from a distance it looks like, you know, you don't see holes in it. It doesn't really look like fabric. It's really nights. So you just go normally do it is on a flat surface. Not like me, because this is not how it's supposed to be. But you just clamp it over the other hoop and you put to screw over it and you make sure it's really tight. So after you put it into who make sure that you, um poor old the thing. Okay, The design, Um, like I'm now using a marker so that will stay on because I like to a small tip. And also it's black, and I like that for for me, it's for recording. Really nice, because then you can really see the, um yeah, the line if you were you. But if you're you know, if you're going to do this yourself, then you know, just get a water soluble Marca DMC has him you know, you can find him anywhere online. On Amazon, you have one that was would heat. So if you wash it And if you like, put Iran over than it dissolves. Order one from the emcee. The blue ones just You damp it and it's gone. I have a moment of fine tip, but that is like friction that goes away with friction and, you know, you touch it and it's gone. I'm just noise out on me. What I also have is this is a clam. It's like embroidery. Stan. Oh, my God. This thing is so nice. You know, if you just go on border stand, you have a lot of them. You have, like, the ones that you have to sit on. I don't like them because I just I like to cross my legs and yeah, I want to be free and that way, but I am. This is just a stand that you clamp your embroidery who've been on It's not. Your hands are done. Um, free And that big light. My other videos are gonna be with natural. I've but this is really nice. Um, the lamp that, you know, see, is my embroidery. Lamb. That is really excuses. My embroidery lamp. And it's, um it's good for your eyes, always using them border relapse because I had to get glasses. After a year of embroidery, you make sure that it's in the middle, so it's really always a bit difficult to have it like process in the middle. I would have more facing you guys so you can look at it. Show on 1/2 a little bit more down, get it really tight and done. We're going to go to the embroidery part. It's all set. It sold them. It's there. Just make a line. You'll be good to go and we're going. Go to the next step the embroidery. 3. starting with the first color: Okay, so here we are going to start with the red. You use one shred. So one, um, you want Flosses, like six trends. Use one, and you start a little bit at Yeah, there. Hold the tread. The end of the trip don't make you not just hold it for tree stitches. You make. And then it will secure itself. So he just makes stitches next to each other. And now I'm gonna go. This one is still next to it. Yeah, and I'm starting in the middle there, and I'm going to go in the other stitch in the middle summer. So when you have a stitch in the middle of the sits, you go back, and he just doesn't matter where you put it in, just put it into the fibers, not put it in exactly in the middle of the stitch. Just put it a little bit into the fibers. Like it looks easy, but it's just that's really what it is. She just Yes. There you go. Dare into the fiber. You go. Yeah. So that one is, like on the side. So there you go. Along the sides we call the split stitch. So you go but your needle in the other stitch, but not, but not like in the middle middle. But you wriggle a bit. Should get the fibers in it. Oh, God, On here. I'm doing it almost. If you make the, um, your strand too long or just if you're not careful like I am free Just, you know, not being really careful this happens. You get a not and what you do it to, Not you. Um, You can pull like I do. You pull, you take a needle, and you just risk getting everything. Just Hello? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna do toe. I'm gonna pull April. And that is an excellent point where we're going to start with our different color. Stay tuned, because we're going to start with a different color. 4. needle placement and shading: - Okay , so you are onto the next color exciting stuff. So we're going to go with another color. This is so I went from really dark. Um, read, like, really dark red. I'm not going to, um, Red Orange as we mourn. No, you call it more, more orange, More orange. Well, that's how to call the Mac lipstick. That's all I know, you know. So OK, you go inside the other fibers, you. So you see that I made, like, a little bit the end some stitches. Up you go. But in between them and I go pretty far back yet, you see, I go pretty far back with my needle to blend it in, says you get a nice overlap of the colors also, because you see the colors you see the the colors under each other. You know, it's like also the layering, your shading and layering. That's how you also get a lot of colors. So that there my God, actually going, you know, when you do like, um ah, yellow, I'm blew it and you get, like, really nice green and stuff. It's, like, really cool. So you just go into the fibers again and There's also not really a plan on how long I make the colors. It's just until my floss rooms out. I just used one flaws