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Modern Folk Art Illustration : Drawing and Painting Decorative pots!

teacher avatar WindowsOfMyMind

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching pots and designs

    • 3. Decorating pots

    • 4. Painting single pots

    • 5. Final painting

    • 6. Some examples!

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About This Class


In this class, you'll get to learn to make Modern folk art paintings with decorative pots!

  • We will first do some sketching of potsĀ along with some designs to go on them.
  • Then by combining the sketches, we can make as many beautiful decorative pots as we want!
  • I will show my way of painting by coloring two pots.
  • I have also included a process of a complete painting.
  • At the end, I will show some similar examples of my previous paintings for inspiration.

See you in the class :)


Meet Your Teacher

Hello! I am Utpreksha.

I am a Fine art graduate in drawing and painting. I like to handle different mediums and experiment with them to find various techniques that create interesting visuals. I love to use watercolors the most as it is lovely to work with their flow. I believe art should be created with a free mind which is why I work with spontaneity. I would love to teach various techniques of using colors to students and help them create their unique artworks!

I believe that artwork always turns out to be satisfying when we enjoy the process of creating. :)

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1. Introduction: Hi, I would picture, in this class, we will bits floating modern folk art style. My painting decorated plots. This is the final painting we will be making. Host reveals gets different board ships, as well as some bloated and geometrical shapes. And then combining these videos, sketches, we will draw our decorated ports and even make your paintings of single-part. The final painting will be engorged colors. Along with all these, I will also be giving three coloring pages in this class. So let's get started. 2. Sketching pots and designs: Let us start by sketching. This is the most fun part for me. There are so many possibilities of design of a port. We can make them out wide or narrow. Our make its neck longer shot. I also like to draw multiple openings to the port. Bluetooth three openings on a single port. Look VRD at attractive. Then there are so many body shapes. It becomes really exciting to experiment by just doing slight differences here render, but getting a new design altogether. Then you can choose to add handles to it. I also like adding multiple handles to a single port. Just bend it in different angles to get different look. I also like to add legs to the port. It changes the design completely. Thanks. Two, I have more designs I've made before. I have combined those designs with these and made it available for you to refer. You can refer to them at the time of making your designs. You can now look at the PDF from the resources section. Now the next thing we have to explore is the designs to decorate on the ports. Then we can combine the two to make the decorative parts. The four card designs mostly have florals in it. Geometrical designs using basic shapes, go well with the flowers. So I've included that. I'm just drawing some simple flowers and leaves. I guess the most simple the elements may be. It will look more attractive and more manageable. Just like designing the making geometrical designs is fun to combine different shapes to make different designs. Each. Fill as many papers with these designs as I can. I enjoyed that much. You can just do build these designs while watching TV or something and create symbols are even borders. So have fun with it. Then lastly, this is also super fun to create. Enjoy making these designs. And in the next lesson, we will use them to decorate the parts. 3. Decorating pots: We will now combine the designs were made in the previous lessons to make the decorative two ports. I'm drawing one of two ports on the paper. I've got the paper in half and I will draw when port on one sheet. This is an instinctive process. I start drawing and fill the gaps with most suitable elements. I'm combining both geometrical designs today, good at this. And then at the end, I'm adding some Flash. Next, I drew this bot with code opening. I'm making this video only geometrical designs. It is especially interesting because it fits. I also added some dots and stars in the empty space. Long leaves and flowers in it. You can design and close the images as a class project. I would really love to see your drawings and paintings. In the next lesson. 4. Painting single pots: In this and the next lesson, I will show my simple painting process. You can of course paint the ports in your own way or take inspiration from my process and pink like that. I'm drawing the free hand on the final paper itself. I'm using watercolors to give a base for painting the details I will use. I find it easier to control. The colors are more suitable to make free flowing. It is fun to follow the direction of the flow instead of trying to control them. You can see I'm using to paint the designs. Even more tiny details. I will use white. I did not decide any color scheme while making this particular painting. With the flu, by deciding the painting each element. It is important to have a good quality brush. The brush should have a nice deployed. Let's make one more. For this, with this painting was done. In the next video. We even make a finite painting from start to finish. 5. Final painting: In this last lesson, I'm including a full process of a painting from start to finish. I am again drawing free hand on the final paper. I have kept the sketches in front of me while drawing. As I said, I'm giving three sheets of coloring pages in this class for free. When I'm drawing right now is also included in it. You can take a print of it on your choice of paper and also collaborate with any medium. The drawing here is complete. Let's select a color scheme first before starting to paint. This time, instead of coming up, it went off my own. I'm selecting it from a website called Color hand. There are many such websites available to track and also many websites to create a color scheme on it. But this time I'm using colorant. On this website. You can save the color scheme for the future reference by liking it. I will use this color scheme from my legs. Then I like to mix the colors so that it won't be a lengthy process once we start painting. These are the swatches. I'm going to give transparent washes of color on each element. I gave washes by mixing different combination of colors on paper. Being heavy, give a distinct, then use transparent. And when mixed on the paper, I covered every flower and leaf. I decided to leave the background rate to keep the brightness of the orange and red. And we can paint the background before or after grouping the forms. Such modern folk art paintings, we'll definitely look beautiful on various tinted papers. You can now enjoy the rest of the video where I will add details with my favorite rigger brush. I'm adding delicate lines or other small details to take the painting to the finishing stage. I guess that is not much to explain in this pattern. I hope you will enjoy the process with some music. We do. Hello. And this is defined like painting. I had a lot of fun making this. Be sure to share your drawings and paintings with me. I will show you some more things I've done in this day in the next video, and also some finite parts. So I will see you there. 6. Some examples!: I hope you enjoyed this class. Now, I will show some more green things I've done in the past, and also some digital edit things I have done using them to make more paintings. This is the first painting of parts have done in this day. I then scan them and combined with other forms in Photoshop to make these paintings. Here doesn't add up page I have edited the painting similar to the one we did today. Thank you so much for taking this class. I will meet you in the next one.