for each color. See that? I'm just, like, looking for, like, okay, work. And I just place the needle in the fiber and so you build it up like that and on the edge, Um, she doesn't bend because, like for the the lines, you made two stitches a little bit shorter today. Canoe Nice splits. Such between them? No. Yeah, Watch out for nuts. Just coming to look at I don't know, I think embodies also like calming to look at. It's coming to do is call me to look at and I really I'm so excited to like Jews to teach people what does it learn it. It's so being able to show people how to do this and really I mean, I'm all about feedback, so you know, just if you have more questions like, Oh, but this is not really clear. And please tell me well said enough. I'm talking too much, just as the mute button, if it's like, really annoying, but yes, so you go see, it's just and just go in where and now my wherever And now my truck is out, so I'm gonna use a different kind of threat. So now I have, like, the more INGE, uh, the mix between orange and red. And now I'm gonna go to undock orange to make the blending go to different color of it. He saw in my other, um, boasts also on my other pictures How you know how we can look And, um, you know, in a whole piece, make sure to check out my instagram full metal needle. You get it? Full metal jacket, full metal needle. Um, but I think also do from port is to check out to just look at your um yes. So I'm getting toe orange out to look at your Carlos. Like, what is a nice scholar to use? What is a fun color to use but will look nice with it? Just go to E bay, go to Amazon. You have, you know, dairy. You you have, like, treads that are, you know, 10 euros for our $10 for I don't know how many for 60 Flosses and they're fine. Oh, and, um, I knew a lot of people are like, really organized. You know what tread and anything major scales like. Look at me. Look at their on the full Look at my look. My sweat Benz Also, I'm wearing sweatbands. You know, I'm just suggesting some stuff. Checking if I could make a little bit sharper Now we're gonna go. It's orange to hold a tread. Go back in again and you can go again. Wherever. Now you can maybe see it a little bit better because it's a more the color is more different. See, I go in the middle of the other color. And if if you don't, If you have a stitch and you don't like your stitch, you just take it out. It's not watercolor. It's my thing. Always. I love it, but I just cannot. You know, one mistaking gives it a little over again. You see that? I'm just going Just make sure that the stage is lined up so that you don't overlap and other stage that it, like, looks like they're all going did a different direction. CNN a second NYSE Organic? Yes, sir. Don't Yeah, the support I'm like, ok dot needs a little bit more filling. And I went a little bit too. Yeah, too much. A little bit too different side. But you can also always a cover it up because now I think that I see that one Stitch him like that One stitch looks a bit alone under gonna fill it up of it more And also ensure that you can also feel I go my hardest takes way too long. Thank you. Make you can make the stitches longer. Like really long like friends is not like if you have toe here you have, like dm the bends areas Then you cannot make it really long because you know you have to make a divider for that. But otherwise you can make them, like really long. I make some pretty long, I think, but I don't know. I think it always it's not. It doesn't take dot longer as long as you would think. T should know we didn't like the orange part. And now we're going to go gradually from like orange to yellow. So this, like more like in yellow, orange e die. See, I make my stitches now a little bit more shorter because I have that bend coming in, See? Because now you see, like Oh, yeah, there is, like, a little bit of space between there's bits. Just fill in the spaces. Yeah. So now there's no space anymore there, just filling up space with dread. It's not. It's also nicer is with leathers. You know, if you think about you, can have, like, you know, just one letter. It's really nice get And the fabric just, um Yeah, you can get it anywhere. Just go to a fabric store online and just, uh, cotton twill zor um gotten linen so you're amounts to making them quite long, But I know I'm going to go in here, but like a lighter color after this. Uh, yeah, I think I am. So who to the end of the stitches don't have to be really the well, the end of the stitches where you're going to come in with the different color. Make that a little bit more uneven because it's nice with the blood ning. Oh, and one more thing. That is really fun. Maybe two I had, like, I'm also on instagram very share of all my pictures and what I do. And if you're in if you really like and border read. And I would really um I urge you to to go instagram and share your work. And it's a really, you know, already is always like, Oh, you know, social media, you know, no devil, but it would like with those projects with, like, um, craft projects and are everybody's really supportive and really nice. And I really is a community. Um, yeah, it's really nice and is really supportive. And it really gets you going to that next project and makes you wanna share things. And it's a nice it's not. It's a nice community. I have, like, people who do embroidering talked to online. And no, you have the same struggles world we live such a her life. It is Well, no, but it's always nice. Uh, it's a nice community. So we're gonna go in with lighter yellow. Yeah, if you guys really want me to, um, but the color sound and named, uh, that I can if really that it really, uh, people really want to. I have to search around, but yes, this is a bit difficult, I think, because it's lighter because then you see the transition better. But he you see, like a good next pseudonym. Yeah, and this is what I find difficult like. Okay, So that you have to know, make your way up and I'm like, OK, should I make a line out of it? Yeah. So I'm just make yeah, I have to make sure that you don't see that line. So just a lot of Sitges or you go on that line. What I'm now doing is also, like, I'm going also on the line time. It's really difficult to see those lights stages with the light. We're going to see it pretty good. Yeah, go in the fiber in middle of the the yellow one. Oh, yeah. You see it? The line. Yeah. Yeah, you're just figured I will big make like a stitch, like on the line, just filling a lot. And again, You can also do this with, like, two strands and you can do it even with six gens, it's it's not used to get a nice effects. It's just like it lasts. Looks like a painting. But it looks really cool because you really see the transitions better. There we go with a complete different color, and we're gonna go in the next video with a difference color 5. lighter colours and blending: hello and less part. Um, gonna finish with shades of blue and green. Um, we're gonna start it because we now started finishing like, a light yellow. We're going enough. Start with, like, a green blue ish conceit a bit better. So, yes, and then you go to go in the other like a little You go in the trip, you should be like, Yeah, how you see, there you go. Really? Like. And if you think to yourself, what is that weird noise? Those are nothing again. It's always very difficult with lighter shades, because when you have to flossing your hands, then it doesn't look that right. But when you actually put it, actually use a color like oh, city. But does scholars are kind of like the same amount of light? Nice. Think that m border, that it's not really like that. It's difficult, just say, and I think people don't understand how much time goes in it. It's a nice shooting thing to do. But, um, it's, you know, when you really like, I really liked it, and I really, you know, maybe you, um, one of be a professional with this and, um, make pieces for money. Then it's really because you will never get them out. Money that you is your Sorry. I was just don't know. Okay, so now we don't lie to your color New green brick and go now with a bit of a deal. Color blue greenish, Isn't it nice rain boots really blends into each other. You can also do it recalls that really, like are really close to each other. Because in the first I conceded red and the in the orange red, You don't really actually almost don't see the transition. That's also really cool that you would go from the Oran note or injury to, you know, like my orange red And, you know, But for this video, I wanted to show you like transitions. Really good. So I didn't want to have got too close to each other. Different schools was to see, like, transition. Um, girls did that a little bit off again. It's best to start. Oh, wait. No, I was wrong. We still have this color, and and then you can also see that I'm, um, that I'm not in the beginning anymore. Because as soon as you start that your, um longer in project. You get the stitches get more longer and him you're more confident and ready. Police. And also, if you don't like something if something, you show me where, um, just take it out and you never do. You hear? That's a nice thing of Take it out. And one you have, like, these, um, pickers. So you can pick your situation to we'll see what happened that you take the other. Did you? Now we're gonna go movie of it. Yeah. Yeah. Show you like one also the picture. In the beginning, you can see a glow. So that's nice. We're not gonna end it with, like, a dark color. Okay, so we're now what's color? Almost done. You see, we're now gonna It's a little bit closer, the other with the green, then discolored. And it's, like, close together. That's nice. One part that's really close to get You can see how that, um and this is it. This is how you finishing a project if you, um what you do is what you last. If you really done, we're not done. But tell you when you're done, you put the stitch. Um, you just shove it into another stitch back, and it will. It will be fine. And that's it. Thank you very much for watching this. And my first. I hope you really liked it. I'm going to show you an up close. Yeah, you So you can go with and you also like, make a screenshot of is And what is a film of it, But thank you very much. And I hope you enjoy. Thank